tagFetishThe Secret of Jeremy and Jill Ch. 02

The Secret of Jeremy and Jill Ch. 02


After the meal and the wine they sat to relax and enjoy each other's company. Jeremy leaned into her and said,

"Now, just what do you think will happen to me at the dance club tonight when I finally have to give in and go to the bathroom?"

"Oh...my, I hadn't even thought of that!" Jill said with an excited grin.

"Some one's gonna get a real good laugh..." Jeremy replied.

"Or get really turned on seeing that huge cock of yours so well dressed." Jill countered.

Just thinking about it got Jill all flushed.

"Now, if I could only see the reactions for myself. " Jill continued.

Jeremy had thought of that too. And he said,

"Don't worry...you will."

After they'd danced a chunk of the night away they stole down the hall to the bathrooms. When he was sure that no one was looking, Jeremy snuck Jill into the men's room with him. He hid her in one of the stalls that looked directly at the urinal and they laid in wait for another male patron to visit the facilities. The first one that came in was a no glance kid of guy, and that meant he didn't even notice. But after about 30 minutes or so a handsome Latino came in. He'd seen the couple dancing and nodded hello to Jeremy as they stood shoulder to shoulder at the urinal.

He glanced casually maybe for a size check, who knows...but he noticed the panties and a slow sexy grin slid across his face. He zipped and washed and nodded a goodbye to Jeremy.

Both Jeremy and Jill could tell that the Latino was curious, or at least a little intrigued by what he saw. When they went back out to the dance floor they found out just how much so.

The couple danced the sexy samba and the titillating tango among other things. They rubbed and ground against each other almost the whole night through. When Jill noticed that they had an audience over Jeremy's shoulder.

"Don't look now..." She said.

"What?" Jeremy replied.

"Your little panty pal from the bathroom is giving us the once over. I think he likes your ass!" She said in a giggle.

"Probably likes laughing at it is more like it." Jeremy replied.

Jill winked at the sexy stranger as if to let him know that it was okay for him to look at them. Grabbing Jeremy's ass when she did. Watching the stranger's eyebrows rise in approval and longing.

Jill decided they should to head to the bar for more drinks, they noticed the Latino doing the same thing. They said hello as they converged on the bar.

"I couldn't help but notice that you two are very good at the Latin dances. That is quite unusual." The handsome stranger said.

Then Jill decided it was time to kick it up a notch.

"I think there was something else you couldn't help but notice about my handsome husband here..." Jill replied.

The stranger played it cool though. Not wanting to expose his desires to someone who only wanted to make him the butt of a bad joke.

"Oh, and what was that?' He replied.

"You know, the special Christmas package he's wrapped with." Jill said in almost a growl.

She was becoming so excited by the prospects of what else could happen in this one night. The stranger just grinned a sexy grin and licked his lips a little.

"I was there, I was hiding I saw you checking out my husband..." Jill said with an over exaggerated pause.

"And I loved it...I loved watching you look at him it got me totally hot." She continued.

"Quite a thrill alright." Jeremy just added.

"Well, let's see if I can thrill you even more then." The handsome stranger said.

"You two go first, I'll follow in a few minutes." He proposed.

Jeremy and Jill giggled off to the men's room and hid out in the handicapped stall. When the Latino arrived they opened the door and he entered. He kissed Jill passionately on the lips and unbuttoned her shirt to reveal her bare hard-nipples. Then he turned to her and said,

"Undress your husband for me so I can look at him."

Smiling Jill went straight to work. She artfully unzipped his pants and teased his cock to full arousal all at one time. Then she exposed his beautiful pink lace panties watching as the young stranger touched her husband's panties for the first time.

Within the next five minutes Jill was sitting on the toilet seat her skirt up around her waist, her fingers buried in her dripping pussy as she watched her husband be swallowed down over and over again by the handsome stranger.

She'd blown the stranger with great skill and now he returned her favor but by making her fantasy of her husband in another man's mouth come true. Now as the Latino stranger brought her husband to climax and swallowed down every drop of his salty jizz, Jill came multiple times at the sights and the sounds of the two men in front of her. It was an evening enjoyed by all. Jeremy's Christmas present had been a real winner—for everyone. Jeremy had received his first blowjob by another guy, and his beautiful wife had been allowed to experience it all right along with him. It was more than either of them had ever hoped for in a Christmas gift thanks to one handsome nameless Latino who knew what he liked when he saw it.

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