tagAnalThe Sculptor Ch. 03

The Sculptor Ch. 03


Irene Giles wasn't in homeroom that day. At the moment she was being marked absent she was trudging into town on Main Street to spend the day with Bill, or, with any luck, just the morning. Shaky and irritable, she'd thrown up dry that morning. She knew what she needed, and she was going there as fast as she could, before he changed his mind.

She'd made herself up with extreme rave eye shadow and worn a schoolgirl skirt and blouse torn artfully open and pinned together with glittery safety pins. The rips showed enough skin to make it clear she was wearing no underwear at all underneath, just the fishnets and the garter belt to hold them up. It was all hidden by the black trench, but she could shrug that off and have Bill's attention right away.

God knew what she'd have to do. Bill wasn't cruel, though, just purposely degrading. If he hurt her it was always just because he was too zonked to notice he was doing it. Things could be worse.


Working her usual day keeping patients alive in the hospital, Hannah found herself singing softly and happily as she moved along from room to room. Life seemed full of promise. She realized Lussac had set out to seduce her, but she also had seen his eyes those last minutes.

He was smitten! And so was her daughter. Gina was so darling telling her about it! And so was she herself! What would life be like with a sculptor?

She wanted to try to see Charles again that evening. If he was working, though, it might distract him if she were there, or even if she were just waiting in another part of the house. He obviously wanted to talk longer with her the night before, but there'd been Tony to think of. None of these problems seemed large or important, and she sang to herself again, going to the next patient.


"Ah, Gina!"

"Hello, Mr. Lussac!"

"Gina, I have to know when your mother gets off work." Gina had come to her art class as she did every Thursday. The room was full of students already, so he'd waited outside his door for her.

"Her shift ends at two-thirty and she's home by three or quarter of, or later sometimes, depending on what's happened."


"She told me you and her were up talking all evening!"

"I'm glad she did. I want to see your mother much more often. You don't resent that, I hope?"

"I think it's brilliant!" There was that word again. "Mom seemed really happy."

"She did?"

"Well, of course!" The bell rang and they went in.

"Of course; I see. Thank you, Gina." Three, he thought. Very well. I will call. "It is our third week," he began, receiving a respectful silence, "and some of you do not have a project selected. I need Catherine Dow and Chaz Tanner at my desk. These things mustn't be put off! The rest of you, gather your sketching materials, please, and set up somewhere so you can see the iguana. Do not touch or move swiftly near the poor beast, please."

Seeing Catherine's freckled cleavage approaching started a train of thought. He hadn't seen Brenda all day, and he was happy for that mercy. If there were a scene it were better done at his place, in private! The stools scraped noisily as they set up ringing the central table with the seven-foot green animal on it. "Ladies and gentlemen! Please move softly, for the sake of the lizard! Thank you, much better."


Her voice was shaken intermittently as he plowed into her ass. "But Bill, I have to be home that night! Couldn't I do it tomorrow, or Sunday?"

Bill paused a second to survey her. She had dyed her pussy hair candyfloss pink, and she had really firm high tits. She lay on his couch with her knees behind her shoulders and her hands holding each other under her hips. Limber! He shoved his cock deep into her ass again, making her face squinch up, watching her little pussy distort from the movement underneath it, and her tits bounce with each stroke. He fucked in his walking rhythm again and carried on the conversation.

"Okay, tomorrow's Friday. Can you spend the night here tomorrow?"

"I'd like to," Irene lied, "but I gotta be home by like one or so, I guess."

Feeling his orgasm coming on, Bill lifted off the girl. "Just a second! Oh, Christ, suck it, quick!"

Irene uncurled and came up, mouth open, but his first shot splashed on her nostrils. She clamped her lips on and took the rest into her mouth, swallowing as he grunted and swore. He turned and flopped beside her on the couch, puffing out air. She licked her upper lip and wiped at her face with a little thin hand. She was thin and small and not very well muscled. Her ribs showed a little. She rubbed at her anus and pouted. "That went real deep!"

"Sorry, baby, I didn't mean to hurt you. Look, about tomorrow: you can go home after midnight, that'll work. Lick this off, wouldja? Thanks. You can do the guys in the evening. It'll rule."

"Okay, sure."

"And then do me afterwards, all night until midnight or so."

"I toldja I would!"

"Fuckin A!" Bill shook his head. "Okay, here you go, then. More tomorrow, okay?"

The oxy was the whole point, for Irene.

"Thanks, Bill. Can I go?"

"Yah, go ahead, get dressed. I got to meet someone in about an hour, anyway. Be sure and shave it right bald for the guys."

"Okay. See you tomorrow." Irene padded over to her clothes and got herself together. She still had a little drop on her cheek. Bill scratched himself, watched her awhile, and then searched his drawers for some clean boxers. "I gotta do some laundry," he remarked.


Lussac was still in school at three, but he made an opportunity to get to a 'phone. He got Gina.

"Mom! It's Mr. Lussac!" she called. Lussac could hear them talking. "I was thinking it was my boyfriend!" Gina told her, and laughed.

"Oh my God, did you say anything to him or something?"

"No but it's funny, 'cause now both of us will be on the 'phone--"

"I don't think so, honey, but it is funny. We'll have to wonder which of us has a man calling now, won't we?"

Lussac gathered his dignity. Then he thought about it, and he had to chuckle too. When you look ridiculous, sometimes it's because you really are ridiculous, he reflected.

"Charles? It's Hannah. Are you at home?"

"No. There is the musical. And the iguana."

"You mean the lizard iguana?"

"Yes, Gina can tell you about it. Fred belongs to Charlie at the frame shop downtown; he lends him to the art classes. The idea that a teacher's day is over at two-thirty would make the coaches and the band director laugh more than anyone; I don't complain. The iguana is a very popular subject."

"I was hoping to see you again soon; is tonight possible?"

"I was to have been working, but there may be a problem with the model. It is complex. Let me call you later. Even if I'm working you are welcome, and we need to speak, I think; but tonight, I think it's better if I call to let you know when. Can you forgive me?"

"Could you come by here for supper, perhaps? I did eat some of your flan."

"Yes, marvelous! I have to meet Tony."


"It is good. I want to see you... I want to see you very much, Hannah."

The feeling was mutual.


"Felix, dude!!" came out of the cell phone. Felix adjusted the handsfree.


"You wanna get the band together tomorrow, like eight, maybe, at my place?"

"You want me to call them?!"

"Naw, man, I'll call people, I'm callin' you, right? So listen, it's a party, right?"

"Sure, Friday night, no problem!"

"And I got a girl, man, she's gonna strip for us, too."

"A stripper?"

"No, just a girl I know, she'll strip and like hang out naked, I got blacklight paints and we can paint her. And maybe even more than that if she gets high enough, you know?"

"Jesus, how did...? Okay, I can do that. And you're calling the other guys?"

"Well yuh! So you're in! I'm callin' Chaz. It'll be great!"

"Nobody better bring their girlfriend, dude."

"Oh, shit, yeah, that's right... well, fuck it, you're in, and I'm gonna call 'em all anyway. It'll still be great. I'll just tell 'em, no girlfriends, or don't come; that's easy."


"Charles, I'm on the way over. Will I want the shoes this time, or anything else?"

"Brenda! I must talk with you when you get here, something important has changed. And yes, please, bring the shoes. We never did the posing with them!"

"We sure didn't! Okay... Is everything all right?"

"It depends how you look at it. I will tell you when you come."

He met her with a wine glass just the same, and accepted a lengthy kiss. "So what's changed?" she said.

"I've met someone and, I think, fallen in love. So--"


"So I can't feel right about continuing with you the way--"

"But that's not a problem! I didn't stop seeing Greg because I was-- because I had sex with you! This is just sport fuckin'! I told you I couldn't get entangled yet!"

"I can see that for you it makes a lot of sense. And there's nothing I can think of that would be more fun, believe me."

"There you are, it's just have a good time and make it really great, and then let it go! Ooh, there's my drawing. It looks brilliant!"

"Brenda, it's not the same for me. I only met her yesterday really, but for her I care very deeply, do you see?"

Brenda just waited for him to continue.

"So when I think of seeing you again, I feel very guilty, I feel I am betraying what I hope to have with her."

"But you're so good! You're the best! I'll really miss doing it with you!"

"And I will miss your fine skin, your perfect mouth work, your youth and enthusiasm! You are not replaceable. And you've done nothing wrong; you don't deserve to be cut off. Just the same, my own guilt would get in the way now that I've met Hannah. I could never give myself to you with the same whole heart. And if Hannah knew of us, she would be hurt."

"Hurt? But that was before you--"

"Not now, but if I continued she would have a right to feel betrayed. I cannot hurt her, Brenda. I am sorry, I wish (more than you can probably believe!), I really do wish I could keep on. Can you forgive me?"

"Well, I guess it's not really your fault either. But it's so sad! Do you want me to go?"

"Please stay, I have plans for you, I want you to come and to pose. Steven wants to see you a very great deal, as well."

"Where is Steven, anyway?"

"I think, let me see, this is Thursday-- Searsport. Tomorrow he returns to New York, to Katonah. He was in Searsport for a while and he wanted to work with me, and he will come back in a few weeks--

"Brenda!" exclaimed Lussac. "You must see what he did, of you, it really is very good! And--"

"Of me? Something Steven did?"

"Come, you must not miss seeing this. It is because of this that he will come back. Come-- oh, yes, certainly, bring the wine."

They went to the lower section of the studio building and he unveiled the clay figure. He fussed a little getting more light on it. She exclaimed incoherently over it.

"It's so pretty now! Look at the toes, the feet-- and the fingers!"

"He spent hours and hours perfecting the surface. We are going to cast it, in bronze. There should be at least two of them. We will do that at the same time as the first of my figures for the group in the North Station."

"In bronze!"

"It is too good not to do that. Steven can't quite afford the metal, so I am fronting it for him."

"I'll be in bronze! It really looks like me, doesn't it!"

"Of course! It has even captured your sensual spirit and your energy. Steven is far from blind! He was very inspired by you, he wished he could have you posing for him regularly."

"He was?"

"He said you got to him."

"Ooh. Well. He'll be back when you cast. Will you tell me when he does?"

"Of course!"

"Do you have an address? In Katonah?"

"Yes. Are you thinking about Steven as sport fuckin'? Because right now he is unattached..."

"You just never mind... well, yes, I am. He's got those shoulders! Plus I really like Steven, more than I ought to."

"I think Steven might feel a lot the same way. Let me pack this away again."

She watched him perform this task the way he tackled everything, great and small. "I'll really miss you, Charles. You have such hands, and you know me so well. You're wonderful!" She hugged him impulsively. "Hannah is very lucky! And you're so good to tell me about Steven like this."

"I think Steven is very lucky, too. Go on up and change into the robe, we have work to do."

"Okay. Thanks for everything. Can I still have the drawing?"

"I did it because I wanted you. It was never mine."

She put down the wine glass. "Kiss me once. Really kiss me, then we're all done, okay?"

"I don't know if I dare."


At length they were able to release each other. Trembling they stepped back, flushed and wordless. There was a lot of momentum still to their relationship! An hour later, Charles called Hannah.

"I shall soon be finished here. I can be there in twenty minutes, no, twenty-five, for travel time."


"I never felt that before, just to hear that word." Lussac was plowed right under by the woman, he had no dignity whatsoever.


At the moment she met him at the door, Tony yelled on a rising scale, then shrieked. "Mom!" The two of them were galvanized. Lussac bounded up the stairs with Hannah right behind him, only because she took them one at a time. The beat of the boy's feet came from his room along the hallway. Lussac and he came face to face.

"There's something in the walls!" said the boy. Lussac squeezed his shoulder and moved resolutely past him.

Then he saw his mother, who scooped him into her arms. "There's noises, something's inside the walls, Mom!" Gina appeared in her doorway in just tap panties. When the light came on in Tony's room, it flooded onto her; she looked up past them to see Lussac's back and then ducked into her room again to get a robe.

Her mother turned in time to see her leg vanish from sight and said, "I have company, Gina," in a low but carrying voice. It was her mother's-here-it's-all-right-now tone.

Tony had hugged her neck tightly at first, but when the light came on he turned to watch the confrontation of Mr. Lussac and the Thing In The Walls. Hannah took his hand, straightened, and let herself be led along toward the room. Lussac gestured for quiet, a raised finger. Gina came in behind.

Everyone listened. Lussac looked at Tony, who indicated a particular spot, nearly at the head of the bed. All eyes turned to there. As if on cue, there was a scratching noise. "Rodent," whispered Lussac.

"A mouse?" Gina whispered.

"Not a rat! No rats!" Tony said softly. More little scratches, and a sound like it was moving and bumping things.

"No rats; that's the rule," Lussac agreed. He had been staring at the other corner of the room. "I think I know," he said then, his eyes glittering and a smile on his face.

"Does this window open easily? It looks new, does it work well?"

"Yes, it's Tony's escape window," Hannah said, "but it's been closed, I think."

"I never opened it!" Tony said. "Not since last summer."

"Come look, then, Tony; and anyone else, too," said Lussac with a grin. "I saw it driving up." He squatted before the window and worked it easily open, then sent the screen up. "Come, Tony."

Tony was at his elbow already. Lussac guided his shoulders and the two of them stuck their heads out. "See that soffit?"

"That what?"

"The box that's built into the corner of the roof edge, where all the ends come together. See the broken part?"


"Lemme see!" Gina said. They made room for her and her head came out too. Hannah stood watching with amusement and appreciation. Her children were jammed out a window, but it was all to the good. Charles was pointing.

"And right up there is the highway. The squirrel comes down that tree branch and scoots right inside the soffit. I bet there's a nest."

"I see some twigs!" exclaimed Gina.

"Where?" Tony asked excitedly.

"Right on the edge of the hole, Tony, see 'em?"


"And all that's happened is, they've chewed a way into the space between the wall and the outside wall, do you see? That's why you now can hear them, moving around in the dark in there. There are probably babies."

"Baby squirrels?"

"You're so lucky to have baby squirrels!" complained Gina. "I never had baby squirrels."


Hannah turned and stretched up to kiss Lussac's cheek. Everyone upstairs was in bed; they were on the couch sipping coffees with additions-- brandy for Lussac and Bailey's for Hannah. Her head snuggled down into his shoulder again. "That's for showing Tony the squirrel nest," she explained.

"It's better to know than to be afraid. I can smoke them out and fix that, if you like. I'll want a ladder."

"Now he'll look forward to hearing the Things In The Walls. That's being a good dad."

"Why, thank you. I always wondered what made a good dad."

"Let's talk about that."

So they did; but talk was not enough, before long, and they decided to go to bed, too. Gina awoke to hear them laugh in the hallway. Her mother said ssh! and the door closed on her bedroom. Gina could hear them step across the floor and then sit on the bed one after the other. She heard the tones of their voices, but almost all the words were indistinguishable.

Oh man, now I have to hear my mom fuck my art teacher, she thought. The sounds came from her door, seemingly, so her eyes were looking that way. She was just thinking how glad she was her mom never heard her with Sean when the light under her door increased and the words suddenly got clearer. Mom's door must've opened.

"Oh, Charles, just like that, sweetheart," her mom breathed. Gina heard some wet noises. Lussac made a grunt or groan, muffled and wet-sounding. "Get down lower, too, you know I love it there," she went on.

He's eating her; she wants him on her butt, I think. It's so clear!

"Ohh... you want it?"


"I hear a yes. Show me you want it, sweetheart-- tongue it!"

More weird open-mouthed noises came to Gina's reluctant ears. My God, she thought, he's doing it! In her butt!

"Get up on your knees where I can... oh yes."

Pussy and tongue noises, groans and encouraging words! He's really doing it. I bet I can see in there if the door's open. Gina slid off the bed and worked her door ajar. The tongue fuck continued. She pushed it open, peering...

Her mother was a tripod with her face hidden from view behind Lussac's shoulder. He was holding her cheeks open strongly with his fingers and his face was buried in there. His head thrust and came back, in and back, several times, then in deep. His head circled. Her mother cried out!

Gina withdrew into her doorway. She'd seen Lussac's ass and the end of his hard cock, too. I oughta get back to bed quick, she told herself.

"Use your hand, too. Here! Take this."

"Yes, cara." There was a pause. The two went ohh together. "Now two fingers," he said. She made some more noises. "You must ask me to fuck it," he told her, "you must say you want cock in it."

"More hand first! Open me!" Another pause. "OH, yes, yes, Charles." There were more noises, but nobody said anything for a while.

Gina couldn't stand it, she had to look again. She watched Lussac drive four fingers into her mother with his other hand raised up strangely. Then he brought it into play. He'd been holding it up because it was lubed!

He slid them by each other, driving most of each one in, sliding one out and the other in at the same time, back and forth! Her mother's ass was insanely stretched.

She saw Lussac's smile and heard her mother's pleasure song: mmh-mmh-mmh! Lussac shifted his stance on the bed and drove his whole hand in, then the other as before. His cock was rock hard and his teeth were bared. Gina couldn't believe how hugely open her mother was.

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