tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Sculptor and his Muse Ch. 01

The Sculptor and his Muse Ch. 01


Friday December 9th 1910

A little after 6am.

Somewhere in Paris...

Don't know why I waited until last night to go down to the clay mill. I've known for days that I was low on clay and would need it by today. It's not like I dread digging it and hauling it to my studio or even preparing it. I enjoy it. Just haven't felt like getting out after hours the past few weeks.

I probably made it to bed around 1am last night. Had to prepare enough clay to start the newest project today.

As I walk I notice the street lamps are still burning even though the sun will soon rise. It's cold this morning and the sky is spitting snow but not as bad as it was last night. My studio will be nearly freezing until I get some wood in the stove and give it some time to warm up.

I'm not looking forward to today's job. One of the more well to do citizens wants a nude done of his wife. She's not what I would call pleasant to look at or listen to for that matter. Any mistake I might make could only be an improvement but I'm sure they would take it as an insult.

After arriving and unlocking the door I stand in the bitter cold, my breath forming clouds as I exhale. I love the smell. The smell of clay. Not too many people can pick up on it and the few that do don't like it, but I do. I take a moment to smell it every morning before I grow accustomed to it and start setting up. Not many can say it but I love my work, less so this week but still love it.

With the stove full and burning I step back, eyes watering from the smoke and go about setting up for the arrival of today's model although using that term is really a stretch for her. I go about setting up my tools and rewetting the rags covering the clay to keep it at the consistency I like. When I'm finished the morning sun, despite the snow and clouds, is casting long shadows through the windows across the tables and floors, making the dust particles in the air visible. The heat from the stove is beginning to take the bite out of the air.

Preparing the pedestal where the model will sit I almost wince at the thought of her dusty 100 year old pussy touching it. I arrange several pie cut shaped pieces of wood by the stool to get her feet and legs in the right position.

Getting everything set in place I check my pocket watch, one more hour until the gargoyle arrives. Not much else to do until then but wait for the room to finish heating up. I'm kind of tired maybe I can take a short nap within that time. There's a hammock set up not too far from the front window so if she should show up I can be ready by the time she comes in.

I lay down and pull the blanket all the way up to my nose. It's nice and warm and if somebody happens to look in the window I probably won't be seen. I hate sleeping in my clothes but I wont have time to get dressed from the time I see her until she comes in.

Through the window the streets become busier the later it gets. Just as I'm about to fall to sleep I notice a girl sitting on the steps in front of the book store across the street. She's all bundled up but still cold from the looks of her. Her cheeks are flushed and the rest of her face is pale with almost bluish lips. Even through the coat she wears I can tell she's shivering. She begins rocking back and forth. The sun has crept back into the clouds and the snow has gone from spitting to a slow steady fall. Why doesn't she go inside or back home? She'll catch her death out there?

Another 30 minutes pass and she doesn't leave. She's freezing and nobody seems to notice or care. I can't take it anymore. I get out from under the blanket and stand up. The room has gotten much warmer. I walk to the front door, open it and step outside. The temperature has dropped considerably with the steady snowfall. Doesn't look like the sun will be visiting us again today.

I walk across the street to the steps she's sitting on. She has her head down and doesn't seem to notice me.


She didn't notice me.


She looks up a little startled.

"Are you okay?"

"Yes, I'm fine. Just figuring out where I'm going to go from here."

"While you're thinking it over would you like to wait in my studio? I have the stove going and it's nice and warm."

"No thanks, I don't want to be a bother, sir."

"It's not a bother. I have a client coming and I'm not going to be able to concentrate worrying about you freezing to death out here. So, you'll be doing us both a favor if you just come in until you get things sorted out."

"Thank you sir. I'll stay out or your way. You won't even know I'm there."

I help her up. She's so stiff and has a hard time walking. I wrap one arm behind her and hold her wrist with my other hand guiding her into my studio. When I open the door the heat rushes to welcome her. The snow flakes on her clothes and hair melt quickly and dampen her clothes.

"You better let me take your coat and hat so I can set them next to the stove to dry. I can pull a chair close to it so you can warm up faster if you would like."

"That would be nice," she says.

I grab a chair from under one of my work tables. I almost forget to to clean the tools off it first then put it a safe distance from the flames.

She seems nervous and I don't blame her. She doesn't know me from Adam. I could be a slasher for all she knows.

I hold out my hand. She looks confused for a moment, then unbuttons her coat and slides it down her arms and hands it to me followed by her hat releasing a long mane of beautiful blond hair that ends just above her waist. Straight and shiny. She's not homeless, her clothes are too nice and she's very well maintained. I decide not to ask any questions and just let her relax.

Damn, I almost forgot about my appointment. I look at the time. She should be getting here any minute.

I spend the next hour getting to know my guest while waiting on my extremely late client. I find out she caught her husband cheating on her and now had nowhere to go. The only family she has are in the United States so she doesn't know what she is going to do until she can contact them. I tell her she can stay in the back overnight if she needs to. She seems like a nice girl in a bad situation.

It's been several hours now and the wicked witch is still a no show.

I find out my guest's name is Autumn, a beautiful name. She's barely over 5ft tall. Her eye's are bright green like the new grass that grows after a fire. Medium size full lips with a distinctive nose. Milky white skin. Kind of hard to tell what kind of body she has for her dress is pretty thick and layered.

We talk for an hour or so learning about each others childhoods, favorite foods, hobbies when I realize how much time has passed. The hag isn't going to show.

"My model isn't going to make it."

"Are you sure?"

"It's almost noon and I haven't heard anything from anybody about her, not that I was looking forward to her company but I needed the money. Things have been tough lately and I've not had enough commissions to make the bills for the month."

"Are commissions the only way you make money?"

"No, they are my biggest source of income but I also sell non-commission pieces as well."

I could tell she was contemplating something other than her current situation.

After a few moments of silence she says, "Would it help if I modeled for you? I'm very shy but you've been so helpful to me and I have no other way to repay you."

"You don't have to repay me. Things will work out somehow."

"I insist. I know how sculptors work somewhat and you despise a day without being productive. I can't pose nude, I'm just not that comfortable with my body.

"I appreciate your offer but I have no interest in sculpting the clothed figure. You needn't worry yourself with my current situation."

"What if I were to disrobe but covered myself with a blanket exposing only my backside. Could you work with that?"

"Alright, you talked me into it. I have nothing else planned for the day and I should do something productive like you said."

"We'll begin after we have dinner."

After dinner I get everything set up for my new model. She reluctantly disrobes behind the Shoji Screen. I must admit I'm curious as to what she looks like "au naturale" even though I know I won't find out.

It didn't take me very long to get everything set up for Autumn because I had everything I needed set up for the other model. I spray the clay one more time.

A few moments later Autumn steps out from the blind with a blanket wrapped around her just under her arms. All I can see of her nakedness is her head, shoulders, and arms. Her hair is loosely tied with a few strands hanging in her face. She's adorable. With an embarrassed look on her face I show her to the pedestal. Not needing the foot holders I remove them. She sits down on the stool. I rotate the platform under her until the light catches her just right then stop it.

The sudden stopping causes the blanket to fall in the back exposing her body all the way down to top of her butt crack. She still holds it in the front just above her shoulders. Looking a little uncomfortable she does nothing to cover her exposed rump.

"Are you still comfortable with this?" I ask her.

"Yes, I want to do this."

I pull out the first handful of clay and throw it onto the banding wheel then add some more to it. When I have a significant amount going I start pounding it into the general shape of my model, spraying it with water from time to time.

She seems a little uncomfortable but patient and hasn't said a word so far since I started. I tell her she can talk if she wants, that it won't disturb me. She sits quietly for a little while longer.

"Is it alright if I move? My nose itches." almost embarrassed.

"No problem. You don't have to sit still. You can even get up and walk around if you want. Your movements betrays a lot of your personality to the sculpture, helps me to understand you better."

"Interesting, I thought I would have to sit so still that I would get sore."

"Some sculptors are that way but I guess I'm kind of like Rodin in that aspect."

I notice after awhile her exposed skin is glistening. It's pretty warm in here and she must be burning up under that blanket. I think about asking her if she would like me to crack a window but the thought of her sweating under that blanket excited me to the point of keeping my silence. More time goes by as I get the overall shape of her body copied. Sweat is dripping down her arms and I'm sure she's even wetter under that blanket. God, I'm terrible.

"Do you mind if I smoke?"

"No, go ahead, it won't bother me." She replies.

I get up, find my pipe, go over to the stove, and reach in with the tongs for a small enough coal to light my pipe with. Once I get it going I check to see if she's looking and throw in another piece of wood then head back to my seat.

The blanket has dropped a few inches exposing the very top of her cleavage. From what I can see she has magnificent breasts. She's drenched with sweat.

She glances at the work I've done so far.

"I've noticed you're sculpting me nude, no blanket."

"I decided I didn't want to mess with the folds in the blanket. I hope that is okay."

"I don't mind. You really got close to what my body looks like without seeing it."

"Your over all shape is visible I just filled in the blanks."

"This blanket almost seems useless with your imagination and skills. Even so I'm starting to feel more comfortable."

Reaching down with her free arm she pulls the blanket off her legs and lets it fall between them exposing her wet skin all the way up to her lower pelvis spreading her legs a little matching my image of her. She lets it drop a little in the front to just above her nipples. Her body is a sight to behold.

Is it my imagination or are her legs slowly spreading? They are further apart than they were moments ago because I can see a shadow between her legs and the cover that wasn't there before.

I tell her, "I need some more light facing you. I'll be right back."

I return with a mirror and aim it using the light from the window behind her to where I will be able to see what that shadow is hiding. Her legs seem more spread than they were. It might be a subconscious reaction to the heat and the sweat dripping between her legs. I angle the mirror a little more and there it is.....so beautiful, her pussy and she has no idea I can see it.

I feel my dick start to grow and tighten my pants. This is so HOT!!! I haven't been with another woman in over a year. I'm not planning on pursuing this one but I would like to gaze upon here nakedness and immortalize it, but not with my imagination. I want to see her entire body bare in it's magnificence and recreate it in clay.

I can feel the effects of the last piece of wood I threw into the stove. It's really getting hot in here. I'm sweating now and my shirt is getting damp. I can't believe she hasn't said anything about it yet.

Do my eyes deceive me? Her pussy is wet, I mean really wet, it's dripping. I can see a long string of sticky fluid extending between her pussy lips and the stool underneath her. That's not sweat, her pussy is soaked. I notice her breathing is a little more pronounced. Maybe it's the heat, her being nude under that blanket with a fully clothed man standing so close to her but she's getting excited.

Maybe if I leave the room she'll drop the blanket momentarily to cool off until I get back. I might just catch a glimpse. I ask if she needs to go to the facilities located next door.

"No thank you."

"I just saw somebody that knows my client that didn't show pass by the window. I need to speak to them. I'll be back in 15 or 20 minutes. Just relax until I get back."

I lied. I didn't see anybody or even went next door. I head behind the shop to the back door which leads into my storage room. The only thing separating that from the studio is a thick curtain hanging in the doorway. Creeping in as quiet as a church mouse to the curtain I pull it back to take a peek. From this vantage point I can still only see her back but from the other side. She still had it covering her front I guess because of the occasional passerby outside the windows although they would have to press their eyes up against the glass to see anyone inside.

She takes a deep breath and slumps a little. A few seconds later she stands grasping the blanket in front but letting it drop in the back exposing her whole backside. Her ass is really nice. Slightly larger than I've seen on someone her size, very round with a slight jiggle when she walks. In contrast, her waist was tiny giving her an almost exaggerated hourglass figure. Her skin milky white,like her face and shoulders, especially on her bare ass.

When she takes a step she almost trips over the blanket in front of her but quickly compensates. She inspects my sculpture of her. I can't read her expression but it changes and she reaches out and touches the wet clay of her likeness, rubs it then draws back to sniff her fingers. Very strange, she places her fingers in her mouth to tastes them. She breaths in deeply and sits on the stool I was sitting on with her fingers still in her mouth.

Looking conflicted she scans the windows then the door. She drops her guard, pulls her fingers out of her mouth and puts them under the blanket between her legs. OH MY GOD!!! Is she touching herself? She is.

She closes her eyes, mouth open just slightly and starts rubbing herself slowly. Her other hand still holding the blanket over her chest drops enough that one of her plump breast plops out with a jiggle. My dick rapidly grows hard staring at her heaving breast, it's big pink nipple staring right at me fully erect. She opens her eyes again looking at my sculpture fixedly. She's masturbating to my sculpture of her. That's so hot!!! I can tell she's trying to hurry before I get back.

"Take your time my sweet. I won't come back until you're finished up," I whisper.

She spreads her legs as wide as she can, her pussy is still covered by the gyrating blanket. She drops the blanket over her one hidden breast so the hand covering it could join the other one at her crotch. Now I can see both her tits jiggling in unison. Her breathing increases. What a sight, her glistening bouncing tits.

I still can't see her pussy but it looks like one of her hands is sliding in and out of her pussy while the other one messages her clit under the wadded up blanket. Damn, I'm so excited I feel like I'm going to cum in my pants. I've never seen anything like this.

Her movement and breathing increase to a frenzied pace. One of her hands appears from under the blanket grabbing it and throws it to the floor by her feet then quickly her hand returns to her clit. I can hear the wet sloshing sound of her fingers pumping in and out of her cunt. She's getting close to cumming and is to the point that she doesn't care if I or anybody else sees her. She lifts her ass up off my stool and starts bucking it into the air.

She stops moving for a second, and pulls her wet fingers out of her pussy still massaging her clit with the other. Her whole body tightens up and she let's out a loud moan as she arches up on her toes and starts shaking as a long milky white liquid shoots out of her pussy a couple of feet, some of it hitting my sculpture but most of it hitting her legs and the floor. A second arc comes out with a little less force dripping down the stool and her legs, the a third coating her legs and dripping down to her calves and feet.

Sitting there for a moment small tremors course through her body; the after effects of her orgasm.

My dick lurches in my pants as my balls draw up. Holy shit I'm about to cum. I can't let this happen. I don't have another change of clothes and she'll know that I was spying on her if I come back with my pants soaked with cum.

I force myself to look away from this pale angel and try to think of something else. I feel my sperm get almost all the way to the tip of my cock and lurch a couple of times. It feels good but I don't think I came. Damn I hope I didn't cum. It sure felt good but I don't feel wet. I step back and pull out my still hard dick and check my underwear. A couple of drops but that is it. I squeeze the base and run it up to the tip to make sure it's empty. A thin string comes out and slowly stretches to the floor and breaks. I do it again, this time only a couple of drips, then one more time.....empty. Damn that was close.

I peek through the curtain again. She's just sitting there breathing hard, face aimed at the ceiling with her eyes closed. Back leaned against the wall, legs still spread, pussy dripping a small trickle now. Her whole body looking spent from her massive orgasm and covered in sweat.

I didn't notice until now that her pussy is shaved bare. I've never seen or heard of that before. She seems so different, so exotic.

Suddenly she leaps up like a bolt of lightning, looks at the window then the door in a panic. Even though its only been around 10 minutes she must have lost track of how much time has passed and is worried I'll come in any moment. In a hurry she looks around at her mess all over the stool and floor, then for something to clean it with. The only rags I have out are covering unused clay. The rest are under the sink and in the back but she doesn't know that. Grabbing the blanket she starts mopping the floor and stool with it. Running back to her pedestal she covers herself back up with it and assumes her previous pose.

It's time for me to come back. I wait for my hard-on to subside a little; it won't go completely away. Zipping my pants up I straighten myself up and head back. This should be interesting.

End of Part One

(Part Two coming soon.)

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by EelunPhetmoore06/14/18

Painful Ignorance

What an insightful response "anonymous."

I feel I was pretty spot on with my knowledge of clay and sculpting. I've been it doing most of my life and it seems to be working out for me pretty well butmore...

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by Anonymous06/10/18

Write about what you know.

An interesting concept ruined by painful ignorance about sculpting in clay or female orgasm.

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