tagFetishThe Secret of Jeremy and Jill Ch. 01

The Secret of Jeremy and Jill Ch. 01


Jeremy and Jill had their own little secrets in life. But then don't we all! Everyone has a skeleton or two in his or her closet. And you might be surprised that yours is very similar to many other peoples.

The secret was that Jill liked to see Jeremy wearing her panties. She loved to buy them for him. She loved to go shopping at Victoria Secrets and Frederick's of Hollywood for beautiful things made of the sheerest and most delicate of laces and satins.

And in fact, Jeremy loved to dress up for her. He loved to wear the things she picked out just for him. It made him feel special and wanted to know that she put so much effort into buying things for him.

He loved the way the soft silk or satin felt when she rubbed it across his cock. She loved to massage him for hours through the panties and she could bring him to ecstasy without even making full contact at this point. That took some serious devotion and talent.

He loved the way that certain laces would scratch against his shaven balls. And how the strap of a thong felt between his cheeks. It amazed him that you could wear a thong and all but totally forget that it was there until you moved or bent just the right way...then it would grab an pull and remind you that someone wanted you to wear this thing for their pleasure and arousal.

Christmas was coming and Jeremy was trying to decide what to do for Jill's big present...he had to come up with a plan...something that could involve the lingerie but he wasn't quite sure what yet. As he browsed the mall that Saturday he finally got an idea.

He'd take her out for dinner and dancing. They'd have a wonderful, fun-filled night together. Then at just the right time and place he would slowly unzip his crotch and let her find that he had actual worn his lacey panties out in public.

What a rush it would be for Jill to think of another man seeing Jeremy in his little pink panties at the urinals. She had already told him that the thought of another man admiring his package really turned her on.

So Jeremy planed a wonderful dinner at Lambada's downtown. They had a wonderful menu and a great nightlife of salsa dancing. Hot and close, tight and steamy on the dance floor that would really thrill Jill to no end.

Christmas week arrived and they went out for Jill's big surprise night. Jeremy had only told her to dress as if her life depending on dancing the night away. And he'd left it at that.

When they arrived at the restaurant Jill was quite pleased to see where Jeremy had brought her. As they sat at their table in the corner of the restaurant listening to the Latin music. Jeremy leaned in to kiss her. He decided he couldn't wait any longer to give her the surprise.

"Jill darling, give me your foot." Jeremy said.

"What?" She questioned.

"Put your foot on the edge of my chair he said again. Don't ask just humor me." He replied.

"Okay, your wish is my command..." Jill giggled.

Taking her high-heeled shoe into his hand he placed it on the chair between his thighs and began to stroke the top of her stocking foot with his fingers. Then he slid a finger under her arch and expertly removed the back strap of her heels and slowly slid the heel of so that her stocking foot was naked. He rubbed Jill's foot with one hand slowly while he unzipped the crotch of his pants with the other.

Gently he touched the tip of her toe to his crotch. And rubbed it side to side. When he did he saw the slow smile spread across Jill's beautiful face. She took over from there. She began to rub and knead and tease his cock and balls with her foot. Getting him completely excited in a hurry.

They kissed across the table and moaned quietly in each other's ears as they kept their special secret under the long white linen tablecloth. They exchanged looks of longing and lust and even ones begging for the other's mercy. Jill couldn't wait to get him on the dance floor and she really couldn't wait to get him home and out of everything...except those sexy panties that is. They loved their little secret.

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