tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Seduction Ch. 03

The Seduction Ch. 03


Chapter 3: The Arrival

We had checked that the second bedroom window could be easily opened, and as it was a fine day left it ready. I sat in the room with Faith, watching Melinda on the video in the main room waiting for Leah. At some point I would climb out the window and knock on the door. The plan was to wait until Melinda had Leah more or less dressed, and had perhaps put some ideas into her head about the provocative photos she wanted, before I waltzed in. Melinda would act as though it was me she had been expecting, and when Leah protested, we would both state that we thought the other had called to tell her I was to be the male model.

Leah was five minutes early and seemed a little nervous as she entered the apartment. She was wearing a khaki halter top and denim shorts with ragged edges. I could see the small points of her nipples through her top and knew that she wasn't wearing a bra. I felt my excitement grow and wished desperately that our plan would work. Melinda's belief that she wanted some raunchy pictures for her and Clay had built my expectation. Of course, I realised that there was a big difference between raunchy photos and real sex, and another thing about doing any of this with a complete stranger as opposed to with me.

Melinda's professional, semi-detached manner as she showed Leah the lingerie and suit seemed to relax her and she made positive comments about all the clothes. Melinda said that she might as well go into the bedroom and get dressed, at which point she asked where the male model was.

'He'll be here soon I hope!' Melinda laughed, 'otherwise I might have to dress up as a man!'

'Oh!' Leah replied, 'Clay would love that!' They both laughed and as Leah headed into the bedroom, I exited through the window and almost ran to the front door. As soon as Melinda opened the door I forced myself into a composed expression, my eyes flicking towards the bedroom door as my mind pictured Leah peeling off her top and shorts.

'Hi, is everything okay?' I asked. 'Sorry I'm late.'

'That's okay,' Melinda replied, trying to sound normal and for a moment we both stood there trying to suppress laughter. We obviously both felt like school kids involved in a prank. The only difference really was that we were both adults involved in an adult prank.

A minute later Leah opened the door, and walked out looking down and adjusting her suit. She looked great, the cut of the suit accentuated her slim waist and yet still gave her a handsome appearance. Then she looked up and stopped dead, her eyes widening and her mouth hanging open in surprise.

'Hi Leah,' I said as nonchalantly as I could, after all I was supposed to know that she was going to be there.

'Dave...what...what are you doing here?' she stammered.

'Hey?,' I looked puzzled. 'I'm doing the shoot.' I turned to look at Melinda, 'didn't you tell her?'

'What do you mean!?' Leah asked.

'I thought you were going to call her last night!' Melinda shot back, ignoring Leah.

'What do you mean he's in the shoot? Look...'

'Hey, Samantha,' I said, trying to act angry, 'I distinctly remember telling you that I didn't have time to call her and you agreed that you would call...'

'Hey! Stop it!' Leah yelled loud enough to make us both fall silent. 'Now tell me what's going on?'

We stood and glanced at each other then I began to speak. 'Look, sorry Leah, it seems we've stuffed up. Last night, M...Samantha got a call from the guy who was going to be in the shoot. He said he couldn't make it. Sam rang me to see if I knew anyone else and I don't. As it happens, he's pretty much the same size as me in clothes, so she asked if I would fill in. I said as long as it was okay with you, and we discussed who should call you. It would seem,' I glanced angrily at Melinda, 'that we may not have resolved that as clearly as we should've!'

'Look, Leah, I know it will stuff me around a lot, but if you want to pull out now that's fine and I wont mind.'

'Oh, no, well....I'm not sure.' Leah seemed torn between not wanting to let 'Samantha' down and her uncertainty at posing with someone she knew, rather than a stranger. I wondered just how raunchy she wanted the photos to get.

'Look, its up to you Leah,' I said. 'Hey, tell you what though, I did bring along a whole lot of U2 CD's to play during the session,' I held up the small carry all I was holding. Leah smiled and I knew she was starting to soften towards the idea. U2 was her favourite band and it was a subject we always warmed to together.

'I tell you what,' Melinda cut in with perfect timing. 'Why don't we just get some basic shots, you've got the clothes and make-up on, there's no sense wasting that effort. If you feel comfortable as the time passes...well we'll see then.'

'You've clinched the deal!' I thought triumphantly as Leah looked at her and nodded.

'Dave, what about...how's Faith with this?'

'She's fine, you know her, she doesn't exactly have a closed mind?' I hoped that the comment sounded suggestive and when Leah nodded, I turned towards the bedroom.

'I'll go get changed,' I said and offered my bag to Leah. 'Get some music happening.' I strode off to the bedroom and once behind the door practically ripped off my clothes. I knew that she would be thinking it through over and over, so the quicker we got started the less likely she was to change her mind. I stood momentarily in my boxers, examining my physique in the mirror.

'Would she want to get physical with me as the shoot went on? Would I be able to get it up for her? I might be too nervous with Melinda present. Samantha!' I chided myself, recalling the near stuff up earlier. 'I must think of her as Samantha the whole time. As for performing, the night before was different with the deliberate build up and the desire we all expressed. This may be different.' As I adjusted the suit and tie, then placed the hat on my head, I tried to shake my doubts away. 'Let's just play the game and see what happens!' With that I left the bedroom.

The Seduction

'Okay,' Melinda began almost as soon as I closed the door behind me. 'the effect we're looking for is of a happy and successful couple arriving home after a nice restaurant dinner. And you're a close couple, in love and in lust.' From the corner of my eye I saw Leah shift her weight from one foot to the other and I wondered if it had been a nervous reaction to hearing the word lust.

The suits Melinda and Faith had picked out were very dark, and with my hat it gave me a gangster look. Leah's suit was equally dark, but tailored to enhance its femininity and the material possessed a dark emerald thread that was almost invisible to the naked eye. Underneath, we both wore long sleeved men's business shirts and matching black shoes, mine typically nondescript loafers, Leah's a more stylish black lady's shoe with a slight heel.

'Over by the door, Dave I want you to hold it fractionally open as though you're closing it, Leah, you're already in the room. I want you holding hands okay?'

'I feel like a guy,' Leah said, and I detected a note of nervousness in her voice.

'Trust me,' Melinda said as she readied the camera, 'the suit is tailored perfectly and with your blonde hair and blue eyes, the effect is perfect.'

'Yeah,' I smiled, opening the door with my left hand and holding my right out towards her. 'You definitely look like a woman to me!' As she took my hand with her slightly clammy palm, our eyes met and I offered her a small smile. At that moment I felt she became comfortable with me as she smiled back.

'Great!' Melinda called, 'don't move that's great.' The camera whirred as she fired off three shots. We had purchased a lot of film, a necessity given that Leah had specifically asked for copies of the photos. Another expense in a dare that had taken on a life of its own.

'Okay, now let the door close, Leah move closer to Dave, take her elbow,' we moved as she instructed, my hand sliding up along Leah's arm as she moved closer, which in turn brought her hand onto my waist.

'Turn towards me Leah, I want to be able to see the front of the suit.'

'Nice touch,' I thought, 'we have to keep reminding her, and ourselves that this is a fashion shoot - to a point!'

'Look at each other again, Leah can you just move your head towards Dave so that it looks like you're about to kiss.' Again our eyes were locked onto each other and as I looked into her blue eyes I felt a twitch in my pants. The camera whirred, then Melinda had Leah playfully grab my hat and place it rakishly on her head, then moved me across to the small bar where I proceeded to pour two drinks as she photographed me. Another shot of us together, this time as I handed her a drink. Several photos followed of us clinking glasses and drinking, another nice touch as the vodka lime and soda's that I had poured were rather strong.

Under Melinda's instructions I sat on one of the large sofas and removed my shoes, holding them in such a way that she could take several close up photos. Then I loosened the jacket and tie, leaning back against the sofa as Leah stood in front of me.

'Okay Leah, jacket unbuttoned, rest your knee on the couch next to Dave's leg...good...now hold your glass at waist height and just circle the rim with your forefinger.' Leah seemed a little awkward and Melinda moved over to her. 'That's kind of it, but I want you to flirt with him, okay? You're seducing him.' I looked up at Leah, trying to hold a bemused smile as she looked back at me, her finger tracing circles around the rim of the glass as instructed.

'Okay, Dave, put down your drink, lean forward and grab her tie, don't pull too hard, just enough to bring her a little closer.' I complied and the camera snapped.

'Okay Leah, lean all the way forward, I want your lips almost touching.'

'This is it,' I thought, 'the moment of truth as to whether the line in the sand is to be drawn immediately.'

But Leah leaned forward in response to my gentle tugging of her tie. We both tilted out heads to the side.

'C'mon guys, part your lips a little,' Melinda said, 'try and look like you're about to kiss. Remember you're a happy couple!' We both laughed at that and I parted my lips as instructed.

'Better, better,' she said. 'Now, Dave, sit back and let go of the tie, Leah straddle his lap, one hand up on your hat, the other holding your drink low. I want the jacket to fall off one shoulder a bit and reveal the shirt.'

As her weight settled onto my lap, I felt another tingle.

'Not yet!' my thought was almost panic stricken.

'Drink down now,' I accepted it from Leah and placed it on the small side table.

'Now, I want you Dave to sit up, use your hands to hold yourself off the sofa, Leah, cup his face with your hands and I want a light kiss okay?'

I pushed forward and looked into Leah's eyes. There was no hesitation or doubt in their blueness, nor were her hands clammy any more as they gently held my cheeks. Her lips touched mine and I acted chaste, keeping my lips together.

'Good, good,' Melinda murmured from beside the couch. 'Okay, I want you two to just kind of take over here for a bit,' she spoke as the camera whirred. 'What I want is for you both to end up with the jackets slowly removed and Dave, for your tie to go and Leah's to end up loosened with her shirt collar open. I want gradually increasing passion in the kissing okay?'

Leah neither flinched nor removed her mouth from mine. Instead we began to kiss, not just touching mouths, but kissing, our lips moving against each other. I reached up and stroked her cheek, then gently pulled her jacket down from her shoulders until it was bunched at her elbows. I nuzzled under her chin and began to kiss her neck so that she dropped her head backwards, pushing her breasts towards me. I could see the outline of her bra through the cotton and wanted to stroke the line that marked the edge of her cleavage.

Instead I tugged at her tie and worked it lose, slipping the button open as I did so, my mouth kissing the small triangle of skin that became exposed. Then she pushed me back, leaning forward to work her jacket off which she tossed onto the sofa beside us. Then she kissed me on the mouth, this time her lips parting and her tongue darting forwards. I met it with mine, my head buzzing at the ferocity with which her tongue assaulted me, a rapid series of twirls and thrusts, then she broke apart to pull my jacket down my arms.

I leaned forward to allow her to pull it down, then when she had my arms pinned back, she pushed me into the soft cushion, one hand on my chest and another gripping my chin and tilting my head up towards her. By now I was semi erect and Melinda's presence was limited to vague movements in my peripheral vision, which had reduced drastically as my focus narrowed onto Leah. She leaned towards me and with a cheeky grin ran her tongue up my chin and across my lips, teasing my open mouth. I darted my tongue forward and felt her lips close on it, then she was sucking it, her head bobbing forward and back. The hand on my chest was tugging the knot in my tie loose. With my tie gone her hand ran down my chest. The soft sucking of my tongue was intensifying now and began to hurt the small flap of sinew that joined the bottom of my tongue to my mouth. I leaned towards her and finally had to grunt loud enough to make her realise that I was in pain.

The sound seemed to make her snap out of the trance she had put herself into and she broke away from my mouth, leaning back and allowing her head to drop back, causing the hat to fall from her head onto the floor and releasing her hair.

'Great, great!' Melinda exclaimed, snapping away. During the last bout of kissing Leah's weight had dropped so that our crotches touched and I thought that my arousal must have been evident. Emboldened by her frenetic kissing I reached up and caressed her breast through her shirt, feeling its softness. I gently squeezed one breast while my other hand worked the second button of her shirt open, then ran down her body to caress her waist.

Abruptly she sat forward, our heads almost crashing together, and her mouth found mine. This was a deep passionate kiss, one that held a secret promise that there was more to come and set my heart thumping. She was subtly pushing her crotch against the bulge in my trousers now and I knew that for me there could be no more pretending.

'I've just got to change film,' Melinda called out and I realised that the buzzing I could hear was not in fact the sound of my lust, but rather the sound of the film auto-rewinding in the camera.

When the shoot was over, Leah stepped off me and walked across to the drinks cabinet.

'Another?' she asked and I was surprised to hear that her voice sounded normal and even, no hint of the breathlessness she had displayed during the session. I nodded and watched her closely as she prepared the drinks.

'Was I mistaken?' I wondered. 'Is it all for the camera, for Clay's little fantasy of watching his wife have sex with another man? It was a common enough fantasy,' I acknowledged, 'but can she be that good an actor? And if so, what was with the grinding against me?' The thought of my erection made me look surreptitiously down at my crotch. The dark material of my trousers was bunched up, but the fit was loose enough that I could sit here comfortably without my arousal being too obvious.

'But who are you hiding it from? Leah ground herself against it, Melinda expects it, Faith wants it and you've got it!' But this, like last night, was a game. Unlike last night I wasn't so sure of the outcome. Leah's reversion to normality unnerved me a bit and as a result my erection began to subside. She handed me my drink and sat in one of the wooden chairs near the dining table, watching as Melinda loaded the new film.

'Okay,' Melinda said a little breathlessly and I wondered if she was having trouble loading the film.

'That would blow our cover,' I thought and had to suppress a giggle. 'Imagine a photographer who couldn't load her camera!'

'Do you guys want a break or just plunge on?'

'Let's keep going,' Leah answered before I could reply.

'Good,' Melinda said, her tone once again businesslike. 'Okay, where were we at?' She glanced around and I wondered if she was trying to decide the best scene for moving things on to the next stage.

'Well,' Leah interrupted. 'We were making out on the couch, why don't we start from there and see what happens?' Again my heart did a little leap.

'More games? I wondered what Faith was thinking. And doing!' I imagined her watching us on the couch with one hand inside her panties. My cock twitched so I banished the thought.

'That's fine, but we need some shots of your shoes,' Melinda looked down at Leah's feet as you spoke. 'Have you got the white socks on?'

'Yeah,' Leah smiled, 'these are cute shoes, don't know about the white socks, seems a little tarty.'

'Okay, back on the couch,' Melinda ordered, ignoring the comment. 'What I want is for you to more or less take up where you left off, then Leah, lie back along the sofa and Dave, you take her shoes off, hold one of them up enough for me to get a good shot, with both of you looking at it. Leave the socks on her and give her a foot massage, then from there...well we'll see.'

I experienced a sensation of being detached, a kind of out of body experience as I returned to the couch. On the one hand I was following orders and on the other, the object of my desire seemed to be playing games with my mind. The presence of my wife in the other room completed the surreal situation.

I sat and at once Leah moved astride me. She seemed to spread her legs further than before, as though to settle her crotch more firmly against mine. Once we were comfortable, she looked at Melinda with a raised eyebrow. Melinda nodded and Leah leaned towards me. Our eyes were locked together as we kissed again, mouths melting in a now-familiar yet still exciting embrace. Her tongue danced against mine as our mouths caressed together and our breath mingled hotly. Within seconds of her lips meeting mine I was fully erect, but this time my cock was almost compressed against her body. Again she began to move against me, gentle gyrations that transmitted heat from her loins against my shaft, which was almost painfully pressed down.

'Ahem,' Melinda coughed, 'are we needing a bucket of cold water?' We had been unaware of the length of time we had spent kissing and broke apart self-consciously.

'No,' Leah said as I shook my head. 'But just so you know, I'm feeling comfortable about doing the lingerie shots.' With that she slid from my lap, her eyes darting down to the tent in my trousers, before lying back along the couch, her head resting against the arm. She moved her feet onto my lap and as the camera began clicking I untied one lace and slid the shoe off her foot. I held it up and looked at it, letting Melinda snap several useless shots of it before leaning forward to place it on the floor. The other shoe quickly joined its counterpart then I began to massage her feet through the short, soft cotton socks.

Her toes wiggled and she arched her feet in my hands, rolling her hips in such a way as to affect movie star poses on the couch. As I worked on her right foot, her left found its way into my crotch and her toes rubbed unashamedly against my bulge. When I swapped feet so did she, continuing to run her small toes against my hard shaft.

'Why don't you guys just do what feels right?' Melinda suggested. Wanting the initiative for once, I immediately pushed her feet away, then knelt on the couch, parting her knees with my hands. There was no smile on her face, but her blue eyes seemed to be imploring me to take things further. With one hand supporting my weight, I ran one hand from her knee up along her thigh and tugged her shirt free. I slid my hand underneath the cotton and stoked her smooth waist and stomach, savouring the contact of her flesh against my palm. Withdrawing my hand I leaned toward her, running my hand across her breasts, squeezing each in turn through her shirt. Then I lay on top of her, pushing my crotch against her and we kissed again.

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