tagNonHumanThe Secrets Within

The Secrets Within

byElena Weaver©

Piper knew that she was not supposed to be down here. The caverns were off limits to all of the village children. The entrance had even been boarded up; to make sure that none would have the opportunity to sneak down there. But Piper was not one to listen to the advice of her elders. She was curious to see just what was down in the caverns that made them so dangerous. And so, late in the night, she stole away from the village. Carrying a lantern, she made her way to the edge of the village, and into the forest where the mouth of the cave could be found. It had taken much effort, but she managed to pry one of the boards off, lending her enough room to squeeze through.

She stood up and dusted herself off, before lifting the lantern and peering around. The floor was covered with a thin layer of dust; a testament to just how long the cave has gone without visitors. The walls were made of cold, gray stone, jagged at the mouth of the cave. But, oddly enough, they smoothed out, and strange markings and pictures seemed to be carved into them. Further back, she was able to see dim, blue light. She narrowed her eyes slightly. Was someone else in here? If not, then where did the light come from. Curious, she moved deeper into the cave. The dust helped to muffle her footsteps, but the lantern light gave away her presence. However, despite her lantern light, the shadows swirled around her, concealing the creature the lurked within them until it was far too late. It hit her on the back of her head with something hard, probably a rock, and sent her crashing into unconsciousness.


It was nearly impossible to tell just how much time had passed since she had fallen into unconsciousness. She had been carried deep within the cave, so deep that she could not see the cracks of daylight as the shined through the boards at the mouth of the cave. Marveling at how much her head ached, she reached up to brush aside a few strands of auburn hair to see just where she was.

Piper appeared to be lying face down on some sort of altar. Torches burned all around her, their flames casting an eerie blue light. The table that she had been placed on was made of stone, ornately carved with similar symbols that she had seen on the mouth of the cave. Though she could not see it, she was not alone. A demon knelt on the altar at her feet, it's green skin covered in scales that glittered in the torchlight. It was about seven feet in length, its hairless head crowned in horns. A long tail was wound off of the table, gently sliding over the floor.

Piper groaned softly, and tried to raise herself to her hands and knees. Unfortunately, that was just the position the demon wanted her in. With an amused laugh, it placed its hands upon her hips, and ground its manhood against her. "No..." She moaned softly, but the demon replied only by pulling up her skirt, and returning to grinding against her. Her only protection from the demon's cock was her white panties now... already damp with her sweat and the demon's precum.

"Now... lets see what we have here..." The demon hissed. With its lewd laugh ringing in her ears, she felt as it rub a clawed hand against her pussy. It traced her pussy-lips for a moment or two, before triumphantly sliding a finger underneath the elastic leg band, and into the warmth of her womanhood. She gasped softly in pleasure, as he rubbed against her clit, gradually dragging her toward climax. But, just before she lost herself to the white-hoot pleasure, it moved its fingers away from her clit, instead plunging it into her tight hole. "Ah yessss..." the demon purred into her ear, "I can tell that you are still a virgin... I must say I am surprissssed, Piper. I know what a bad," it paused to slowly lick her earlobe, "bad girl you have been..."

A second hissing sound could soon be heard, and Piper looked up to see a second demon approaching the stone table. It looked exactly like the first demon. As she watched in horror, it also shed its semblance of clothing, before climbing up onto the table with them. It communicated with the first demon in their odd, snake-like language, before the first demon took hold of her wrists and rolled Piper onto her back, despite her struggles. The first demon was lying beneath her, holding onto her wrists still, keeping her struggles at a minimum. The second demon, meanwhile, positioned itself between her legs and slowly removed her panties, tossing them into the darkness that surrounded the table. Holding her legs apart, it pressed its lips against her cunt, licking at her sweetness. It then focused upon her clit. The loud slurping sounds that it made as it lapped up her juices were embarrassing, but it did not stop her from once more approaching climax. But, yet again, she was deprived of the white-hot pleasure. The demon finished its ministrations on her clit, moving slightly so that it could plunge its tongue deep into her sweetness. Piper cried out, unconsciously grinding her hips against the demon's face even as the first demon whispered lewdly into her ear. Her face burned red with shame, but she could not help herself against the rapidly rising lust.

All too soon, the demon had had its fill of her honey, and she was once more positioned on her hands and knees. "See what happenssss when little girlsssss go where they're not supposed too?" The demon hissed into her ears as it ground its cock against her unprotected pussy. Slowly, it slid into her, the cockhead invading her tight hole. It paused a moment, before thrusting into her as far as it could go. Piper screamed, but it ignored her as it slowly pulled all but the head out, before once more ramming into her. Over and over again it thrust into her, until it's cock was buried up to the balls. Even then it continued pistoning into her. However, by then her screams had been muffled as the second demon thrust its cock into her mouth and began pounding away. Despite herself, the rhythmic slapping of the demons' balls against her lips and clit sent sparks of pleasure through her... forcing an orgasm to tear through her. She writhed in combined pleasure and pain, but still the demons pounded into her. It was only until her third orgasm that the demons' cocks swelled. They both came at the same time, pumping seed into her mouth and pussy simultaneously. Finished with her for the moment, they released her, letting her slump into a sweat-covered heap upon the table. For a moment, Piper felt a wave of relief. Now that they had had their fun, they would let her go, right?

And then she felt a band of metal encircle her slender throat, and the collar snapped shut with an audible click. "Wh-what are you doing?" she gasped, looking wearily up at the two demons. Their teeth glittered into the torchlight, as one of them attacked manacles to her wrists.

"You are now our slave... to be ussssssed as we see fit..." One of the demons told her, as it tested the strength of her chains. The other slid a finger into her slit, before sucking the juices off of it. "There issss a reason why your elders sealed the cave shut... To keep foolish youths like you from getting caught by us..."

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