tagFirst TimeThe Sculpture Ch. 03

The Sculpture Ch. 03


I'm still quivering from a few moments ago, still feeling vulnerable and hot and sated, all at once. I want to laugh and cry and scream and sleep, but mostly, I want to feel more of what you can do to me.

You pull yourself up on the worktable next to me and tell me to lay back again.

"Spread your legs like I told you."

I do, remembering to bend my knees and slide my heels as far toward my hips as I can, fully exposing my throbbing, wet pussy to you.

You grin wickedly, your eyes never leaving my pussy as you lean in as before and blow gently, teasingly over me.

"I want you to lick your hands and play with your tits." I look at you, questioningly.

You look me dead in the eye and say very clearly with a slight edge to your tone, "Lick your hands and play with your tits."

I do it, watching you watch me as my tongue slides up each palm and then I move my hands to my breasts.

I massage them slowly, gently, and you start to flick your finger over my clit while you watch.

"Roll your nipples between your fingers. Yeah, just like that. Good girl."

I, too, am watching my fingers play with my nipples. I can't seem to look anywhere else.

You lean over me and gently slide your index finger over my bottom lip.

"Suck my finger off. I want you to taste yourself."

I take your finger into my mouth, sucking on it and still rolling my nipples.

"Make my finger good and wet, baby. That's it...good girl." You pull your wet finger out of my mouth and return it to my clit where the added moisture helps your finger to trace smooth, firm, quick circles over it.

I feel a familiar tightening taking place in my stomach and pelvis and my hips are arching forward, pressing my clit closer to your finger.

My breathing is becoming more ragged. I'm pinching my nipples now and arching my hips, my head thrown back and my eyes shut tightly.

The shaking starts in my legs again.

I feel you shift between my legs, sitting on your knees there and leaning over me.

You slide one hand under my hips and use it to adjust my angle, the other hand continues to tease my sensitive, now throbbing clit.

I'm whimpering and biting my bottom lip.

"Oh, does the Good girl like this?" you ask playfully, gently.

I nod.

"Answer me!" You command.

"Y—yesssssss, Sir." My voice is hoarse and unfamiliar. I ache with the need to explode.

Finally, just as I'm about to fall off of that cliff, you move your hand so that you are holding both of my hips.

"Look at me!"

I open my eyes and do as you commanded.

"Look at my cock."

I do, and I tremble. It's poised, high and ready, at the edge of my pussy.

"Take your hand and put me where I want to be like a Good girl."

I reach down, still on the edge and desperate, and grab your cock. I place the thick head of you in between my wet pussy lips.

"Now, ask me nicely to please fuck you. Look me in the eye and mean it."

I swallow, my throat dry.

"Please, Professor."

I gasp, as you lean forward slightly, your cock grazing my clit.

"Please, Professor."

My hips are arching as high as they can, desperate to draw you into me.

You laugh at me, moving slightly to tease my clit again, still not entering.

"I dunno...didn't really sound sincere to me." You move again.

I'm shaking violently and only know that I need you inside of me!

My hands slide down to your hips and I scream, "Fuck me, Professor! Put your cock in my pussy!" I grab your ass and pull as hard as I can.

I hear you laughing as you enter me with one swift, long stroke.

I feel the barrier of my virginity break, but nothing can stop this ride we're on.

You stop, waiting for my body to adjust to your size.

Then, oh so slowly, you start to move inside of me.

"Ooooooooooh, Yes!" My delighted, lusty moan rings out.

I'm meeting each of your stokes with the arch of my hips. You lean down and fasten your mouth onto my nipple and suck.

"Mmmmmmm." I tunnel my finger up into your hair, locking you against me.

I reach down between us and let my fingers rest gently on the side of my pussy, feeling your cock as it slides in and out. I moisten my finger with the juices I find and begin to rub my clit as you thrust into me further and further.

Just as I'm about to cum again, you pull your head off of my breast and grab my hips tightly in your hands again. You hold me firmly in place and start to pound me, thrusting like a piston.

I'm moaning and writhing and screaming like a banshee, my legs going around your waist to pull you into me. I look past your shoulder and I can see us in the mirror. My red strappy shoes crossed behind your thrusting ass, our bodies wild as we fuck.

You're groaning now and I'm moaning and I watch us fucking and suddenly it's all too much for me.

Digging my nails into your back and pumping for all I'm worth, I cum like a geyser, like a fucking rocket, screaming.

I can only hear the roar of blood in my ears, the guttural sound of my scream, and dimly in the background, I hear you yell out.

"Oh, fuck yessss! Aaahh!"

And then I feel the wonder of you coming inside of me.

The muscles in my pussy milk your thick, strong cock as it fills me with your cum, drawing out every last drop..

Gradually, you cease your thrusting and we lay there, limp in each other's arms on the work table, you still inside of me.

After a moment, I start to chuckle. You look up at me, amused.

"Professor, about that sculpture?"

You arch an eyebrow in question.

"I think I may have found some inspiration."

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