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The Secret Affair


Quite a few incest stories on this site start with a small teaser, something about "Enjoy, this story is absolutely true and happened to me!" While I won't be one to call my fellow writers lairs, when the love making starts after just simply 'walking in on one in the shower', I think they get reality and fantasy slightly confused.

The following story absolutely happened to me. I haven't told anybody, and quite frankly, it still bothers me some time. It isn't a tale of rape, or sexual harassment. I was an adult at the time, and so was she, it was just the people we hurt along the way. I've changed everybody's name, because I don't know how I could face my family again if they knew what had happened.

The summer before my senior year of high school started out like any other. My part-time job at the mall had me working only 18 hours a week, and I had just turned 18 years old.. So, I laid around and played video games, and occasionally hung out with friends. One day, my grandmother called. "Mark," she asked me in her simply, grandmotherly way, "Are you busy today?" she asked.

I sighed and continued navigating the menu screens of my favorite video game with my free hand while my other hand held my mobile phone to my face. "No, grandma," I said. I assumed she wanted some chores done at her house. She had me come over a few times throughout the summer to do small things for her. This was starting out like one of those times.

"Can you go over to Aunt Melissa's house?" she asked. Aunt Melissa, married to my Uncle Rob, was young, in her early 30's. She was blonde, and fairly attractive. Since I was 14 she had gotten into my teenage dreams in one way or another. Uncle Rob was my mom's brother, and since Melissa was fond of going to her parent's house for the holidays, we rarely saw them. When I did see her, we were both polite, and I was quite shy.

"Uh, sure, what for?" I asked dear old Grandmother. My crush on Melissa was my secret. I didn't tell anybody, and I tried to come off cool and confident when people brought her up. My grandmother explained that my aunt had talked to Grandmother on the phone, and she thought it could be useful if I did chores for her too. So, I became the family chore boy, and quickly got dressed, hopped in my used Jeep, and drove down to my Aunt's house.

My uncle worked hard, and their house was decently sized. He had such a well-paying job that Melissa had afforded to take a few years off to raise their only son, Bobby. Four years later, and she was still a stay at home mom. I parked my Jeep and headed up to the house and knocked on the front door. She answered.

She was shorter than me, and sort of plump and soft, though not overweight. She had stunning blond hair and some blue eyes. Her breasts seemed to jump out at me, though they weren't overtly big. Being a teenager, I had thought about her just taking me of course, but she didn't, and I wasn't even 18 yet.

"Oh hey," she said. She was completely uninterested in me. I was a little disappointed. She gave me a list of chores to do, all fairly boring and uninteresting. I got quickly to work on them. I thought about taking off my shirt, or something like you'd see in a porno, in hopes that she would come on to me, but I decided against it, and truth was, I never saw her after the time I got their. My cousin Bobby kept me company, while he told me various stories.

It was about 5pm and I had only gotten about a fifth of the chores done when my Uncle Rob came down. He was friendly, and probably my favorite uncle. He thanked me for helping out, and gave me a pretty large sum of cash. He said my aunt might call for me to come back another day, and I said ok, and left. I never saw Melissa.

The following day, she didn't call, so I didn't come over. The following weeks, I finally gave up that I would ever get to execute my lust for my aunt, so I went back to dreaming about porn stars, and local girls at school.

They didn't show up at my family party, yet sent a card with another healthy sum of money. I wasn't surprised.

About a week later, my phone rang. I answered. "Hello?" I asked.

"Hey, Mark," Melissa's voice said. She sounded like she had been laughing a few minutes before. "Can you come over for some chores?"

I smiled, and felt something exciting in my stomach. "Sure," I replied, and sped the whole way there.

I showed up and knocked on the door. She showed up, carrying Bobby. She was wearing a tight yellow sun dress. Her breasts were showing and I tried to slowly lower my eyes and sneak a peak. Today, she was much more friendly. She touched my casually, and laughed with me. We flirted casually, with no real romantic overtones. The chores were light today, and mostly she followed me around, and her and Bobby kept me company with some light, fun banter. Still, whenever she stood next to me, she got a little closer than you would except for aunt-nephew, and she seemed to love casually touching me, and her hands lingered on my teenage body.

Things continued like that for a few more days. She had me come over every day. Her and Bobby became my best friends that summer. She bought me lunch and paid me well. Soon, she started dismissing me before Uncle Rob came home.

"I think that'll do it for today, Mark," she said. Bobby was up in his room playing. I smiled at her and nodded.

"Alright, Melissa. Call me if you need me," I said casually, and I turned to the door, but she placed her hand on my arm. I stopped, and she slowly leaned up to my face. Her soft, warm lips came slowly on mine. The moment seemed to last forever. It was a slow seductive, kiss, with no tongue action, but I could just feel the passion coming from her body. Her hand graced my lower back while we kissed. Her lips were warm, and I felt kept after she slowly pulled away. Her hand slipped off my body has well.

My face turned bright red, I could feel the heat from my face, and my dick stirred in my pants. "I, uh, ok." I said, not sure how to treat what just happened.

She saw my reaction, and had something similar. Her face turned red, and she turned away from me. "Ok, later then," and she left. On my whole drive home, I felt my heart beating in my chest, with my mind replaying the long soft kiss. Aunt Melissa had gone from one of my crushes, to a friendly family member, and now, back to the object of my lust.

As soon has I got home that night, I let myself into the shower and masturbated until my dick was practically bleeding. I had it bad for her. The following day, she didn't call. I was disappointed, but I thought she might still be embarrassed. The second day, I thought about calling her, to ask if she needed me to come over, but she called first. I agreed (of course), and came right over.

She was there, with Bobby. Today was more of the same. She was friendly, followed me around, touched me casually. Near the time she usually dismissed me, she sent little Bobby up to his room to play, and I felt my heart race with excitement. I had just fixed their TV connection, and was sitting on their couch watching TV. Melissa came back in. She was wearing a tight white t-shirt and I could see the lacy black bra she had under. She handed me a roll of cash. I thanked her, and stood up and headed to the door. But, something came over me. Today, I like to think of it has the moment that changed everything.

I stopped, and leaned into her. My hands went around her body, embracing her, and I leaned my head forward. She took the invitation, and pressed her lips against mine. Our wet, warm lips softly pushed against each other. Her slender hand slowly moved around my back and gently grabbed my ass. It was the first time I had such contact with a woman. It sent shivers through my body, and my cock became hard instantly. It pushed up against her soft body, and she felt it. She pulled away. She was beat red, and looked embarrassed. I must of looked the same way, yet, unlike her, I had a confident smile on my face. She thanked me, and left right away. I didn't know what to do, so I left.

O f course, I raced home, and masturbated like a freak when I got there. Her touch felt so fantastic. I wanted to call her and chat with her like a girlfriend, but I knew I couldn't.

The next day, she didn't call. I was confused, and ashamed. However, like before, she did call the day after. This day was probably one of the funniest.

It was mid-July. It was close to 100 degrees, and felt muggier than hell. She and Bobby greeted me as normal, and she had me set up a little kiddy pool for Bobby. The pool was plastic one, maybe seven feet in diameter and about two feet of water. Once I had it set up, little Bobby changed into his trunks and played nicely in. Then, Melissa came out.

She was wearing a blue bikini. Her breasts looked shapely and fine in the tight top, and her ass looked pretty damn good too. Her skin was tanned and appealing. She smiled at me, and tossed her blond hair in my direction. I loved the feeling. We seemed to both acknowledge the sexual tension between us, and she seemed to love teasing me.

She sat with her feet in the pool and talked to me and Bobby. Finally, I shed my shirt, and cleared out my pockets of goods, and climbed into the pool with my jean shorts on and paddled around with Bobby. I glanced over at Melissa from time to time. She was wearing rather big sunglasses, but seemed to smile at my hard, teenage body. I had fun playing with my little cousin, and sneaking peaks at her body shimmer in the July sun. Occasionally, I caught running her hands over her breasts or in between her legs. I wanted to go over, say some corny line from a porno, and pull my dick out, but I couldn't. After all, she was my aunt.

She asked me to come inside, about 30 minutes sooner than usual. I smiled and followed her into her house. Her ass shook seductively while she led me inside. I watched her ass carefully, and wondered what we would do now. She smiled at me and turned back. "Are you watching my butt?" she said with a giggle. I smiled and shook my head. "No, of course not!" I said. I was embarrassed, but she seemed to like the attention.

As soon as we were in the living room, she grabbed a roll of bills from the table and offered it to me. When I reached out to grab it, she pulled it back, and slipped her slender hands around my wet, bare body. She pulled me close, and I put my arms around her. Her saintly-covered bussom pressed up against my chest and we kissed. Today, we kissed with tongue for the first time, hers slowly entered my mouth and chased mine around. She cooed softly and I could feel my cock starting to rise in my wet jeans. I tried to position my hips so she wouldn't feel. After we made out for what felt like a few minutes, she gave me my money. "See you later, stud," she said. I smiled. I felt like such a badass, dating an older woman.

Later that night, a few girls that were my age that I had been trying to go out with my earlier in the summer called, and I was rude to them. After all, I had gotten father with a sexy, older woman earlier in the day, so I didn't need them.

Oddly enough, for about a week and a half, she didn't call. I called once, but got the answering machine. I started to get worried, so, when I was eating dinner with my parents and brother, I brought it up.

"Aunt Melissa hasn't had me over to do chores for a while," I said. My dad snorted and my mom looked uncomfortable. For a moment, I wondered if that had known somehow.

"Well... her and Uncle Rob are having some... marriage problems," My mom said softly. My younger brother was sitting there, and I just said "Oh".

After dinner, I went through a range of emotions. At first, I felt glad, as if I could somehow get a relationship with her if she got divorced, but soon, I convinced myself that wouldn't happen. Then I imagined Uncle Rob somehow finding out, and getting angry. He is my favorite uncle, and I felt sorrow for hurting him.

Then, I imagined Aunt Melissa has some kind of cougar, using me like a boy toy, and I got mad at her. I was confused, and angry. This is why I warn against incest. Romantic relationships are already a minefield of emotions, and when adding the dynamic of family, it only makes it worse. It may seem awesome, but trust me, it's overrated.

So, I gave up on Aunt Melissa. I stopped waiting for her calls, and I went out to a few movies with a nice girl that was a year younger than me. I was planning to go to the Zoo with her, when my phone rang one morning. It was, Aunt Melissa, of course.

"Hey, stud, how's it going?" she asked. The word stud was whispered compared to everything else. We chatted briefly, about how she had been busy with some things, but wanted me to keep coming over again. I agreed, and went over that day.

She greeted me alone, Bobby was elsewhere. "Hey, Mark," she said. She was wearing tight clothes and leaning against the wall. I smiled and gave her a long hug. Our bodies lingered for awhile. We chatted for awhile and she gave me a list of chores. I went of doing them and she followed me around. We made small talk, and during the day, she mentioned that they were sending Bobby to a day camp for preschool children. I felt a slight rush, and turned and smiled at her, and she returned my smile.

That day, Uncle Rob came home early and got Bobby for a doctor's appointment, so, Melissa gave me a rather quick hung and handed me the money. She told me to come over without calling at the usual time, and I agreed.

The next day, I arrived at the house, and let myself in. She was nowhere to be found on the first floor, but when I started to go up to the upper floor, she was standing here, wearing her tight yellow sundress, one of her (and my) favorites. She slowly walked down the stairs, smiling at me with a seductive, empowering grin. We greeted each other.

"Bobby is at his day camp today. He'll be gone all day for three weeks," she said, her body coming close to mine. My heart was beating, I knew something was up. I felt myself being overcome with lust.

"Oh, that's too bad, I liked the little guy," I said.

"Yeah, I guess," she said, and she lead me to the living room, we both sat down. She sat close to me, yet, with her body facing mine. Her breasts seemed to be projected in my direction. "Can I trust you, Mark?" she asked.

I paused, my face turned red. "Yeah, sure, Melissa," he said.

She smiled and shook her blond hair. "Your uncle and I are having some problems. We're not..." she laughed and looked around. "We're not having sex like we used too. He works too much," she said. My face turned even redder at the word 'sex'. I had dreamed about this moment, but never imagined it actually happening. The blood started going to dick and I felt my face pounding red.

She kept smiling, "I didn't mean to make you comfortable," she said. Her hand went to my thigh and I felt my cock start to get hard. She must have noticed the growing bulge in my pants. "Can I trust you, Mark?" she asked.

I nodded nervously. I wanted to be cool and collected, but I was a nervous wreck. My hands were shaking and I was trying to think of some way to hide my growing boner. Her hand slowly slid up my leg. "We can never tell anybody," she said. I knew she was talking about sex, but I was too nervous to move or say a word. Slowly she reached my bulge and started slowly running her fingers over it. She moaned softly and grinned at me at feeling my growing dick. Slowly, she stood up and knelt before me, I spread my legs to let her get at my crotch.

My heart was racing, and everything seemed to be going so fast. She carefully undid my pants, and reached inside, pulling my cock out. I practically came just feeling her warm, soft hands on my hard shaft.

I clenched the sofa and she flashed her eyes at me. Her hands jerked up and down my shaft, making me extent to my full length. She rubbed my thigh and softly told me to relax. With that, she wrapped her soft lips around my cock and went down on me. Her eyes locked with mine.

I didn't last long. She went down about twice before I clenched my fists and shot my load in her mouth. It took her by surprise, but she smiled. Her hand started fondling my ballsack and she started sucking the cum from my cock. I apologized, "I'm sorry, Melissa," I said.

When she finished, she stood up and licked her lips. "It's alright, you'll get better the more we do this," she said. I felt better already. She slowly started undoing her sundress. I felt odd, so I stood up and took off my shirt and pants, but kept my underwear on. She dropped her dress, and was wearing some bright red underwear and bra. She smiled at me and walked over and wrapped arms around me. We embraced, and kissed.

I felt much more comfortable kissing her. We kissed, full on with tongues, and we let our bare bodies grind together. This time, I didn't bother hiding my hard cock from her.

After a few minutes, she pulled away teasingly and laid back on the sofa. "I'm wet," she said with a grin. I didn't know what she meant at first, but I smiled.

"I'm glad," I said. I must have sounded so stupid to her, but at the time, I was trying to come off manly and experienced, which I wasn't.

She slowly slid her little red panties down off her waist, giving me my first view of a female vagina. She was slightly trimmed, and soaking with wetness. I smiled and she nodded and told me to come close.

"Get on your knees, go down on me," she said. I felt my hands shaking, and did as she asked. My hands slowly rubbed her smooth, inner thighs and she pulled her lips apart, showing me her pink.

My voice cracked when I spoke, "Uh, I haven't... done this very much," I said, trying to sound like I had done any of this before. She nodded and smiled.

"Just start using your tongue, you'll be fine at it," she said. I nodded and brought my lips to her pussy. I was afraid at first, but slowly poked inside of her with the tip of my tongue. It was wet and warm, not was I really expected. She let out a long lustful moan, which gave me more courage. She kept moaning and cooing, and encouraging me, and I started licking her out. My tongue just went in circles in every direction. I was worried I was doing it wrong, but she was moaning so loudly, I felt good about myself.

She started rubbing my blond hair, which scared me at first, I thought she was pulling me away, but she told me to keep going, and faster. I looked up and saw her rubbing her own breasts with her red bra still on. I stopped after seeing her, "Do you want me to stop?" I asked.

"Fuck no!" she shouted, somewhat angry," Keep going, Mark, it feels so good," she said, and I kept it up. I licked her out for a few more minutes until she told me she was too horny and asked me to stop. I was worried I had something wrong, after all, she didn't climax with a screaming fit like the girls in pornos I had seen, so I was concerned.

I stood their out of place, until she told me to take my briefs off and she started taking her bra off. I got a full look at her full, shapely breasts and smiled. Her breasts were so awesome, and I remember her nipples standing up on end, and being so hard.

I dropped my briefs and let my cock come out, full and hard. She told me to come on top of her and put it inside of her. She was very kind and guiding. She asked me to pull out before I came and I agreed, thought at the moment I just remember my cock pulsing with the blood flow and just wanted to be inside her so bad. So, she flipped her hair and started rubbing her own hard nipples. She smiled and told me to come on. So, I did.

Slowly, I penetrated her with my manhood and I gasped for air. She felt so warm, it was incredible. I started thrusting my dick in and out, as I was a veteran of porn watching. She started moaning, even louder than when I went down on her, and she seemed to enjoy it. Her eyes were closed, and she seemed to enjoy rubbing her tits, but I didn't care. Besides, she occasionally opened her eyes and rubbed my chest.

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