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The Sculpture


Nick and Baylee had been dating for several months although some might question the word "dating." They had met on a website, which catered to the interests of young women and older men. Bailee had heard about the site from a friend and was initially skeptical but her friend convinced her to give it a try.

The young women on the site were generally looking to be pampered - taken out to nice restaurants, the ballet or theater - things men their age were usually not interested in. The men on the site, most of whom were married, wanted the company of an attractive younger woman and had no problem with the idea of spoiling them with expensive outings, trips or jewelry and also providing a monthly allowance. And yes, there was a sexual expectation, certainly on the part of the men, but also for the women.

The women on that site often complained about dating men their own age. One post Nick had read was a women complaining about going out to dinner with guys who had no idea what fork or wine glass to use and ordering a Bud light while she was debating whether a French Burgundy or Californian Cab would go better with her dinner. These men just wanted the date to end in sex. Sex which was often too quick and selfishly performed. And afterwards, instead of cuddling in bed, they would go watch football or play some moronic video game.

Baylee's good looks and profile on the site resulted in a flood of responses. Her primary photo showed her sitting on a beach wearing sunglasses, too far away to really tell who she was. But you could tell even from far away that she was slim and attractive. Her private photo, only released to men she had spent time chatting with and getting to know online, was a pretty picture of her kneeing on the floor and wearing a tight fitting dress.

But it was her profile headline and commentary which had piqued Nick's interest, and he suspected the interest of dozens of other men. Underneath her made-up profile name, PetiteReena, she had written "Craving an older man." She explained that she preferred older men for their maturity, experience and patience and that she hoped to get together 2-3 times a month, which is all she knew she could fit into a busy schedule of work and school

Nick, who was honest about his martial status and his age on the site, thought that craving an older man probably wouldn't apply to him at age 62, as she was only 28. But he wrote to her anyway and told her how much he liked her profile. There was something about what he said and his easygoing tone that appealed to Baylee and suggested a kind and gentle man. They met a week later at a coffee shop and liked each other immediately, and spoke honestly about their expectations of each other. Nick could hardly believe his ears when she told him she wanted to see him again - intimating it would be in a hotel room the next time. And Baylee was so taken with this handsome, grey hair older man she had just met that she leaned up to kiss him as they parted.

The rest, as they say, is history. They met 2-3 times a month in hotel rooms and enjoyed occasional lunches, drinks or dinners when they could find the time.

And today was one of those days, as Nick heard a soft knock on the hotel room door. Baylee stepped in as Nick opened the door and he escorted her to the sofa. Pouring a glass of wine for each of them, Nick sat down beside her and they clicked the hotel glasses together before kissing each other tenderly.

This had now become their habit - to sit and have a glass of wine and chat about their lives since they last saw each other. Earlier in their relationship, it was all they could do not to tear each others clothes off immediately. And sometimes, since they both enjoyed a bit of kink, Nick would treat Baylee roughly as soon as she walked into the room. Roughly - just as Baylee liked it - being pushed against the wall as Nick manhandled her body and shoved her to her knees to take his cock. But today was one of the soft and gentle days - as least as far as Baylee knew.

After the first glass of wine, Nick asked,

"All set Baylee?" She nodded yes and the fun could now begin.

"Stand up and undress for me," Nick ordered. "Take off your clothes the way I like it - slowly and seductively. Make me hard just by looking at you, baby."

Baylee did her best striptease, eager to please Nick and smiled seductively as she slowly pulled her purple dress over her head, writhing her entire body as the dress came off.

"Think you can handle me today Nick?" Baylee purred as she wiggled her breasts in his face and slowly undid the fasten in the back and gave Nick just a tiny glimpse at her hard little nipples.

Nick reached up his hands to fondle her tits, but Baylee slapped his hand down.

"Getting a little ahead of ourselves, aren't we Nick," she teased as she spun out of his reach.

"Please Baylee, please let me touch you," Nick pleaded, but Baylee just stood and writhed back and forth as she licked her lips staring at the growing bulge in Nick's crotch.

She walked back to Nick and let her bra fall down in his lap and leaned forward to brush a nipple across Nick's lips. Nick leaned forward to take it in his mouth, but Baylee stepped away and slapped his face.

"Did I tell you you could suck my nipples, Nick?" she said taking his face in her hands and gently slapping one cheek and then the other.

"No, my darling, you didn't but you're driving me wild now."

"Oh, poor boy, so eager," Baylee said as she sat down on Nick's lap.

Nick immediately put both hands on her waist and glided them over her breasts and gently pinched both her nipples, hard enough to make her gasp. This time, she did not slap him or push him away. Instead, she leaned in for a long soulful kiss as Nick's hands now moved down to her upper thighs and pulled them apart slightly so he could put his right hand on her mound, still covered by her matching pretty purple panties. He could feel she was wet as he rubbed his hand over her pussy and traced the outline of her slit with one finger.

Another kiss and then Nick pushed Baylee off his lap and said,

"Face me and take off those panties before I rip them off."

With both hands, Baylee slowly slid her panties down over her thighs and let them fall to her feet. Stepping one foot out of her panties, she used the other foot to toss them into Nick's face and then turned and bent over showing Nick her perfect ass and her pussy.

"God, you're so beautiful," Nick exclaimed, "Now stand up and turn around."

Nick stayed sitting on the couch looking at his beautiful young lover with her perfect slim body, marveling as he always did that she was in fact his for the past several months.

"You know, Baylee, my work has been taking me to New York a lot lately and I've told you about the auctions I've attended at Christies and Sotheby's."

"Yes Nick, and I've noticed you have yet to bring me back a priceless work of art," Baylee said giving Nick her best pouty face.

"You're right," Nick laughed, "But I'm going to do better. I'm going to make you into a priceless piece of art dear."

"What do you mean?" Baylee asked with a puzzled look.

"Most of the items for sale at a high end auction are paintings, but they have sculptures too. So I'm going to commission a sculpture of a beautiful, nude young Baylee."

"You're not serious are you?" Baylee laughed.

"Yes, why not? You are as beautiful as any sculpture I've ever seen and I have lots of contacts in the art world. In fact, I've already scheduled an appointment with a sculptor with an excellent reputation. Now I just have to decide whether it will be life size or maybe small enough to fit on a coffee table."

"Wow, you're really serious, aren't you?" Baylee laughed. "What will your wife think when you bring home a nude statue of me?"

"Well, she'll have no idea it's of you, will she? Now, let's decide the best pose for you. Give me your best Venus de Milo."

Baylee stuck a pose, but said,

"I don't know what to do with my arms as she had none."

Nick laughed appreciating her knowledge of the famous statue in the Louvre.

"Okay, now give me Aphrodite, goddess of beauty and sexuality...that should be appropriate."

Again, Baylee struck a beautiful pose for Nick, and said,

"Do you prefer the Botticelli or Donatello version?"

"Very good, smarty panties," Nick smiled.

"You know, I think I prefer the Baylee version. So maybe we should personalize the pose and since you like kink so much, perhaps the statue should show you tied up." Nick said mischievously.

Baylee laughed, and said,

"Okay, what perverted pose do you have in mind Nick?"

"Maybe Joan of Arc tied to a stake with her hands tied behind her before she's about to be burned. Of course the soldiers who bound her obviously used her for their own pleasure beforehand, don't you think?"

Saying this, Nick spun Baylee around and quickly tied her hands behind her with a bandana and forced her to her knees and unbuckled his belt, pulled down his zipper and stepped out of pants revealing his rock hard cock.

"I bet they all gathered round with their cocks out and fucked her mouth repeatedly - just like this..." Nick said as he thrust his cock in and out Baylee's mouth before he pulled out and started to take off his shirt.

Baylee wiped off her mouth and looked up at Nick with a mixture of shock and admiration. He never ceases to amaze me, she thought. One minute we're discussing classical statuary and 10 seconds later, I'm on my knees with his cock fucking my mouth. Her thoughts were interrupted as Nick said,

"Then I'm sure they bent her over and used her one by one - like this..." and Nick pulled Baylee upright, spun her around and pushed her face down on the bed and entered her from behind and fucked her hard.

God, I LOVE this! Baylee thought as Nick grasped her by the hips and slammed his cock into her again and again. As Nick's thighs made repeated contact with her ass, Baylee loved the sound "Twack, twack, twack," thinking this is just the best sound in the whole fucking world! God, he was so passionate and so imaginative it was amazing.

She smiled as Nicked fucked her and reached down to grab a fistful of her hair and pull her head back. Baylee thought about the previous night when she had drinks with her girlfriends who spent most of the evening complaining about their boring boyfriends. They would never believe this is how fucking fantastic it feels to be fucked by a 62 year old man!

Nick fucked her for about 30 more seconds before pulling his pulsating cock from her pussy.

"Or maybe Saint Bridget who prayed devoutly on her knees with her hands tied in front of her before she was beheaded," Nick intoned as he placed Baylee back on her knees, undid the bandana holding her hands behind her back and retied tied them in front of her.

Nick stepped back and admired Baylee's submissive pose noting her dripping and open pussy.

"Yes, that would make a very fine statue," said Nick as he pulled Baylee's chin up to look at him.

"Try for an expression combining prayer mixed with a bit of lust."

"Very good Baylee. Maybe each of her captors slid under her and forced her up and down onto their hard cocks," said Nick as he did just that and pulled her hips down hard and impailled her cunt on his dick and bounced her up and down.

"And when the first few soldier were done, the others forced her head down to the ground and took her from behind," Nick said as he entered her from behind one more time, gave a couple of brutal thrusts and then uncunted as Baylee gasped and pushed back trying to find his cock.

"Or finally, just think about the Mayans who sacrificed young virgin girls on their pyramids. They would pick the most beautiful young girl from the village and take her for a sacrificial ceremony at the base of the pyramid and then the high priests would take her to the top of the pyramid and tie her down naked and spreadeagled on the high altar. You think they just muttered a few words to the Gods before slitting her throat? I don't think so - I think they used her first."

As Nick was speaking, he had pulled Baylee up to her feet and led her to the bed where he tied her spread-eagle just as he was describing the Mayans did.

"And I'm sure the younger priests would use her roughly."

As he said this, Nick placed his knees on either side of Baylee's head and pulled her face up to his cock, still wet from her cunt, and thrust it deep in Baylee's mouth and rocked her head back and forth until she was gagging and barely able to breathe as saliva poured down from her mouth.

"Most of them, I'm sure, would just fuck her on the nice warm stone."

And Nick slid himself and his dripping cock down Baylee's body and slowly inserting it in her wide open pussy and started fucking her hard as Baylee thrashed uncontrollably in her bindings.

"I wonder," Nick mused as he slowed his pace, "Whether any of them tool any pity on these young girls who would never see another sunrise? Did an older priest perhaps slip her a potion to make her drift off to sleep and then give her her own orgasm using his tongue and fingers to give her the final release of her young life."

While saying this, Nick had pulled his cock out and substituted his tongue and slowly licked Baylee's clit up, down and in figure eights until she was moaning hard.

"Please, please Nick, let me cum, please!" Baylee practically screamed.

Normally Nick would spend a long time teasing Baylee and wait until she was close and then deny her her orgasm - again and again, but today he relented and gave her a few more licks as he inserted one finger in her pussy and gently pushed his pinky into her tight ass. This had the desired effect, as it always did, and Baylee yelled as her orgasm swept over her leaving her shuddering.

Nick loved this game of "Please let me cum" and often relentlessly teased Baylee with it. And Baylee, while she was screaming in frustration half the time, had to admit that the orgasms which resulted were the most amazing she had ever had.

Now that Baylee was satisfied, Nick straddled her face and pumped his cock as she frantically licked and sucked his balls. After all they had already done, Nick could only last a couple of minutes and leaned back in intense pleasure as his cum spurted from his cock all over Baylee's pretty face.

"Oh, fuck that was great," Nick said collapsing on top of Baylee as she wrapped her arms around him and kissed him.

"You are such fun Nick! I love art appreciation!"

A few days afterwards, Nick was in the Brooklyn studio of the sculptor Antoine Rodin, great grandson of the the man who sculpted one of the most famous sculptures of all time, The Kiss.

"I hear you're a very avant guard sculptor, Antoine," Nick said.

"No, I don't like that description although it's often used for me." Antoine responded. "I like to think of myself as a sculptor who tries to capture the true human form and not the sanitized version."

"Yes, I've seem a few of your pieces and they do seem to reflect a more realistic view of the human body."

"In fact," Nick continued, I've always been frustrated by most depictions of female nudes - whether in sculpture or on canvas. That are sanitized versions and don't show true human anatomy."

"Exactly, Botticelli's Venus or Saint-Gaudens' Diana portray beautiful women, but for example they think women's vaginas are simple little mounds hidden away in between their legs with the mearest suggestion of a slit."

"Yes, exactly!" Nick exclaimed. "A woman's vagina is so much more interesting and beautiful than any nude I've ever seen in painting or sculpture."

"And when a woman is sexually aroused," Antoine continued warming to his subject, "Her vagina opens up like an orchid and the folds of her labia pull back and hang down and her clit is prominent. That is what you should see in a realistic portrayal of a woman."

"I couldn't agree more Antoine. Will you create such a statue for me?" Nick asked.

"I would be honored to Nick. And who is this woman you want immortalized?"

"She's my lover and she's 29 years old and simply gorgeous."

If Antoine was shocked, he didn't betray it.

"Okay, let set a first appointment. But you have to understand and agree to my methods."

"I'm sure they're fine, but now I'm curious."

"Well Nick, I'm a sculptor, not a painter, so I need to know every inch and every curve of my subject's body. And if I'm to sculpt her breasts and vagina as well as the rest of her body, I will need to be intimately familiar with them."

"Okay," Nick laughed. "She's shy at first, but I'm sure she'll warm up once I get her ready for you. And when she's ready, I'm sure she'll have no problem with you touching her in any way you think is necessary."

Three weeks later, Nick and Baylee walked through the door of Antoine's studio.

"Ah and this must be Baylee!" Antoine beamed as he bent down to take Baylee's hand, bring it to his lips and kiss it softly.

"Enchante Mademoiselle."

Baylee blushed deeply but managed to say,

"Thank you very much Monsieur."

"Nick, you told me she was beautiful, but I think you didn't do her justice."

Baylee blushed again but smiled warmly at Antoine.

"Let me show you around my studio," Antoine said as he led them into the sun splashed space illuminated by two enormous skylights.

All throughout the studio were statues in various states of completion. Many, but not all, were nudes. And Baylee was surprised by how many were of men and said that to Antoine.

"Yes, many people have that reaction. Personally, I think the male body is every bit as beautiful as the female body. and certainly many of my gay clients think so too." Antoine smiled.

"Now in this area I have curtained off are some of my more interesting projects. But you must agree to keep what you see confidential."

Nick and Baylee both nodded their heads in agreement and Antoine led them past the curtain.

Baylee gasped and Nick smiled broadly and laughed. In front of them were half a dozen statues of couples - men and women, men and men and women and women - all in various stages of sexual activity.

They walked over to the first sculpture which was one quarter size and of a man penetrating a woman who was on her back with one leg over the man's shoulder and the other bent on the floor. The man's penis was large, thick and veiny and was halfway in the woman's vagina which was wide open. Her left hand was almost touching her very prominent clit and you could tell she was a second away from rubbing her clit as he fucked her. And his right hand was on the floor and you could see the muscles in his arms straining as they supported his weight, while his left hand was on her throat as her head was thrown back in ecstasy.

"Oh my God!" Baylee exclaimed, "I've never seen anything so realistic. They look like perfectly normal people, just caught in an instant of sex."

"Wow," Nick laughed, "I've never seen a statue that got me aroused so quickly," as he put his arm around Baylee's slim waist and pulled her closer.

"Yes, most of these clients want their passions to be immortalized in bronze," Antoine explained. "Some want me to sculpt them exactly as they are, wrinkles and folds of fat included and others want more idealized versions of themselves. Of course," he added, "That won't be an issue with you my dear." as he ran his eyes over Baylee's body.

Once again, Baylee found herself blushing, but also aroused.

They walked over to the next statue. This was of two very attractive women standing and locked in a passionate kiss. One had her hand between the other woman's legs and one finger inserted in her very realistic vagina. Her other hand was on the back of the other's head pulling her in for the kiss.

"My God, isn't that..." Baylee started to say recognizing one of the women as a famous movie star married to an even more famous male actor.

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