The Secretary


My name is Melody and I love my job. It wasn't always like that. Before old man Hawking retired I had the most boring secretarial job in the company. Then my new boss showed up, and all that changed. We were wondering what he'd be like. All we knew was that his name was Mr. Johnson, and that he was relocating from our London office. I was particularly worried, not knowing if I would be kept on or be sent back down to the secretarial pool.

Finally the big day came. I wore my best suit. Midnight blue to bring out my eyes, and custom tailored to fit like a glove. He stormed past my desk and into his office, slamming the door behind him, and I knew I was in trouble.

I heard not a peep from him for the next several hours, then was abruptly summoned into his office. He slowly walked around me several times, taking in every detail as he asked me questions. How long I had been with the company, whether I liked it here or not, what my duties for Mr. Hawking entailed...

Suddenly, he stopped in front of me and began to unbutton my jacket. I froze as he slipped it from my shoulders and stared at my breasts. I don't know if it was the way he looked at me or the chill from the air conditioning, but my nipples became erect and strained at the silk of my blouse. He smiled, then returned to his desk and sat down.

I stood there, not knowing what to do or say as he continued to stare at my body. Then he spoke, "Unbutton your blouse and remove your bra." I remained motionless, my mind whirling. Not wanting to comply, yet unwilling to lose my job. "NOW!" he said. With trembling hands I did as he asked. As I dropped my bra onto the chair, he began to rub the growing erection in his pants.

"Beautiful." he said, "Now get on your hands and knees and crawl to me. And do not look me in the eyes unless I tell you to, bitch." Until that day I had never been spoken to like that. But something began to stir inside me. I lowered myself to the floor, pulled my skirt up slightly, and crawled to him. When I reached him he ordered me to straighten, place my hands in my lap, and keep my eyes lowered. I did so and heard, rather than saw, him releasing his penis from his trousers.

He then started to roughly fondle my breasts as he spoke. "You have a very desirable body Melody; let's see if you know how to use it properly. I have not cum since leaving England. My balls are full and I need release. You will suck my cock, you will allow me to ejaculate into your mouth, and you will swallow every drop. How well you do so will determine whether or not you still have a job. Is that clear, slut?"

I whispered "Yes, Sir" and took his penis into my mouth. He was rough, grabbing my hair and thrusting himself in and out of my mouth. I began to choke, but he only laughed and pushed himself deeper. My throat muscles began to open, stretching around his throbbing member.

He started to moan as his balls hit my chin. I licked, sucked, fucked his cock with my mouth, and within minutes it began to spasm. He growled "Swallow it, Bitch!", and stream after stream of the sweetest cum I had ever tasted began to explode down the back of my throat.

I swallowed furiously to keep up, and milked his swollen balls for him. When he had spent himself he told me to get dressed and get back to work. As I left his office he said "Be here at the usual time tomorrow. And you are not allowed to wear panties to work from now on. Shut the door behind you."

That was two years ago. And in those two years, Mr. Johnson has used and abused my body on a daily basis, and I wouldn't have it any other way! But all good things must come to an end. I'm getting married next month and will be moving away. But before I go I must find a replacement for myself. One that will be suitable for Mr. Johnson's special needs.

It hasn't been easy, and Mr. Johnson requires me to pre-screen all the candidates, to save him the trouble of having to interview them all himself. That's what I'm doing today. The waiting room is full of women applying for the position, but I have my eye on one on particular.

She's young and very pretty. Petite with large, full breasts, just the way he likes them. She hasn't much experience, and is obviously eager to impress me. But as she waits, she sees one woman after another being dismissed, and is getting more nervous by the minute.

I message Mr. Johnson to tell him to be ready for an interview. And I know his cock is getting hard already. I finally motion her to the seat at my desk, and make a show of perusing her resume. She fidgets, and it's all I can do to keep from smiling at her discomfort.

Finally, I speak, "This is a very prestigious position, and the job description encompasses many things." She interrupts, and begins to stammer about how she knows she's young, and doesn't have the qualifications of the other candidates.

I hold up my hand to silence her. "Actually" I say, "assuming she has the basic skills for the job, Mr. Johnson prefers to train his secretary to accommodate his personal business style. How badly do you want this job?"

Her face lights up, and she stammers "More than I can tell you! I need this job so badly, and I am willing to learn from the ground up!"

I smile. "That's exactly how you will be trained, from the ground up. And if you are willing to do what he asks, rest assured, you will get the job. Follow me." I knock once on the office door and lead her in by the elbow. "Mr. Johnson, this is Tina. She says she is willing to learn this job from the ground up, just as I did."

He rises and walks over to her. She is too nervous to meet his gaze. Perfect. I step aside to allow him to circle her slowly, just as he did me that first day. The growing bulge in his pants tells me I have chosen well. He removes a pen from his breast pocket, stops behind her and uses it to lift the hem of her skirt. She gasps and whirls around. "Stand still!" I command, "Do you want this job, or not?"

Trembling, she whispers "Yes", and Mr. Johnson returns to his chair, propping his feet up on the desk. I lead her over to his desk and stand close behind her. I reach around and begin to undo the buttons on the front of her dress.

She stiffens, and I whisper in her ear "I know how you feel because I was in your position once. But just relax and let this happen. One day very soon you will be glad you did. I promise."

I continue until the last button is released, then gently slide her dress off her shoulders and push it over her hips to fall to the floor. She whimpers sweetly when she feels my fingers unhook her bra, but does not resist.

I reach around to the front and ease the undergarment from her full, firm breasts. Sir smiles his approval and says "Exquisite. How hard do her nipples get?" I pinch them lightly between my fingers and roll them back and forth. They harden immediately at my touch and jut out invitingly.

When I glance at my Boss, he is slowly rubbing his cock through his pants. "Now, show me her fuck holes." he says. I slip my thumbs inside the waistband of her panties and lower myself to the floor, pulling them down with me. I rise, hold the crotch down with the toe of my shoe, and tell her to step out of them. She mutely complies and nearly falls, as her knees are so weak. I grab her waist to steady her. Then run my hands slowly down her smooth, flat belly to her inner thighs, and gently press outwards.

I whisper in her ear "Show him what you have to offer, sweetheart." She does as she is told, parting her legs. I tilt her back slightly to lean against me and pull her open wide to show my boss both of her holes. Sir rises and comes to us, then looks at me over her shoulder and gives a curt nod in my direction. I step back and begin to quickly undress as he explores her young body with his hands.

When I am naked but for my heels, he tells me to sit in his chair, spread my legs and prop them over the arms of the chair. When I have done so, he says to Tina "Do you see those holes? She has used them to make me very happy, as she has also done by bringing you to me. I wish to reward her now. Kneel between her legs."

She sinks slowly to her knees and looks up at me. "But I've never... I don't know how!" I smile and wrap my fingers in her hair, pulling her face to my aching pussy. She begins to lick tentatively at first, then with more enthusiasm. I moan and sink back into the chair as my clit begins to swell, and just before my eyes close, I see my Sir unzipping his pants.

I hear him quietly move to stand behind me, and a moment later his hands are on my breasts, grabbing them roughly and squeezing. His touch sends a thrill through me, and I pull the girls face tighter against me and start to grind my wet pussy onto her mouth. The Boss laughs and tells her to suck on my clit.

As soon as she does I begin to cum, my cunt squirting juice until it runs down the crack of my ass. Sir releases my tits and swiftly moves around behind the girl. I release her hair just in time for the Boss to use it to pull her to her feet, then grab my arm and pull me to mine.

He spins her around and shoves her head down onto the desk, using his foot to force her legs apart. He pushes his cock between her legs, and then draws back in disgust. "She's hardly wet!" he growls. "Open YOUR legs! I know YOUR fucking cunt is dripping right now!" I immediately prop one foot up on the desk top, brace myself, and lean back to allow him easy access.

He steps between my legs, cock in hand, and uses the head of it to part my swollen pussy lips. He thrusts violently forward, slamming his cock all the way into me, 1, 2, 3 times. Then he pulls quickly out and says "Thanks for the lube, cunt. Now guide me to that bitch's fuck hole!"

I grasp the base of his penis and feel it throbbing strongly as he positions himself back behind Tina. I rub his dick up and down her slit to lubricate it and part the lips, then position the fat, shiny head against her hole and say "Ready Sir."

He pushes forward. She squeals in pain as his prick stretches her open. He moans "Ohhhhh. Good job cunt. Her little fuck hole is even tighter than yours!"

A twinge of jealousy passes through me, but I reply "Thank you Sir." He reaches forward, clamps a hand over her mouth, and rams his cock all the way in. It's obvious her muffled screams excite him even more, as he starts to pound more furiously into her young cunt. I know my job well after 2 years in his service, and drop to my knees behind him to fondle his cum-filled balls as he fucks her.

His balls begin to tighten and I know he's close to shooting his load into her. Another twinge of jealousy hits me. This one unnecessary, as he then says to me "I'm going to save her virgin asshole for another day. Assume the position next to her." I rise swiftly, joy filling my heart, and bend over the desk at her side. He uses her for a few more strokes, then pulls out and steps behind me. I reach pack to pull the cheeks of my ass open. I know he likes a good view.

He presses his pussy-slick cock to my asshole and forces it open. I moan, and shudder with delight as he fills me completely and fucks me like the bitch in heat that I am. I rock my hips in perfect rhythm to his thrusts, making sure to stroke the entire length of his cock with my tight little ass. Then I look over at Tina, lying next to me, tears still drying on her face. I smile. She smiles back. And I know that my job is done.

Sir begins to moan, his cock swells and I tighten my muscles to grab it even better for him. I feel it begin to jerk, then spasm rhythmically as he pumps his thick, hot sperm deep inside my ass. I savor the feeling knowing it will be the last time I ever experience it.

I continue to rock my hips, slowly milking him of every last drop of his precious seed. When he's finally finished cumming he pulls his now satisfied prick from my well-fucked hole and gives me a pat on the ass. "Good girl" he says. "Show Tina what to do next." I slide from the desk to the floor and lovingly lick his cock clean before gently putting it back into his pants for him.

He sits at his desk, and resumes working. Not even glancing at us as we quickly and quietly dress. We head for the door, and without looking up he mutters "Goodbye and good luck, Melody." The tears in my eyes make it difficult to see as I fumble the office door open and walk out.

Just before the door closes, the Boss says "Melody?" I turn and see him staring into my eyes. "I've decided this won't be our last fuck after all. On your wedding day you will stop here on your way to the church. I've always thought you looked good in white."

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