tagIncest/TabooThe Seduction of Alex Ch. 03

The Seduction of Alex Ch. 03


Over the past two years, Zoey, Alex, and Jake settled into a comfortable routine. Jake had moved into their guest house and each enjoyed continued success in their respective careers, with Jake and Alex winning several awards for their commercials. And it goes without saying that the threesome took advantage of Jakes close proximity whenever possible to explore their new found sexual freedom.

Even though they loved each other and were pleased with how their lives were unfolding, Alex, Zoey and Jake were extremely happy when Aaron and Ian were home. The house filled with an unencumbered energy that they all could feel. It was as though the final pieces to a puzzle no one knew they were creating came together. Jake had also quickly become a second father to the boys and took part in a lot of family activities. And because they took their responsibility as role models seriously, Zoey, Alex, and Jake were very discreet when the twins were home.

Zoey sat in the airplane wondering where the time had gone. In five hours, Zoey, Alex, and Jake would be in California watching Aaron and Ian graduate from college. During the ceremony they were sitting in the front row right next to their own parents. The seven of them spent the day together laughing and enjoying each other's company. However the time had come that they had to say their good-byes at the airport. The twins endured endless kisses from their mom and grandmother and reminded their parents that they were driving home. Zoey didn't like the idea but Alex reassured her that they were grown men and would be fine. And after a few final kisses, Aaron and Ian said one final goodbye and walked to their truck.

Before getting in, Aaron turned to Ian and asked, "Did you see how mom tried to hide the fact that she was holding Jake's hand under the table?"

"Yeah, and I think it's cute how the three of them think we're oblivious to their relationship," replied Ian. "All you have to do is watch the way mom looks at Jake and Dad when she thinks no one is watching to know how she feels about them," Ian continued.

"So mom and dad are kinky. Good for them," Aaron responded with a devilish grin.

"What do you think they would say if they knew what we were into huh big bro?" Ian said while wiggling his eyebrows .

"I can only imagine," and the two finally got into the truck and began driving.

Aaron and Ian drove for eight hours before checking into a hotel. They dropped their overnight bags by the door and checked out the room. Then Aaron headed for the shower and Ian went to the phone grabbing the t.v. remote in the process. He flipped through the channels until he found sports center while calling home. After a brief conversation with Zoey, Ian finally got undressed and headed toward the bathroom.

Aaron heard the door open and Ian walk into the small room. From behind the shower curtain Aaron yelled, "Dam Ian could you have taken any longer to get in here. Eight hours of driving made me horney as hell. Bring your ass into the shower and take care of your big brother."

A few seconds later Ian joined Aaron in the shower. Eyeing his brother's naked form, he licked his lips and whispered "Let the games begin."

Aaron smirked as Ian grabbed his cock and pinched his left nipple. He moaned at his brother's ministrations and leaned forward to cover Ian's mouth with his. As usual a current of electricity flowed through the two men as they struggled for control. However, it was Ian who won the competition of the tongues as he felt Aaron's body sink into his. Ian smiled still stroking Aaron's cock.

Ian broke the kiss and slowly bent his muscular legs until he could smell the unmistakable aroma that was his brother. He leaned forward and slowly edged his brother's swelling nine inches into his mouth. After gradually removing his brother's fuck stick from his oral cavity, Ian swirled his tongue around Aaron's cock head.

Ian savored the salty yet sweet taste of his twin as Aaron's organ went in and out of his willing lips. This action extracted another moan from Aaron which made Ian smile once again. He repeated this feat for 15 minutes enjoying the power he yielded over his brother.

Ian knew how to get his brother to cum sooner than later, so he began massaging Aaron's round mounds. Ian closed his eyes, getting lost the softness of Aaron's backside. Aaron felt the change in his brother's position, consequently knowing what would happen next. Without warning, Ian rammed his finger into Aaron's asshole. Aaron screamed as the pleasure pierced through his body. Anxious to taste Aaron's seed, Ian vigorously pumped his digit in and out of the hole he knew mirrored his own.

Subsequent to being rammed and sucked relentlessly for only a few moments, Aaron's control was lost. He shouted Ian's name filling his waiting mouth with shot after shot of liquid gold. After his penis stopped twitching Aaron leaned against the wall catching his breath. Ian took this opportunity to crawl up Aaron's body so he could share his delicious treat. They once again embraced passionately sharing Aaron's cum.

Following the kiss, Aaron took the soap preparing his hole for the coming invasion. He bent over and wiggled his muscular bottom at his little brother. Ian didn't need a second invitation and approached Aaron's puckered hole. Ian lined up his cock and without warning, shoved his rod to the hilt. Ian croaked, " Oh my God! as the tightness gripped his pulsating tool. Dam, I will never get used to that." Aaron couldn't help but laugh at his brother's strained voice as he waited for the fucking to begin. After a controlling breath, Ian began to slowly pump in and out of his brother.

He flashed back to the first time he took Aaron's ass in their apartment two years ago. It was the final day of mid-terms, and Ian arrived home to hear moaning coming out of Aaron's bedroom. He walked towards the room and peered around the half opened door.

Ian was surprised to see his brother masturbating to a muscular jock ramming his meat into one of his teammates. Not only were these two men teammates, it appeared that they were identical twins with the same stature as himself and Aaron. Ian could not believe the scene in front of him and was further shocked by the words that came out of his brother's mouth. "Yes Ian that's right fuck your big brother. Come on harder. Make me cum"

With those words, Ian became instantly hard. The sudden rush of blood made him feel dizzy, so leaned against the door. It creaked and Aaron spun around cock in hand. He stopped in mid stroke and stared at Ian. Ian smiled and asked, "Do you want your fantasy to come true big brother because I am willing to help you reach your goal like always." Aaron nodded and began to stroke his cock again while Ian relieved himself of his clothing.

Ian and Aaron's first interlude didn't last long but both brothers were satisfied with its outcome. After cleaning up, they discussed this new facet of their relationship. Aaron and Ian decided that since they didn't have time for female relations do to their course loads, mutual gratification between brothers was an agreeable solution to a natural phenomenon. They both knew this wasn't a permanent, but they would to enjoy each other while they could. Aaron looked over his shoulder because Ian stopped fucking him and noticed a far away look in his brother's eyes. Aaron yelled back, "Hey little brother are you still with me," which snapped Ian back to the present and refocusing him on the task at hand. Ian once again began thrusting in and out of his brother's hole.

Another fifteen minutes passed and Ian began vigorously pounding Aaron's ass. It signaled the end was near, so Aaron began encouraging his brother. "That's it Ian fill me with your cum. Make me your bitch," fell out of Aaron's mouth. " Is that all you got little brother. Fuck me harder," Aaron said breathlessly. That last comment sent Ian over the edge and he grunted filling Aaron's bowels with his juice. After catching their breath, the brothers kissed one final time and finished cleaning up. They got dressed. and with both of them sated, fell asleep spooning each other.

Jake and Alex returned home from work and was greeted by an amazing aroma. They found Zoey in the kitchen cooking dinner. She told them that she just got off the phone with Ian and they are safe and at a hotel for the night. She was glowing as she and said, " I can't wait for Aaron and Ian to get home tomorrow. It will be so great to have them home permanently and working locally. All my favorite men under one roof. I can't wait."

Alex and Jake thought she couldn't be more beautiful at that moment and began smiling. Zoey noticed the look on their faces and asked, " What are you two doing? Dinner is almost ready."

Alex and Jake looked at each other and in union said, " We aren't hungry for food." Zoey began laughing as the two men approached her. She turned off the stove, as Alex and Jake pulled her towards the bedroom.

Zoey woke up with Jake's legs intertwined with hers and Alex's arm across her chest. They had made love before dinner and again after they retired to bed. She laid there happy and a thought popped into her head. "How would Aaron and Ian react if they knew the truth about their parent's relationship with Jake and the fact that their parents were actually brother and sister." The thought made Zoey realize that it was time her boys knew the truth, all of it. Now, she just had to convince the two naked men lying besides her that it was time.

It was about eleven o'clock when Zoey found the courage to approach Alex and Jake. She found them on the patio on the laptop and reading the paper respectively. "Hey you two, we need to talk about something. Can I please have your undivided attention? It is important and I need both of you to look at me." They both stopped what they were doing and looked at the woman they loved. " I think it is about time that Aaron and Ian know the truth about us." Alex's eyes widened. " About all of us Alex."

The trio was unaware of the truck pulling into the driveway. Aaron and Ian got out of the truck and smiled as they looked at the house. "Safety, security and happiness," Aaron thought to himself."

"Hey Aaron tell me again why we didn't call mom and dad and let them know we would be home around eleven?

"It's simple we could never sneak anything past them growing up so for once I wanted to surprise them. Understand?"

"Ok Aaron but something tells me we should of called first."

Aaron and Ian went into the house deciding to get their stuff later. They expected Jake and their parents to be in the kitchen but they heard voices coming from the patio. They decided to let them finish their conversation before letting their presence known. They listened through the open kitchen window laughing to themselves when they heard Jake say, "Z, I think the boys know that you, Alex, and I are in a relationship, sexual and other otherwise."

Zoey gasped and said, "How? We are always so careful when they are at home."

"Well, I didn't want to tell you this but last summer, Ian walked into the kitchen and saw me kissing you. He walked back out before you saw him. Later he asked me if Alex knew and I said yes. He said he was cool with it. And knowing how close they are, I'm pretty sure he told Aaron. And besides, they both saw all of us holding hands under the table at the restaurant after their graduation the other day."

" Well I guess that our relationship with you won't be he as hard to explain as I originally thought, but how do we explain you and I Alex? Aaron and Ian looked at each other and continued listening. Zoey walked towards Alex and sat on his lap. " How do we tell our sons that not only are we brother and sister but twins like them. They are old enough to....

Zoey was interrupted by the patio doors opening and Aaron and Ian stepping out looking confused. "You and dad are twins?" Aaron asked with tears in his eyes. Ian didn't know what to say and just stared at his mother.

Zoey looked at her two sons then back at Alex. Mortified she began to cry and Alex asked them how long have they been listening. " We got home a few minutes ago and wanted to surprise you. We didn't want to interrupted your conversation, so we let you continue talking. It looks like we were the ones surprised, huh Ian?" "

Well it does explain a few things like how much mom and dad look alike, and why I heard dad call mom little sis a few times," replied Ian finding his voice. "I just thought it was just a sick game of role playing, not something literal."

Zoey regained her composure and approached her sons. "I am sorry if you are hurt by this. We were trying to figure out the best way to tell you now that you are old enough to truly understand."

Aaron and Ian exchanged glances before Aaron stated, "We love all of you no matter what. We just want to know what's going on." Relief overwhelmed Zoey and she hugged them both. She and Alex proceeded to tell them about their lives before moving to Colorado with Jake chiming in whenever possible. It reminded Zoey and Alex of the night they told their parents they were in love.

They spoke for several hours, crying and hugging and each other. With Aaron and Ian's confusion alleviated , they excused themselves and walked into the house. "Well this day certainly didn't turn out the way I expected," Ian said looking at Aaron.

"All I can say is Wow, mom and dad are kinkier than I initially thought," Aaron replied.

"At least it won't be hard for us to tell them about our not so brotherly relationship huh, Ian sheepishly asked.

No I guess not, and now it as good a time as any. So let's do this little brother," Aaron responded.

The twins grabbed some beers and walked back on the patio. Putting them down on the table, Aaron said, "Mom, dad, and Jake, we have a secret of our own to tell you." And instead of using words, Aaron pulled Ian into his body for a slow sensual kiss. After a few minutes the twins pulled apart.

Since the crowd was shocked into silence Ian began, " It started two years ago when...

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