The Secretary


Brett twisted me around so that my back was resting against his chest, and maneuvered me until his erection nestled between the cheeks of my ass. Placing his hands on my hips he encouraged me to slide back and forth rubbing myself along his shaft. My slipping and sliding on his lap caused my breasts to jiggle, Brett watched them intensely admitting their movement had always fascinated him. Satisfied that I would continue in that manner his hands finally returned to his first love, my breasts. At the height of my arousal he picked me up, carried me across to the sofa, laid me down and hovered over me. Lowering himself gently to slip inside me, leaning on his arm so as not to crush me. He was considerate and gentle when we made love, slowly at first while his lips lightly caressed mine. Not once was he forceful, it was if he could sense my mood, knowing how I wanted to be made love to.

He refused to let me dress more appropriately when preparing our evening meal, still wearing the half-slip he stood behind me with his arms wrapped around my body holding my breasts, his erection clamped between my thighs. Even at the dinner he sat on the chair with his back to the table with me straddled across his lap impaled on his shaft, expecting me to feed him while he fondled my breasts. In the evening we laid on the sofa with Brett lying behind me, spooning while we watched TV, his erection lying between the cheeks of my ass, his arm around me having slipped his hand down inside the top of my slip tweaking my nipples. Few words were spoken between us while he kissed my neck, kissed my shoulders and kissed me. He did say from that night he would be sleeping with me, and my bedroom was now our bedroom.

Sitting on the stool in front of my dressing table looking in the mirror preparing for bed, Brett was rifling through my lingerie draw and found and handed me my purple half-slip which he told me to wear as a nightgown. A wide grin crossed his face as I removed the soiled slip and eased myself into the purple one, satisfied he headed for the bathroom. As he left I began to brush my hair, pulling it over so that it all cascaded down one side of my face to fall across the top of my breasts. After placing a few dabs of perfume in the most strategic places I began to apply my usual palest lipstick of choice. I heard Brett return and watch him in the mirror as he flopped naked onto the bed.

"In future wear a more glossy colorful lipstick in bed something between a scarlet and ruby red."

I turned to answer him and saw his erection standing up like a flag pole, he noticed my eyes looking at him and said, "Susan you are beautiful, tonight you can jack me off." It was the first time Brett had called me by my first name, it took a bit of getting used to.

I had never seen a man cum before, of course when Preston was alive I stroked him many times but he always cum inside me. Brett was lying with his hands resting behind his head his legs spread wide suggesting that I kneel between them. Wrapping my hand around his shaft I began to work him up and down, slowly at first, as per his instructions, gradually getting faster and faster. In the end I was pumping vigorously causing my breasts to shake and bounce around, watched by Brett. The first stream took me by surprise as it ejected, shooting about a foot into the air and splashed back onto my hand. Subsequent streams and there were a number of them, were not quite as forceful landing on his chest, his legs, my arms and on my slip. I took my slip off, cleaned Brett and myself wiping us down with it, then threw it on top of the laundry basket.

Brett said that he wanted me to wear the slip, I told him that it was all wet and sticky, he said he couldn't careless, I was to put it back on. It was cold and wet and stuck to me I stood at the side of the bed waiting for him to tell what he wanted me to do next, he told me to get back on the bed. I suggested the bed would get messy Brett didn't care, saying I could wash everything. He pulled me close, lying beside him he kissed me saying how beautiful I was, while slipping his fingers inside me. As we kissed he worked me off occasionally removing his fingers to bring them up to my mouth. The first time he brought his fingers up to my mouth he rubbed them across my lips leaving residue of my juices, which automatically caused me to flick my tongue across my lips to remove them. He wanted me to taste myself to experience what he had experienced. The second time he placed a single finger in my mouth for me to suck, after that two fingers then finally all three fingers which was the extent of his penetration into me.

The more aroused I became the more he wanted from me. He whispered in my ear that he wanted me to talk dirty, using dirty words to describe my body, describe his body and describe how our two bodies performed together. I was reluctant to use such words never having spoken them out loud before, but he said he knew I thought about them, and probably used them in context of some fantasy, then asked me about my thoughts. He persuaded me to admit I had thought about them, that I had used them in my thoughts. He argued there was no difference in saying them in your head, than saying them out loud especially if you're with someone you love who wants to hear you say them. So for my darling I began to use the dirty words telling him about areas of my body and areas of his and what we did together. Saying those words out loud to my lover got me far more aroused in ways I couldn't understand, I ended up screaming abuse at an unforgiveable level to my son, demanding he make love to me.

Afterwards as we lay in each other's arms, Brett said he wished he could have capture our performance on video, suggesting we install concealed cameras in the bedroom so all we have to do is flick a switch at the side of the bed to record our love making. I didn't know whether or not I would like that kind of exposure in my life, yesterday I certainly wouldn't have agreed. I was beginning to realize that Brett was changing my sexual awareness and preferences, that which I wouldn't have accepted yesterday, was willing to accept today, and I must admit it was making life more exciting, but I did wonder just how far he would take this thing. Twice I was woken in the night and made love to, which was a new experience for me and again in the morning before I had to get Brett off to college. I was in the kitchen still wearing the soiled purple half-slip as Brett was preparing to leave for college, he came up behind me put his arms around me held my breasts and told me to be lying naked on the bed for when he got home.

When he arrived home he found me lying naked on our bed, leaning over he kissed me, then playfully slapped my breasts before slipping his hand between my legs. I knew he was testing me to see how far he could push me, but I didn't care, I loved him and I wanted him to love me and therefore could deny him nothing. I watched as he undressed at the bedside then take up the same position as the previous night, lying on his back, hands behind his head and legs spread wide. I was taken aback when he told me to give him a blow job, never having performed oral sex before. Reluctantly taking him in my mouth began to bob up and down, obviously I wasn't performing to his satisfaction because he kept telling me to go deeper until he finally pressed down on my head to encourage me to take more of him. In the end I took all of him, being deep down my throat as my nose pressed against his pubes. It was the first time I had heard Brett moan, which for me was the sign that he was experiencing great pleasure, so I must have been doing something right. He began to lift himself off the bed, attempting to get more of him inside me when I backed off a little, then it happened, he cum in my mouth. I did my best to swallow it all, but there was too much too soon, so I let it dribble back down his shaft. It wasn't long before he pulled me up to his level rolled me on my back and applied passionate kisses, but it was some time before we made love.

A week later Brett bought and installed the camera system, with the recorder set up in his bedroom along with all his other computer equipment. Four tiny cameras one in each corner of the room were fixed to and concealed behind the decorative coving and monitored the whole bedroom.

One Saturday Brett decided that we should go shopping to buy me some really sexy outfits, skirts and dresses that were tighter and shorter, blouses made from sheer translucent fabrics through which my bras could be seen and lingerie sets. Although I provided Brett with a hansom monthly allowance buying me those sort of clothes would soon deplete his bank account so I increased his monthly allowance and instructed the bank should he exceed his limit, to transfer funds from my account. Marrying Preston and the sale of the business, our financial status was extremely healthy. During our shopping spree that Saturday morning Brett and I walked around the mall holding hands. Anything he thought was suitable he would come into the shop with me to watch me try the items on. He would rub his hands over the skirt feeling the material and me at the same time, then watch me walk up and down to see the effect of the skirt on my body. I couldn't very well model the lingerie in the shop for him, so that had to wait until we got home. One thing he bought for me which was a surprise, was a satin trench coat and it being a matter of time before I found out what purpose it would fulfil.

After our shopping spree, with the bags placed in the trunk of the car, Brett took me to lunch and was very attentive. It was actually the start of us going out together, one evening he said we were going for a drive, he suggest I wear a skirt and blouse but nothing underneath, no bra, no panties. We drove up to Lover's Heights which is up in the hills just outside of town. There were several cars parked up with plenty of space between each one, and we parked a good distance away from our closest car. Brett wanted us to sit in the back seat where we began to make out. He unbuttoned my blouse and slipped it off over my shoulders, then came the skirt and there I was sitting in the back seat of his car naked. Brett took his own shirt and pants off. When it became time to make love he had me kneel across the back seat on all fours and took me doggy style. It wasn't as pleasurable as our love making on the bed but for me it was something new and different.

Our next outing was a picnic, for that I wore a short strapless sundress and nothing underneath. We drove to a secluded spot along the river and parked on a dirt track. We carried our picnic things through a wood until we reached a small grassy area on the side of the river. The river at this point was very shallow, strewn with rocks and boulders and some 10 feet below the top of the bank. Brett spread a blanket out on the grass where we sat and had the picnic. Afterwards while we lie side by side he unzipped the back of my dress pulled the top down and began to suckle on my breasts. He lifted the hem of my skirt slipped his hand up and began to prepare me to receive his fingers. With his fingers working inside me and his thumb working on my clit, his lips alternating between my lips and nipples it wasn't long before we were making love. It was much nicer than in the back of the car but I still preferred the bed.

It was our next outing when I discovered the purpose of the satin trench coat. Brett asked me to wear it one evening again with nothing underneath, and we walked along the embankment beside the river as many couples did, we stopped beneath a bridge. Brett leaned against the brickwork and pulled me close, we kissed and cuddled entertaining the people who walked passed us. He undid the coat so that my nakedness pressed against him, my body unseen by passersby. Also unseen was the fact that he was inside me waiting until there was nobody in our immediate vicinity before making love to me, stopping when someone came along and only continuing once they passed. Because of all the foot traffic I was becoming frustrated no longer concerned whether passersby realized what we were doing, knowing that with my face turned away while kissing Brett I could not be recognized. I wouldn't particularly want to do that again but knowing my son who knows what will happen.

One night we were in bed talking with Brett telling me of his day's events and me telling him mine, although mine were pretty mundane and much the same each day compared to his. He was saying that he had met this girl Emily, but quickly stressed that it would make absolutely no difference to our relationship, we would continue to sleep together and make love. He said he wanted to have sex with her and didn't want me to be jealous because it wasn't as though we could be legally married, as much as he would like to. I told him that providing our lives didn't change I wouldn't be jealous if he was having sex with all the girls at college. "How long have you known her?" "Met her today." "Did you kiss her?" He told me he did and would tell me everything that happens between them, said he'd give me daily reports.

They met the following day after college and ended up in a secluded spot where they began kissing. She pushed his hand away when he put it on her breast. He persevered and ended up undoing her blouse and slipping his hand inside her bra. The third time they were together was Saturday, Brett went around her house and met Madeline her mother, who was just on her way out as he arrived. He and this Emily started kissing and in no time he was back inside her bra, she suggest that they go to her bedroom where she removed her blouse and bra then laid on the bed. Brett followed her, they kissed and cuddled he fondled her breast then put his hand up her skirt. Apparently she broke the kiss looked at Brett never said anything then continued kissing him. All the time he was telling me of his progress he was giving me a practical demonstration. He continued with his ministrations until the girl orgasmed which according to Brett was the first time anybody had achieved to get that far, because it was well known she refused to allow boys to get intimate with her. Perhaps that's why he wanted to have sex with her, it was the challenge.

By the time the mother returned home the pair were back down stairs and Brett was repairing something for the mother. She said it was nice to have a man around the house to do all those difficult jobs, which her husband used to do before he left to move in with a younger model. He was invited to stay for lunch then remained for rest of the afternoon, stayed for dinner, before taking his girlfriend to the movies. Sunday he was around her house again and did a few simple jobs for the mother and ended up staying the whole day. They talked, he helped out; it was just the usual quiet Sunday.

He must have been going with Emily for about three weeks when we were talking about her and her mother, Brett said that he thought Madeline, was showing signs of interest in him. Emily was due to spend the following weekend with her father so Brett decided to visit Madeline on the pretext of having forgotten it was her daughters visiting weekend. He knocked on the door, when Madeline answered he asked to speak with Emily, Madeline told him her daughter was spending the weekend with her father. Brett acted surprised thinking it was the following weekend she was going. Madeline invited him in apologizing for the way she looked as she wasn't expecting company and should go up and change into something more respectable. She showed Brett into the sitting room and left, while he made himself comfortable on the sofa.

When she came back down Brett said she looked a different woman a tight short skirt tight low cut jumper showing cleavage and a portion of her large breasts. Bright red lips and her hair neatly tied back in a ponytail he told her she look very nice, beautiful in fact. Sitting in the chair opposite, legs crossed causing the hem of her skirt to ride further up her thighs. He said that if he hadn't been going out with her daughter he would like to have dated her, but said perhaps she thought he was too immature. She contradicted him and saying she thought he was very mature.

Brett said to her, "I hope you don't think that I'm being too personal when I say you have a lovely body." Apparently she giggled and pulled her shoulders back to push her breasts out further.

"I saw that you sexy bitch."

She told him he was a naughty boy talking to her like that.

"I could get naughtier if you sit on my lap."

Madeline got up and crossed over and sat on the sofa beside him. Taking his hands saying that she thought it would be nice to go out with him but considered it unfair to her daughter. Brett said he was sorry but since Emily wasn't available and had already made reservations at a restaurant; thought perhaps Madeline would like to have had dinner with him for her kindness towards him. Again he apologized and got up to leave. Madeline placed her hand on his arm and asked him not to leave and would be delighted to be his date for the evening. She was fidgeting with the hem of her skirt, her eyes cast downwards when she admitted that she had not dated for several years because she concentrated on her daughter's welfare. Brett lifted her chin looked her straight in the eye and told her he understood, then leaned forward a lightly kissed her on the lips then arranged to pick her up at eight o'clock.

Brett lied and had not made dinner reservations, but when he got home was able to book a table at his favorite restaurant. According to him Madeline looked stunning when he picked her up, surpassing all expectations in the sexy look stakes. Low neckline, high hem line, clinging to her body with buttons all the way down the front of the dress. Brett doesn't drink and drive, we agreed that when I first bought him a car, and when he asked Madeline what she would like to drink she just had a glass of the house wine. Apparently Madeline was very affectionate because after their meal when they danced she wrapped both arms around Brett's neck and after a couple of dances squashed her breast against his chest and rubbed all of herself up against him.

When they arrived home Madeline asked him in for coffee and he followed her into the kitchen. Standing behind her as she prepared the coffee he slipped his arms around her waist, Madeline stopped what she was doing and stood there waiting. Brett moved his hand up to cup her breasts, Madeline rested her head on his shoulder as he began to unbutton her dress. Her breathing became heavier the further down the dress the buttons became undone until, with front of her dress open, she turned in his arms and they began kissing in earnest. Madeline suggested taking their coffee into the sitting room where they could be together on the sofa. Although Madeline allowed Brett to remove her dress she wouldn't allow him to undo her bra, or put his hand inside the cups, the same went for her panties, she would not let him put his hand inside them. As they kissed, and he could touch her on the outside of her underwear, but no further than that. Brett argued that she was an experienced mature woman, not some young girl protecting her virginity for some future husband. He left soon after, and with Madeline getting him all aroused took his frustrations out on me.

Madeline must have told her daughter of their date and the subsequent performance when she invited him in for coffee, Emily was very angry with Brett, thinking he would treat her mother that way. That was it, Brett wasn't standing for her attitude; it wasn't so much her anger but how and where she approached him. He told Emily that it was her mother who initiated the seduction, she encouraged him to seduce her. She provided him with the opportunity, then suddenly changed her mind, stopping him midway having deciding she didn't want to be seduced. Then to tell her daughter of the event and for her to take him to task, he dumped her.

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