tagInterracial LoveThe Seduction of Amy

The Seduction of Amy



John Slater and Thomas Johnson sat on the patio of the Northwest Country Club watching the rain fall from the sky in sheets. It rolled off the roof in torrents, splattering noisily onto the exposed section of the cement patio. The sound almost drowned out the grumbling golfers who were crying into their beers.

The two friends had barely gotten in five holes when the heavens opened. Now, they waited, hoping that somehow the weather would clear in the next few minutes. Saturday was their golf day and their one morning to relax.

Both men were avid golfers. Thomas, who was big and strong, could hit the ball a mile. John couldn't hit it near as far; however, he was much better around the greens. Consequently, they were pretty much equal when they calculated their handicaps. That made them very competitive, but always in a friendly sort of way.

The relationship between the two men began in college. They had met at a fraternity party, and though they were very different, their friendship had lasted for more than 12 years.

John majored in engineering and Thomas, girls and sports.

Thomas was a star running back for the football team, setting several school records. While he was no dummy, his size and athletic ability had provided him a means to obtain an education; one that he couldn't have otherwise afforded. He was tall, at six-three with two hundred and twenty pounds of sheer muscle. The combination of his strength and intelligence gave him a competitive edge in sports as well as other aspects of his personal life.

After college, the two friends split up. However, several years later, fate brought them back together when Thomas took a job in the city where John had settled.

Thomas went to work for a firm that worked out multi-million dollar contracts for professional athletes with advertising firms. He had been quite successful and had become a full partner in just a few years. The fact that Thomas was black and had come from a poor family never stood in his way. In fact, it motivated him. He had made it in a cutthroat world that wasn't always fair. However, his strength was that he carried no chip on his shoulder. He accepted life as it was and felt that if you were the best at what you do, it would be recognized and rewarded. Besides being a successful businessman, Thomas had used his success to help others; he was on several charitable boards that supported underprivileged kids and fed the hungry. He was as passionate about his charitable work as he was his golf game.

John was nonetheless successful, having made his mark in aeronautical engineering. While he was smaller than Thomas in stature, at 5'11" and 170 pounds, he could compete physically with almost anyone. He had become an expert in martial arts and worked hard to keep his body in shape. He occasionally thought that if he and Thomas ever got into a fight, it would be a good match-his skill against Thomas's size and strength.

The friendship between the two was forged in mutual respect. John admired Thomas; he knew that he had come from the school of "hard knocks" and grown stronger for his experiences. On the other hand, Thomas liked John's easygoing attitude and the fact that they could be friends as well as fierce competitors.

The two men had gone through a lot together. When Thomas had married and then subsequently divorced, John had been there for him. When John's wife Amy had a miscarriage, Thomas was there, spending the entire night in the hospital and taking vacation to stay with them when she came home. Though their skin color and background were different, they were more like brothers than friends. However, their relationship was about to change in a way that neither could have possibly imagined.

Chapter 1

"Damn, this rain doesn't look like it's going to stop anytime soon," John said as he took a drink of his third beer.

"Yeah, and I was whipping your butt," Thomas joked.

"Sure, one stroke ahead after five holes. If that's what you call 'whipping' my butt then I guess I annihilated you last week."

"We won't talk about that," Thomas said. They both laughed. The warmth they felt for each other was apparent in their good-natured ribbing.

"So how's my sexy girl?" Thomas asked, referring to Amy. Thomas was fond of Amy. Okay, maybe a little more than fond. He had a special feeling for Amy since the first day John had introduced them. She was sexy and pretty, with fair skin, blue eyes and shoulder length blond hair.

"She's okay," John answered, his face turning serious.

"What's the matter?" Thomas asked when he saw the look on John's face.

"Oh nothing."

"Come on man. What's going on?" Thomas knew John's emotions as well as he knew his own and he could tell something was bothering him.

John sat silent for a minute, absently staring into his beer. Finally, he looked up with a pained expression on his face. "Oh, I don't know Thomas. Ever since the miscarriage, things haven't been the same between Amy and I. I understand the reasons, but Amy's been depressed for far too long now. She acts okay on the outside but anytime I try to get a little 'close', if you know what I mean, she freezes up."

"Ah, she just needs a little time. Losing a baby is pretty traumatic."

"I know, it was my baby too," John said, a little too harshly. "Sorry man, I don't mean to unload on you. But, it's been almost a year and I don't see much improvement."

"I understand. I thought she went to see a doctor?"

"Yeah, but he hasn't been able to help."

"Maybe she just needs a little tender loving care from somebody like me," Thomas joked, trying to change John's now morose mood. He knew he could get away with the comment as they often jabbed each other about sports, women, and sex. Sometimes, like now, it was very personal.

"Not even you could break through the ice block," John answered, looking at his fiend with a sardonic smile. John knew that Thomas liked Amy. They had talked about it plenty of times. As far as John knew, Amy was not aware of Thomas's fascination with her or at least she showed no sign that she was aware. Fortunately, John wasn't the jealous type, especially where Thomas was concerned. They had been friends far too long and had, in fact, dated some of the same girls in college. In better times, John had watched Amy and Thomas romp around, teasing each other in a good-natured and sexy way. Sometimes, she would sit on his lap in an attempt to make John jealous. It never worked. Some men would have been furious. However, John actually liked to watch them and in fact got a strange little thrill when the two would get frisky.

"Just give me the chance," Thomas said with a smile. "I could melt the 'ice queen.'"

"You know," John continued as if Thomas hadn't spoken, "she's only given me a blowjob about ten times in seven years."

"Wow man, that is bad." Thomas said seriously. "I thought she was such a hot number when you two first started dating. You know... like she would do anything."

"I thought so too," John said and turned around to order another round of beer. When he looked back at Thomas, his mind suddenly flashed back to that first double date with Amy, Thomas, and his girlfriend years ago. John had been dating Amy for several months at the time. Thomas was dating a pretty redhead with pale white skin and freckles on her face. She was a fiery and passionate redhead that even the suave and sophisticated Thomas had trouble keeping up with.

The four of them had just left the movie and were barely on the expressway when John heard rustling and a moan in the back seat of his car. John knew that something was going on between Thomas and his date but was afraid to look back. Amy sat quietly beside him, pretending like she hadn't heard anything. However, eventually, curiosity got the best of John and he reached up to adjust the rear view mirror. A little gasp escaped his lips when it appeared that Thomas's date was fishing around inside his pants. He couldn't see her hand but from the movement of her arm, it appeared that she was jerking on his penis.

Amy was just as curious as John but was embarrassed to be spying. However, when she heard John gasp, she instinctively turned her head. A gasp came from her lips this time when she saw that Thomas's date had his hard, black penis in her tiny hand. Amy turned her head back quickly and acted as if nothing had happened. However, her breathing was more rapid now. The sight of Thomas's penis pulsing in the girl's tiny hand was suddenly burned into her brain.

John tried to keep his eyes on the road but kept glancing into the mirror. He watched as the young girl bent her head to Thomas's lap, until he could only see the top of her head. When he heard a moan of frustration, he knew that she was having a difficult time getting the head of Thomas's penis into her tiny mouth. John had seen Thomas enough in the locker room to know that the size of his private parts matched his large frame.

Suddenly, John's pants were very tight in the groin. When he glanced over at Amy, he saw that she was staring at his crotch. He and Amy had only been intimate twice and John had the impression that Amy was somewhat prudish when it came to sex. Later, after they married, he found that to be an understatement.

Another loud moan came from the backseat forcing John's eyes to the mirror. His own breathing grew more rapid when he saw the Thomas's date moving her head up and down in his lap.

The look on John's face made Amy glance back again. Her eyes opened wide as she watched the girl suck Thomas's long penis deep into her throat. In an uncharacteristically bold move, she reached over and grasped John's penis through his pants.

John could see Amy staring brazenly into the back seat now as her hand began to move slowly up and down his cloth covered shaft. He thought of taking his penis out of his pants, however Amy's actions were so unexpected that he didn't want to spoil the moment. Instead, he moaned and let her fondle him.

The moans in the backseat grew louder. When Thomas was very near his climax, he opened his eyes and was surprised to see Amy staring at them. He would have smiled except that he was so close to climax. Instead, he placed his hand on the girl's head and pushed her up and down, his eyes on Amy's all the time. When the feeling was too much to stand, he closed his eyes and lifted his hips as a moan of pleasure escaped his lips.

Amy's eyes left Thomas's face to look at the moving head of the pretty redhead. She thought that she heard a groan from her and then saw her head stop moving as her hand continued to pump the fat shaft. Suddenly, she realized that she was drinking Thomas's cum. Without even realizing it, Amy's hand began to squeeze John's shaft at the same pace that the girl was milking Thomas's penis.

John couldn't stop Amy's hand. His hips lifted up and he moaned as he climaxed like a horny teenager into his pants.

That night, Amy and John had the best sex they had experienced in their short relationship. In fact, John still thought it was one of the best sexual experiences the two had ever had.

Chapter 2

Amy Slater watched the rain pour from the roof of the gym as she pedaled the exercise bike. She liked the rain most of the time. Especially when she didn't have to be out in it. As she stared at the drenching rain, she thought of John and Thomas and how disappointed they were right now. She knew how much the two of them looked forward to their weekly golf match. Strangely, a little unwanted thrill raced through her at the thought of Thomas and she became very aware of the pressure of the seat on her vagina. She pushed the thought from her mind.

Amy had grown up as a poor little rich girl. Her father had all the money in the world, or at least it seemed that way. However, she didn't consider herself spoiled, just a bit demanding. Fortunately, John had been able to keep her in a style of comfort that was more than acceptable. They had a big house in a nice neighborhood, three cars, membership in an exclusive country club, and a large swimming pool in the back yard. They didn't want for anything. Except for... well, she didn't want to think about that. She had been depressed enough lately.

John is a good husband, Amy thought as she continued to watch the rain. Maybe he was a little clueless as to how to please a woman but a good provider nonetheless. She knew that the months since the miscarriage had been rough on him too. However, she couldn't shake the feeling of loss that consumed her. Her doctor said it would pass.

Amy pedaled harder. Soon she was moving rapidly, hoping the strain on her legs would somehow wash negative thoughts from her mind. She spent a lot of time exercising now; it was therapy for her. Most of the time she exercised in her own gym but on Saturday mornings she met her friend Jill here at the club. They had been doing that since the miscarriage. Jill told her she needed to get out and besides, there were some "real sights" at the gym. Jill had been right. It was good therapy for her but, unfortunately, not enough to pull her out of her funk.

"You about done? I'm beat," the attractive female said as she walked over to Amy.

At first Amy didn't hear Jill as her mind was consumed with her problems. "Oh... yeah... I guess I was a little carried away," Amy said to Jill, her breathing rapid from the exertion.

"Well, you've been pumping on that bike and staring out the window for an hour like you were on a mission."

"Sorry," Amy said as she got off the exercise bike and took the towel Jill held out to her.

The two friends walked to the showers.

A few minutes later, Amy stood motionless, the towel held to her still wet body, staring at nothing.

"Now what are you staring at?" Jill asked as she walked naked out of the shower.

"Oh... was I?" Amy said holding the towel modestly in front of her. She watched Jill as she walked unashamed and naked to her locker. Amy admired Jill's freedom. It didn't appear that she had a modest bone in her body. She watched the sexy woman open her locker and bend over to retrieve her panties. Then Amy shook her head and smiled as she saw her friend's private parts come into view. An unwanted jolt of electricity went through her as she stared at her smoothly shaved vagina as it peeked at her from between her thighs. It was so like Jill to shave her pussy, she thought as she looked at the smooth outer lips and the fat pink inner lips hanging between. She knew that Jill had been a wild one in her younger days. In fact, the way she talked, she and her husband were very active sexually.

"What's going on?" Jill said, turning around with her panties in her hand. She was still worried about Amy. It seemed that almost nothing she said or did helped. She had made a number of suggestions to Amy about getting out and taking her mind off her sadness. Their Saturday exercising routine got her out of the house... at least that was some progress and she did seem to be loosening up a bit lately. Jill sat down on the bench facing Amy and lifted one leg to put her panties on. A chill ran through her when she caught Amy's eyes staring between her legs.

Amy's face colored when she realized that Jill had seen her looking at her.

It seemed that Jill froze with her leg lifted and apart, giving Amy time to stare.

Amy finally looked away and sighed. "I don't know Jill, there... there's just something missing... you know... at home."

"That's normal after what happened."

"It's more than... more than losing the baby. It's... it's... oh I don't know."

"You and John not having much fun in the sack?" Jill said with a questioning look.

"No... but that's not really new."

"So, John's not pleasing you?"

"Well, John's good to me... really good... but there has to be more."

"Maybe you need an affair," Jill joked. Then she saw Amy's face turn red. Suddenly, Jill's face brightened and she said, "Oh wow, you've been thinking about it!"

"No I haven't!" Amy said but her face got redder, giving her away. "I would never cheat on John!"

"But you've thought about it! Come on tell me. Who do you do it with in your mind?" Jill prodded, in an excited voice.

"No one. I just have these fantasies. You know with guys." Amy wasn't about to tell her that it wasn't "guys", but one particular guy.

"Hey, we all have those sweetie. It's when we act on them that we get into trouble. I..." Jill started to say something else then stopped.

Amy looked at her friend and saw her face turn red. It wasn't like her to get embarrassed. "You've done it!" she exclaimed.

"No I haven't!"

"Yes you have and you didn't tell me! I thought we were best friends," Amy said with a pout.

Jill sighed. She had been bursting to tell someone for a long time. "All right I did! But you have to promise me you'll never, ever tell anyone."

"Oh course not," Amy said excitedly as she quickly sat next to her friend. She forgot all about her towel as both women sat naked, thighs touching. "Come on, tell me!" Amy said, her voice almost shaking with excitement.

Jill bit her lip and took a deep breath. "Well, I was exercising here about a month ago," she began in a whisper, looking briefly around the locker room. As she started to talk, she felt a thrill of excitement rush through her. "There is this new personal trainer here at the club. I don't know if you saw him. I think he started when you and John were in the islands." Jill paused as she thought of that day.

"Come on, come on," Amy begged.

Jill could feel herself flushing hot as she began again. "Well, he came over to me and said that I was working my abs all wrong. God, he's so handsome. His name is Reggie Mason."

"Wait a minute," Amy almost screamed. "He was here before I left. My God Jill, he's black!"

Jill's face turned bright red and she could feel her body flushing hot. It felt like her skin was on fire.

Amy's mouth hung opened in surprise. She could see the flush roll down Jill's neck and across her substantial chest. Suddenly her nipples were as hard as pebbles and her now heavy breathing made her large chest move up and down rapidly. Suddenly, Amy could feel her body begin to heat as well. It felt as if the wooden bench under her was wired for heat.

"I know he's black," Jill whispered and paused. "I guess that's what made it so appealing. It wasn't something I was looking for, it just happened."

"That big suck mark that you had on your neck when we came back from vacation was from him wasn't it?" Amy said in amazement.

"Uh huh!"

"My God, how did you hide it from Bradley?" she asked.

"I didn't. That's when the problem started."

Just then several women entered the locker room.

"You've got to tell me the whole story," Amy said lowering her voice. "God, I had no idea. Come on, let's get dressed and go to the juice bar. I want to know everything."

Twenty minutes later the two sat at a quiet table at a local health bar that catered to the wealthy clientele of the gym.

"Come on, come on, come on," Amy prodded after the waiter served their carrot and fruit juice drinks.

"God, I've been dying to tell somebody," Jill said, almost in relief. "Well, we talked for a while about exercise routines and he gave me a few pointers. I could see his dark brown eyes on my short shorts. You know the shorts I'm talking about."

"Yeah, I know. The ones that show everything you have, including the lips of your 'you know what' and the cheeks of your ass," Amy said and laughed. "Like the ones you have on now," she added.

"Yeah, those shorts. Well, I don't know why but I could feel myself getting really excited. I looked at his little shorts and damned if he didn't have about a half a hard on. And, it was big already." Jill paused and looked off in space, remembering that day like it was yesterday.

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