The Secretary


Author's Note: This is non-consent to the max. Please don't say I didn't warn you. I don't want any e-mails telling me I need counseling. I already know that.

The building dated back to the 1940's when the main concern was utility, not style. It was four stories tall and square with a red brick exterior. If there hadn't been a few windows installed it would have made a great warehouse.

It belonged to a big law firm which owned even older, but fancier, buildings on a neighboring street. That fact made the ugly, square building stand out even more. And the inside was no better. Attorneys and paralegals had the offices with windows. Secretaries—lots of secretaries—sat in row upon row of cubicles in the middle of the four floors.

And then there were the boxes. Boxes were the offices, in storage rooms and in the hallways. They were stacked six feet high in places. The paperless society promised so many years ago had not found this place.

It was in this unexciting place amid all the clutter that the beautiful Lisa Bowen worked all day. Lisa was a secretary. Her good looks, charm and constant smile alleviated some of the dreariness. And her dedication to the job made her a valuable asset to her boss, a partner in the firm.

Lisa was old enough, at thirty two, to know how to walk that fine line between appropriate and inappropriate attire...the line that separated sexy from slutty. Lisa was sexy. Very sexy. She knew how low a neckline could go without crossing that line. She knew how high a skirt hem could go.

Her height was above average; her hair was long and perfectly groomed; her body was curvy without being Barbi-esque; her legs were magnificent. Lisa was smart and witty. Her future was bright.

Lisa was single.

There's an unwritten rule in the law firm that attorneys do not date the secretaries. That was fine with Lisa, as she found more than enough interested men outside the firm to keep her satisfied. At least until about two months ago. Then she hit a dry spell.

Lisa had dates, but not with anybody she wanted to take home. It began to depress her to the point where she purposely worked extended hours to avoid lonely hours in her condo. The dry spell would come back to haunt her.

Wednesdays were not particularly busy days for Lisa and this one had been slower than most. Still, she found herself at her desk working at quarter past seven in the evening...long after everybody else on her floor had gone home. She almost enjoyed the quiet compared to the bustle of normal work hours. At seven thirty she would go home, she told herself.

Lisa was thinking about making one last set of copies when she heard something. It might have been a box falling. As many boxes as there were, they rarely fell. She instinctively left her cubicle and headed down the hall toward where she thought the sound came from. Her last job of the day, she thought, would be a simple clean-up.

She passed empty offices and cubicles left and right. Her eyes were locked straight ahead at the stacks within her sight. Nothing out of order, yet. She approached an intersection with another hallway.

That's when she was hurled sideways and face-first against the wall. She groaned as nearly all the air was crushed out of her from the weight of a body pressing her forward against the plaster. A gloved hand covered her mouth. She tasted and smelled the musty material as her senses returned.

"Don't make a sound." The voice was low and calm. A man's voice. "Who else is here?"

Lisa shook her head as much as she could.


Lisa nodded.

"If you're lying you'll die." She felt the cold edge of a knife, or something, at her neck.

She shook her head just a little, fearful of the blade.

"I'm going to take away my hand. If you make a single sound the last thing you'll ever see is your blood all over this wall. Got it?"

Lisa nodded and the hand slowly drew away. But the pressure on her body did not. She couldn't move if she wanted to and probably couldn't have made much of a sound if she dared.

"We're going to walk to your left and enter that next office. Not a sound. OK?" He spoke just above a whisper.

Lisa bobbed her head once again and was relieved to feel the pressure removed from her body. A firm hand gripped her by the arm and they quickly moved into the office. Only then, in the dim light, did she get her first look at her assailant.

He wore a ski mask with openings at the eyes and mouth. But even that was hardly enough to allow her to identify him later if she had to. How she hoped she would be alive for that to happen.

He was looking at her. He was looking at her blouse, and her cleavage, and her skirt and legs. Lisa felt herself trembling. This was not good.

The man pulled out a cell phone and flicked it open. His eyes scanned the little screen. "Seems we have one of your coworkers down on two. Maybe we can go visit her later. If you're cooperative, that is."

He closed the phone and shoved it into his pants pocket. Lisa was still digesting his last statement. Cooperative. How could such an undemanding word make her stomach hurt?

They stood in the middle of an attorney's office. There was a large desk, bookcases, and two overstuffed chairs for visitors. The desk was relatively clutter-free. Lisa knew, of course, who resided in this office and wished he was here now to protect her. He wasn't.

No lights were on. A little light shown in from outside and through the open door, but very little. The darkness only increased Lisa's anxiety.

When the man took a step toward her, Lisa noticed the knife still in his hand. He stopped directly in front of her, nearly touching her body with his. Then the knife was placed at the bottom of her chin. The tip hurt as it pricked Lisa's skin.

"You've been very good. Don't blow it." He put the broad side of the knife against Lisa's cheek. It was cold and hard. Then he touched her lips with it. Lisa's heart pounded.

She watched as the man leaned forward and kissed her lightly. She felt the mask before his lips finally found hers. He licked her gently.

"Very nice," he said in a whisper.

He moved the knife down her throat and into the opening of her blouse. Lisa felt him stop at the first button. She was looking straight ahead, fearful of glancing down with the knife so close.

The man put the knife below the button and pulled up, cutting through the thread as though it didn't exist. Every muscle in Lisa's body tensed up. Up until now she was just a captive. Suddenly, she was turning into a victim.

The knife touched the inside of Lisa's blouse and pushed it open, revealing the top of her breast and the sheer white bra that covered the remainder.

"Take it off," the man said in his roughest voice yet. He backed up a step.

Lisa's hands shook as she undid the next button. She purposely took her time, hoping beyond hope that somebody would come around the corner, enter the office and remove the masked man. She opened another button. They were still alone in the dark room.

The man stared at the full breasts being exposed as Lisa worked her way down the blouse. They weren't huge, just perfectly full and round and firm. He felt his cock twitch.

Lisa pulled the blouse out of her skirt and finished the buttons. She let it hang open with her arms at her side.

"I said take it off."

The secretary took off her blouse and laid it on the desk. The man's eyes were all over her. Lisa suddenly sensed a chill in the air and she felt naked. She dreaded what it would feel like when she finally was. And she accepted the fact it was likely to happen.

Once again, the knife was on her skin. This time it ran up her abdomen until reaching her bra. She expected the delicate garment to be ripped in half at any time.

"Take it off."

The words surprised her. Why was he being so gentle? Wasn't he supposed to be raping her? Shouldn't her clothes be in pieces while he fucked her like an animal? Where was anybody who could help her?

Lisa reached back and unclasped her bra. With one last moment of hesitation, she held it in place before finally pulling it off her shoulders and breasts. She tossed it onto the desk as if in protest.

The chill returned. And the nakedness was real.

The man put his knife in his back pocket and removed his gloves. Then he put his bare hands on the most beautiful set of breasts he had ever seen. He moved his palms in circles around the breasts, caressing them...lifting them...squeezing them.

Lisa was shocked to feel her body begin to warm. She was oddly aroused. The hands felt good. Stop it! she screamed inside her head. This man is about to rape you. Stop it!

The cool air and sudden arousal caused Lisa's nipples to expand. That didn't go unnoticed by her assailant and he rolled them between his fingers. Lisa tried to back away.

"Uh uh," he warned her. "Don't even think about it."

She wanted to scream out. She wanted somebody to come help her. She wanted this man to stop playing with her tits, causing her legs to weaken and her breathing to become short.

"Those are really something," the man said, once again cupping the breasts in his hands and admiring them. "Now let's see the rest."

Lisa's heart skipped a beat. She might have known it was coming, but the words still alarmed her. In her mind, the skirt was the last thing hiding her body from him. Once it was gone she was vulnerable. She didn't—or couldn't—move.

"Take off the fucking skirt!"

Lisa jumped at the command. Her head was spinning from fear, arousal, cold, darkness and a yearning for home. The voice brought her back to the present reality.

She unzipped the skirt, but held it up by the waistband. She had to think for a second what she had on underneath: bikini style panties, no pantyhose. She hated pantyhose. She hated stripping for this ogre.

Lisa let the skirt fall down her legs. She kicked it aside in anger.

He did his usual visual review of her body. Lisa held her shapely legs tightly together. He stared at the thin material stretched against the secretary's pussy. The bulge in his pants was becoming painful. He'd have to adjust it soon.

The man took the knife back out and put it under the thinnest part of the panties on Lisa's hip. One violent jerk tore the panties apart and Lisa jumped. By holding her legs together she kept the panties from falling. He cut the opposite side with another brutal rip. This time she let the panties fall to the floor.

For the first time, Lisa was glad it was dark. Unfortunately, she remained totally alone in an office with an armed masked stranger, intent on using her body for his pleasure. She watched as the man took the knife and jabbed it straight down into the top of the desk. It stood like a statue when he let it go and returned his gaze to her.

"Turn around," he said in a calmer tone.

Lisa turned until she faced the wall, waiting for his touch. It came quickly, but with the gentleness he displayed at the beginning of the ordeal. His fingers traced the outline of her ass. They pressed lightly against her flesh. He held her softly.

She squirmed as his fingers reached between her legs, forcing themselves forward and upward. Lisa had to take a step to each side.

Damn it. Damn it! Not there.

He touched her pussy, sliding one finger between the thin lips of skin.

I'm not wet because of you, asshole.

The finger found the opening to Lisa's cunt. It lingered, probing and seemingly soaking in the moisture. Then it was inside her. Just the tip. Still, Lisa gasped.

"Do you like that?" His voice was kind, like a lover's. "Do you want more?"

"Fuck you," Lisa said. It was her first words and she wanted to scream them, but couldn't.

"Uh uh," he said. "Quiet. Remember? You promised."

The finger was slowly rising inside Lisa's body. It stopped when his knuckles hit her. He circled the finger inside her cunt, hitting every spot he could find. Lisa fidgeted in an effort to escape the sensation...the wonderful sensation.

One hand was on her ass. The other continued to probe her. Then he withdrew the finger and slid it up to her clit. The finger was wet and warm. It rubbed her erect clit just the way she liked...the way SHE rubbed her clit at night.

And then a hand was on her breast. She hadn't even felt it leave her ass. But there it was, kneading her breast and twirling the nipple. Lisa's pussy ached with desire.

Oh, God. No! Don't let him do this! No!

Lisa's mouth was open but no words were coming out. Her ass pressed against his body, trying to escape his finger.

Oh, fuck. He's hard.

He ground the stiff shaft against her. He took one second to adjust it inside his pants, then pushed against her even harder. Lisa was only standing because he held her up.

"Do you feel that? You want it inside you, don't you? You want me to fuck you."

His words made her shiver, but not from fear. He was turning her on. Something deep inside this woman was excited by his words and actions. No, she didn't want him to fuck her. But she was stimulated.

"You're wet. Admit you want me to fuck you," he whispered into her ear.

"Fuck you," she replied.

"That's it. Talk dirty to me. Tell me you want my hard, thick cock inside your soaking wet cunt. C'mon. Tell me."

His hand was all over her pussy. First his fingers were inside her, then they were rubbing her own moisture over her throbbing clit.

Shit! Shit! No!

The man forced Lisa towards the desk. "Put your hands on top of the desk."

Lisa obeyed, glad to have something to lean against.

"Spread your legs."

This was it. He was going to rape her. And Lisa found herself wondering what his cock would feel like. Would it feel good? Would it arouse her even more? Worse yet, would she cum?

Please don't let me cum, God. Please.

As he pulled down his zipper, Lisa convinced herself it would hurt and she'd never cum. Not in this office. Not with this stranger. She heard him rustling behind her. She pictured his pants around his ankles and his hard cock pointing at her ass.

His hands were on her hips.

"Wider. Bend over."

Lisa stuck out her ass and waited. She felt the cock hit her cheeks before contacting the entrance to her cunt. She clung to the edge of the desk and surprisingly felt a hand on her right breast. He was playing with her nipple again. She felt a twinge in her pussy again.

"Now. Tell me you want me to fuck you and make you cum."

Lisa shook her head. He squeezed her nipple harder and pushed the head of his cock between her pussy lips.

"Tell me!"

A hand was on her clit. She wanted to explode. She wanted to cum.

"Say it!"

"Fuck me," she said.


"Fuck me and make me cum," Lisa said.

"I know it turns you on, so listen to me. I'm going to take this cock and shove it into your wet cunt and fuck you with it until you cum so often you lose count."

All the while, the cock was inching itself deeper and deeper inside of Lisa. It didn't hurt. It felt...good. It went deeper and she spread her legs.

"Feel it? Feel the thick shaft stretching your cunt? You want it. You want me to make you cum."

He was fucking her now. The cock was big, but not so much it was uncomfortable. It filled Lisa perfectly and in the middle of it all she realized she was rocking her body in unison with his thrusts.

His hands played her breasts and clit like an instrument. First one, then the other. He seemed to be holding back on both until he knew she was ready. Ready to cum.

Lisa tried not to make a sound. Any sound she made would only be interpreted as approval. She hated what was happening. She hated this man taking her like he did. But the cock felt so good deep inside her cunt. His hands felt so good on her body.

He rubbed her clit exceptionally hard one time and drove his cock into her with extra force. Lisa moaned and lifted her head.

"That's it. Let it go. Enjoy the cock and let yourself cum."

Fuck you. I won't.

It was time. He rubbed Lisa's clit and pinched her nipple. Hard. He fucked her even faster. His body slapped against her ass with a sound she'd never heard before. Nor had she ever felt like this before while having sex. It took control of her.

No! Don't...don't cum.

She had no choice. She cried out before common sense told her not to. But there was no repercussion. Just more of his rigid cock driving in and out of her waiting cunt.

"Yes! Cum for me, bitch. Let me hear you cum!"

Lisa muttered something the man couldn't understand and she began to cum. He felt her entire body shake as her orgasm grew in strength. He grunted with each violent thrust of his cock. She accepted each one and waited for the next, perhaps even craving it as wave after wave of ecstasy flowed through her body.

Lisa couldn't believe it. She was cumming and didn't want to stop. She wanted his cock to push deeper and faster and harder. She wanted him to rub her clit just the right way. She wanted to keep cumming.

Sweat from her hands made the desk slippery. But she held on, pushing back against the force of the masked man's body. Her breasts swung back and forth, adding to the eroticism of the whole contemptible scene. She was beginning to feel unbelievably satisfied. At least sexually.

Then her attention was drawn to a new she normally got great pleasure out of. That of the man inside her about to cum himself. She knew the signs. She recognized the sounds.

All that was missing was the warm liquid pouring into her cunt. That came quickly and in extraordinary quantity. The man's grunts and groans exceeded even her own. Spurt after spurt of cum hit the walls of Lisa's vagina. She stood there and took it, in awe of his stamina.

Then it was over. Lisa felt the heat emanating from both of their bodies. It wasn't cold in the office any more as the man pulled out his still semi-erect cock. She used both hands to brush back her hair, afraid of what she looked like. She was afraid to turn around...afraid of facing the man who just brought her to an extended orgasm and who emptied his balls into her wet cunt.

When the sound of the man getting dressed ended, Lisa peeked over her shoulder. He was looking at his phone again.

"Looks like we're wanted downstairs. Apparently they have somebody they want you to meet. Let's go."

Lisa grabbed the clothes on the desk.

"No. Leave the clothes. Let's go."

Wait! No. I'm naked.

The man stared at her, waiting for Lisa to move.


"Let's go, I said," the man said angrily.

Lisa walked in front of him and toward the door. At the hallway she asked, "Which way?"

"You tell me. We need to go down one floor. And no tricks."

Lisa turned toward the nearest stairwell. She wanted to duck into a cubicle, an office, behind boxes, anywhere and hide. This was her office...her workplace...and she was walking around naked. She didn't care that nobody was there. It wasn't right.

If Lisa's nakedness discomforted her, it had the opposite effect on her captor. The man couldn't take his eyes off her swaying ass and hips, her beautiful back and smooth thighs. But especially her ass. God, it was perfect. And just moments ago he was pounding his cock into the luscious pussy that hid below it. He was sure the rest of the guys were going to enjoy what he was bringing them.

Lisa took them down a stairway and onto the second floor. "Where's the conference room?" the man asked.

Lisa pointed and started to walk that way. The floor was just as dark and quiet as the one they had left behind. But as they turned a corner, light illuminated the end of the hallway. Voices could be heard as they approached.

A series of floor-to-ceiling glass windows preceded the conference room's door. Curtains hid what was inside. Lisa stopped just short of the door, still fully aware of her nudity. The man poked her in the back. "Go on."

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