tagMatureThe Second Bout

The Second Bout


It had been four days since that unforgettable evening with Anu. James my chauffeur walked into my living room with a cheek to cheek smile. It was evident from his smile that he had probably discovered something that he was desperate to tell me this morning. He at last came to the arm-chair where I sat with my morning rites of newspaper and coffee.

Bending down over me, he politely told me that he had found the address of the girl from the other night. He then brought out the accounts of the past two days of the work on the trail of Anu. To begin with his account of findings on darling Anu, he first brought to my notice that the girl that night had given me a false name. The girl that I so far referred to as Anu was named Gautami. She was at least fourteen years younger to me, she was just about nineteen years of age. She was from a different town, and belonged to a prominent business family. Education had brought the girl to the city where she lived in an apartment with a nanny to attend to her domestic needs. Further, as per James, the girl was involved with a boy from her college. The last remark had however put me off, but when James added that they were lately having some trouble in their relationship, I felt some relief.

The last four days Anu or Gautami, whatever one may refer to her as, had taken over considerable portion of my day-dreams. I had been fantasising about this little nymphet who had wholeheartedly surrendered her most loved treasure to me that night. I could never understand the reason why and I wanted to know more about her, hence I had put my most faithful and confidential man James, on her trail. Beside me wanting to know her, I was to apologise to her for my misconduct, which had occurred due to certain misunderstanding on my part.

Hence after James reported his findings on Gautami, alias Anu, I arranged to get the best sorry card available and a bouque of roses. I sent James with the card, flowers and a small note of personalised apology along with a request to call me. I also sent the money that she had thrown in my face, requesting her not to throw it on poor James's face, but kindly accept it as a gift, or buy one for herself instead. James came back that evening, reporting to me that the young lady was not home when he went for delivery and that it was accepted by the nanny on her part.

It was the same night, past eleven o'clock, that Gautami called me. She sounded sweet, while I took care not to refer to anything from the past night to hurt her feelings. At last finding the right moment, I apologised to her. She accepted my apologies, but added that she was very upset about me having sent the money, she asked me if it was my ego that was hurt. She was right, it was indeed my ego that was slapped with that paper money when she threw it on my face. I then told her the fact. She laughed over the phone and told me that she had accepted the money as a gift.

"When will I see you again?" I asked her. "You are indeed a nice little girl, Anu (I did not reveal to her that I knew her real name) and I must see more of you. Will you allow me the pleasure of seeing you tomorrow night?"

"Oh, no," she answered, "tomorrow is my date with a friend, so I could not see you then. If you wish to make it the day after - I will be able to meet you, but we cannot stay out late as I have to be back home, my nanny is very strict about time. So you better meet me early if you wish to."

I had not expected it, so it took me no persuasion, rather it seemed like the girl had every thing well worked out before she called me.

"Indeed I do!" I answered. "I will come to pick you up at seven thirty, and if you wish it, we will go somewhere where we can have some fun," I said. After another thirty minutes of love talk on the phone we decided to hang up, of course after reconfirming the day, time and place of date.

You may be sure that I was anxiously waiting at the spot agreed upon the great evening, and having taken the precaution of having James keep the car about half a block away, I was rewarded of seeing my dear little girl friend hurrying down the building premises, and after a hurried greeting we were soon ensconed in the car by faithful James and quickly driven out of her neighbourhood.

"Where to?" I asked her gayly, after kissing her several times, holding her close to me in a suffocating embrace.

"Oh, I don't care," she replied, "I will go wherever you wish, and the only stipulation that I make is that you have me home good and early for I am sure to get into problems, for being out late."

"Oh that will be all right," I said, "you may be sure that I will be careful to reach you home at an early hour, but for the present, my dear, I would like to, if you are willing, have an opportunity of enjoying you alone - all by yourself - to love, to possess you, my dear Anu, if that is all right with you."

She looked back at me with a sly smile. I could see that she was breathing hard and heavy. "Well! I guess yes!" she answered. "That is just what was in my mind, but I did not want to say so, and if you have some place, that we could go to, where we might be alone..."

"Enough," I cried. "James! (This to my man, who had received previous instructions) You may drive at once to where I have told you!"

He immediately turned the car and we were soon rapidly rolling along towards an apartment that I had maintained for just such incidents as these. I was all prepared for this much awaited second bout of lovemaking with this virginal girl, Gautami, who called herself Anu. It was situated in a rather quiet part of the town, and James, being my confidant, knew all about it and even acted as man-servant in these pleasant little pleasure jousts, and in a few moments the car stopped at the gate.

I ushered the fair girl out, and leaving James to park the car, we moved towards the elevator. We made it to the sixth and top floor, where my penthouse was. We entered the apartment with my key. Anu, of course was all eyes, and upon me ushering her into the hall, she gave a little gasp of astonishment at the furnishing, which, if I do say it myself, were a little out of the ordinary.

I had, as the place was designed for the purpose of pleasure only, hired the services of a capable decorator and furnisher, and he had done himself well in the task of furnishing up the place, as in the front room, instead of the usual couches, tables and spindly legged chairs, he had placed a number of softest and coziest divans, all laid on the wall and a small table to contain cigarettes, lighter and a tray for refreshments. The room was not at all cluttered up as most are.

I closed the door behind me and slipped home the bolt knowing that James would let himself in with his key, and taking the fair Anu in my arms I drew her down to the bedroom, where again the interiors were done with a sense of pleasure and erotism. There was no bed in the bedroom, rather the centre of the bedroom had the thickest mattress which occupied about fifty per cent of the room. The mattress was again made of the softest possible material. I drew Anu aka Gautami to me on the soft mattress, gluing my lips to hers, and soon I had her in a perfect furore of passion and desire.

Not that this stimulation was needed for Anu to warm herself to any occasion, for by nature she was one of those naturally tempestuous creatures of lust and passion that was always ready to 'go', and needed no spur in the least to start her desirous blood to shoot through her veins.

"Oh, you hurried old bear!" she panted, gently disengaging herself from my arms. "Why, Mr., I am surprised indeed at your action, that you, a gentleman as you are, would so treat a young lady when she visits you for the first time! Aren't you ashamed of yourself!" And struggling to her feet amidst gales of laughter from both of us, she made as if to leave the room, only to be caught tightly in my arms and subjected to a new torrent of kisses, embraces and fondlings so dear to us both.

Finally, both panting for breath we came to a halt, and I was gratified to hear a slight discreet tapping on the door, allowing my fair charge an instant to set right her short and hardly concealing frock, I opened the door and found what I had expected, James with two cocktails on a tray, a special brand that I liked very much. I took the tray from his hand and dismissed.

I took the tray to Anu alias Gautami and offered her the drink. She took her glass and started to sip it. I drank my own, the potent liquor stealing through me and filling me with a pleasant warmth. I again seated myself at the side of the desirable girl and engaged her in conversation, deeming it best to allow her to rest a moment from my advances, as I would have plenty of time after the liquor had taken its full effect.

"Well, my dear," I said, "I see that you are all 'prettied' up tonight, and I must indeed compliment you upon your taste in dress, as you look simply lovely and sweet, and for a girl of your age, you certainly know how to clothe or unclothe yourself."

She laughed merrily at this, and placing her hand over mine she said, "Why really, my dear lover, you yourself have played a leading part in this; it was your money that bought this pretty dress." And she lifted it up for inspection, exposing her pretty leg almost up to her thigh, the sight of the cool, bare flesh above the rolled silk stocking got my blood all rushing to my member getting it all ready for the fun and pleasure that was to follow.

"Well, well," I said lauging, "I have seen the result of my small investment, you need not be surprised if I repeat the experiment!" And gathering her in my arms I allowed my hands to run riot over her pretty and thinly clad person.

"Oh, oh," she laughed, "if you are going to act this way, I never should tell you what else I bought with your money." I looked at her with a pretended surprise. She continued, "this dress is not all that I have new, due to your generosity!"

"Oh, there is more," I cried, "is it the purse, the bag, the shoes, please tell me." I asked with mock curiousness.

"Oh, no, no!" she laughed, you are far far away! But still!" she said with seriousness, which was however a mock one. We were now playing a game. Then came she "I am afraid now dear, if I were to tell you about it, or them you might want to follow the same tactic that you have done with my dress, and that I am sure would be terrible!" And she held up her hand in mock horror.

I passed my hand around her waist and drew her close to me and allowed my roving hand to take possession of one of her budding breasts, the nipple of which stood out strongly under the thin covering, and urged her to proceed.

"Well," she laughed, "just as I told you, if I told you, you would want to feel, and the articles that I mention are those that are not for public display, and constitute, to be frank with you, my intimate undercoverings or lingerie. So you see, I could never, never, never..." But before she could tantalise me further, I had tumbled her on her back on the mattress and pulled up her dress and exposed her person to the waist and was gratified to find the lower portion of her body clad in a pair of the cutest, frenchiest, laciest open work panties that I had ever had the pleasure of looking upon!

I passed my hand over the thin covering, allowing it to rest for an instant on the seat of her sensation, which caused her to writhe and bounce about. Excited as she was she reached to the front of my pants and tore open the buttons and allowed my throbbing charger to leap forth into the confines of her warm little girl palms. "May I depend upon it, my dear, that you are not all jesting when you mention this terrible thing?"

For an answer I persuaded her to completely remove her scanty dress, and retain only her very scanty panties, her brassiere and her sexy silky stockings and her sandals. I then clasped her into my arms and kissed her all over the uncovered parts of her flesh. Then slowly and excitingly, I disrobed her piece by piece, stopping between the articles to kiss, caresses and fondle each part that I exposed to nature.

She was now standing naked before me. "Why you rude thing!" she pouted, and began to undo my clothes till I was naked too. Once I was naked she giggled as she clasped my throbbing member in her little hand and moved her fingers up and down the lenght in an exciting way drawing it to go harder and stiffer, while she put the other hand around my neck and kissed me on my lips.

I could not control any longer, so I roughly threw her upon the mattress, and spread her legs wide. I then got between her thighs and taking my stiff member in my hand guided my cockhead to the entrance of her slit, rubbing it between her wet crack. She moaned and withered, pressed her eyes tight waiting in anticipation. With my fingers I guided my cockhead to her womanly opening and with one powered thrust, I buried it within her magnificent interiors. I plugged in and out of her sweet glove like body grasp, till she finally with great cries and sobs sucked my erect body within her deepest depth.

"Ooooh! Uhhhm!," she cried as she came, "...that was just delightful! Just marvellous! We should do this again." And she disengaged from my body.

As we lay naked, in each otehrs arms in the aftermath of sex, resting, I told her about myself, my age and my appetite for young girls. I also told her about my confidant James who I trust like an elder brother, that who and which girl I met was never a secret from him, and that he never told a soul about it. I told her that I had spent lakhs over acquiring young girls for myself, and James had been one who had besides being a silent witness had helped me at difficult times procuring the right girls to suit my taste. I told her that I was really surprised that she did not take money.

Anu then revealed about herself, and her business family background. She told me that she never got along well with her boyfriend and that they were breaking up soon. She then told me that she had a weakness too, she always found herself getting excited in the company of older and matured guys. She however added that there were a few girls that she knew who would not mind sharing beds with matured guys like me if they were handsomely paid. She then told me of one of her close friends who was in need of money, who would not mind having some fun time if she was paid well.

While she talked her hand was carelessly playing with my limp and spent cock, rubbing our mixed cum into the skin, rolling it between her fingers, stroking it to rejunevate life into it. Her manipulation coupled with her offer to careless reference of her friends who slept for money had its effect on me as my cum covered cock stirred back to life, becoming harder by the seconds.

I proped myself on my side facing her and moved my hand to her naked breasts, rubbing and kneading them. I took her nipples between my fingers and pinched them drawing her to squeak as her nipples became hard like pabbles in renewed excitement. I them moved my hand to her crotch, my fingers in her cum dripping crack as I rubbed our mixed cum into her pubes. I felt her breath getting heavy with excitement.

"Do you want me again?" She asked.

"Only if you too want it," I replied.

"In that case, I do." She announced.

"I can only oblige darling," I told her and further asked her, "Would you like to try something new?"

"What? What new?" She asked.

"I have never done this on any girl before, but I would like to lick your pussy and make you cum. Can I go down on you?" I asked her.

"I don't know what to say, I had been a virgin till I met you...I don't know whether it is right or wrong to do that," she replied.

"Nothing is right or wrong, I would love to lick you right now, I promise you will enjoy this feeling." I assured the young girl as I felt her become more moist at her pussy.

"I completely trust you, darling! Please go ahead and do what you have to do with my body." Saying so she pulled me by the neck and planted a kiss on my lips, suckling my my lips for a few seconds before releasing the grip on me to let me move.

I moved down between her legs and rubbed my hand lightly on her pubes, which were now covered in dry cum. Then I moved my hand down further and parted her pussy lips to see the clit standing out in exitement. I wetted my lips and then put my lips to her open crack as I moved away my fingers and her vaginal lips closed around my lips. Her hand immediately went to my head carressing my hair as she moaned in excitement at the first feel of lips on her vagina and my first soul kiss of a pussy.

I darted my tongue and licked her clitoris as she screamed in excitement. I tasted the acrid pungent taste of my first pussy and it excited me. I licked the whole crack, taking in her womanly goo, licking and exciting her further. I used my fingers again to part her vagina and applied my lips with renewed force as I licked and sucked on her hard clit. It was just a few more strokes and she came on wreathing and panting over on my mouth and I licked her cum off lovely pussy.

Removing my mouth off her I got on my kees again to see her face controted in excitement with her eyes pressed tight.

"How was that?" I asked her.

"That was wonderful darling," she replied. I then lifted her and directed her to go on all fours with her ass facing me.

She looked bewildered and shocked with my request, however trusting me that I would do no harm, she complied to my wish and had her naked ass facing me in a few seconds. I advanced towards her on my knees and directed her to rest her face down on the mattress, this position made her ass hit upwards giving me access to both her ass hole and her cunt in all its welcoming glowry. I wanked my palm across her buttocks to give her a sharp rap which left her bottom red. She screamed in pain.

"What are you doing...please stop this!" she grunted.

"You said you turst me, keep trusting me!" I reminded her and gave a couple of more raps on each globes of her buttocks, making her scream abuses at me while my hand pressed her upper body down so that she could not rise.

Then I kissed on the red marks left by my palm, licked them to cool them. Slowly darted my tongue to her pussy and then her ass hole. She shivered from both fear and anticipation. Fear that I would be now making my way into her tight rear hole and anticipation for she was excited as her pussy started to leak again.

I positioned myself behind her and with my pole in hand I directed it to her wet pussy and in a single thrust I entered my complete rod all the way into her making her moan in excitement.

I started to thrust her, gave a couple of more lighter raps as I fucked her in doggie style. I stopped raping her bottom and started to concentrate on giving her a slow, long drawn strokes as held onto her waist. Since I had cum few minutes before I knew that it would take me a long time before I would cum, so I reached with my hand to massage the small of her back, relaxing her muscles to help her sustain the long ride that was due before I would cum.

I wet my fingers with my saliva and played with the sweet brown button of her anus as I continued to stroke her pussy. I spat on her anus and entered the tip of my small finger into her anus and she cried out abusing me to stop. Her voice however lacked seriousness and I continued to insert my finger further till it was all the way inside. She screamed and abused me with choicest of words, threathened me to stop or she would let this play end...but she never came aboiyt any of it. Minutes later, when I finally came, I was logged deep inside her and my little finger was deep inside her ass.

When I dislodged my cock from her pussy it started to immediately drip with my cum as she slumped down on the mattress in exhaution, my finger automatically dislodged from her ass hole.

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