The Secret of Dickin Close


"Oh yes, they are lovely too, but Jane's are a bit bigger and sort of rounder."

Liz gave a sort of sick smile and started to pop them back into her bra.

"Please, no, they are so nice to look at." Derek pleaded.

I meanwhile was longing to get rid of the others so that I could slake my lust for this cock, I say my lust for this cock and not for this lad, because I doubt it would have made any difference who was on the other end of it. However, I had to try to help Josie, and do the deal necessary to keep young Derek out of trouble.

"Do you shag Derek?"

"No, we never do, the girls just wank me. I like to look at them and sometimes touch them, they like that."

"What about Gina, or that Miss Cornwallis?"

"Gina likes me to play with her tits while she wanks me, but doesn't want me to touch her pussy or let me see it. Miss Cornwallis wanted me to shag her but I didn't know how to do it. When she asked me to go to her flat to get a book, we tried to do it, she wanted to do it, I wanted to do it because it might be fun...!"

"And was it fun?"

"No, not really, she wanted to handle my cock, and it went off when she touched me and it went all over her knickers, its nice when the girls do it but she did it different and it just went off."

"Did she get cross or anything."

"No, she took off her knickers, I liked that and got hard again , her pussy looked nice, oooh, not as nice as yours Mrs. Ben...Sandy, but sort of ok."

"Did you do it then?"

"No, but she still wanted to try it so next day at school she took me to the stationery cupboard and well that's when Iron pants, sorry, Miss Anderson came in and I got in trouble again."

" What would you say, Derek, if I said we would like to teach you how to do it properly."

"All of you?"

"Yes, we could take turns to do things and try things you might like."

"Wow oooh yes, please."

"There will be strict rules. OK"


"The first rule, is no more nonsense at school, not with the girls, or the staff, that is essential. You must work hard and make sure you get into no more trouble"


"Second; our daughters...strictly NO shagging, If we catch you or find out you have been shagging any of our daughters, we will cut off your cock, as lovely as it might be. Are you clear on that?"


"We don't mind your games, and we are happy for you to carry on with them, but if you want to shag, you go to whoever's turn it is, or you come and speak to me and I can arrange things. Clear."

"Yes, Clear."

"And finally."


"This is an arrangement between us, between the five of us, its no one else's business, not the girls, and absolutely no one else. YOU make sure it stays that way or there could be serious consequences – you understand."

"Yes Mrs. Be...yes Sandy."

Slowly, and while the conversation had been going on, the skirts were lowered, and pussies concealed, even Liz's 38s were tucked neatly back into her slightly undersized bra, the effect was a noticeable droop to Derek's exposed cock. Having concluded the strict rules, and much to their disappointment, I indicated with a nod towards the door that the ladies leave me.

"Ooowwwe," they groaned.

"We'll come back later and you can tell us our turns, and if you are going to do something don't wear the poor chap out, I know you, you randy so and so Sandy."

"Don't worry, I think we'll find there is plenty here for all of us."

Well, that's how it started, the story did develop, I hope the girls will share their stories in due course, and then of course I will share with you.

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