tagMatureThe Seduction of Another Cougar

The Seduction of Another Cougar


(This story is the sequel to the Seduction of my Favorite Cougar).

My second cougar is a wild, totally uninhibited, open minded to all sexual experiments 39 year old lawyer named Anay.

She is a tall, sensual woman with delicious natural tits, a magnificent ass, often wears her chestnut hair in a ponytail; she has green eyes and a sultry face with thick, inviting lips. I met her because she was a regular customer at a bar where I work part time while attending college full time on the GI Bill. Between work, school and my frequent sexual romps with Marie and her willing cuckold husband Leo, I did not have much free time but Anay is hard to ignore.

I worked three days during the week, after classes. She came in usually twice a week during Happy Hour, to unwind with a couple of drinks before going home to an empty house for she was in the process of divorcing her husband. Executives on the prowl always tried to buy her drinks but she turned them down, icily.

I got to know her over a period of four months, conversing with her in clusters of small talk between drinks, I gathered that she had been a good time party girl in college but still managed to graduate from law school, went to work for a fat salary, married another lawyer and the childless marriage broke up after nine years.

"For the first two years the marriage was nice," she said, "Then he had a bad accident and a near death experience and he became a born again super fanatic Christian unbearable to live with and I put up with it a long as I could and over a year ago we separated."

At this time my relationship with Marie and Leo had blossomed reaching happy orgasms and I was a content man but I also wanted Anay who is extremely sensual. I learned all I could from our chats and archived the information for possible future use.

The moment of opportunity happened on the fifth month since I had first met her; it was not yet Happy Hour when Anay strolled in early, dressed in cream colored business attire and sat at a stool. She smiled at me and ordered a Mojito.

"You are here early." I said.

"It's a day to celebrate," she answered, "As of two hours ago I am officially free, the divorce has occurred."

"Congrats. Now you are free to date and party and start a new life."

"I haven't dated in over ten years," she said, "I would not know how to date now."

I placed the Mojito in front of her before firing my opening salvo.

"Would you like me to teach you how to date again?" I asked.

"I could not..." She said, surprised, "I mean I am much older than you."

"So? I am an adult. You are an adult. What's the big deal if you are a few years older? My girlfriend is older than you."

"Older than me!" Anay said, "And you already have a girlfriend, so how come you are hitting on me?"

"Oh, she does not mind me straying and neither does her husband," I said as I headed to the other end of the bar to serve a couple of new arrivals.

I took my time, knowing that I had totally surprised her; I wanted her to think it over for my direct approach at such a wild level could just as easily work as not work at all and cause huge rejection.

"Is what you just told me all true?" She asked when I returned to her corner of the bar with a second Mojito.

"Sure. You want to meet them?"

"Not on a first date," she answered laughing.

"So you agree to a first date."

"My, oh my, you are a bad boy."

"Guilty. Are you a bad girl?"

"I was wild in college and law school but I've been a very boring girl during my married years."

"Let's set a time and place for our first date and the end of boredom. How does tomorrow afternoon fit into your schedule?"

"What do you have in mind?"

"I drive a scooter. When was the last time you rode a scooter?"

"Since college."

"We could scooter ride down to South Beach and do lunch at one of the outdoor cafes on Ocean Dive."

"Sounds good."

The following day Anay wore sneakers, white jeans that wrapped tightly around her enticing ass and a red halter top, while I wore moccasins, jeans and a polo shirt. We did the scooter ride on Saturday afternoon, ate fresh seafood at a café and broke the ice with conversation. She asked me about life in the Navy and we made small talk, feeling comfortable with each other.

"This is my first date since college." She said, "I've been separated for over a year but I did not date because I did not want to give my husband an excuse to complicate the divorce and yesterday, when I was finally divorced, I felt scared, so new to today's dating world, so insecure. So this is nice, breaking the ice on a new era of my life."

I nodded. I really like her as a person. She is very up front and I was enjoying the date.

"I'm feeling good, actually feeling free and daring, so how about going back to my place for a drink?" she asked, seductive smile on her lips..

"How about a joint with the drink? When was the last time you smoked weed?"

"College. Oh, wow....that sounds interesting."

"I have a few fat joints. Let's go."

It was about three in the afternoon on a breezy Saturday when we arrived at her home on the Roads section of Miami, a Spanish colonial cottage with a swimming pool and green foliage that provided privacy from prying eyes. We sat on lounge chairs in her pool deck while we smoked a joint and a half and drank almost a full bottle of a dry white wine before the sexual desires kicked in at full speed.

"So what do we do now?" Anay said, "Are you going to make your move or do we say polite goodbyes and you go home?"

"I'm definite on the move but taking my time, enjoying the anticipation; are you in a hurry?"

She laughed.

"Honey," She said, "I haven't had good sex in years and the last three none at all."

"Then let me entertain you," I said.

I stood up, five feet away from her, kicked off my moccasins, removed my polo shirt and dropped my pants. I was not wearing underwear and my cock, already was almost within her grasp. Anay was not moving but her eyes were focused on my crotch, on the pulsing shaft of flesh between my legs.

After a few seconds her gaze shifted from my cock to my eyes as she stared at me with a wicked smile.

"You are not subtle," she said, "You have a most unusual way of making a move on a girl. Very unconventional, but I must say, exciting. "

"Your turn."

Anay stood up slowly and stripped in front of me, staring into my face as she did so, kicking off her sandals, removing her halter top and allowing her delicious tits to bounce freely.

"Very good, Anay."

"The best is yet to be seen," she answered as she removed her jeans, showing a smoothly shaved slit between her legs, then she turned around, doing a full circle, showing me her delicious ass before standing still in front of me, fully exposed.

"Please don't move," she said, "let me enjoy as you say, the anticipation."

To my surprise she moved slowly towards me and began sniffing my body slowly as an animal smells the scent of another animal. It was an unusual move that gave me the feeling sex with this woman was going to be a wild ride.

Her nose rubbed softly against the hairs on my chest and my nipples; she walked around me and her face moved up and down my back barely touching my spine. Her nose rubbed against my ass cheeks and across to my thighs as she smelled my scent. It was somehow, extremely erotic as she smelled my scent and my cock hardened as she smelled my testicles, her nose brushing against my pubic hairs.

Anay straightened up, came around and faced me again.

We embraced naked our tongues linked together, our hands exploring each other's bodies as her breasts pressed against my chest. While we kissed one of my hands travelled to her mound, caressing the wet slit, fingers probing, two of them entering her as she opened her legs more, offering herself for the taking.

"Your fingers feel good inside my cunt," she said, "I like being finger fucked... Yeah....I am sooo wet."

I finger fucked her as we stood on that deck and kissed, which brought Anay her first climax within seconds, her cunt muscles tightening around my fingers, her mouth open in a silent scream of pleasure not felt in years.

After several climax jolts, Anay kneeled and took my hard shaft in her mouth. She sucked hard and wet, making moaning sounds, enjoying the piece of flesh, licking it, caressing, nibbling and letting it slide on her tongue. As I face fucked I watched her cheeks suck inward when I pulled back and then bulge outward as my stiff cock pushed forward into her hungry mouth. She wanted it rough and I gave it to her hard, my hips pumping my meat into her face with a steady rhythm.

I took my cock out of her mouth and slapped her face with my dick as she groaned in satisfaction and her tongue lashed out seeking my meat until I penetrated her mouth again, the shaft three quarters inside her as she licked and nibbled on my hardness. She used her mouth daringly, nibbling and licking the cock head as it moved back and forth on her tongue. I ran my hands through her hair, guiding her head as I fucked her mouth.

She was wild. Anay deep throated me, making some choking sounds but continuing her sucking in a frantic sexual frenzy. Her fingernails clawed my ass hard as she pulled me closer, her face pressed against my belly, her mouth moving savagely back and forth on my shaft. She was enjoying my cock with raw, brutal gusto.

"Oh, baby," I said as my dick slid on her tongue, "I like to fuck your mouth. Yeah, that's it, nibble the tip, lick...the underside... I like to fuck your face.....yeah."

Such a frenzied sucking soon brought my orgasm, my cock twitching inside her mouth, spurting cream down her throat. She swallowed most of the load, pulled my meat out of her face and with a look of total enjoyment rubbed my wet dick against her cheeks, forehead and neck.

"You like the way I suck cock, eh, bad boy? Now let's go to my shower and continue the afternoon."

She had a tiled sunken tub with four shower heads on the side walls, spraying water at adjustable levels. Very luxurious and erotic; we soaped each other, lathering our bodies as we fondled flesh.

"Are you going to fulfill my fantasies, bad boy?"

"Of course."

"Good. Now I am going to eat your ass. That's one of my fantasies."

I did not see that one coming.

Anay went down on her knees and soaped and licked my ass, her tongue moving up and down my crack. She bit my ass cheeks teasingly, then slightly harder. Her tongue lapped my rosebud asshole, afterwards moving to my balls.

"Stand up," I said.

Not fifteen minutes had passed since I had climaxed in her mouth, but her wild ass licking had made me hard once more so I fucked her standing up inside the shower, her back against the tile wall, her legs wide open as my cock slid into her slit, all the way hard and the very first thrust was enough to make her come in a jolting spasm as she screamed in pleasure.

"Climaxing already?" I said as I looked at her face, eyes shiny with raw lust, "I have plenty of cock for you. You like the way my dick feels inside you? You like the way my bad boy cock moves inside your cunt?"

"Oh, yes....fuck me bad boy, slam that thick fat prick into my cunt...Fuck me."

She pumped her hips as she wrapped her legs around me. She put both hands behind my head and pulled me to her for a wet, passionate kiss as we developed a good rhythm, our hips moving back and forth, bumping, grinding, my hands holding her waist, guiding her to my tempo, her hips bucking, fucking back hard while we wet kissed each other under the water spray of the wall showers.

"Fuck me hard bad boy," she said as I pumped into her, her back pressed against the shower wall, "Use me like a whore. I need to be fucked...I crave cock! I like to be used like a fuck toy... you animal, you are going to make me come again.....yes, fuck me....use me... oh, you are so hard....I am your fuck toy. You can use me any way you want."

She came again and again, the last one at the same time as I shot my second load into her, pushing deep. We barely had enough strength to dry ourselves and stumble to her bed, where we both stared at each other and the popcorn texture on the ceiling, barely speaking, exhausted.

We drifted in and out of sleep for about a half hour before she spoke.

"Bad boy," she finally said, "You are everything I hoped for and then some."

"The date is not over. It's only five o'clock, sun still out."

"Stay for the night. Fuck me silly."

"Well I am supposed to meet with Marie and Leo. If you want, I could call them and we could meet tonight, all of us; now, whether you say yes or not I still want you to know that for me this has been the best first date ever."

Anay laughed and nodded her head.

"Ever make it with two men?" I asked Anay.

She smiled wickedly.

"In college," she said, "Senior year. I was pretty wild and I had two neighbors, also students who caught me in between relationships. We got together about a dozen times. It was incredibly erotic."

"So should I call Marie and Leo and tell them I am bringing an uninhibited vixen to their house tonight?"

"Sure. Let's do it. I'll go to the kitchen to get us a couple of beers while you call them."

"I have to go to the deck. I left my phone there when I stripped down."

When I called Marie answered the phone.

"I am bringing a guest,' I told her, "we will be a foursome tonight."


"A woman, her name is Anay and she's totally into sex."

"I....surely you don't expect..."

"I do. You will enjoy it. We will be there around eight thirty."

I hung up and grabbed the beer that Jen had procured from the kitchen fridge.

"Have you ever done it with a woman?" I asked Anay.

"Years ago when I was in college and law school; the first one was my roommate in my sophomore year, Terry. We got drunk at a party went back to our place and decided to experiment. It was pleasant and we did it four or five times more over the rest of the school year. Then in law school at Stetson, I did it with Sarah, whom I met in a study group. We got together a few times until she graduated and moved away. I like women but I prefer men."

"You are going to have plenty of both tonight."

Anay asked about Marie and Leo and I explained some of the details, emphasizing the most erotic moments of the three months we had been together as a threesome. Anay also talked about her past.

"My first couple of years of marriage we had enjoyable sex even if it was vanilla sex but I did not mind because he was a loving, good husband. Then, after the accident and the religious fanaticism, sex became missionary position with lack of enthusiasm and a lot of guilt on his part. I have survived these years masturbating while I looked at porn on the internet."

"You never cheated on him?"

"Once I did, several years ago. I have had huge desires but getting caught cheating would have meant a serious problem so it's been masturbation time for a long time. The only time I cheated happened during a weekend law seminar at a Tampa hotel. My husband could not go and I went alone. I bumped into Wilson, whom I had known and dated and fucked twice during my law school days. Wilson is now an attorney in Tampa. We talked and had drinks on Friday, chatted and spent an agreeable time. By Saturday afternoon we skipped the seminar and stayed in my hotel room until the following day. That was my best sexual experience in all my married years. I sucked his cock and licked his ass and opened my legs so he could put his cock in there, inside me, deep inside me and fuck me hard and he did and that was my last great fuck until now."

"Good fuck story," I said, "With me every week will be a sexual adventure."

"Oh, yeah, fulfill my fantasies."

"I hope one of them is to be fucked up the ass."

"Sure is, bad boy. I am one of those women who enjoy being sodomised."

"Tonight, for sure; we do not have to be there until after eight so that gives us time to go eat and stop by the toy store."

"Toy store?"

"Sex toy store; I'm going to buy you a strap-on."

"Oh, goodie,"

We left my scooter at her place and took her car, a mint green Beamer. I was dressed in the same polo shirt, jeans and moccasins I had worn that morning but she changed into a blue blouse and a wide red skirt and sandals. Anay wore no undergarments. We stopped at a sex shop and bought a strap on with a veined cock made of solid thick rubber before heading to a seafood restaurant by the Miami River.

"I feel free," She said while ate, "It was not just lack of sex. It was everything. My husband would bitch about TV programs I watched, saying they were immoral. Every conversation became a religious conversation somehow....he drove me crazy."

"That's over. You are free now."

"And bad boy, you can fuck me anytime you want. I had more orgasms today than in the last ten years put together. You are the best I've ever had and back in my single days I had a few."

From the restaurant I called Leo.

"How's Marie? Can she hear this conversation?"

"She's taking a shower. She's nervous because a woman is a factor she had never considered but she's willing although she has her doubts."

"It will be good for all four us,"

After I hung up I said to Anay that she had to take her time with Marie, who had never been with a woman before. Anay nodded and smiled, followed by a sensual licking of her lips.

"I am going to eat her as she has never been eaten by any man before," she said.

"I don't doubt it," I answered. I felt extremely lucky to have bagged two very nice open minded cougars starved for cock and sexual adventures.

We took our time but still arrived fifteen minutes early at a quarter past eight. Leo answered our doorbell ringing dressed in moccasins, green Dockers and a yellow shirt. When I introduced him to Anay, his eyes opened in delighted surprise as he undressed her in his mind. She gave him a flirting smile and an introductory peck on the cheek as we entered his home.

Marie came down the stairs wearing a very sexy green sarong with a matching top that showed her nipples hard against the fabric. When I saw her, I kissed her long on her open mouth while Anay and Leo stared at us. Afterwards the introduction to Anay was slightly awkward as Marie was impressed with the woman's looks, but uncertain of the approaching sexual encounter.

The living room lights in their house had been changed to blue bulbs, dimmed low, casting a pale glow that made everything appear as the scene of a movie filmed in blue light. Soft music came from a wall unit and the living room table contained an ashtray, four crystal goblets and a large bottle of white wine resting inside a shiny ice bucket.

We started with soft conversation, breaking the ice, becoming comfortable with each other, smoking weed and drinking wine, talking about work, school, foods we liked and movies seen. After a half hour or so, I decided to try a slow dance with Marie. As her husband and Anay watched us I pressed my body against Marie and my lips kissed her neck and face as one of my hands caressed her sarong covered ass. Marie started breathing hard as soon as her tits pressed against my chest.

"May I cut in?" Anay asked.

"Of course," I said. Marie had expected to be replaced as my partner, but when she realized Anay would be her new dance partner, her eyes opened in stunned surprise.

I sat down on the couch to watch them dance in the blue light. Leo was bug eyed on a chair, mesmerized by the developing scene.

Their first dance number was slow, Anay whispering softly to a somewhat rigid Marie. The second number was a big band sound also for slowly dancing and Anay began kissing Marie's face and neck with soft movements, nibbling her ear as the apprehensive woman began to melt under the sensation. Marie looked at her husband and smiled then winked at me.

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