tagLoving WivesThe Seduction and Using of Dawn Pt. 01

The Seduction and Using of Dawn Pt. 01


This is a story about an unfaithful wife and how she became an unfaithful wife as told by herself and one of her lovers. There are many twists along the way.

Each chapter is the story so far as told by either Dawn or Neil. It's in the he said, she said style.


Chapter one: (Neil)

The first time I saw her was at a company dinner dance. She was quite small in stature, but possessed a regal serene presence. She commanded everyone's attention as she glided through the room, making introductions to old friends and new alike. She was dressed in a figure hugging fantail evening dress in a deep blue color. The dress was held up by two very thins straps which sat on her alabaster shoulders. Her skin was almost porcelain, as it was so smooth and feminine. Her makeup was soft and feminine with just a hint of mascara on her long lashes which framed her dreamlike hazel eyes. As she gracefully moved between people, I could finally see her figure in its entire splendor due to her skin-tight dress. Her breasts were large and full, either the work of a skilful surgeon or magnificent genetics. Either way these breasts were stunning. Her waist was narrow and thin and her stomach was relatively flat, again great genetics or a love of the gym life. Her butt was taut, tight and perfect, sitting atop of her slender long legs for such a small demure lady.

She looked magnificent as the dress stretched deliciously over her womanly curves.

As I soaked up her beauty I could not believe that a guy like Phil could have such a hot wife. Phil was a fairly handsome guy, but he was just one of the crowd. He showed no alpha male or leadership qualities. Everyone liked Phil but the reality was he was unassuming. I looked at his wife and began to fantasize that she and I were engaged in a torrid affair. In a short space of time, literally minutes, I began to concoct a plan to get Phil out of the way for a while on a work assignment while I attempted to seduce his wife in his absence.

I made my way over to Phil and his wife and held out my hand with a warm smile awaiting an introduction.

Phil smiled at me as he turned to his wife. She extended her slender hand to greet mine as Phil said.

"Neil this is my wife Dawn, Dawn this is my boss Neil." He smiled.

"It's a pleasure to meet you." Dawn said in voice that ran like smooth syrup. Even her voice was erogenous as it seduced my ears.

"Believe me Dawn the pleasure is all mine." I replied with a warm smile emblazoned across my face.

Dawn smiled back as her head tilted slightly; making her hazel eyes catch the light and sparkle like stars peering through a black night sky.

She was a total vision of sexual wonderment.

I turned to Phil and said.

"I really need to discuss something with you tomorrow morning regarding an overseas assignment. It will mean a promotion and salary increase but there are other details to discuss, so if you could meet me in my office at about 10:00 I'll clear my schedule!" I said in my best managerial tone.

Phil smiled, shook my hand and said.

"Sure Neil I'll be there 10:00 sharp!" he replied in his usual efficient manner.

"Looking forward to it Phil, but before this night is over I hope to have the pleasure of a dance with your beautiful wife!" I requested.

"I'd have been offended if you hadn't asked!" Dawn said with a girlish giggle.

"I'll see you on the dance floor later." I smiled "In the meantime have a great evening and I'll catch up with you all later." I said as I turned on my heels and made my way to my table and guests.

Dawn was very beautiful but I detected she had a playful sexiness about her. Her figure was awesome and every guy in the ballroom couldn't keep his eyes off her, and the tight clinging dress she wore revealed her perfect hour glass figure. She was I guessed no more than five feet tall, but her Breasts, Ass and tiny waist drew admiring glances from both males and females. I was sure that I could make out some kind of jeweled attachment on her left nipple as the line of her dress was slightly distorted in that area. The distortion only added to her sexuality as my mind imagined this vixen naked with her pierced nipple being offered to my teeth to nibble and tease. Her skin as I stated, was soft and almost alabaster in its smoothness, seducing my mind, teasing my thoughts at how delightful that soft flesh would feel as we entwined bodies and fucked with a wild abandon.

Composing myself, I returned to my table and guests but kept casting furtive glances at this majestic sexual vision all evening. I was mesmerized by her presence and found my concentration distracted by this magnificent vixen. My mind wandered in a world of fantasy as I drifted in an existence where Dawn was my lover and we were thrusting at each other with endless animalistic pleasure. I needed to experience this vixen and all of the carnal desires she possessed. As the evening progressed with the meal completion, the band started to play some up tempo dance music. The dance floor filled with couples working off the excesses of the delightful meal we'd all consumed. Dawn never got up to dance during the phase and sat at her table, sipping her Rose wine and enjoying the conversations of her dinner guests. As the music moved to the slow dances, I made my way over to her table, standing directly behind her, She half turned to acknowledge my presence as I asked her if we could have this dance. Dawn pushed her chair back slightly, offered her hand to me and said with a glowing smile.

"I'd be delighted Neil"

Taking her small slender hand I guided her to middle of the dance floor where I placed my right hand around her slender waist and moved her closer toward me.

Her firm large breasts were thrusting into my chest as we danced in a waltz like shuffle. She stared into my eyes with her sensual smile stirring my imagination. We glided around the dance floor, encroached by almost every couple in the room. My leg went between Dawns leg as I held her closer as her pubic mound pushed into my crotch. My uncontrollably growing erection pushes into her mound and with no acknowledgement whatsoever Dawn said she was glad we got the opportunity to meet me. With my hand on her waist I could feel the soft gossamer like material of her dress as it clung to her delectable skin. She placed one hand around my neck, nuzzling her face just below my chin. I could feel her hot breath wafting over my throat and ear lobes. My cock was at full mast now as she looked up into my eyes and gently bit her lip.

We continued our dance and I continued to make the most of holding my colleagues wife, wishing I was holding her naked just as I was about to enter what must be the tightest hottest pussy on the planet if the rest of her body was anything to go by.

Just before our dance finished, Dawn placed her tiny hand on my chest and moved her head up toward my ear. Her soft lips brushed my ear as she breathed softly Thank you for a very nice dance!!"

With that she smiled at me, turned on her heels and made her way over to her table, leaving me on the dance floor sporting a huge erection. As the lights were fairly dim I managed to straighten my attire and go to the gents without anyone noticing my tent pole trousers.

My mind was swirling with deep dark sexual thoughts, of fucking my colleague's wife. The night ended and I made my way home. When I reached my apartment I spent the next hour masturbating frenziedly, thinking about Dawn and hopefully encouraging her to be an unfaithful temptress.

My plan for transferring Phil to an overseas assignment was really simplistic. Our Saudi branch needed two persons, but they were of a higher grade than Phil. To put my plan in to completion I would need to promote Phil and this would possibly soften the blow that I was sending him overseas. I agreed to promote Phil and that the promotion was subject to him accepting the overseas assignment.

I'd already arranged a meeting with Phil in my office scheduled for 10:00 am the following when I would cascade my entire plan to Phil and hope he would accept my terms.

I arrived at the office at my usual time and, got out the lift on the 10th Floor and walked the short distance to my office. My assistant was already at her desk and I handed her a sheet of paper with the following information written on it.

We will be Promoting Phil Ainsworth to Branch Manager and he will be taking one of the positions in our Riyadh Office on a 6 month contract negotiable after 3. Salary increase will fall in line with position promotion and incur the accepted increment. The overseas position will be offered on single status only.

The contract is to commence from 1st of May. All Mob and De-Mob are to be at the companies expense and Car and Accommodation will be provided during the assignment.

"Could you get that down to HR and get them to give you a pro forma overseas assignment contract with the details on the sheet included."

My assistant Paula picked up the sheet of Paper and headed down to HR.

"I need the contract back on my desk before 10:00am as the guy will be signing it sometime today!"

Paula nodded and shuffled off toward the elevators.

Prompt and efficient as always, Paula returned with the contract at 9:30. She placed the contract on my desk and handed me an envelope with a travel voucher for to arrange his flights with Carson Wagonlit Business travel agents.

Thanking Paula I sat back in my reclining office chair feeling rather smug with the ease at which my plan was falling into place.

As expected Phil arrived 10 minutes early. Paula told him to just go into my office. I heard the two little taps on my door as Phil opened my door, popping his head around the wide pine doorway.

"Good to see you Phil, pleases take a seat"

Phil smiled and sat at the round visitor table I have in my office. I sat at one of the other chairs and place the Contract and envelope on the table.

"Phil I won't beat about the bush here, but what we're offering is a promotion to branch manager, salary increase and benefits. It's a 6 month probationary period but it's an overseas assignment. It's in our Riyadh office in Saudi Arabia and is single status. You will be on location for the six months with no leave cycle to ensure that the office and infrastructure is fully operational. The contract will be negotiable after a three month cooling period and the duration in Saudi is expected to run for 12 months. I have here your contract with all the terms and conditions of your new position. A travel voucher from Carson Wagonlit for you to arrange your flights around what is suitable for you, but the bombshell is that if you accept this position the starting date is the 1st of next month which is only 10 days away!" I paused for breath and looked at Phil's shocked expression.

"I know this is quite a lot to think over so take the rest of the week off and go home to discuss this with your wife and confirm with me as soon as you can. You know you would be filling one of two positions so a quick response would be appreciated. Pop home and talk things over with that beautiful wife of your and try and give me a decision as soon as please!" I finished.

Phil picked up the contract and the travel documents shook my hand and said.

"I'll go and chat with Dawn and I'll give you my answer today before close of business. As far as I'm concerned it's a yes but I'll need to clarify a few issues with Dawn first!" he said in a most professional manner.

"Don't worry about Dawn when you're gone, I'll make sure she's taken care off!" I said in a comforting tone, but my aspirations were anything but.

Phil looked at me with a strained expression.

Chapter 2: (Dawn)

I don't know if you would call it female intuition or simply the fact that Phil and I been together with hardly a day apart, since we were 15, but I knew something was bothering him. He hardly touched his meal and it was only when the children were out that I plucked up enough courage to confront him.

Phil stammered about how Neil had only that morning took him into the Office (my heart skipped a beat I thought the R word was about to be uttered REDUNDANCY) However to my relief Phil had been offered promotion citing increased salary and associated perks and benefits without any hesitation I threw my arms around him and hugged as hard as I could (I was now pleased that I hadn't made an issue of Neil crudely pushing that hard disgusting lump against me)

"I knew Neil liked you" I kept telling Phil." You've worked hard for all these years and at last you're being rewarded".

Phil mumbled something virtually audible about 10 days, but I was just so pleased and excited for him, excited for us both, that I didn't even ask him to repeat his mumblings.

I knew that money wasn't the only thing in life, but over the years the mortgage had increased, the 'kid's' being typical teenagers, always seemed to want more and more, placing even more strain on the family purse strings to the point that Phil had become totally preoccupied with work, that the inevitable stress fractures appeared in our relationship, to the point that I couldn't even recall when we last made love let alone had sex. But now I was confident all that would change!

That night I was like a kid at Christmas! I must have telephoned everyone I knew; such was my eagerness to share our good fortune. To celebrate our good fortune, not one, but two full bottles of my favorite Rose were not sipped but gulped until I was absolutely squiffy

It wasn't until next morning that I awoke with a more than a slight hangover that I realized Phil had already left for the office, no doubt dropping the 'kid's' off at college and school etc.

Staying in bed with a strong coffee, I knew that I had the luxury to lie there and reflect on our change of fortune and started making plans for the future. First a holiday had to be planned, then our love life, followed by a change of car, not forgetting our love life, settlement of our credit card balance for my breast augmentation. I knew at the time we couldn't afford such a procedure but such was my efforts to attract the attention of Phil, instead I seemed to draw the attention of other men. Phil didn't seem interested, in fact he had hardly touched my boobs but I was now so confident that everything would change, that I suddenly realized that I was sexually aroused. Touching my moist pussy sent a sudden 'tingle' through my body, running my index finger along my pussy; I slowly began to gently separate my labia. Mmmmmmmmmm my clitty was sending all the naughty signals to my brain, to such a point I wasn't content with one, let alone two fingers, I simply forced three fingers into my excited pussy. Each and every push of my hand made my fingers slide in even deeper. I drew my legs up until my knees created a tent like rise in the cotton bed sheet. My hand was now still, it was my hips now pushing, forcing my pussy onto my fingers. Closing my eyes, my thoughts soon dismissed the role of my fingers, instead I visualized Phil between my thighs pounding my pussy Mmmmmmmmmm my left hand cupped my boob, my finger and thumb rolled and squeezed my nipple, it was, in my mind's eye, Phil biting and chewing on my nipples. I visualized his teeth biting into my nipple then tugging on my piercing until my erect nipple was painfully stretched, in my attempt to recreate this experience I twisted the nipple ring. I knew full well Phil would never ever do such a thing, as his approach was always measured and gentle, but today it was different, he was strong masculine and in control, at one point I almost heard him using verbal obscenities.

I was so aroused that my dirty thoughts raced from Phil, then flash back memories of a brief 'friendship' with a much older man when I was in my mid-teens. We would spend time together in his flat; he would purchase items of under wear. I would parade myself in the lingerie for his pleasure, perhaps not fully understanding what I was doing, yet even at that early age sensing something; sensing it was me in control. I quickly erased that distant thought; Phil wasn't aware of that episode of my life and never would be. My hips rotated against my hand, seemingly more determined to push more and more of my fingers deeper into my pussy. The three had become four and my hand ached, yet I continued. I wanted to feel Phil, his 'thing' was huge - massive brutal and ugly. The size that I could only dream about, the size that I doubted even existed. In my fantasy it became obscenely LARGE. Phil had now been replaced by a Black Guy, the type that would throw you around the bedroom. Thoughts, filthy thoughts, competed with one another as my orgasm drew close. That lump that Phil's Boss couldn't seemingly control sprang into my mind, when suddenly!

The door, the bloody doorbell chimed repeatedly...DAMN DAMN DAMN! Jumping up I glanced from the bedroom window and recognized instantly Phil's Father's car parked on the drive. The doorbell chime continued. DAMN! I was so close to an orgasm that I felt cheated! Pulling on my red lace panties, that I had lazily discarded the previous night, I quickly threw on a short white baby doll affair and made my way downstairs to open the door.

Phil's Father Brian entered the house and followed me into the kitchen. My heightened state of sexual arousal and the sudden disturbance had pushed the notion of modesty totally out of my thoughts. Turning my back on him to fill the kettle with water the reality suddenly hit me on how little 'appropriate' clothing I actually was wearing. The hem of my baby doll was short, barely covering my bum, clad in its see through red lace. I could feel his stare yet I continued to make the coffee as if this was just another normal day; I turned toward him as he gazed at my pendulant breasts encased in the short see through baby doll. Sitting opposite across the dining table afforded Brian a view of my cleavage and all of the curvy contours of my body. The thin nylon wrap around belt that held my baby doll together had clearly worked loose during my effort to rush downstairs and answer the door, in essence more boob was on display than what the wrap over baby doll contained.

I suddenly realized just how much I was enjoying the whole situation. Brian struggled to maintain eye contact, his gaze constantly falling on the vast expanse of cleavage.

I lit a cigarette knowing full well from past experience what the consequence would be. As I inhaled on my cigarette, my chest rose higher, pushing my bare breasts forward. Brian's gaze followed even the smallest of movement each time I inhaled his focus was on my mouth, on my lips. Perhaps blatant, too blatant, but I even ran the tip of my tongue slowly over my top lip. I didn't need telling but I knew that in Brian's mind it wasn't a cigarette that I was smoking. Like some cheap tart I was deliberately being sexually suggestive with my Father in Law to the point that I casually stated.

"I don't usually smoke this early in the day, I much prefer a cigarette after sex" adding "Which isn't that often these days" My teasing and the obvious slur on his Son's lack of performance wasn't lost on Brian. I could cut the tension with a knife. Brian rose from his seat as I exhaled a fine plume of cigarette smoke into the air. Crushing the cigarette out in the glass ashtray, I stood to face him, my bare breasts with my pierced nipple on full view. His erection was evident and from what I could see, Brian was certainly packing, that was clearly evident.

As Brian took one step forward, I smiled seductively as the tingling sensation in my aroused pussy increased dramatically. The telephone rang, punching a hole in the sexual tension.

"Dawn I need to go!" He stammered and left.

Picking up the phone quite angrily, my ardor was pulsating through my veins. At first there was no voice, none at all then I heard Phil.

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