tagIncest/TabooThe Seduction of Alex Ch. 02

The Seduction of Alex Ch. 02


Zoey stood in the doorway looking at the two naked specimens occupying the bed. She smiled lovingly seeing Alex and Jake sprawled out on the crumpled sheets. She stood there remembering how much seducing Alex had changed her life, but what had happened between the three of them last night had altered her universe. She couldn't believe that what started out as a potential for disaster and exposure had become something beautiful and fulfilling.

Zoey and Alex had been living nearly the perfect life for twenty years. They have a love no one can touch, jobs they both adored, great friends, and a set of twin boys who are now in college. But they also had a secret. A secret that would reveal that Alex and Zoey were actually brother and sister, twins in fact. And that is what almost had happened the day an old friend re-entered their lives.

Alex started his day like every other, making love to his wife. Proceeded by a quick shower then breakfast. Alex could not get enough of this beautiful creature that he shared a womb with and now his life. Sitting across from Zoey during breakfast always gave him balance and inner peace. Alex always counted his blessings and tried to make a conscious effort not to take what he had in his life for granted.

Alex left the house and headed to Jackson Advertising and the executive suites. He parlayed his art and creative writing degree into a lucrative advertising career. He worked his way up from an entry level ad position to his current Assistant VP position. Alex sat at his desk and smiled because he thought to himself, "life is good with no worries." A thought that could foreseeable come back to haunt him in the next few days because his life was about to take an interesting turn.

As he sat with his eyes closed for a moment, his boss Mr. Jackson called him into his office. He informed Alex that he just hired a new advertising executive and as an Assistant VP it would be his job to train him. Alex asked about the particulars and thought it was odd because he was given everything he needed accept for the name of the new employee. When asked, Mr. Jackson's only response was, "don't worry Alex the who will be a pleasant surprise." Alex left Mr. Jackson's office with a sinking feeling that this new executive would somehow have a great impact on his life.

Alex approached the restaurant with great trepidation. He called Zoey to tell her about what had transpired at work and his anxiety. In usual Zoey fashion she told him not to worry and things would work out the they were supposed to. Alex smiled and told her he loved her, and let out a breath he didn't know he was holding. Zoey always had a calming effect on him even when they were kids.

Alex walked into the restaurant and towards the table with the confidence and coolness he was known for. He thought to himself he was worrying for nothing until the man sitting at the table stood and turned towards him. "Alex Hammond as I live and breath you haven't changed at all since high school," said an all to familiar voice. With the best game face he could muster, Alex held greeted his best friend from high school Jake Reynolds and replied, "Welcome to Jackson Advertising old buddy." Alex wanted to excuse himself and run out of the restaurant but managed to keep it together. "I can get through this," he kept reminding himself.

Alex and Jake fell into their old banter first talking about their high school escapades and then slowly moving into Jake's responsibilities at work. During the course of their conversation, Alex managed to find out that Jake went to college and obtained a degree in advertising and business and just stumbled onto the job opportunity with Jackson Advertising. At one point Jake asked about Zoey and Alex just smiled and replied, "She is doing well," and changed the subject.

Three hours had passed and Alex managed to make it through his business dinner with Jake without speaking to much about his personal life. Jake was the same enthusiastic out spoken individual he was in high school. Alex also realized he had good instincts when it came to business and advertising, and he would definitely be an asset to the company. Alex just had to figure out how to diffuse the potential danger his old acquaintance would have on his private life.

Alex managed to make it home without knowing how he got there. He walked into their bedroom and looked at his beautiful wife reading a book. "She truly is beautiful and she doesn't deserve any pain in her life," Alex thought. Zoey didn't even have to look up to know Alex was there because she always could feel when he entered a room. Zoey looked up from her book and asked him what was wrong.

Alex proceeded to tell here about the events of the evening and assured her that he would do everything in his power to protect her and their life. Zoey said she had always known this might happen one day and told Alex that everything would work out as it was supposed to. Alex asked her how she could be so sure and Zoey just smiled and replied, "Because our love will always protect us."

At work, over the next two weeks Alex managed to not let anything slip about his home life and Jake didn't think anything of it. He and Jake once again became an unbeatable team bringing in a few new clients and dazzling the current ones. On Wednesday Jake and Alex were called into Mr. Jackson's office.

Mr. Jackson was singing their praises and invited them to his home for a party on Saturday night. Alex tried to get out of it but Mr. Jackson insisted and right in front of Jake said, "Make sure you bring your beautiful wife Zoey. And have her bring those famous brownies of hers." Jake had a puzzled look on his face and Alex said he would, and they left Mr. Jackson's office.

The rest of the day there was a weird tension between Jake and Alex but there was no time for a confrontation. They had a lot of meetings and phone calls to occupy their time but every so often he caught Jake staring at him. Alex knew that he was trying to put two and two together. Thankfully Alex left the office before Jake could corner him.

Alex came home and told Zoey about his day. She smiled and said, "I guess we will be facing the moment of truth on Saturday. There is no way we can avoid this Alex. Maybe it's a good idea to invite Jake over and talk to him ourselves so he's not taken off guard." Alex grabbed her into his arms and kissed her with all the passion he could put into a single kiss. "How did I get so lucky to have a wife who not only beautiful and intelligent but calm in a crisis. Well you can thank mom and dad for that," Zoey said and pulled Alex into another steamy kiss.

Two hours later, Zoey had just finished emptying the dishwasher, and was sipping coffee in the kitchen with Alex when there was a knock on the door. Without even thinking about it, she answered the door and was confronted by the one person who could destroy life as she knew it, Jake Reynolds.

Alex came up behind her and stopped dead in his tracks when he saw who was standing in the door way. Jake looked at them both and smiled. "Can I come in? We need to talk." Zoey stood aside to let Jake in and the three of them walked into the living room to talk.

"Alex did you think that I wouldn't figure this out, Jake started. It wasn't hard for me to put things together. You avoided any question about your personal life, when I asked you about Zoey you were evasive, and the icing on the cake was when Mr. Jackson said your wife was named Zoey and she made brownies. Did you forget that Zoey made those famous brownies all through high school. I lived for those days she brought those brownies after each football game. So please just tell me what's going on"

Alex and Zoey sat hand in hand and told Jake the entire story. When they were finished they waited for Jake to respond. He got up and sat between them and said, "That was a beautiful story. I would never dream of destroying everything you have built here. However there is a confession I have to make to both of you."

Jake took a deep breath, let it out and continued talking. "It wasn't an accident that brought me here. I have been looking for the both of you for a long time. Remember at the graduation party when I kissed you Zoey, well that kiss changed my life. I couldn't get it out of my mind. I fell in love with you that day and I still am. I have never had a permanent relationship with any woman because of it. I was hoping that finding Alex would lead me to you. And over these past two weeks something else was reaffirmed. I would have never admitted this back then being Mr. Jock and all but I found myself very attracted to....Jake stopped and looked at Alex and tried again, attracted to..."

Alex put his arm around his best friend. and said, " It's ok Jake go ahead." Once again Jake to a deep breath, let it out and continued, "I am very attracted to you Alex. I am admitting this now because I figure if you and Zoey can be honest with me then I can be honest as well. I have never been attracted to any other man but you Alex. You have been the closest thing I've had to a brother, and you know everything there is to know about me. But I realize that I need more. I want to feel my naked flesh against yours equally as much as I want Zoey unclothed under me. I just hope I haven't lost your friendship."

Alex looked at Zoey and then back a Jake who was now sitting with his head in his hands waiting for words of disgust that he thought were coming. Zoey shook her head and Alex smiled. Alex turned toward his long time friend and lifted his head until Jake's eyes met his. He leaned forward and brushed his lips across Jake's mouth then when he felt Jake relax, he deepened the kiss. After a few moments Alex pulled away and Zoey took his place kissing Jake until he thought he would pass out.

Zoey slowly drew away and said, "Now that we got out of the way, let me explain. After Alex and I first got together he admitted something to me. He told me that he was drawn to someone besides me, and if given the opportunity he would like to act on it. I asked him who it was and do you know what he told me. Alex informed me that he was sexually attracted to a man, the only man he's ever wanted, his best friend." Jake's eyes widen as he looked towards Alex who gave him a brilliant smile.

Zoey continued when Jake returned his gaze towards her, "And over these last two weeks his attraction resurfaced. And when you made your confession, Alex knew that our secret would be protected and you would become our lover. Zoey reached for Jake's hand and said, it's alright with me Jake because what makes Alex happy makes me happy. And what woman in her right mind wouldn't want two studs like you and Alex in her bed. Zoey stood with Jake's hand still in hers and addressed Alex, don't you think we should go to our bedroom."

Alex shook his head and proceeded to lead the trio to their room. He asked Zoey to sit on the chaise and watch. He led Jake into the middle of the room and asked him if he was sure. Instead of answering, Jake looked at Zoey then shook his head.

Alex encapsulated Jake's mouth with his and began fighting for dominance. Jake moaned and parted his lips and Alex took this opportunity to start a forbidden dance with their tongues. Jake began to unbutton Alex's shirt. Being in unchartered territory, he stumbled a bit but managed to relieve Alex of his shirt. Within minutes both men stood completely naked in front of Zoey who was captivated by the contours of each man's body.

Zoey continued to watch in awe as both men began to explore each other's bodies. Alex had one of Jake's nipples in his mouth while Jake gripped Alex's manhood. Alex moaned as Jake began to pump his cock. He closed his eyes and threw his head back enjoying the feeling of Jake's ministrations. Zoey's mouth began to water and she couldn't resist touching herself while watching her husband and his best friend discovering each other.

Then Jake became bold and dropped to his knees taking Alex's cock into his mouth. Alex's eyes shot open and looked at his friend engulfing his organ. He almost came at the site of his rock hard pole going in and out of the mouth of his best friend. Zoey couldn't take it any more and approached the two males.

She went straight for Alex's ass, spreading his cheeks and began licking his asshole. She knew it drove Alex crazy therefore, after every few licks, she replaced her tongue with her finger going in and out of his tight orifice. And right on cue Alex let out a loud grunt and gave Jake his first taste of male cum, unloading blast after blast of male juice down his throat.

Jake didn't miss a beat and swallowed every drop of liquid gold his best friend was giving him. When the waves of cum subsided, Jake slowly crawled up Alex's body. He planted a deep kiss on the lips of his friend and shared his seed with him. At that point Zoey was standing behind Alex and began kissing his back while reaching in front of him and to massage Jake's cock.

The trio somehow managed to make it to the bed with Zoey in the middle. Each man took one of her nipples into their mouth and tortured her endlessly. Zoey wanted them to continue but she wasn't one to be selfish. Therefore, Zoey maneuvered each of them so Alex was sucking Jake's cock, Jake was licking her pussy, and she was bringing Alex's cock back to life.

They worked each others genitalia almost to orgasm until Zoey said, " I want both cocks in me." And Jake and Alex were more than happy to obliged. Alex laid flat on the bed while Zoey pulled lube out of the bedside table. Jake had to laugh and say, " Prepared as always I see. Some things never changed. You bet," Zoey said and prepared Alex for penetration.

Zoey climbed onto Alex and guided his cock into her luscious ass. With her back against his belly, she opened her legs and told Jake to bring it. Jake approached the bed and took his cock and rubbed it along Zoey's clit. She visibly shuttered as he slowly infiltrated her wet core. Zoey closed her eyes as Jake and Alex got into a rhythm. She was in heaven with two magnificent cocks going in and out of her ass and pussy.

You could here the sensual moans and grunts echoing throughout the house as the three lovers became one. They lasted for 35 minutes before Zoey screamed, "Immm cumm mmmming, Oh my god!!!" And she came so hard she thought she would black out. Zoey's pussy convulsed so hard on Jake's cock that it detonated sending his seed deep into her womb. Seconds later after feeling Jake's explosion, Alex ad an eruption of his own, sending his essence deep into Zoey's bowels.

Panting heavily, the new lovers fell next to each other on the bed. Smiling, Zoey turned towards Jake and whispered, "It's your turn to get your ass pounded by Alex." With that said, he looked a little nervous so Zoey continued, "don't worry lover, I promise, you'll like it." Jake couldn't help but smile knowing that he would. And when he looked over Zoey's head , Alex was smiling as well with the lube already in his hand...

Back in the present, Zoey was still recalling the events from the previous night. She didn't realize that Alex and Jake had woken up. They had been admiring the beauty that stood before them for several minutes when Jake asked Alex, "why does Zoey have that far away look in her eyes?" Alex looked at Zoey then back at Jake and simply replied, "Remembering." Then Alex kissed Jake and truly believed his life was safe and perfect.

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