tagLoving WivesThe School Reunion

The School Reunion


Well thing is Mary honey, it was a bit out of order wasn’t it, I mean I shouldn’t have got involved should I, and I certainly shouldn’t have gone with that Trevor character, Christ if Paul ever found out he’d kill me, well give me a good caning across the ass anyway.

So what happened you want to know, well I’ll tell you then, but listen love this is very secret stuff, I could be in big shit all round if you tell anyone else. But I know I can trust you.

About a year ago Mandy Barrett invited me to a school reunion, she’d been invited but her hubby didn’t want to go, sensible bloke he knew it would end in tears. Mandy’s school was so fucking rough you see all bloody thugs and reprobates. Of course as you know Mandy’s 6 years younger than us so I didn’t really know many of her old school mates too well.

Paul didn’t want to go with us either, well you know he doesn’t rate Mandy too highly, “Thick fucking tart” Paul always calls her, it’s that stupid giggling of hers he hates most I think, he said he’s going to stick his prick in her mouth one day to shut her up, dirty sod, then he added that he’d have to be well drunk to get hard over her though, I laughed and said “Do it then love if you can get a hard when you’re that drunk”.

Well we got to the social club at about 8-o-clock I suppose it would have been I knew a few of the people there, but not many, a right crew they are all crooks and rough as hell. One bloke caught my eye though, Trevor his name is, I’d met him before, Paul knows him, and this is one of the problems though Paul doesn’t trust this Trevor and is not over keen on him as a person in general but he has to do business with him occasionally so he tolerates him.

Well one thing led to another and I was getting a bit drunk, so was Mandy she was after some big hard looking bloke, ex boyfriend or something she said. I knew I shouldn’t but I was getting a bit horny for this Trevor bloke, he’s a handsome bastard and smooth as silk with his chat, his wife wasn’t there either, she was another one who didn’t fancy the thought of his old school mates all drunk and playing up. We were dancing to a slow tune and he was whispering suggestive things and that and holding me quite tightly and very closely to him, I just let go and didn’t resist anything he wanted to do.

After another slow dance he was getting bolder and I could feel him running his fingers up and down the base of my spine near the top of my ass crack, it was exciting me and I must have thrust myself against him quite hard a couple of times, I could feel his rock hard cock lump in his trousers, that made me worse I love giving blokes a hard-on it excites me and makes me feel all warm and proud.

Next thing he’s got his hand on my ass cheeks and squeezing gently, I didn’t try to stop him, fuck it I thought Paul wouldn’t come with me so why not take advantage of being on the loose. I just hugged him tighter and buried my face into his neck I think I must have been moaning a bit with arousal, my cunt was getting wet as hell.

“Hey Lorri I heard you were a bit loose when Paul isn’t about, seems it’s true” he whispered all of a sudden and really groped my ass cheeks hard and very low down.

“Really, who told you that” I replied and couldn’t resist a feel of his ass cheeks.

“A little bird told me, so how loose are you then” he mumbled in my ear, he was getting very worked up I could tell.

“Well I suppose as loose as I need to be” I whispered back pushing my cunt mound against his cock again and moving about for a bit of mock humping.

“Loose enough to come out the back of the hall for half hour” He asked.

“Ok if you want” I answered, I was beyond caring by that stage, you know what I’m like when the juices start flowing, all sense of decency goes out of the window.

“Do I get the lot if we go outside” he whispered.

“Well I aint going out there just to check on the weather” I replied.

We stopped dancing straight away and he took my hand and led me towards the back exit I was looking round to see if Mandy was close by, well I wanted her to see me leaving with Trevor to wind her up a bit but she was nowhere to be seen. I tell you what love the whole lot of them were well away though, blokes and birds dancing about openly groping each other and all that.

We got outside and he led me round the corner out of sight of the back door, it was a bit too light out there really with all the security lights on and I was a bit worried about someone Paul knows seeing us at it like.

He was concerned too “Bit fucking light aint it Lorri, Jesus we don’t want too many people seeing us at it do we” He whispered, it began to look as though our little fling was over before it started, we’d both had visions of a quickie against the back wall but it really was too open and light out there. Neither of us were in the mood for giving up though, he was gagging for it so was I.

“We’ll have to do it in my car, come on girl” he urged and we started off towards the car park. We’d only got about half way round the building when Mandy and her big brute came walking out of the gloom.

“Hello, hello, someone else at it” the big guy chuckled “I just had this tart, aint I Mandy” he added with another laugh.

Mandy just giggled really loud as she always does and hugged up to the big brute tightly, she didn’t reply, she didn’t need to her hair was all messed up and her dress all crumpled.

“If you hurry up before anybody else gets there the football store shed’s vacant, I broke the lock off it so we could have a shag in comfort” The big bloke told us.

“Football shed it is then” Trevor said grabbing my arm again, “See ya later folks me and Lorri got business to conduct” He added as he pulled me out of the yard and toward the dark shape of the sports buildings across the field a little way. It was obvious that as soon as word got out the football store shed was going to be occupied a lot that night with married couples, but not married to each other. It was one of those functions where everyone wanted to have a fling and for some to rekindle old flames from school days, on thinking back a hell of a lot of us were there without our married partners.

I didn’t really know where we were going for sure, I didn’t know where or even what this store shed was. Trev led the way though and we were soon entering a small building at the back of the sports complex, I noticed the padlock was on the ground all twisted and bent as we went inside. It was a bit like the Dr Who Tardis it seemed bigger on the inside than it looked from outside, clean and tidy as well, and with electric light to see what you were doing. There was a bundle of like rolled up football goal nets that had been spread out and covered with Hessian sacks like a mattress in the middle of the floor, big guy and Mandy had pulled them from a pile and made themselves up a bed it seemed.

No sooner had Trevor jammed the door shut with a broom handle from inside he grabbed me and started snogging me really hard and passionate like, tongue in the mouth the lot, it made me even hotter. As he was kissing me and holding me round the neck with one hand I could feel his other hand groping my tits in turn he was really going for them I could feel my nipples getting rock hard and the goose bumps were coming up all over my chest and belly.

I reached down and started groping his cock in his trousers giving him a good rough trouser wank like, it felt lovely, he’s big, very big. I was well gone, I started mumbling filth and encouragement to him every time he broke off kissing me; you know hugging tight with my head against his whispering to him and telling him how much I wanted it, I remember telling him, “I want this fucking great big prick up me all night”

I couldn’t wait, I pulled away from him and dropped onto the makeshift bed, I took my jacket top off then laid back and started unbuttoning my dress down the front, Trevor just stood and watched me as I sat up and pulled the straps of the dress off of my shoulders then let them drop away down my arms, I lifted my arms out of the straps and reached behind me unhooking my bra, that went the same way as the dress straps and on to the floor. I eased my ass up from the pile of stuff and pulled my dress down under me and slid it down my legs, Trev was still just standing watching me strip, I was about to pull my knickers off when he said, “Stand up, I want to pull those down for you, I love pulling women’s pants down”

I did as I was told and he knelt down in front of me and took the waistband of my knickers in both hands and began very slowly pulling them down at the front first, then he eased the back down over my ass cheeks and slid the pants down my legs, I stepped out of them and he tossed them to one side, I was completely naked. I wasn’t wearing tights or stockings, I never do when I’m planning to be a bad girl, it makes it easier to get a quickie against the wall or somewhere like that, and I was planning to be a very bad girl even before I even left home that evening.

Trev pressed his face between my legs and I parted them a bit for him as I stood there, I lost my balance a little and had to support myself by placing my hands on his shoulders, I felt his tongue licking at my thighs and up into my cunt lips, I quivered all over, my nipples were so hard they were aching, my belly began to tingle deep inside as it does when I’m on the way up, I could feel him thrusting his tongue as deep as he could get it up my slit, my juices were flooding out, his whole face was getting soaked as he buried it deeper between my legs kissing and licking at my cunt slit.

I was writhing about as I stood there, my whole body snaking from side to side, it was quite involuntary I had to do it I had no control over my functions by this point in time, I grabbed his head and pulled it to me. Trev reached round and cupped as much of my ass cheeks as he could in his hands and pulled me to him harder, I remember moaning out loudly and mumbling filth to him as he began to really get his tongue inside my opening, my cunt hole just opened up of it’s own accord like it does every time I get worked up enough, completely relaxed and loose.

I was floating in heaven, I was getting so fucking high on it, my language was degenerating, I felt filthy, I felt like a cheap whore, nothing but a fuck bucket slut, I was a filthy cheating bitch, I was in a store room with a man who wasn’t my husband, I was letting him do as he pleased with me and I was going to let him do as he pleased for as long as he wanted to do it.

Trevor inserted his fingers between my ass cheeks as he gently squeezed and fondled them, I felt his fingers exploring the entire length of my crack, I felt a finger tip pushing against the restriction of my ass ring, I felt it slide in gently and so easily as my ass relaxed to take it, my whole underside was moist and lubricated with my cunt juices that had soaked my knickers before he pulled them off me. He was testing to see if I took it up the ass as well, he soon had his answer when his finger went right up inside my ass until only his rest of his hand stopped it going further. It made me quiver even more, his tongue in my cunt opening, his finger up my ass; I shook all over and mumbled more obscene encouragement to him as he started sliding his finger in and out of my ass, “Oh yes Trev any hole you want, fuck my ass, go on fuck it, give me that big prick up my ass”

He pulled his head out from between my legs and began kissing my belly and all round my hips as he continued to finger fuck my ass, “God you’re out of this world woman” He mumbled as he licked at my wet thighs again, I could feel the tension building up in my entire body, I could feel my clit tingling and expanding inside me, I so desperately wanted to feel his cock going in and out of my cunt hole, feel the pressure of it on my little man in his boat as he fucked me.

Trev suddenly left off, he pulled his finger gently out of my ass kissed my cunt mound and stood up, “Lay down you filthy cheating slut I’m going to fuck your brains out” He mumbled in a gruff aroused voice grabbing both of my tits with his two hands and squeezing hard, I almost let go, I felt my belly tense up, my cunt lips twitched and tightened, I damn near had an orgasm as I stood there I was so wound up with the arousal and filth of it all, God I love the idea of being a cheating slut.

I laid on the makeshift bed as ordered, I watched as he undressed, his lovely broad hairy chest as he cast his shirt off, his firm flat stomach muscles and trim hips as he pulled his trousers down, God I love younger men, his lovely big thick cock shape in his boxer shorts stretching right up to the waist band, his huge fat helmet almost forcing out of the elastic band at the top, a big wet patch in the material where Trevor’s aroused love juices were oozing from his cock.

I remember muttering “Oh yes, oh yes, I want” as he slowly pulled his boxers down releasing the pent up weapon from it’s restrictive lair, the bloke’s huge honey he really is, about 8 or more inches of length and so thick I could hardly close my finger tips round it, big chunky balls hanging between his legs, I remember thinking ‘God he’s got bollocks like a fucking bull’, he was so hard there wasn’t a trace of wrinkled foreskin his fat glistening helmet forced out to full extension.

I cocked my legs up at the knees and opened them wide as he knelt between them holding his monster cock out straight in front of him, already aiming it to my cunt lips before he was even close enough to touch me, he supported himself on one hand as he bent himself forward towards me and began to cover me, “Oh you lovely filthy disgusting slut” open it for me bitch go on open your cunt for me” He mumbled as he adjusted his position to enter me, I reached down between my legs and pulled my cunt lips as wide as they’d go with my fingers, “Jesus you’re fucking huge you dirty bitch” He mumbled as he aimed his cock into my wide open cunt hole.

I felt his fat helmet going in through my inner lips, it was so fucking lovely to be able to feel a cock actually stretching me further open as it went in, Paul’s cock just about stretches me these days but he isn’t quite as thick as Trevor, only about half inch shorter but not so fat. Most guys with average or smaller cock’s I go with have to get it right up and start twisting it about to give me any real feeling, but hey, just having a guy on top of me and knowing I’m being fucked does the business for me, especially when it’s an extramarital filth fling.

Trevor just pushed it right in without stopping, right up to his balls in one long thrust, his helmet hit my cervix hard and winded me a bit, I heard myself grunt loudly as he reached the bottom and the pressure on my gut increased, “I’ll make you fucking grunt you whore” He whispered and he snatched it almost all the way out and banged it back in hard a few times, it hurt, it felt fantastic, not many pricks hurt me like that these days, he was ramming it up me as hard as he dare.

I could hear as well as feel his belly slapping against mine, I could feel his big heavy bollocks banging against my inner ass cheeks, I felt it welling up inside me, tingling all over, goose bumps all over, tension in my belly, my cunt lips twitched and tightened, I wrapped my legs round him pulling him in deep and stopping his movements, I let out a loud yell, “Oh God you’re lovely, yes, yes” and came like a fucking train I could feel my hot juices flooding out and dribbling down my ass crack as I had the most mind bending orgasm I’d experienced for ages.

“Oh God you beautiful woman, you lovely filthy whore, God I wish my wife Jenny were like you, she can’t take it all, even after 8 years and a kid I have to be careful up her” Trevor mumbled as he began jerking his cock into me and twisting it about deep inside.

I released him from my leg vice, and let them drop beside him, I was still high but had come down a bit with my orgasm, I began to think with my head as well as my wanton slut cunt as he laid on me fucking his prick into me gently mumbling filthy encouragement to me and himself.

‘Oh Christ Lorri, you’re letting a bloke you don’t know much about have unprotected sex with you, Jesus how am I going to square this with Paul if he finds out’ I was thinking as I lay with my head to one side of Trevor’s head as he fucked me, I was loving the sensation of his big cock in me, but at the same time feeling a little guilt and concern, I always do after I cum like that before a guys finished, just lay passively and let him carry on fucking me while I get my mind working and sort my head out a bit.

‘Bloody hell girl, you could be in the shit here, Jesus, a guy Paul doesn’t like and all he’s going to go ape if he finds out’ I thought as Trevor began humping me harder again, Trev eased himself up onto his hands above me and looked down between my legs watching his cock going in and out of my cunt hole, he was thrusting it in and out slowly and deliberately as he aroused himself even more at the sight and sounds of my big loose cunt taking his monster weapon with ease. I was beginning to go up again as I heard my juices squelching with each thrust, as I studied the filthy horny look on his face, listened to his verbal abuse as he fucked his prick into me. He’s good, very good, he’d been doing me non stop for a good 10 minutes with no sign of finishing yet.

My cunt was beginning to feel numb, my guts ached from the constant pounding deep inside, but the lips and opening were losing sensation, my cunt always does that after a good session, goes numb, that’s why I go so bloody silly sometimes and let a load of blokes gang fuck me, I’m desperate to feel it again, feel the tingles and twitches.

I was still loving the sensation of a man on me and the sounds and smells of it all, the noises of my soaking wet hole as his prick fucked it, the smell of fresh sweat from both of our hot aroused bodies, the aroma of my cunt juices filling the air, I’m not a smelly bitch, everyone tells me that, but even I can smell myself when I that aroused and wet.

Trev slowed down and flopped back down on me, twisting and jerking his big cock in me, I was well on the way up again, my thoughts had reverted to sex and filth, the guilt and concerns banished again, for a while anyway. “Lorri you really are the best fuck I’ve ever had, how he hell do you get away with it” He mumbled in my ear as he gave me a couple of hard jerks.

“Get away with what darling” I panted with a little grunt and moan mixed in.

“Fucking like a whore behind Paul’s back all the time” He whispered.

“Hey who says it’s all the time” I replied with another grunt as he banged it in hard.

“Every fucker says it’s all the time you filthy slut, I heard you were a guaranteed fuck years ago” Trev grunted as he eased himself up again and started ramming it in as hard as he could for half a dozen thrusts, “You dirty bitch” He added with the final big thrust and settled back down.

“So why haven’t you fucked me before then big boy, I fucking need it like this so much” I mumbled after I’d recovered from his assault.

“I don’t know, I don’t fucking know, Jesus I wish I’d had the guts to try you before girl” he replied.

With that the conversation came to an end, well was put on hold anyway, “Oh yes I’m going to fill you to the brim you dirty slut” Trev mumbled as he started banging his prick into me hard and fast, “Yes you whore, you filthy fucking whore” He muttered as he approach his finale, his body slapping against me loudly again, my grunts and moans getting louder again.

He let out a strangled sort of yell, buried his prick deep in me and I felt him go stiff, I felt his cock begin to pulse and twitch as he pumped a huge load of cream into my hole it took what seemed like an age and many big thrusts and grunts from Trevor to empty his bollocks inside me.

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