The Secret Life of Emily


Veronica broke the kiss, now nuzzling the nape of Emily`s neck, and then the lobe and the delicate shell of her ear. "Open up for me Emily. Let me feel your cunt." She hissed softly.

Emily tried desperately to relax, but in all of the fantasies that she`d had about this place, it had always been a man she had been with, and now she had a woman old enough to be her mother, forcing herself upon her.

It was hopeless. This was a part of sex, and she was just going to have to accept it.

Emily lay her head upon Veronicas shoulder in resignation and allowed her legs to fall apart, and Veronica found her hand full of fresh warm cunt flesh. The thin fishnet material of Emily`s bodysuit did nothing to protect her from Veronicas gentle manipulations, and Emily gave a soft moan of pleasure, as Veronica began stroking her hard-little clit.

"There, that`s not so bad is it?" Whispered Veronica, as she hooked a finger into Emily`s warm wet hole and began to push inside.

Emily, still sitting on the stool, wrapped her legs around Veronicas waist, opening herself fully to the woman's expert touch. There were sensations coursing through her body that Emily had never felt before. Strong pulses of pleasure that rippled through her stomach and made her push herself further onto the older woman's penetrating fingers.

Suddenly Veronicas insidious progress into Emily`s hot liquid interior was stopped. Veronica tried again but could get no deeper.

"Oh. My. Fucking. God." Exclaimed Veronica, withdrawing her fingers. "You`re a fucking virgin."

Emily`s shame was complete. "I`m sorry." She muttered climbing from the stool. "I should never have come. I`m going home."

Veronica pushed her back upon the stool. "You`re going nowhere. Why are you here? Tell me everything and leave nothing out."

Knowing she had no other options, Emily did as she was told.

Frank watched as Veronica came towards him, looking very much like the cat that got the cream.

"Frank, you are not going to believe this." She grinned.


"You`re sure V? She`s here to get laid?"

"I`m sure Frank." Said Veronica, having relayed Emily`s confession. "It`s not a phrase I like to use, but she`s absolutely begging for it."

"Wow." Said Frank running his fingers through his thinning hair. He carefully watched Emily as she sat with her back to him at the bar. She took a quick glance at Frank and then quickly looked away. Her nervousness was palpable. "V, I think she would rather be anywhere than where she is right now. She looks ready to bolt."

"She`s nervous Frank. She`s scared, excited, frightened, all at the same time. Bloody hell Frank, she`s twenty-one and has never had sex. Can you imagine what that must feel like? She`s really built herself up for this. I don`t think she can wait another day. If we don`t fuck her someone else will. Either way she loses it tonight."

"Shit V. What do we do?"

"We fuck her Frank." Smiled Veronica. "And I know just the man to do it. "

Emily ordered another drink. Rumbled after only five minutes. All she had to do was keep her frigging legs closed, that`s all it would have taken and she couldn`t even manage that. So much for winging it Emily. Way to go.

She glanced over her shoulder and saw Veronica talking to some guy in a suit. The only fully dressed person in the room. Must be the manager, she thought. Veronica seemed to think she could swing it for her. Emily wasn`t so sure. But at least everything was now out in open. They knew the lot. That in itself was a relief.

Things were getting increasingly sexual in the club, and she noticed that many of the private rooms had now been taken. She took a very nervous sip of her drink.

"Hi I`m Melanie." Said a voice next to her.

Emily was presented with a short naked brunette, probably early thirties, with large breasts and a trim waist. She had an open friendly face, and Emily decided that she liked her. Emily introduced herself.

"It`s just that I`ve been watching you from across the way." Continued Melanie. "And I think you look really hot. I- well my husband and I, were wondering if you would like to come and play for a while. I was thinking that maybe you and I could play a little first."

Emily felt that she should have been shocked by the woman's direct approach, but she really wasn`t. However, she could only nod and smile.

Melanie helped her off the stool and led her towards a large sofa, where her naked husband reclined, stroking his formidable erection which curved hard onto his belly. Emily glanced across at the suit, who nodded once and smiled at her.

Emily gave a sigh of relief. It was going to be ok.

Emily sat on the sofa and was immediately pushed back, so her head rested on the man's lap, the base of his cock hard against her cheek. Emily felt the straps of the bodysuit being pulled from her shoulders, and felt it travel down her body, freeing her breasts and belly, and over her hips and legs, before being cast aside. Emily was naked now, and a laughing Melanie pushed between her legs and lay on top of her, tits on tits and her hairy mound rubbing vigorously against Emily`s bare pussy.

Emily turned her head slightly and kissed the base of the cock. She so desperately wanted to take it in her mouth and suck the fat ballooning knob, but the large organ curved away from her and she was unable to reach it.

Melanie went to work on Emily. Kissing her neck and working her way down to her succulent pink nipples, licking and sucking the hard-little buttons of flesh. Emily lifted her knees and locked her legs tightly around Melanie`s waist, exposing more of her neglected pussy to Melanie`s humping cunt.

The pleasure was becoming intense. Emily`s tongue was now licking as much of the straining shaft as she could reach, which wasn`t very much, but it was enough. She loved the smooth silky skin, and the hardness just below the surface. This was the cock that was going to take her virginity. Rip her up. Force its way into her hot unsullied hole. Emily felt an orgasm building in her loins. I can`t come like this can I? She thought. At the hands of another woman? But she knew that she could, and it was going to happen very soon.

Melanie pushed Emily`s legs back against her tits, opening her fully, and thrust her eagerly licking tongue amongst the soft folds of her cunt, ravaging her hole and erect clit. That was the trigger.

"Oh my god." Gasped Emily, as the intensity built, and finally exploded, tearing through her body at lightning speed, causing her to squirm twist and finally scream her pleasure into the cock against her face.

"You squirted me. You little minx." Laughed Melanie, with a line of pussy juice running from her shoulder to her tit.

"Oh my gosh, I`m so sorry." Said a horrified Emily, putting a hand across her mouth.

"Don`t be." Said Melanie, scooping it up, and rubbing it into her nipples.

"Sorry to break this up, but we have a little surprise for Emily." Said Veronica, suddenly beside the sofa.

Melanie smiled and shrugged, as Emily was pulled unceremoniously to her feet and dragged along by Veronica.

Looking over her shoulder at the man still stroking his cock. She called: "You can fuck me if you want." As she was pulled along. Further away from his cock. Her cock, she reasoned. She didn`t know what Veronica had in store for her, but she felt like she was being deprived of her first fuck.

Emily was dragged to the other side of the room where she eventually stood before a naked black man, his oiled powerfully built body, glistening in the subdued lighting.

"Now look at him Emily. Isn`t he magnificent?" Veronica said, awe in her voice. "And look at that prick. Isn`t it just the most wonderful thing? And guess what Emily. It`s all yours."

Emily shook her head, panic creeping into her voice. "I can't Veronica it`s too big. It`ll tear me. Please don`t make me." It wasn`t a prick or a dick. It was a schlong, a limb, spearing out from his groin. His balls were the size of hen`s eggs, now pulled tight against his body.

"I`m not going to make you do anything dear." Smiled Veronica. "You can either take his prick, or you can fuck off. It`s up to you."

As he stepped towards her out of the shadows, she recognised his face. Jermaine.

Leaving wasn`t an option anymore. She knew she had to see it through now. Even if it killed her, she was going to have to take it.

Jermaine regarded her with an expression little short of disgust. He seemed pissed that she was even standing before him, and highly inconvenienced that he was being asked to fuck her. But still his cock remained massively erect.

He lay down on a conveniently placed divan, his heavily muscled legs, hanging over the bottom of the bed. He retracted his foreskin, causing the knob to bloom even larger, and pointed his huge erection at the ceiling.

"Pick the bitch up and drop her on my cock." He commanded.

A crowd had begun to gather, and Emily felt hands on the back of her thighs. Strong male hands. Emily took a deep breath and nodded her assent, as she was hoisted into the air, her legs lifted and parted, and carried to the waiting cock.

"You`re a fucking lucky bitch Emily." Veronica hissed, as she aimed the giant cockhead at Emily`s vulnerable open hole. "Never have I met a man who shoots more spunk than Jermaine here. He just comes and comes. He`s going to fill you up. You`re going to remember this for the rest of your life."

And without further ado, Veronica gave a curt nod to her two accomplices, who dropped Emily straight down onto the thick spearing cock. For a moment, a millisecond, Emily`s entire weight was centred on that thin web of skin barring the way into her cunt, and then he was through, the huge cock barrelling its way into her depths, forcing apart the walls of her cunt that had never before parted to the invading cock.

Emily screamed. A white-hot blast of pain hit her behind the eyes, as she squirmed and twisted her body, desperate to escape the impaling cock which filled her unused virgin channel.

Emily was held, and forced lower until their bodies met, and Jermaine's entire prick was embedded in her hot liquid cunt.

In truth, Jermaine was in pain. He had been unprepared for the cock stripping action of her tight cunt as his organ plunged into her body. But he had to admit that it made a nice change from the loose, well-travelled cunts that he was used to. As she moved madly on his burning shaft, Jermaine felt the spreading lips of her pussy caressing his balls, sliding over them, lubricating them, almost sucking them into her body. God, what a beautifully fat cunt she had. He was going to enjoy this.

Emily had stopped moving and was gritting her teeth against the pain, her heavy tits heaving as she took deep breaths, praying and hoping that he wouldn`t try fucking her yet. She needed to get used to having it inside her. She needed the pain to ease a little.

A gentle round of applause went around the room, and she managed a smile. It was done. She was now officially a woman. Her breathing began to slow, as she leant forward on her hands offering Jermaine her tits, gasping as she did so, feeling the shaft rasp painfully along her torn hymen. She eased back down.

Jermaine seized her tits hungrily, kneading and pulling, sucking hard on the nipples, distracting her momentarily, from the burning pain between her legs.

She moved to kiss him, to push her tongue between his lips, but he turned his face away. He didn`t want to kiss her. He wasn`t interested in her lips. He just wanted her tits and cunt, and in a strange way, that was ok. She wanted to be used by men. She wanted to be nothing but a sleeve for their cocks. She wanted them to empty their balls in her.

She leant back and closed her eyes, tilting her face to the ceiling. Composing herself, she began to move. Gently at first, just as much as the pain would allow, and then after a time, with greater urgency, flexing her hips and driving herself up and down on the vicious spike. She had no interest in her own pleasure, only in forcing Jermaine to give up his spunk. To shoot inside her, to have it pour into her unprotected womb. She had to complete the union.

Jermaine felt it too. This was the tightest, slickest cunt he had ever been inside, and he`d been inside a few. The walls of her pussy seemed to roll around his cock as she moved, teasing, and caressing it in her sleek wetness. Jermaine could feel his orgasm building, but it was too soon. He desperately wanted to prolong this, but she was moving too much. He tried to hold her still on his throbbing tool to allow his passion to abate, but she wriggled free and drove herself up and down with renewed vigour, taking his entire length deep inside her body.

It was too late. Gritting his teeth, Jermaine`s entire body stiffened, stomach muscles trembling as he began to orgasm. His mind, his being, his entire world, was centred around his throbbing spasming tool, as it began to pour, jerk, and spurt his spunk into Emily`s unprotected hole.

Emily noticed the change. Jermaine was staring at her with glassy, lust filled eyes. His jaw was set, and his teeth clenched. His thighs quivered between her widely spread legs, as the huge organ began to pump its load into her lust wracked body. She felt the hot spattering's deep inside her cunt, and a spreading warmth moving swiftly through her loins.

She remembered Veronica saying that he came like a bull, so there was still time. She knew what she had to do next.

Lifting herself clear of the gushing cock, she positioned the cockhead against the star of her Anus. Relaxing as best she could, as she allowed gravity to aid its penetration, as she slowly slipped down the thick shaft, the tightly clenched ring of her ass reluctantly expanding, and allowing the spurting cockhead to enter her virgin interior. Their combined juices, lubricated, and eased her descent until their bodies bumped together, Emily now fully impaled on the still cumming organ, as it jerked and poured the last of its essence inside her stretched asshole.

An almost reverential silence descended on the room. Frank and Veronica looked at each other open mouthed, quite unable to believe what they had just witnessed. A gentle ripple of applause began which quickly escalated into full blown cheering, as people began congratulating Emily on her bravery and fortitude.

Emily smiled in spite of her exertions and received a smile and a respectful nod of the head from Jermaine, whom she felt, no longer hated her.

Emily leant forward resting her body against Jermaine, her mouth nuzzling his neck, and her tits crushed against his powerful chest. She could feel his softening cock slowly being expelled from her ass. She could feel it making its slow progress down her rectal tube, before exiting with a gentle plop, and a sudden gush of sperm. She felt the tight ring of her ass snap shut behind it, only not quite as tightly as before. It would never be the same again.

She felt hard male hands on her hips lifting her to her knees, and a hot hard cock probing in the cum soak crack of her ass. She rose obediently to her knees, arching her back and lifting herself to receive him. She didn`t know which hole he wanted to use and didn`t care, as Jermaine`s fingers began playing around her wet pussy hole and hard little clit.

The cock hovered around her pussy, before suddenly pushing into her well lubricated ass. He was a little smaller than Jermaine, and for that she was grateful, and the large amount of natural lube, meant that he entered easily, and with almost no discomfort to Emily.

He worked quickly, using short jabbing thrusts. Like a rabbit, thought Emily, as Jermaine`s fingers brought her closer and closer, to orgasm.

And then they were coming. Emily gasping and rolling her hips, massaging the pulsating cock buried deep in her ass, and her assailant, pulling her back onto his cock as he emptied himself into her already slick asshole.

"She still has a virginity left if you want it Frank." Whispered Veronica.

Frank Chapman tore at his clothes. He had to have her. Of all the erotic scenes he had witnessed in the club, this was without doubt the most erotic, and he didn`t recall ever being this turned on.

Naked now, he pushed his way through the crowd and stood before Emily, as Jermaine politely rolled away, leaving her on her hands and knees, facing Frank`s formidable cock.

The thick cockhead brushed her lips, and Emily knew what he wanted, and what she had to do. Wrapping her fingers around the base of his shaft, she suddenly realised that she didn`t have a clue what to do next. She glanced quickly left and right seeking inspiration, when she suddenly heard a familiar voice close to her ear. Veronica.

"Lick it Emily. Lick that fat knob." She said softly. "That`s it. All around. Make him want to come in your mouth."

Emily obeyed. There was a dribble of pre-cum leaking from the tip, and she quickly licked it away.

"Now let him into your mouth Emily, wider now."

Emily did as she was told and felt the hot silky glans slide over her tongue.

"Now suck him Emily, show him how much you want it. Turn your mouth into a cunt and drain that cock."

Emily did her best, and she quickly found a rhythm. She could hear Frank groaning above her, and when he came, she found that she could swallow with ease, allowing the thick wad and hot gooey strands, slide effortlessly into her stomach. She found that she loved the taste of come. The salty earthiness of it. She licked and sucked hard, fully draining Franks cock, before feeling it soften and fall from her mouth.


Emily Davis sat on the front seat on the upper deck of the bus as she made her way home. Her body stocking hadn`t been found, and she was naked beneath her long black trench coat. They wouldn`t even let her take a taxi, and had instead, ushered her onto the last bus of the evening.

Reaching into the deep pockets, she felt the rough edges of her new membership card. Given to her by a very appreciative Frank. It wasn`t the standard grey card that she had used to enter the club, but a gold one, which not only entitled her to unlimited use of the club and its facilities, but also access to affiliated clubs the world over. This was more than she could have hoped for.

Not only had she gained a card, but a job also. Upon hearing that she was a business school and advertising graduate, Frank had immediately offered her a position, as it was his intention to expand his business into other towns and cities and would need someone to help with that. The only condition of her employment was that he got to fuck her anytime he wanted.

She had accepted immediately. Frank seemed like a nice guy, and she wasn`t sure if he was joking or being serious about the last bit but decided that it didn`t really matter. He could fuck her if he liked.

He wanted her to start cataloguing membership details and dealing with various mundane enquiries, so he could pursue other things, and she was happy to do that. It would mean she would get to see the most private details of the members, including their real names and addresses, and that level of trust and responsibility really appealed to Emily. She would, of course, have to invent a suitably respectful job to tell her parents about.

If her prudish straight-laced parents knew the truth, she would probably be disowned. Oh, the shame it would bring!

The noise on the top deck on the last bus home was cacophonous, as it usually was on a Saturday night, with drunken youths fooling around. But Emily remained alone on the front seat.

Loosening her belt, she unfastened the buttons on her coat, allowing it to gape open. She could see her partial nakedness in the windows reflection, but the youths behind seemed oblivious to her naked state.

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