The School Secretary


"How's it going?" she asked, her eyes constantly darting to my body and back to my eyes again.

I stretched my arms over my head, faking a big yawn. "Good," I said, "I'm almost through with the hedges."

She looked away, a blush rising to her cheeks, "That's good. When you're ready for the hole, I'll take you back there and show you what I want again."

My heart fluttered, and again I didn't know if she was coming on to me or just being honest about wanting me to do the job right.

"No problem."

I finished the hedges and after waiting for her to take the steaks off the grill, we went back to the small clearing. Her shirt was now unbuttoned a little more, allowing a generous view of the top crescents of her large breasts. My cock was being kind and hanging semi-erect, a barely noticeable bulge in my loose pants. But if I became anymore aroused, it wouldn't be subtle by any means.

"All right," she took the shovel and drew a circle in the dirt, marking off the area she wanted dug up. I decided to be a little more forward and stood very close behind her as she worked. I could smell her lavender perfume, and the effect was damn near intoxicating.

"Think you can handle it?" she asked, turning too quickly and bumping in to me. Her free hand fell on my sweat-covered chest, and remained there for a moment. She looked up at me, her eyes uncertain, as though she were debating what to do next. I could only look back at her, the now hot red sunlight sparkling through the foliage and catching her eyes, lighting them so I could see her pupils. She stepped back, looking a little confused, and I took that as a good sign.

"I can handle it," I said suggestively.

She smiled nervously. "I'm uh, going to go get some water. Would you like some water?"

"Yeah, that'd be great."

As she left, I set to work on the hole, digging like a mad man. It was true I wanted to be finished with the hole, but I really wanted my body to be as tense as it could when she got back, every muscle at ready. I wanted the veins on my arms to be pumped out, looking powerful and sexy. The dirt piled up to my side, surprisingly soft and easy to dig up. I noticed the kitchen light go on at Elle's house and saw her mother, Sheila, walk through the house. There was a man with her as well, and I first I thought it was Elle's father. But as I looked, I realized that the man who was now kissing Sheila was in fact my friend Doug. My jaw dropped as I stared at them, my shovel clattering to the ground.

"What the fuck?"

"What's wrong?" Janet asked me as she came back to the clearing, two glasses of ice water in each hand. I jumped, completely startled and turned to her, unsure of how to approach the subject.

"Uh," I laughed nervously and motioned the house across the creek, "I think I just saw something I shouldn't have."

Janet smiled as she walked closer, "What?"

I took my ice water and drank. "I think Mrs. Crane is getting her groove on..."

Janet immediately looked across the creek, crouching down a little. She laughed in disbelief as she saw Sheila Crane and Doug making out in the full view of the large kitchen window. Doug's hands were all over her tits, and Sheila was clearly rubbing his crotch as they kissed.

"Holy shit," she pointed, "That's Doug Whitmore!"

"I know," I chuckled, "He's been talking about this mystery woman for the last two weeks, and no one could find out who she is. He wouldn't tell anybody who she was."

"No wonder," Janet said dryly as we hunkered down behind the bushes, our shoulders touching as we watched them.

"Should we be seeing this?" I asked quietly, taking another drink from my ice water.

She looked at me. "Well, no. No I don't think so... but oh my God."

We both looked back to the window. Doug was pulling her blouse off as she undid his pants. They were trying to kiss and walk to the living room as they undressed. The light went on in the living room and they came into view. Sheila had lost her shirt and bra, and Doug had lost his pants and underwear. He hauled his t-shirt off and was naked, while Sheila stripped her bra off and let her breasts go free. I felt another blush rise to my face as I looked at Sheila's massive breasts. Now I knew where Elle got her tits.

"Your friend Doug certainly has no problem with his wedding tackle," Janet bluntly said as Sheila grasped his large cock and began stroking it.

"I guess not," I agreed.

"This is unbelievable... who would have thought?" Janet whispered, her hand resting on my shoulder as we shared this unique voyeuristic moment. The scent of her lavender perfume washed over me again, and I shuddered a little. She looked at me, "You cold?"

"No," I smiled, "The ice water gave me chill."

And then, we heard moans coming from the house twenty feet away. Doug had bent Sheila over the arm of the couch and was fucking her hard in the ass. I felt my cock go rigid as I watched Sheila's big tits swing back and forth from the power of his thrusts. Sheila was moaning loudly, and I heard several "Fuck yeahs" and "Yes baby's" as his cock rocked her. Doug was clearly enjoying himself, his face contorted into a grimace of extreme pleasure. We both sat there in the bushes as the sun went down, spying on them having sex.

"It makes sense now," I muttered.

"What does?"

"The night you gave me the flyer at the pizza parlor, Doug and Brett were kind of sparring back and forth. Something bad went down between them, I think. When I commented on you being hot, Brett looked at Doug was like, 'There's a lot of that May-September stuff going around, isn't there Doug?'" I laughed.

Janet looked at me, her blonde hair backlit by the waning sun in a glowing haze. "You think I'm hot?" she asked simply.

It was now or never. "Yes I do, Janet."

She smiled and turned back to watching Doug and Sheila. They had changed positions, and were fucking up against the wall, Sheila's legs wrapped around his hips as he pressed against her. I felt Janet lean against me as we watched, and I boldly put my arm around her. To my surprise, she allowed herself to lean on me completely, accepting the embrace. Her hair smelled great as I held her, and I knew that we were on the verge of something here.

"If we're going to watch, let's get comfortable," I said and sat down behind her. I spread my legs and she leaned back, sitting on her ass and scooting up against me. She laid her head on my chest and rested her arms on my legs. I knew my erection must have been poking into her back, but she didn't move. From here, I could see right down her shirt again. Her breasts were irresistible as I found myself focusing more on her and less on Doug and Sheila.

"He knows what he's doing," Janet commented, "You can tell she's not faking it."

"I knew Doug was a ladies man," I smiled, "But I never figured this."

"It takes all kinds, right?" Janet offered, her hands caressing my legs.


"Is this weird for you?" she asked, still focused on them as Sheila began moaning loudly again.

"No," I said, still making no move to touch her yet.

"My husband won't be home until later on tonight," she said suddenly.

"That's good," I replied as I let my hands slide up her sides and over her breasts, cupping them. My heart was pounding in my ears as I waited for the rejection. But it never came, instead she made a throaty little murmur of approval as I began massaging her breasts through her clothes.

"That feels nice, David," she said as Doug and Sheila got louder and louder. She scooted up closer to me, so that her neck was level with my mouth.

"Tell me about it," I said.

"I've been watching you for awhile now," she said, "And I don't think I can go on not knowing you're like..."

"What would your husband think?" I asked as I began kissing her ear and neck, using the most passionate and gentle kisses I knew how to give.

"He's a good man," Janet moaned as she tilted her head back, "But he doesn't love me. He's in love with his work. And I feel so lonely, David..."

"No one should feel lonely," I breathed hotly against her skin as I began undoing her shirt, "I can't imagine anything better than you."

"Thank you," she smiled as I slid her shirt off and tossed it aside. Her skin was hot against mine, pale and so very creamy. Her white bra had no straps, and I unhooked it from the back. She took the bra and set it aside as I finally put my hands on her. Her tits were like satin mounds of pure sexual bliss, her nipples dark and hard against the white flesh. I kneaded them gently, twisting her nipples a little as I went back to kissing her neck. Janet moaned a sexy little moan that was filled with need and desire. Her hands were pulling at the fabric of my jeans as I necked on her.

"I want you," I whispered into her ear. She turned her head and looked up at me. She parted her lips and then with one hand pulled my face to hers. Our lips locked together and we kissed deeply. My hand slid down her stomach as our tongues intertwined, and I let my fingers slide as far they could into her shorts. Her tongue felt so good in my mouth, and her taste was sweet and passionate. She turned around on her hip, leaning into me as we kissed, pushing me down to the ground. She straddled me, her thighs tight around my hips and her crotch against mine.

"If we do this," she said, "You need to know a few things."

"Sure," I said, marveling at her gorgeous breasts as the sunlight disappeared and the world started to grow dusky.

"This is nothing more than fucking," she told me as she ran her fingernails over my torso, "I'm married, and I plan to stay that way for awhile. We're two friends helping each other out."

"I have no problem with that."

Janet smiled as she grinded her crotch against me. "And we don't tell anyone what happened here tonight, got it?"

"Tell anyone what?" I asked.

"Good boy," she said as she stood up and unzipped her shorts. She slowly pulled them down, teasing me as she leaned forward. Her breasts hung down and swayed with each movement, mesmerizing me. She stood up again and I found that she was wearing a black lacy thong with no crotch. Her pussy was moist and inviting, and I stared with unabashed fascination and appreciation.

"You planned this?" I asked, "Or do you always shave and wear crotchless panties?"

"I always shave," she smiled as she began fingering her cunt, "But the panties were something special for you."

"You're amazing," I said as she knelt down and unbuttoned my fly.

"Thank you," she replied, her eyes never leaving mine as she slowly unzipped my jeans and added, "Do you want me to stop?"

"No," I laughed as I put my arms behind my head, "No."

She pulled my pants down as far as they would go, my boots not allowing them to go any further. My cock was rigid and ready, sticking out like a tree trunk and pulsing. She grabbed my shaft and began stroking me slowly. Her breathing was getting about as fast as mine as she jerked me off. I closed my eyes as she pumped my dick, her fingers occasionally tweaking my head as she went. She lay down beside me and started kissing me as she worked my cock. Our tongues danced together, lapping at one another as she brought me closer and closer to my inevitable orgasm. I was now moaning and groaning against her lips as she worked her magic on me.

"I want you to cum for me," she said between kisses.

"I can do that," I managed, my body pulled taut as I fought it off for as long as I could.

"Mmmm, a fighter," she keenly observed as she quickened her strokes, "I love a challenge."

I shifted my thoughts to baseball scores and math problems as she continued.

"Lets see here," she smiled devilishly as she slid down my body. Not missing a stroke, she switched her hand for her lips. Immediately my cock was sucked into her hot mouth, her tongue rolling over me as she bobbed up and down on my shaft, my swollen head tingling and ringing like an alarm, warning me of the impending eruption. I could hear her wet, sloppy sucking of my cock as she moaned against my head.

"Oh fuck," I groaned as my balls shifted and I went completely rigid. I jerked and she pulled off my knob just time as the cum exploded from my cock and into the air. It splashed to my cheek in a long, thick white rope, across my pecs and stomach. More sticky gobs shot out as I fought for air, my body surging with the power of my orgasm. Janet went down on me again, cleaning off my cock and balls, up my stomach and chest. She lapped up the cum, her tongue leaving a wet trail behind as she cleaned me off. She reached my neck and suckled there, leaving a hickey.

Her pussy was hot against my throbbing member, and I was amazed to find that I was still hard. Janet got up and straddle me again, this time her pussy right in my face. I could smell her sweet nectar, the scent of a woman that was undeniable. I immediately set to work, forsaking her cunt and going right for her clit. I swirled around it, flicking and suckling on it as I massaged her ass. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back, letting her blonde hair fall loosely at her shoulders. My face was becoming slick with her juices as I lapped and suckled at her hard clit, letting my hand roam up her body and to her breasts. I cupped them and squeezed. Janet moaned and began tweaking her nipples.

"Pinch them," she breathed, "Pinch them..."

I pinched and pulled at her nipples, and she began a series of almost whiny coos and ohs of pleasure as I teased her. Her hips were swaying now, mimicking the motions of sex as I pushed her towards her orgasm. I was determined to stay down there, for as long as it took to make her scream. She was now moaning loudly as I worked my tongue over her, and finally, she reached the climax and could go no further. Her hips whip lashed violently as she gasped, her hands in her hair and back arched as the orgasm tore through her. Her cum splashed my face in a single squirt as she rode the lighting of her climax. Her thighs tightened around my face as she moaned the word "Yes" over and over and again. Finally, the orgasm subsided and she collapsed next to me on the ground.

"Oh my God," she breathed, "Oh my God."

I rolled over and kissed her deeply, her cum still fresh on my tongue. She embraced me with a fevered passion as our legs tangled together. My cock was hard and ready to go as she rolled to her side, her back facing me, and exposed her vagina to me. I scooted up behind, propped myself up on my elbow as she lifted her leg and grabbed my cock. With a quick movement of her hand, I was inside her. She was so fucking tight as I slid in.

"No too far," she hissed lustily, "You're almost too big for me..."

"I'll be gentle," I promised as my hips began to move back and forth on their own.

"Pull out before you cum," she whispered, half turned towards me.

I nodded and began humping her. It took us a few minutes to get our rhythm down right as we grinded, circled and got used to each other. She brought her hand to my ass and held me there as we began to pick up speed. My hand found her breast as it bounced and moved to our rhythm. I started pulling and tweaking at her nipple again as she took her other hand started rubbing her clit. I could hardly think as we fucked there in that clearing, the sun gone and blue dusk settling over us. The only light was from the porch behind us and the windows from Sheila's house in front of us. I looked and saw them still going at it like jack rabbits in heat, Sheila's massive breasts bouncing up and down as she rode him on the couch. It was an extra turn on, seeing them fucking as we went at it, and I instinctively began to thrust more quickly and deeply.

Janet was moaning again, her pussy sopping wet as we fucked. We were covered in a film of sweat and dust as our pace quickened and we progressed towards another climax. I hoped we would reach it together as I started putting my all into the thrusts, ramming my cock hard and fast into her cunt. I could hear myself grunting with each movement, an almost primal angry sound to my ears.

"Fuck me," she moaned, "Fuck me, fuck me , yes..."

"Yes baby," I groaned, my hand glued to her tit, her nipple like a rock between my fingers.

"Oh fuck yes," she whined again in that high lust-filled pitch, "Yes..."

The muscles in my buttocks and abdomen were screaming in pain as I hammered her, my teeth bared and sweat pouring off my brow. Finally, she came again, her hips bucking against me, her pussy spasming around my shaft as she let loose. I could feel her juices trickling over my balls as I felt my own climax approaching. I pulled out just in time as my load was released on her ass and the ground below. I literally stars swimming in front of my eyes, my face feeling numb from the near hyperventilation of our sex. We lay there, huffing and puffing, moaning to each other and kissing as we recovered.

"Oh my God yes," Janet kissed me, her hands possessive of every inch of my body, "We are going to do that again."

"I like that," I smiled and then froze as the sound of an electric garage door opening reached our ears. Her eyes went wide as she immediately sprang up and grabbed her clothes together.

"Shit, he's home early," she cursed as she put her shorts on and fumbled with her bra. I scrambled to find her shirt, found it hanging from a bush and tossed it to her. She quickly got dressed and buttoned her shirt up. The sliding glass door opened and her husband walked out, looking for her.

"Janet?" he called out, looking at the now cold steaks by the grill.

"Fuck," I muttered.

"Stay here, hide down by the creek and don't move. When we're inside, get dressed and you can follow the creek out to Pine Street," she whispered as she kissed me, took one last look at me naked, smiled and hurried off. I watched with a certain amount of jealousy as she greeted the undeserving bastard. He stepped off the patio, clearly confused as to what she had been doing in the back yard while dinner got cold. I could hear him complaining about cold food after a long hard day. He was really letting the 1950's mentality reign supreme as he lectured her on why dinner needed to be ready promptly on time. It didn't matter that he was back sooner than he had said he would be.

I waited by the creek, my pants still down around my ankles as I watched them. I saw my tank top still setting on the porch. Janet had noticed it too and was doing everything she could to keep him from seeing it. Suddenly, I heard a noise behind me and saw Doug dart out of the house, his clothes and shoes cradles in his arms as he bolted for the bushes at the back of Sheila's yard. He ran right towards me, and as he got closer, I could see him completely naked, cock and balls cutting through the air. He leapt quietly over the bushes and down the small embankment of the stream. He looked quickly over his shoulder back at the house and then relaxed, blowing a heavy sigh of relief as his eyes closed.

"Hard day?" I whispered.

"Jesus!" his eyes popped open, scared to death as he scrambled back up the embankment for a moment. He paused and then squinted at me, "Dave?"

"Hey there," I saluted him sarcastically.

"What brings you to this neck of the woods?" he asked, covering his still hard cock with his clothes as he came back down to the edge of the creek.

I pulled my jeans back up, being careful not be seen by Janet's husband. "I was trimming Mrs. Peterson's hedges when her husband came home."

"No fucking way," Doug laughed.

"Oh yeah," I nodded, feeling very proud of myself, and then added as an afterthought, "So Sheila Crane is your mystery girl?"

Doug nodded in frustration, "Yes, okay? We've been seeing each other ever since the night of the party at the flats when I brought Elle home."

"She had sex with three guys that night," I said, "I was one of them."

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