tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Seamstress Ch. 01

The Seamstress Ch. 01

byL O Reins©

Souvlaki, The Hamburger of Greece.

"Stand nice and straight, Mr. Kotukus. I need to get your inseam."

"Uhhh, Yes Ma'am, like this? Carl stood straighter and separated his feet a little more.

Vivian held the end of the fabric tape loosely in her left hand. She was kneeling behind the young man standing in front of her on the raised platform. She peeked around the back of his legs at their reflection in the oversized, triple bay mirror. Her hand was flat like you might see in a statue of the Virgin Mary, but unlike a plaster Mary, Vivian's hand trembled as she slid it up between Carl Kotukus' slightly parted legs.

"You have to know how a man hangs—whether the balls ride to the left or right. It affects the cuff length. But you can't very well tell them what you are doing, now can you, Vivian? You have to feel it with the back of your hand when you're holding the tape between his legs."

That is what her aunt had taught her when she was a young girl learning her trade. At forty-five, Vivian Sweet was attractive and ambitious. She was the sole proprietor of "Vivian's Alterations and Tailoring." It was the same shop in the same location where she had worked for her Aunt after finishing high school. Sometimes she feared she was becoming the same spinster her Aunt had been.

Her Aunt died eighteen monthes ago with no children of her own to whom she could leave her business. Vivian had worked for other tailors and seamstresses but now, she finally had her own shop. All Vivian had done was change the name. As she got her business feet on the ground she improved things in a small renovating doses but she maintained the shop's small, village feel. She liked that; she liked her customers and they liked the intimate service she provided. Fashion advisor, clothing customizer, and confidant, Vivian brought out the best in her women.

A few of her Aunt's clients had drifted away after her passing and Vivian had cultivated some of her own. She now had a healthy base of regulars. She was careful to not schedule overlaps because she didn't want to lose the best asset of her practice, the one-on-one service she provided. Privacy was an issue too. Though the shop had a dressing room/ storage room in the back behind her main workroom, most of her women were comfortable walking around in slips or panties and bras. She was privy to much gossip.

She also took in a limited amount of dry cleaning and this is how she first met Carl Kotukus. He had come in a few times earlier in the month with his cleaning. From the first time she had laid eyes on him, Vivian felt a stir of excitement at the young man's good looks and intense tares. "is it possible he's even a bit taken with me?

"I found it at the Vintage clothing shop and I thought, maybe you could fix it to fit me. I'd like to wear it to my brother's wedding next month. I'm the best man."

‘No argument here; you're the best one I've seen lately.' Maybe it was his boyish charm or his shy manor that caused her to take him for the fitting. His dark Greek looks certainly didn't hurt.

"Let's just see what we have to work with first."

She was about to tell him the suit probably wasn't worth the extensive tailoring it would need but he was so attractive and she had some free time before her next appointment. When her hand reached the top of its travel she realized she had made a good decision. She felt the long, flesh cylinder against the back of her fingers as she nestled them up against his groin.

"33 inches, you certainly have a long…inseam, Mr. Kotukus." The young man grunted acknowledgement. He was terribly embarrassed as she held her hand there longer than he thought was necessary.

"Sooo…do you think it will work?"

After two attempts at longer relationships that ended in heartbreaks Vivian had resolved to be happy in her freedom as a single woman. The pressures of business ownership and the limits of her shyness made it difficult to have friends—‘forget dating.'
She worked with women all day. She worked intimately with them, often while they had practically nothing on. In the privacy of her fitting room Vivian was likely to hear anything. Some of her clients were beautiful or exuded a sensuality that affected her. After the long days in her shop she would go home and soak in a hot scented tub with a glass of wine. ‘Its enough to make a girl doubt her own hetero bias…' A sensualist and sexy beast, Vivian was starved for the sexuality she craved.

"Ummm, do you think you can alter the suit to fit me?"

Vivian's sense of propriety began to dissolve as she imagined just what might be hanging between his legs. He was her last appointment before lunch. Mrs. Fulton was scheduled for a fitting at Two O'clock. She had an hour and a half and her mind wandered over the possibilities. Vivian shamelessly slid her hand down his thigh trying to gauge his length with the back of her hand.

"I think I can make it work but you are so tall I'll need to get a better measurement. Why don't you slip the slacks and the jacket on with your shoes too?"

The young man shuffled a bit as if pondering some great question. He looked around trying to find a dressing room. ‘No need to direct this hunk to the dressing room in the back; what he doesn't know wont hurt him,' Vivian thought as she stepped back watching.

"I don't have a dressing room. My clients are all women. You can just change here. I'll busy myself with something while you do."

‘There, you said it, Vivian. Now let's see if he takes the next move. Though twice his age, Carl thought the seamstress was very sexy. She had nice legs with thin ankles and curvy calves. He liked the way her heels lifted out of her backless clogs when she knelt down to measure him. They were pale and softly crinkled. The blousy white shirt set off her fair complexion and the opened buttons at her neck accentuated her ample breasts. She wore her blond hair pulled back. Her reading glasses sat perched at the end of her pretty nose. A black, braided cord dropped from the ends behind her ears framing her face in two, thin loops. Full lips with a hint of a pout completed the picture; she looked younger than her age.

Kotukus was nervous about coming here. He knew the effect he had on women when they saw his size. But he had planned this trip to see the seamstress for two weeks since the first time he came to the shop to survey the situation. He didn't come down off the platform. He stepped out of his loafers, undid his slacks and pushed them down to mid-thigh, revealing the loose boxers to her in the mirror. ‘Hmmmm, silk, that's nice…and bare feet in loafers. That's nice too. My God, is that a toe ring?' Vivian thought as she closed her mouth.

"Don't worry, no one will walk in. I don't have another appointment till after lunch."

‘That was stupid, Vivian. What if he is a serial killer.' She looked over her shoulder to see if the door was locked. There were no un-curtained windows to contend with so Vivian's eyes were back on him in a moment. Vivian held her breath taking in the situation. She watched him slide the pants down his long legs.

‘Good musculature…listen to you, Vivian, you're positively depraved.' He stepped out of the pants and stood there in his Izod and silk boxers. Vivian's heart was pounding; the blood rushing in her ears. His skin was a lovely shade of olive with not a bit of hair. ‘Strange, for a Greek boy,'

"Could you hand me the slacks?"

‘Don't be stupid. You're not going to seduce this guy right here in the shop. Besides, you're old enough to be his mother. But…a little harmless teasing, what harm is there in that? He didn't balk when I grazed his big souvlaki with the back of my hand. Let's see where this goes, Viv.'

"Excuse me…" Kotukus interrupted her thoughts. "Could you hand me the suit pants?"

"Oh…I'm sorry. Of cour…" Vivian scrunched her nose, put her finger to in the corner of her mouth and cocked her head in a classic Rene Zellwigger pose. In fact, she resembled the actress. The blood rushed to her cheeks. She decided to up the ante.

"Wait! Maybe! …I mean…maybe I should re-measure you like this," she stammered.

‘I can't believe I just said that.'

Then more boldly, "It would be much more accurate this way."

"Okay; that'd be fine, I guess. With the shirt?"

"What?" Vivian said sharply.

"Do you want me to take off my shirt?"

"Yes, that would be better…Mr. Goodtukus…I mean fine…tukus.. Mr. Kotukus."

He smiled as he crossed his arms at the hem. Then he lifted it over his head pausing as if stuck in the shirt. He contorted and stretched his body, showing off his physique for Vivian's appraisal. His exaggerated squirming caused the boxers to slide lower on his torso. The fly gaped open and closed revealing a dark promise. As he shifted she thought she saw the mauve, mushroom head of his cock peek out of the bottom seam. ‘Was that possible? The boxers go a third of the way down his friggin' thighs!'

"Ahhhmmm," she sighed audibly.

Carl Kotukus knew, with his eyes covered in the shirt he was giving her an unencumbered view of his body. With a bend and a twist, he finally pulled the garment over his head, leaving his black hair tousled. Vivian gaped, ‘Very sexy.' Kotukus shuffled in his bare feet on the podium.

"Well then, ummmm, lets get started, shall we?"

Vivian marveled at this Adonis posing before her on her fitting platform. She had never seen a body like this before and the prospect of the next hour made her tingly and wet between her legs. She stepped up behind him inhaling his masculine aroma. She slid her hands around his chest and took the first of a series of measurements, "40 inches."

She measured from his neck down his right arm to the back of his hand, "34 inches."

When she slid the tape around his neck from behind she thought she felt him lean back toward her as if he was leashed. ‘Hmm, just like Prometheus; how nice.' She let go with one hand and paused with the tape clutched in the fisted other; she straightened her shoulders and raised her chin. Kotukus didn't notice the pose she struck, "17 inches."

He inhaled deeply in response.

Though she didn't need to, she made a production of measuring both of his biceps. She liked the look of the yellow tape around his defined upper arm. ‘I couldn't…there's no way to justify measuring his thighs…is there?' She knelt in front of him again and, as if he had read her mind, he arched his foot raising his knee slightly to give her better access to his thigh.

"Hmmm, That's a good boy, Carl." Vivian whispered softly as if she was soothing a nervous animal. She slid the tape around his smooth hard thigh. ‘Smoothly depilated thigh…what the hell…could he have used a…'

"Don't you need to write all these down?" He asked, looking down at the top of her head.

"No, no need to write anything down." Vivian thought she could smell his arousal. She slid the tape around his waist. His flesh felt cool and very firm--smooth to her touch.

"34 inches; you have pretty much a perfect body…I mean your measurements are …easy…to…I'll remember them perfectly well."

"I guess I should take that as a compliment…coming from a professional." He laughed softly as he spoke. "You must see plenty of body types here."

‘Not like yours, Mister.' Vivian got up and stepped behind him, stalling as long as she could; she didn't know what to do next. She didn't know how far she dared to take this.

"Are you going to measure my inseam again—I mean like this…without my pants?"

Something in the way he said it alerted Vivian. She heard a pleading under his question. And that caused a shift in her intentions. Until now she was being driven by the excitement of having this perfect specimen in her hands. But now she sensed that Carl Kotukus was also driven by something. It was subtle; his desire was as strong as hers. She realized that she had the power in this situation. She could stop it or prolong it; she could control it to her liking. And that power was new to her and very, very enticing.

"You like this don't you, Carl?"

"What's that?"

"Being here nearly naked in front of me. You like it; you like seeing me squirm at the sight of your precious good looks. You're enjoying teasing me like this, aren't you, Carl?

"I…don't understand. What do you…?"

Vivian cut him off in mid sentence. "What's the matter can't you get it up for normal sex? Do you need it a little kinkier?" He flinched at the hint of anger in her taunt. Vivian decided to take a softer approach, not wanting to scare him off. She slid her hand up the inside of his thigh again—let it rest gently against that long tube of hot flesh. Then she cooed softly from behind him.

"Carl, I think it excites you to show off for the ladies. Do I sense a bit of the exhibitionist in you? Have you done this before?"

"He exhaled the breath he had been holding, "Yesssss… No! I mean yes, it excites me very much and no, I have never done this before."

"In fact, isn't that why you're here today, with this silly suit story?" Holding back any hint of anger or contempt, she singsong-ed her voice to tease him on. "You knew I would have to measure you up and thought you could tease the lonely, old, tailor lady."

"I thought you would like it. I didn't think you were a lonely…I don't think your old."

Vivian now found herself at a monumental crossroads. She had always been passive sexually, taking it as it came. Oh, she had had her sexy trysts but they didn't come nearly as often as she would have liked. Now, approaching fifty she had seen much less opportunity than when she was younger. Carl Kotukus had inadvertently presented her with an opportunity she could only have imagined in her bathtub fantasies. ‘I could send him packing (what a pity), fuck him and send him packing (a nice lunch break), or I could use Carl "Ko-oh-so-good-tukus" as a vehicle for a deliciously wicked and much longer journey, Hop in, Girl; let's get going.'

"Do you want to continue this then Carl or should I call the police and tell them about your little sexual harassment game?"

"Please, I want to continue."

"Good, lets get on with it then. But…?"


"I set the rules; you follow them. If at any point I think you aren't behaving then it's all over, Carl. Do I make that clear?"


"Okay, now where was I? Oh yes, the inseam. Now why don't you go ahead and take those silly boxers off. I know that's what you want to do, Carl. And stand nice and straight with your feet about a shoulder width apart."

Kotukus stepped out of the silk boxers and handed them to Vivian. She twirled them on the tip of her finger before throwing them over her shoulder. She had him in her mirrors now; she could see all of him—multiple images reflected in the triptych. She was right; he had creamed or waxed his body. He was slick as a seal and his cock was as bare as a little boy's—‘but much more developed.' Carl Kotukus' Cock was about seven inches long in this semi-flaccid state and it was changing right before Vivian's eyes.

"Oh, a little wider, you have such nice broad shoulders," Vivian said as she knelt behind him again with the yellow tape measure hanging over her wrist.

"Like this?"

Carl Kotukus spread his legs more giving her access to his body. Vivian ran her hands up the backs of his firm smooth thighs. She felt hot and flushed; waves of body sound rushing in her ears. She took his ass cheeks in her hands and the young man flexed and tightened those muscles.

"You have a beautiful body, Carl," she said as she slid her hands between his spread thighs to gently clasp his hardening penis in her praying hands.

"Maybe I should continue with your measurements now, before you are fully aroused. Turn around Carl."

Carl turned around and his penis was directly in front of her now. ‘You've never seen anything like this before, Vivian. It looks sooo big all shaven clean. It's a fucking magnificent cock.'

"Have you measured yourself before, Carl?" Vivian was enjoying keeping up the clinical conversation while she was kneeling in front of this completely naked man.

"Noooo," Carl groaned in a whisper.

"Well it's really important to know which way a man hangs, Carl." She hefted his shaven balls in her hands as she spoke, felt their fullness and the texture of his scrotal sack. "You have to know whether his balls fall to the left or the right." She pulled them this way and that to illustrate her words. "And, of course you have to know the size of his penis... " She stroked her hand gently down the length of his penis. "…it all effects the fit of his trousers."

"Ahhhhhh," Carl sighed, feigning thoughtfullness in response to her manipulations.

She nestled the tape into the base of his cock and extended the ribbon along its length to the darkening tip. It was standing out away from his groin now but still not fully erect. Vivian wanted to take this perfect cock into her mouth but she held back. She was having too much fun playing with him. The was drunk with this new power.

"My word, Carl, you are measuring eight and one quarter inches. Does that seem about right to you? Is this as big as your going to get?"

"Uhhh… no; it'll get bigger."

"Oh really…well lets see what the diameter is." She wrapped the yellow tape around the shaft of his cock. She felt his cock stiffen and jack up to the next higher angle. She expected more.

"Oh my, five and tree quarter inches, Carl. Why there are many men who wish they had that much meat in length. You have it in circumference. That is pretty remarkable young man. Do you really think you can make it bigger?"

Carl Kotukus couldn't stand too much more. He slid his hand down and around the shaft of his cock and slowly stroked it once then twice towards Vivian's parted lips. It grew measurably, though Vivian was tired of the tale of the tape now and dropped. He had two fists wrapped around himself now and a good inch or more extended past his fingers. A pearl drop of pre-cum that had formed now turned into a long syrupy string dangling from the piss hole at the tip of his cock. Vivian thought it looked like a little drooling mouth. She wanted to kiss it--push her tongue right down inside him but she didn't. She was enjoying prolonging this scene as long as she could.

"Hmmm, yes, Carl, that's a good boy. Make it as big as you can so I can get your maximum size for your fitting."

Carl masturbated in earnest now; working his cock in big hard piston strokes. Vivian could smell his exitement. Then he locked his knees and shortened and sped up his hand motion.

‘Oh, My Greek God!' The head of Kotukus' cock was a deep crimson, the veins were extended and she thought she could see the whole thing pulsing in his fist. It had to be ten inches long now. ‘Look at those balls. They're so big and all tight against his groin. He's going to explode right in my face.'

There was an explosion but it wasn't the one Vivian expected. Mrs. Stella Fulton barged through the shop door like a steam engine blowing her whistle. Her singsong bellowing matched the high-pitched jingling of the bells attached to the top of the shop door.

"Vivian Dear, I'm running a little early and I knew it was your lunch."

She stopped in her tracks to take in the situation. Then, as if everything was perfectly normal, she went on in a calmer tone.

"Yes, I knew I was right after lunch and thought you wouldn't mind." With an amused look on her face she went on, "Don't mind me; I'll just wait while you finish your lunch."

As if thawing from a frozen moment, everyone went into action. Mrs. Fulton latched the door behind her and stepped up to the edge of the platform for a better look. Vivian jumped to her feet pushing Kotukus towards the back of the shop.

"That'll be all I need, Misterrrr...the dressing room is back there."

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