tagNovels and NovellasThe Second Foundation Pt. 05

The Second Foundation Pt. 05

byThe Avenger©

Warning: Parts of this series contain violence, coercion, extortion, blackmail, non consensual sex, same sex copulation, derogatory terms, interracial sex, political statements, cheating and a lot of other stuff good boys and girls should not read (on porn websites). If any of the above are not your cup of tea, please don't waste your time reading this.


Chapter 1

Now, after his episode with Angela and Marcel, Dez felt powerful. He now knew for sure that he was a better man than any of those guys, and that he could make servants out of them, and cock suckers, if he so wished, for that was really their place.

Dez told Angela the problem with immigration and she said he should pay a girl and marry her.

"No!" he said, then the girl will own me. I have seen too many guys do that and end up in shit. She will demand more money and you are liable for her kids and everything."

"What will you do then?"

"I will marry Cornelia and keep it strictly business."

Angela got jealous. "That bitch loves you. I have seen the way she looks at you."

"Then be as a friend and Don't give me shit for nothing."

Dez went to Cornelia with his problem and she became worried for she really liked Dez and he was now practically running her business. She needed him.

"No! You cant leave."

"Then I will have to find a woman to marry me."

"Would that help?"


"Do you have someone?"

"No!" He told her why he didn't wanna pay someone.

"Then I suppose I will have to do it."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes! You are very valuable to me and my business. I need you here."

Dez thanked her. He had what he wanted now.

Chapter 2

They flew secretly to Denmark to get married. Dez stayed at his place but he moved some stuff over to hers to convince the authorities. Dez loved the look on Tom and Anja's faces as Cornelia told them. Cornelia calmed their outrage down and showed them that she had signed a prenuptial agreement with Dez, for Anja and Tom were eager to take over her business. All Dez saw in their eyes was hate and envy.

Dez now lived in Cornelia's three bedroomed house on the edge of the town. He spent most of his time at work and was at the church a couple of times a week to box.

Now, he realized that Cornelia was beginning to take a much deeper interest in him. She was beginning to make herself look pretty for him. Dez did not want to sleep with her for he did not want to get emotionally involved with her. It would complicate matters and he had enough girls to fuck.

Surprisingly enough, Angela was the one who told him he had to fuck Cornelia. But she did not stop there.

"Fuck her, she wants you. I saw the way she looks at you. Fuck her daughter and the boyfriend too. Make them your bitches. Use that black cock! Then you will be in charge and you will run the business."

Now Dez liked the idea of raping Anja and Tom and fucking their stupid white cunt faces dizzy. But he respected Cornelia a lot. Angela however told him she was a woman with needs, like any other. Cornelia hadn't had a boyfriend since her divorce, 6 years earlier. He had never seen her with a man.

Dez found her attractive, and he was curious to find out what she was like in bed.

He invited her to an African concert in Hamburg and they drove the 130 kilometers by car. They booked into a Hotel, taking a suite with two bed, side by side. Cornelia was very excited.

They checked into the suite and she took ages getting ready. Unlike her usual business wear, Cornelia was wearing a short, thin, form fitting summer dress with flowers and a pair of open high heels.

She was looking alluring. Her deep front exposed the tops of big, creamy, pendulous breasts. Her waist was slim, her hips wide and flaring. Her hair was neatly combed open, her brows trimmed and she was wearing pink gloss on her lips. The interior of her car was filled with the luxurious smell of her perfume. Dez made her a compliment and she blushed and thanked him.

The concert was crowded and it was very good. A band from Congo was playing and though Dez couldn't understand the language they were singing in, he was impressed with the hot, skimpily dressed girls who were dancing sexily, raunchily, shaking their asses and making the crowd just go horny.

Dez stood behind Cornelia and their bodies were pushed together by the dancing crowd. He was swaying along to the Hi Life beat and she was standing stiffly at first, so he took her hips in his hands and made her sway with him. After several beers, she thawed up and started dancing and laughing.

"My, those girls can dance. Look how they are shaking those big asses!" she gasped.

"Mama Africa baby!" Dez laughed.

"You know, for us Europeans, a big ass is a problem zone. But not for them. Look what beauties they make of thick asses."

"You got a nice big ass too," Dez said and patted it lightly.

"Thank you," she rasped and turned and kissed him lightly on the lips.

Dez and Cornelia went for drink in a pub after the concert. It had a small dance floor which was crowded and they were playing loud, party music. They sat next to each other at a table. Cornelia's short hem slid up, exposing a pair of nice, juicy thighs.

"So, tell me, why did you guys get divorced?"

"He left me for his young secretary. I guess I was too old and fat for him."

"Bullshit! You are not old, and your body is hot. I wonder why you always hide it. But then again, maybe its a good thing, for I wouldn't be able to concentrate on work, if I always had to gaze at this sexy body," Dez said with a naughty smile, his voice deep and husky.

Cornelia was blushing and smiling.

"Oh stop flattering me, Dez. All my life, I have always been fat! Many men told me so..." her voice became sad.

"They were stupid. And maybe they were too weak to handle such a hot, sexy body like yours," Dez said earnestly.

"Thanks Dez. Lets have another drink, shall we?"

Cornelia kept talking about her ex husband. Dez could see her divorce had caused her a lot of pain.

"It was so painful and embarrassing I mean, I found out that he had been cheating on me for several years. And he put the blame on me, calling me fat and boring! And you know, he brings his young blond to all our friends. She is just using him because he is a manager with a lot of money. She is just with him for his cash and status. One day, she will hurt him. I..."

Her voice broke and her eyes filled up with tears. Dez automatically put his arm around her and pulled her close. Cornelia laid her head in his chest, grabbed on to his shirt front and sobbed a couple of times. Dez stroked her back and whispered some nice things, then he kissed the top of her head.

"Its alright baby. Don't worry about some stupid fool who couldn't value what he had. Let the young whore take him to cleaners. Don't waste your time feeling sorry for him or crying after him. He is a jerk, and you are a princess."

"Thanks Dez. Thanks. That was so beautiful."

"Now, come, lets go and dance, beautiful."

He pulled Cornelia to her feet and led her to the floor. He held the tall German woman close, wrapping his strong, gentle arms around her and he led her, as their bodies swayed together to the music. Cornelia laid her head on his chest and stroked his shoulders, She felt so good and appreciated. She started swinging her hips, rubbing them lightly against his. She almost gasped as she felt a nice, warm, fleshly bundle between his legs. She started stroking his arms and liked the nice, thick muscles. She felt his arms tighten around her. His big hands stroked up and down her back and shivers broke all over her skin. She felt excited and daring as she sank her fingers into his arms. His big hands cupped her hips and stroked them. She shivered, as they explored her under her short dress and then went down and cupped her ass, which he had spoken so favorably of. All her life, she had thought it was too big.

Cornelia looked up at Dez and smiled, "Would you like to get out of here and go somewhere nice?"

"Yes," he responded and kissed her lips.

Dez put his hand on the small of her back and she felt so good as he led her to the taxis. Cornelia had not seen anyone since her divorce. She had not had sex in over four years. She was feeling so horny and excited for the dark, muscular, handsome, attractive, charming black man. He was almost 18 years younger than her, but that didn't matter to her. All that mattered was that she was feeling happy. He opened the door for her and then walked around. She leaned over and opened the door for him.

She gave the driver their hotel address. They sat besides each other.

"I am having a wonderful night, Cornelia," he said.

"So am I," she responded and leaned close to Dez and kissed his cheek.

He slid his arm around her and pulled her close. She looked into his dark face, seeing it illuminated in the pale street light.

Dez gazed into her face, which looked very white in the pale lamp. He had not been thinking of sex when he invited her out. But it looked like he was going to get his first white pussy that night. He was so excited and horny, but he stayed calm. He didn't want to rush it and spoil it.

His eyes shined, reflecting the pale light as his face descended down to hers. His lips pressed softly into hers. They felt so big, thick and soft. He kissed her lightly and eased back a bit. She liked that. He was showing her that it was her choice. She licked her lips, making them wet. Heart thudding, she pressed her mouth into his. She sucked on his thick lips and slurped away at them. She hoped he would not think her greedy, but she was so hungry for them, for him. She pressed her mouth into his and then he pushed his thick, hot, long tongue into her and she sucked it in and cried into his mouth. One of his big hands cupped her big, soft breast as the other slid around her hip and latched onto her ass cheek, squeezing it, and it felt so good she had to shudder and her head reeled. She could feel the juices just pouring into her pussy.

"Oh yes!!!!" she moaned and reached between his legs. She had never done anything so daring, but she was so horny. She placed her hand over the bulge she had felt as they danced. It was bigger, hotter and harder now.

She stroked it and his hips twitched. Then he kissed her mouth fiercely. Cornelia melted and cried into his lips.

Chapter 3

They held hands as they entered the hotel suite. She felt safe with her tiny white hand in his big, strong, black one. Then she made them cocktails from the hotel bar and cooler, Bacardi rum, coconut and fruit juice. She dimmed the lights and put on some soft music. They sat next to each other on a couch and sipped on their cocktails as they kissed and stroked each other.

At one point, Dez took her glass, put it down and pulled her astride his lap. He eased her dress up to her hips and pulled her pussy onto his hardness. She blushed, feeling his one hand exploring her ass cheeks, making her body shiver.

Then he cupped her chin, raised her face and his big, dark, brown eyes bore down into hers.

"You are a very beautiful woman. Thanks for this wonderful night.

His lips descended on hers and they kissed languidly. His tongue entered her mouth and explored her oral cavity, making her dizzy. Then he pulled back and her tongue followed. She licked and lapped up his lips, then she bore down on him and entered his mouth. Dez moaned and sucked on her tongue as she explored his mouth gently and made his tongue dance with hers. Her hands roamed all over his chest. Then she opened his buttons and gazed at her pale hands on his dark muscles.

"This is so funny, so unreal and so erotic," she rasped. "Have you ever been with a white woman?"

"No! You?" He laughed. "Have you ever been with a white woman?"

"No, I have never been with a white woman," she laughed. "I have never been with a black man. But you have had white girls, I know. They love you, Don't they?"

He simply chuckled.

"I am too old for you."

"You think so..." He took her hand and put it over his crotch. She stroked, feeling a long hardness. She rasped and then she pulled her hand away, blushing.

"You are naughty..." she pinched his nipple sharply. He gasped she laughed sweetly into his mouth. She took his hands and placed them on her breasts.

"Do you like them?"

"Uh huh!" was all he managed, as he squeezed them, and they felt like thick, soft, hot, fleshy cushions. She moaned and kissed him deeply. He dropped one hand to her lap and stroked her inner thighs. She moaned and started rubbing her cunt onto his cock. He eased his big hand between her legs. She blushed as he cupped her pussy through her thongs. He squeezed and felt her dripping, hot moistness. She shuddered and bit his lower lip, hr hips grinding her cunt into his hand.

"I wanna make love to you," he rasped.

"Lets go to the bedroom, its more comfortable. Wait, I need to brush my teeth first, I will come and get you in second."

Chapter 4

Dez sat back and sipped his cocktail. Cornelia went into the bathroom and brushed her teeth. Then she dropped her dress and thongs. She applied perfume to her neck and the trimmed bush above her pussy. She opened a drawer and took out a short, lace, transparent, cream dress. She slipped it on. It had a deep front ad an open back. She slipped on the matching, tiny thong. She gazed at herself in the mirror and blushed. But she liked what she saw. She spruced up her make up and lipstick and combed her hair quickly. She wanted Dez' first white pussy to be special. She went and stood in the door way, with a hand on her hip and called out to him. He looked up at her and gasped. Then he seemed to run at her.

"Damn! You look amazing!" he gasped and hugged her, kissing her forcefully as he fondled her body under the dress. She cupped his crotch, wrapped her hand around the thick rod in his pants and squeezed.

"This feels good. I know I am gonna have fun tonight," she rasped and led him in, her ass swinging so sexily, making him nearly cum in his pants. He smacked it and she giggled and wagged it.

The lights were dimmed and she led him straight to her large bed. Then she turned, raised herself on her tip toes and kissed his thick lips.

"I want you be happy. I am a bit shy, but I want to do anything you want. You are the first man I am going to sleep with, since my divorce."

"Lets have fun baby, we both deserve it," He covered her mouth with his as he grabbed and squeezed her ass and she hissed into his lips. She started grinding her cunt on his cock to the music, her hips rolling round and round. Her hands slowly unbuttoned his shirt all the way. She pulled it out of his pants and moaned as she gazed at his dark torso. Then she stroked the bulge in his pants and trembled.

"My!!! May I have a closer look!" she sank down before him and took off his shoes. She reached up, smiling into his face so sweetly as she opened his longs and pulled his zip down. Then she hooked her thumbs into his under pants and pulled them down his legs with his pants. His thick, black cock pressed into her neck. She pulled back and gazed at the thick, long, dark shaft, with thick veins that were pulsing with blood.

"Mmmm! That is beautiful. Do you have a license for this," she teased sweetly as she scooped his manhood into her soft, gentle, shaking hands and stroked it lovingly, giving it a look worth a million bucks and he felt so good. She stroked back the foreskin and a thick, shiny, dark head emerged, gleaming dully. The scent of his cock filled her noise and her mouth watered tremendously. She felt a carnal hunger.

"Its so sweet. And so beautiful..." she slowly brought it to her mouth and gave the head a nice, slow lick. "Mmmm! My husband used to make me do that. It was all he wanted. And nos ex. The selfish bastard. I didn't use to enjoy it and stopped doing it for him," she licked it, bathing it in her saliva. "Tell me to stop if you don't like it."

"I love it," he rasped huskily. "Please don't stop!"

She moaned and ran her tongue all over his shaft, tongue stroking and lapping it like a tasty, chocolate lolly. She was shivering and groaning deep in her chest as she tortured him with the heat of her tongue. Dez' hips twitched and his cock hardened like a rock.

"Mmmmm! You taste good darling!" she moaned. Just as he thought it could get better, she started rolling his tip round and round on her hot, slippery tongue tracing the rim.

"You like it?" she asked, looking so sweetly up at him and he shivered as he felt the heat of her tongue.

"Uh huh!" he responded huskily.

"I never thought I would do this, but I love it. Would you like me to try and take it in my mouth?"

"Yes please!"

"But don't cum. I don't wanna drink it!" she said in a voice that said the opposite.

She vacuumed his dark shaft between her pink lips and moaned around the thick head, as her tongued lapped and stroked it. Then she wrapped her mouth around him like a hot, wet, tight pussy and smacked her lips. She took a hip in each hand, looked up into his eyes, smiling sweetly around his dick, and started bobbing her head, gently pumping his hips to meet her.

"Ah!!!!!" Dez groaned and his cock got so big and hard he thought it would explode to shreds. Cornelia bore down on him, taking more and more into her mouth till he was touching the back of her mouth. Her sucking slowly built up in urgency, and she was making loud slurping sounds in the back of her throat, her eyes shining up at him. Her pale skin was now blushing crimson. Dez felt his cock just melt into her mouth. He thought it had just dissolved and she had swallowed the resulting liquid all up. But his excited nerve endings kept sending incensing messages that made his whole body tingle and he knew it was still there, feeling so good.

Cornelia started moaning and bobbing with carnal greed and urgency, slurping and sucking him so hard. As her hand cupped his balls and squeezed and stroked them, he gave a sharp groan, stiffened and then his hips were jerking like he was spastic, violently and out of control. His balls exploded to shreds and his cock jerked in her mouth and spurted a fiery shot of cum into her mouth, and another one and another one.

She had said not to cum, but she did not call him a jerk. She only moaned and shuddered at his knees, and sucked and swallowed so hard that he exploded, again and again and she drank him dry.

"Thanks," she rasped huskily, after licking his cock clean. Then she kept licking it and it started getting hard again.

"Ohhh!!!!" Dez moaned. He pulled her to her feet and kissed her. She devoured his lips softly but hungrily, rubbing against him feverishly. He got caught up her lust and ripped her lace dress off over her head.

He made her climb onto her hands and knees on the bed. He gazed at her fine, thick pale ass in the tiny creamy thong and it was one of the sexiest sights he had ever seen. He salivated.

"Damn! I love that ass! Roll it for me!"

Cornelia was excited by his words but she was too shy. She rolled on to her back and kept her legs closed, blushing. "Come to me honey."

Dez climbed onto the bed besides her. He couldn't believe how excited he was. He had had fantasies of fucking Cornelia once in a while but never thought he would do it, and there he was now.

Hands shaking, he hooked his digits into her tight thongs and slowly peeled them off, all the way down her sexy legs. She was breathing fast and blushing. He gently eased her thighs apart and he was staring into her white pussy. Her pussy was covered by a soft, lush brown bush. She had long, pink lips, that were so swollen they looked purple. Her gash was dripping with wetness.

Dez smelled her pussy and his cock leaped to full hardness as his mouth watered. Dez went down into her arms and kissed her mouth as he stroked her breasts and pulled on her nipples. Cornelia moaned into his mouth. His face went lower and his lips kissed her chin and then went down to her neck and chest, worshiping her body.

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