tagAnalThe Sculptor Ch. 04

The Sculptor Ch. 04


Gina's little brother had counted the baby squirrels: he said one mom and three babies. "They were falling down inside the wall, and they'd squeak kinda, and she'd go get them!"

Hannah told him Charles was going to climb up and fix the hole in the house so they'd be gone. She had the idea this was good news, but there was a little storm about it.

"You can't just trap them in there to starve!" objected Gina.

"But I like the baby squirrels!" Tony said simultaneously. "And it's a soffit!" he finished.

But it was clear they couldn't have squirrels living in the walls, pooping and everything, Tony got that; and Lussac's idea was to smoke them out before closing the entrance. It wasn't going to kill them, just make them decide to go.

"Charles is nice," Tony let Hannah know.

"I think so too," she replied. She glanced at her daughter, who'd had just enough time to get her expression under control. Gina nodded with firmness. Happy to find confirmation, Hannah went off to work.

Sean had gotten up obscenely early again and was at the bus stop waiting. Inspired by the primal scene of the evening before, she took him around the corner of the building and spoke low, turned away from the others. The idea of anal sex had indeed occurred to him! He was enthusiastically in favor.

"I'm going to buy some lube," she said. "If you buy it, everybody will figure you're gay. Then there's a book--"

"There's lots of books; I can look it up in three of them by tonight!" he assured her.

"Shh. I'll look it up, too, but I'm glad, because you're the one who'll be doing it. If we can, let's try it tonight, okay?"

So he missed out on Irene!


Today it was Brenda Auclair's turn to be missing from homeroom. She pulled off route one in Searsport and drove out the Mount Ephraim Road. Steven opened her door and she got him in a hug right away.

You can clear away a lot of the brush and make your path clear, sometimes, with a simple 'phone call. Once she had his number from Lussac, she gave him a very long call the night before, so that none of the precious hours of today would be wasted.

"Let's go in right now!"

"That's the plan!" he agreed. "Want some homegrown?"

"I like that plan, too, but let's get naked before we do anything else at all." Brenda was already unbuttoning her dress.

"My kind of girl!" Her dress came off over her head and she stood in the sunlight in Vans, little white socks, and a very full bra. She wore an icicle of rhinestones in her cleavage and a Krazy Kat wristwatch. He didn't notice the wristwatch or the shoes, but there was a detail his trained sculptor's eye caught right away.

"What happened to your panties?"

"I was pretty sure I wouldn't need them today." They went inside.

"So practical. The dope is in the bedroom, this way." His own shirt landed on a kitchen counter, and he kicked his sandals off. She paused to pull her feet out of the Vans, but not to untie them, and unsnapped the bra clasp. The house was pretty well empty of furniture and even a little chilly.

His drawstring pants he draped over the banister, so she was following a very promising hairy ass up the stairs. At the landing he turned, of course; he was already getting hard. She peeled the socks. Now there was nothing but two wristwatches and some jewelry between them.

Brenda's nipples were coming up, too. "It's cool in here, Steven." Her tone said make it better! But he opened a door and swept a hand to invite her in. "Ah..."

The little Glenwood parlor stove had made the room very toasty. He embraced her from behind, his rising cock finding room between them as best it could. She reached a hand behind her for it and he investigated her breasts and kissed her behind the ear.

"Thank you for calling and coming down. I've been so impatient all morning, so I split all this wood and carried it up here. We won't have to leave for two days!"

"I see food, too, and wine." She smiled. "Let's not leave then. I can already tell everything I'll need for the day is right in my hand."

"I wish you could come to Katonah."

"I can, Steven, just not yet, that's all. Roll it up or whatever, and let's get started. I'll suck you while you roll!"

"Damn, I knew there was a reason not to roll up ahead of time!"

"Well, then you go first, and I'll get started anyway." She dropped down and tasted him for the first time. He was not so much of a challenge to throat as Lussac had been. She worked her lips down into the bristles right away, by way of saying hello.

"Oh, my lord." Steven lit the jay and pulled a slow hit while a high school girl sucked his cock. Life was very, very good. "Swap!" he said, holding his breath. She took the joint and opened her legs to him.

They sixty-nined and finished it.

"What's the blue bottle?"

"I'll show you. Lie down on your belly," Six said, snagging it off the little keg he had for a nightstand.

"Ooh! It's tasty oil, isn't it?"

"It feels good and it tastes good, I think. Try a finger."

"Yeah, it's good; do me with it. Generally, men wanna fuck me so bad they don't take the time for massage."

"I have a feeling we'll be doing both at once. We have hours!"

"Even better... you like my buns, don't you? You posed me that way..."

"You have perfect skin tone and one of the best asses on the planet. Lift it up, I want a pillow under it. Man. Look at that."

"I don't believe I can."

He spread the slick oil over thighs and calves, long strokes, then detailed, moving flesh, easing her muscles. He took his time.

As he went she told him she felt her bottom was her erotic center. She loved to be touched there, it always felt very good. He confessed that he was ass-obsessed.

His very first girl wouldn't touch his cock but she'd let him slide it between her buns. He demonstrated for a couple of seconds. "Like that. I would come after a while in a little puddle on the small of her back. It still affects me every time to see a girl positioned like you are now."

"I'm all greased up, better than she was, right?"

"Yeah, I would spit in there, at the time. This stuff would've been ideal! But I didn't know it existed."

"Wanna relive the past? Just be sure to run it over my hole a lot, I'd love that feeling."

"Me, too, but I'd hate to waste it on the small of your back."

"We have hours. I think it would feel heavenly. Oil me up good and do it! Tell me what else the two of you would do. What was her name?"

"Debbie." He was rubbing oil all over her from rib margin to knee.

"Mmm. I feel almost ready, do my hole a little more with your fingers."

"I want to take a break and eat some pussy first."

"Good idea. You want me to move?"

"Stay put, relax."

"Did you eat Debbie?"

"I found the little thing fascinating."

"My first time like that was Frank Dodge. He found it fascinating, too. We used a barn that was falling down in a field a half mile from home. With a hayloft. I still love the smell of old, old hay!"

"What did he do?"

"He'd explore it, like Lewis and Clark or something. Hours of it, kissing, rubbing, kinda nuzzling." She chuckled. "Looking in, y'know! Eventually I let him finger me and then it got really interesting. He'd go forever, and even licked me all over at the last of it.

"It felt super, but I never came, really. I guess I didn't know how. But it felt so good, especially his mouth with the hand going inside at the same time. Yeah, like that. He'd kiss my asshole, too."

"I did that to Debbie, she would ask me special, and do things for me to get me to do it. I'd lick her there, too, like this."

"I love that. Do it more. I'll do something special!"

"You're already letting me go between your cheeks."

"I can do lots more. Lick me."

"I want to anyway..."

"Frank just kissed it along with everything else. It was because he wanted me to do it for him... God, I love that."

"Did you?"

"No, I was an idiot. I licked his balls and everything! But I would never do that. I fingered it, spit in it and pushed a finger in to fuck him there, but I wouldn't touch it with my mouth."

"Sad. Why did you guys stop?"

"His college brother found us and wanted to rape me."


"After that, we stopped using the barn and there wasn't a good place very often. Then he moved. Oh, God, Steven! Oh, God! A little more, just a little more! Oh... " Six said nothing for a while, he was busy.


"Yeah. I wanna be a Debbie for you. It sounds nice. Did you say you were in love and were gonna get married and everything? Frank and I did."

"No, but we did say that we'd always do this, even in forty years, even if we were married to other people."

"Do the rub between the cheeks thing, you mean?"

"Yeah, that. And everything else, too. Any of it. Just say you want it and the other one would do it as soon as possible for you, was the deal."

"Wow. That's lots better than the married thing."

"Oral sex forever, but I'd have to come on her back."

"Ever try it?"

"I can't, she died. Leukemia."

"Oh, Steven, that's awful!"

"No question. Hold still, relax! This is supposed to be a massage!"

"Okay, okay. Was she, let me see, eighteen, then, when she died?"

"Turned nineteen, but yeah, basically. It's been four years or so now."

"That's so sad."

"Nobody deserves it. The universe seems unjust so much. I believe that's what we're here for, to perceive the injustice and to help each other, just because we're humans together in an unjust world."

"I can tell you loved her then."

"I love lots of people, as many as I can, because that's what we're here for."

"'All You Need Is Love'?"

"It's all you do need if you mean it. Your ass looks a lot better than Debbie's did!"

"Why don't you do it, then?"

"Okay." He arose onto his knees. "Debbie got it wet!"

"Sucked it, you mean! I did that, but come around and I'll do it again."

"I was hoping you'd say that."

"I'll usually say it! Ask anyone!"

He had to stop her. "I have to come on your back, whoa up!" He circled around her, she rested her head on her arm again, and they "did a Debbie."

"That really was nice."

"I admit, like other stuff better, but that really was nice. You rock."

"Can I give you a rub now?"

"Yeah. Bottle's right there." They rearranged for that and she worked sensuously on him. He had great shoulders, but she would never skimp on ass! She built to a rub of her whole body on his, he rotated under her, and they had a long sweet slippery fuck, the first of many.

She got back to town in time to "come home from school." They promised to stay in touch and would definitely meet for the bronze casting.


Gina wanted tongue fucking first, which Sean was dubious about. Some of his sources said it was an unsanitary practice. "So is sex," she said, and he heard that loud and clear.

"Just eat me and move down. Open me up, stretch me, and lick me. I want to do it on my back curled up so I can watch your face when you lick it."

He loved eating pussy, and that was probably unsanitary, too. There are things one does in the heat of passion which can be hard to own up to, by the light of day.

She loved the tongue! Her rising excitement made him forget the books; he was making her feel really good, and she was going to take him up her ass! Life is good, he reflected. It was a while before she stopped squinching it and let it open out, and by then both of them were pantingly eager to fuck. Lube, condom, earthquake, whatever, nothing could dampen their lust now.

It was very horny, sticking fingers in there. She wanted three, then four. He lubed her some more and went with it. She was wondering how on earth it might have felt to have Lussac do his double-handed fisting on her mother's ass. Four fingers was doable. Maybe soon, she could work up the courage to make Sean do it.

The moment came at last.

Sean pushed into the tight ass of his best girl. Slick, creamy, tight, and hot, it was all he'd ever imagined. He took her curled up, and then, moving to switch to a spoons position, he saw his first gape.

It hit him hard, it got him by the glands! To see it hang in an o like that! He played the scene out to make it happen as much as he could. It was especially good with her up on her knees! But he came quickly, and Gina was stimulated and ravenous to come.

He ate her gratefully, and then, hard again, took her normally, woman on top, to a final nearly mutual peak. Satisfaction and triumph wreathed their faces. It was an epic session, marred only by its tentative start. Next time it would be bravura buttfucking! They rested and spoke easily. Then it hit him.

"Hey! I didn't get sucked once the whole time!" It was true; he'd orbited her crotch every minute. She laughed.

"Well, actually, I could have left my shirt on; you never even touched them!"

"Oh yeah!" In laughter they promised to do better.


Brenda was standing in strappy shoes on heels, bent at the waist over a length of padded PVC pipe, resting her chest on a pillowed stool. She was utterly naked and held her tits in with bent arms. And had been standing like that for a quarter of an hour. It paid well.

The pipe was a trapeze, suspended high enough to keep her legs nearly taut. Lussac was doing a sculpture of her from the waist down as if her body disappeared into a circular hole in a wall leaving only the fabulous ass and legs. Because it didn't affect the pose, they were talking as they, I suppose we have to say, "worked."

"I saw Steven today, Charles."

"There was school today. How was he?"

"Yummy. I wish we'd met sooner."

"I love Steven. He's the only man I know who deserves you."

"I'll have to think about that. You deserve me, I think."

"I need more ego, I guess--"

"Excuse me?"

"I mean I'm not sure I rate that high."

"You could sell ego by the long ton and still have plenty. And you are being silly, you deserve six of me."

Lussac didn't trust himself to reply.

"I wish I knew what Hannah was like," continued Brenda. "She must be some sort of goddess."

"You probably know her. She's Gina's mother."

"Hannah Noble?"

"Hannah Noble."

"Wow. She's all right, Charles. You did good, I lost fair and square."

"It's a good thing you said that, I could spank you fairly easily, you know."

"I mean it, she's fine. Gina's got the best mom. And I already thought of the spanking thing when you first showed me this trapeze."

"Me too."

"Go for it, spank me! But you hafta fuck me afterwards!"

"Don't make it any harder on me than it already is. I still dream about that time."

"You were so good, Charles. I got wet all day long in class the next day thinking about it."

"You are too kind."

"I did! I wet through a pair of black serge and I almost went home to change."

"Please, Brenda. I'm serious, it is very difficult! I know you'd do it and never tell, and it drives me distracted."

"So you stare at my pussy for an hour when I'm trapped and can't get away."

"And your ass! I know!"

There was a beat of silence. "Um, Charles?"


"It is just forty minutes, not an hour?"

"Yes, of course; we were using hyperbole."

"'Hyperbole,' Jesus. Nobody says that! But thank God."

There was silence for a while.

"I really would."

"I know!"

"Not tell, I mean."

"I know."

More silence. "Brenda, you're wet. You're almost dripping!"

"I figured. I can't help it."


"I don't know what that means! It better not be bad!"

Charles crossed to the cleat and undid the hitch. The padded pipe twitched. There were still at least twenty minutes left.


"Brace yourself, I'm going to drop it, Brenda," Lussac said in a tender voice.

"What's wrong?" He released her. She stood up, holding the pillow against her chest, facing him. He could read di zhong.

"Good idea; bring the other pillow, too."

"Oh, thank you, Charles!"

"I can't help it, either, Brendina."

"Brendina," she repeated. "Where?"

"My bedroom. Come."

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