tagNonHumanThe Secret Lives of Cats

The Secret Lives of Cats


The discussion was spirited and hot.

Morgan, the mother, Fuzzy, the largest son, Milo, his brother and Little Bit, his sister were in their corner behind the sofa.

Little Bit was doing the haranguing. "I can't believe you did it! You're not supposed to!"

Fuzzy twitched his tail in annoyance, "How do you know it was me? Maybe Milo did it."

Milo stopped grooming his stomach and thigh, he hadn't been paying particular attention to the spat. "Did what? Look, I told you all I wouldn't play with the toilet paper roll again and I haven't."

Little Bit glared at Milo. If she could have slapped her forehead in irritation she would have. Instead she turned her attention back to Fuzzy. "I could smell you! Milo may have done it too but it was your scent I smelled."

"Well, it's not possible anyway. I don't know why you're picking on me," Fuzzy complained petulantly.

And with that Fuzzy launched an attack against Little Bit, getting her in a headlock and using his back feet on her belly.

Milo looked like this was going to be a good match so he leapt in, jumping on top of both of them and biting Fuzzy on the back of the neck.

Suddenly Morgan joined the fray with a hiss and a swipe of her front paw that made the young cats jump apart.

"I'm afraid it *is* possible. It's what the humans call genetics. I'm an Ocicat, an accident of cat breeding. Your father is the Seal Point Siamese down the street and he has three testicles, an accident of nature. That's how it's possible, I would guess."

Fuzzy wiped his face with his paw and hung his head. "It felt so good."

Little Bit was triumphant. "I knew it!"

"Yeah but sister, how did you know it was me? Where were you?"

Little Bit glared at Fuzzy, twitched her tail. "You may be bigger than me but I can still take you. Just you remember that."

"You're evading the questio..."

Little Bit leapt to the top of the sofa and took off through the living room in a dead run, ignoring her brother's scrutiny. "Stupid tom!"

Fuzzy launched himself after her.

Milo went back to grooming.

Morgan laid her ears back, thought about going hunting in the yard tonight and then curled up for a nap.


Kelly Simmons reached over and hit the snooze button on the alarm. She didn't want to get out of bed. She rolled over and looked at her husband and smiled.

She was a petite woman in her late 30's and her husband was a hulk of a man in his 40's. He had sleep apnea, wore a mask to bed hooked to a compressed air machine. That solved his snoring problem and his brain suffering oxygen deprivation while he slept.

Because of his weight and a coronary bypass and all the drugs he was on for his high blood pressure their sex life had taken a marked dive from where it had been.

Now, as she stretched, she felt like she had been double fucked and despite the aching in her hips and her aching breasts and nipples she loved the slick, warm feeling of the fluid leaking from her sex onto her thighs. It reminded her of their days when they were engaged and the early years of their marriage.

She felt good.

She felt wonderfully slutty.

Those little blue pills were a wonder drug.

She couldn't go back to sleep so she swung her legs out of bed, put her feet in her big fuzzy bedroom slippers and headed for the kitchen.

Fuzzy immediately quit chasing Little Bit and headed for his mistress. Milo, who had been cat napping, also jumped up and ran to the kitchen.

The two young cats rubbed their mistress' ankles and calves thoroughly before sitting in front of their food bowl, waiting for acknowledgment.

"Hi guys. Want some breakfast?"

Fuzzy meowed in the peculiar way of a Siamese. Milo got up and head butted the back of Kelly's calf.

"Okay, okay. Here."

She bent over and scooped some wet and dry food into their bowl. Morgan and Little Bit came leisurely strolling in and joined the boys for breakfast.

Michael Simmons rolled over on his side, turned off his breathing machine and pulled off his mask. He sat up and immediately noticed two things.

His crotch was wet and sticky and smelled of delightful feminine musk.

He smiled, chuckled to himself. Kelly must have taken him in his sleep.

Hope she enjoyed herself he thought to himself as he pulled on his sweat shorts and headed for the kitchen.

Fuzzy immediately looked up as Michael came into the kitchen and sniffed the air. It was the unmistakable scent of his sister and it was emanating from the master's crotch.

"I knew it! I knew it! You were there too, you horny little queen!" Fuzzy hissed, laid his ears back, exposed his front fangs then slapped at Little Bit with his paw.

"I wasn't about to let you two have all the fun," Little Bit hissed back, laying her ears back in challenge.

"Hey! Hey! Don't make me separate you guys. Eat nice. Fuzz, I expect you to behave like a gentleman. Quit picking on Little Bit."

Morgan interjected as she nuzzled the dry food away to get to the wet. "Behave you two. Mistress is right."

Fuzzy let loose with a plaintive Siamese meow as if apologizing; at least that's how Kelly interpreted it.

"Morning honey, I guess you slept well," Kelly greeted her husband with a sly smile, a warm kiss on the cheek and a cupping of his crotch through his shorts.

Michael smiled, "Uh, yeah, had a lot of fun," he ventured tentatively then kissed her back, giving her ass a squeeze.

Milo innocently speculated, "They don't have a clue, do they?"

"None," Morgan said, as she started her post breakfast grooming.


The day in the Simmons' house was routine. The master went to work. The mistress worked at home. The young cats spent the day alternating between feverishly playing together and napping.

Morgan spent most of the day outside, in the shade of the large Oak tree in the front yard.

"Hey, Morgan...care for some company, babe?" It was Larry, the father of the kittens. He was sauntering through the yard.

"Might as well come lay about for a while, Larry. Just watch out, if mistress sees us together she might throw something at you."

"Nah, I bet she's real mellow all day."

Morgan looked at her erstwhile lover with astonishment, "You know?"

"Hey, it's the talk of the neighborhood. I told Fuzz and Mi they should do the mistress." Larry looked very pleased with himself.

"You are incorrigible."

"That's why you like me."

Morgan didn't say anything; she just whipped her tail for a minute or two, her right ear laid partially back, to show her disdain.

The two spent the day sleeping and grooming.

When night fell, Morgan went on the hunt and Larry went home to his mistress.


"Let me do it, Fuzz. C'mon, let me do it this time." Milo was practically bouncing up and down in front of his larger brother.

"Alright, but it's got to be just right or instead of entrancing her and arousing her, she'll think you're peeing on her and she'll chase you."

"I can handle it."

Milo leapt up on Kelly's nightstand and backed up toward Kelly's face.

"That's good Mi, now easy does it."

Milo stopped, raised his tail straight up and raised his whole backside by standing on his back tiptoes. He let loose a fine mist, his tail shaking in fine, almost imperceptible, movements.

Kelly Simmons coughed once and Fuzzy, fearing that Milo had awoken her, ran down the hall. When he didn't hear a scream or Milo cry out, he slowly crept back to the bedside.

"I'll go take care of the master and then we can get started."

Fuzzy nimbly ran across the bed to Michael's nightstand and repeated Milo's procedure.

Little Bit entered the bedroom just as Fuzzy was jumping down from the nightstand.

She was already in human form. "Thanks boys for putting the master out. I thought I'd join you. Hope you don't mind."

Fuzzy and Milo invoked the incantation of Bast, their god, and morphed into human form. Then they both stared at Little Bit's form.

"Wow sis! You are hot!" Fuzzy and Milo exclaimed in unison.

Little Bit, now 5'7", with short dark silver-blue hair, the color of her coat, firm but long breasts and a pert ass, took in her brothers' forms. "Not bad yourselves, guys."

Fuzzy, the larger of the two, turned into a dark platinum blond of 6'4" and a big cock.

Milo was 6 foot even, a mop of salt and pepper hair and a slightly smaller cock than Fuzzy, but only slightly.

All three had long, elegant muscles and flat bellies so that though totally human in form they moved with a feline grace. "You know guys, the bed's going to get awfully crowded with all five of us. Who gets the bed and who has to take their toy to the family room?"

Fuzzy volunteered, "We'll take the mistress to the family room. You can have the master here."

"Swell." Little Bit flashed a dazzling smile at her brothers that set their already sizable erections pulsing and twitching.

Milo bent next to Kelly, threw the sheet back and purred loudly while whispering, "Come on Kelly, time to play with us." He nuzzled her throat, eliciting a quiet giggle and her nipples coming to attention.

Kelly sat up with a drugged smile on her face; eyes only partially open, and allowed Milo and Fuzzy to escort her from the bedroom.


Morgan was standing outside the sliding doors that led from the family room to the patio. She was holding a small rabbit under her front paw while she peered inside, looking for signs of life.

"You know, you really don't want to eat me. I've just gotten over something...probably wouldn't taste that good."

Morgan looked down at her prey, about to say something, when a movement inside caught her attention.

It was the mistress, crawling into the family room on her hands and knees, naked except for her white socks.

"Hmmmm," she commented to her prey, "tonight's your lucky night. Are you injured?"

"No, ma'am. You didn't break the skin."

"Alright then, run! And be mindful of my mate Larry, he won't be as kind."

"Yes ma'am, thank you ma'am," the rabbit chirped as it dashed away.

Morgan invoked the incantation and morphed into human form. Her hair long, silver-gray streaks with dark spots; she was tall and sleek.

She knocked on the sliding door.

Kelly was now on her back on the floor. Fuzzy and Milo both stroking her, nuzzling her. Fuzzy had her legs spread and was alternately nuzzling the mistress' thighs and lapping at her cunt.

Kelly was whispering deliriously at the attention from Fuzzy and Milo's attentions to her belly and breasts.

When the boys heard the knock they were startled and jumped away from their toy. They had never seen their mother in human form. But when they realized she was naked - and humans don't go around outside naked - and that she was hissing at then, Milo leapt to let her in.

"Boys," she purred in greeting. "So this is what you did last night?" Morgan asked, pointing to the entranced, naked mistress.

"Yes, mother. Fuzzy took her first and then he let me have her."

Morgan raised an eyebrow, "So how is it that your sister smelled Fuzzy's scent and not your seed?"

"Well, I was afraid to breed her so I held off. Fuzzy bred her. Twice."

Morgan smiled sardonically, "Quite the tom, are we, my son?"

"Yes, mother. She smells so nice when her cunt flowers. She's like catnip."

"Let's have a look." Morgan walked over to her mistress and knelt beside her.

Kelly reached up and touched Morgan's breasts. Morgan smiled down at her.

"Hmmmm," Morgan purred, "that's a nice mistress."

Kelly was flushed and panting shallowly. The flush covered her face and extended down to her breasts. A fine sheen of sweat covered her. She seemed oblivious to everyone and everything except for caressing Morgan's breasts.

"Put your hands on top of your head, dear. That's a good girl."

Morgan slowly ran her hands from each of Kelly's underarms down over the woman's breasts, stopping to pull at Kelly's nipples, and on down to her belly and cunt.

Morgan laughed softly as her hands kneaded the soft flesh of Kelly's belly. "She'd make quite a meal boys. One slash right down her front and all this delicious, soft meat would flow out."

"Mother!" Fuzzy was nervous as his mother kept running her hands over the woman's belly, purring as she does before killing a prized prey. "We want to play with her not eat her."

Morgan turned to face her sons, "Oh, don't worry boys, it is forbidden to eat a human when we are in their form. The punishment is said to be unspeakable. Didn't your sleazy father tell you that when he provoked you to breed her?"

"Uh, no mother..." Fuzzy was getting impatient. He could smell the woman from where he stood and his erection longed for relief.

Morgan stepped back, "Okay, you two toms, show me what you do with our mistress."

Fuzzy smiled with glee. "Watch, mother. I saw this on TV one night while the master was up late.

"Kelly, kneel over the ottoman and spread your legs."

Morgan sat down on the love seat as she watched the woman position herself as she was instructed. Fuzzy knelt behind her. "Uh, dearest Fuzzy, you know we cats do breed like this, don't you? I mean, there are other ways to have a human when you have two legs."

Fuzzy turned to his mother with a broad smile, "Yes, but watch."

Kelly whimpered then whispered urgent obscenities in her sexual delirium as Fuzzy held her by the hips and mounted her.

In the streetlight filtering into the room Morgan could see the woman's body shining with sweat. Her mistress was now panting so loudly she was almost barking.

Fuzzy's face was a mask of pure bliss. He stretched himself over his toy, rubbed his chest and belly over every inch of his mistress's wet skin he could make contact with, cupping her breasts from underneath, his purring increasing in volume.

"Now Kelly, take Milo."

Kelly moaned deeply as Fuzzy pulled her head back by the hair, bowing her back and jutting her breasts slightly forward.

"Yes...yes...please...please...take me..." Kelly panted, reflexively opening and closing her mouth as she panted.

Milo laughed, "Isn't she magnificent mother?"

Morgan smiled an indulgent smile to her son, "Yes, Milo, I must admit, mistress is quite the breeding toy."

Milo approached Kelly, put his hands in her hair with Fuzzy's and guided his erection into Kelly's mouth.

"Now, mother, watch!" Fuzzy was near a frenzy.

Fuzzy started a rhythm. As he pushed into the mistress, Milo pulled back. When Fuzzy had Kelly extended as far forward as she would go, Milo pushed his erection back, driving Kelly back into Fuzzy.

Soon the rhythm was fast and coordinated. Morgan watched in rapt fascination as Kelly's breasts swayed back and forth, the slight belly and hip fat she had rippled back and forth with the boys' movements.

She stood and patted Fuzzy on the head - though Fuzzy was now so deep into a sexual frenzy he probably didn't notice - and sauntered back to the bedroom.


Morgan peered into the bedroom. Little Bit was sitting on top of the master's belly, the master's cock in her cunt.

Little Bit was purring loudly as she stretched her body over the master. "Good, master. Very, very, very good."

"That was quick, daughter. Don't you know one of the true pleasures of breeding in human form is you may take your time?"

Little Bit sat up, cupping her breasts, idly pulling at the nipples. "Yes mother, but I just got carried away."

"Why don't you let him rest and come see what your brothers are doing to the mistress," Morgan held out her hand and Little Bit took it, slowly sliding off the master's erection. "It might give you some ideas for playing with the master."

As Little Bit was about to leave the bedroom she stopped and turned back toward the bed. "Michael."


"Get up, go to the bathroom, and take a couple of those blue pills and wait for me to come get you."

"Okay," came the happy reply.


"Does it taste good, Kelly?"

"Yes...yes...your cock tastes good. Fuck my mouth more...more..."

"In the name of Bast, she is randier that a three balled tomcat isn't she? Maybe she was a cat in a previous life." Morgan was absolutely astounded at the sexual abandon the mistress showed.

Little Bit giggled as she saw Fuzzy lying on the floor, behind the mistress, panting, and his erection down a bit.

"Was she good, brother?"

Fuzzy laughed, "Oh, sister, she is the best!"

Little Bit turned her attention to the mistress gripping Milo's cock at its base and allowing him to plunge it in and out of her mouth.

Milo started to growl and then his seed erupted on the face and in the mouth of his mistress. Kelly was panting and whimpering as she licked at the sticky seed.

Little Bit's eyes were huge, "You think I would like that, mother?"

Morgan stroked her daughter's mane, "I think so."

"Okay! I'm going to try with Michael." And Little Bit bounded off for the bathroom yelling Michael's name.

There was a knock at the sliding door. Everyone jumped and then Morgan focused on the door. It was Larry and he had both his mistress and master.

"Hey babe, Fuzz, Milo, how's it going?" Larry asked casually as he steered his couple in. "Wow, you guys really got your mistress going. She looks a wreck."

"Everybody's gotten to breed but me, Lar."

"I figured; that's why I brought my couple over. Take your pick."

Larry's mistress was in her late 40's, tan, a bit voluptuous of breast and belly. His master was muscular and tanned as well.

Morgan stood in front off Larry's master, pointing to the still delirious Kelly. "Why don't you fuck her for a while, uh..."


"...Neil. I like to watch. And you...," Morgan pointed at the other woman.


"Sandra, you come here and pleasure me." Morgan stoked the woman's belly, "That's so nice, Sandra."


Kelly Simmons rolled over in bed and hit the snooze button. She stretched slowly, her hips aching, her sex burning and wet. There were scratch marks on her face and neck and her breasts and belly.

She looked at her husband and smiled, "Wow," she whispered, "Those blue pills are something!"

Then she noticed Fuzzy, Milo and Little Bit lying on the bed around her and Michael.

"Hey, you guys! Scat! Off the bed."

The young cats were just as tired as their human masters. Slowly they sauntered into the living room to join Morgan in their corner behind the sofa.

"Are we ever going to tell them, mother?" Fuzzy asked.

"No dear, never. Word would spread in the neighborhood and then the goddess would either take our powers away or have the other cats kill us. But..."

All the cats looked at her, "Yes?"

Morgan drawled nonchalantly, "There's nothing in the Law that says we have to wait until dark to change form."


It was a Saturday. Morgan and Larry laid under the Oak in the front yard, napping and grooming.

Morgan twitched an ear toward the house. She twitched her tail in semi-annoyance.

Larry laughed, "Sounds like the kids are having fun with the mistress and master again."

"I should have never told them we could change in the daylight."

A shriek of pleasure from Kelly drifted into the yard. Morgan sniffed the air and involuntarily started to purr from the mix of sex scents in the air.

"Uh, Lar, I think I'll go check on the kids."

"You are so transparent, babe. Which one do you like the most, you slut?"

"Well, master's okay but I do so love having the mistress lick me. Catch you later, Lar."

Once inside the house she morphed and found the boys taking turns mounting their mistress in the living room. Beside them, on the sofa, the master was enthusiastically fucking Little Bit on her back.

"Ah...ah! That's it master, harder!" Little Bit half giggled and half moaned.

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