The Seduction of Another Cougar


Their mouths met and they continued to dance slowly, one of Anay's hands disappearing into the rear of Marie's sarong, fondling the woman's bare ass. Leo and I began undressing as we watched Marie's defenses crumble, surrendering to the woman that licked her face, her neck, tongued her ear and raked her ass with her fingernails.

"There you go, Leo," I said "Your wife making it with another woman."

The sarong dropped to the floor as did every other garment of clothing. The dancing was forgotten as both women, totally naked, clinched in a passionate kissing embrace. To our delight, Marie was responding with gusto.

"Come to the couch, girls," I said.

Marie sat next to me and Anay next to Marie.

I opened up Marie's legs, my fingers playing with her cunt while Anay licked and nibbled her tits and continued kissing her face and neck. Leo sat across from us, softly stroking his cock.

Anay knew how to fondle and kiss tits, her tongue teasing Marie's aureoles, her teeth softly nibbling the tits hard tips. Anay moved from one breast to the other. Licking, nibbling, softly biting, fondling, squeezing, caressing as I fingered Marie who was moaning while one of her hands stroked my meat and the other gripped Anay's mound.

"You like it Marie? You like how a beautiful woman sucks your tits and tongues you nipples while I finger fuck your wet cunt?"

"Oh, God, yes!!!"

"Now she's going to eat your wet cunt."

"Oh, yes, eat my pussy....put your tongue deep inside me...I want to know what it feels like...oooohhh!"

Anay went down on her slit, tongue flicking across Marie's clit. The silver haired cougar contracted in a spasm, eyes opening wide as she looked at Anay eating her; the wet tongue went deeper and Marie bucked as Anay pressed her face deeper between her milk white thighs.

Marie's face was a mask of raw sexual hunger as she opened her legs more, allowing the intruding tongue to penetrate deeper. Besides her tongue, Anay's fingers played with her clit and other fingers entered her cunt as I switched my attention to fondling Marie's tits.

Leo looked on as Anay fingered and licked Marie' smoothly shaved slit and she in turn responded with climaxing spasms.

"Oh... Oh... I'm almost... there," Marie moaned as she looked at her meat stroking husband. "Oh, Leo this woman licks my cunt. Her fingers are magic and her tongue knows what to do... Oh... Oh... Eat me, suck my clit. Ohhhhhh, I'm comeeeiiing! Ohhhhhh!"

As Marie lay flat next to me on the couch, catching her breath, Anay moved towards the chair where Leo sat. The recently divorced woman went on her knees and swallowed the old boy's cock as he grunted and moaned in appreciation.

She did not swallow the dick for long, for she could sense that Leo would climax soon and she wanted his shaft in her cunt. After a minute of frantic sucking, Anay stood up, moved forward and straddled the chair, easing down, letting Leo's cock slide into her cunt. As she rode him, Anay looked at Marie and talked to her, teasing her, exciting her once more.

"Your husband has a nice cock, Marie. He's going to come soon. You like this Marie, to see your husband fucking my wet cunt? Don't feel jealous. I'll let you clean me later and I have a surprise for you....Oh... yeah, Leo, go deep....Marie, I have a strap on dildo that I am going to fuck you with before the night is over and if you so wish you can use it on me....Yes, Leo, fuck me."

Marie arched an eyebrow but smiled slightly. She had lost inhibitions and this night would be beyond phenomenal.

Anay moved up and down, impaling herself on Leo's shaft. It did not take long for him to spurt his load and she followed, climaxing with laughter as she said "Oh, I am really enjoying myself."

Anay turned to me and reached for me but I motioned for her to wait.

"Anticipation," I said, "The night is still young."

After showers that included some fondling, fingering, stroking and kissing, we retired to the matrimonial master suite where all four --naked- piled on the king sized bed.

We smoked some more, drank some more and kissed and fondled some more. To our delight, Marie went from being a subdued sexual partner to Anay, to becoming aggressive and playful. Now it was Marie who was doing the tit fondling, the finger probing between Anay's legs, fingernails softly raking thighs and ass cheeks.

"Maybe," Anay said to Marie, "You should be the one putting on the strap on...Haven't you ever wondered what it would feel like to have a cock? Would you like to fuck me, Marie?"

"I can't....believe I'm saying this...yes. I want to fuck you."

I lit a joint and passed it to Leoncio as we readied ourselves to watch a new sexual performance by the two cougars.

Marie and Anay were both aggressive. Their kisses were passionate mouth to mouth followed by nibbles and soft bites on tits and nipples. After some time of breast licking and fondling, Anay turned Marie face down on the bed as her hands gripped Marie's ass, separating the cheeks so her tongue could slide down to the rosebud hole and the wet slit.

Anay ate Marie's ass and cunt and the silver haired woman trashed around on the bed, climaxing in jolting spams, making whimpering, moaning sounds.

Then it was Marie's turn to do the same to Anay who signaled Leo to move closer. As I puffed on the burnt remains of a joint I was witness to Marie's face buried in Anay's cunt and ass while our newcomer sucked Leo's cock. The oral event went on for a few minutes until Marie tied on the strap on harness and climbed between Anay's legs.

"You are right," she said as her rubber cock slid into Anay's wet cunt, "I often wondered what it would be like to have a cock."

To our surprise, Marie had suddenly become dominant towards Anay, establishing a ruthless pace, thrusting her rubber cock into cunt before dragging it out slowly. Anay trembled violently and each down stroke made her body jerk while Marie's hands pinched her nipples and Leo's cock fucked her mouth..

I figured Leo would climax soon as Anay moved her head down, taking him further into her open mouth. His shaft had disappeared into her mouth as his pubic hairs pressed against her face and his hairy balls slapped against her chin.

Anay used her tongue around the base of his cock, and putting both hands on his ass, pulled Leo down towards her for the few final mouth strokes before he exploded in orgasm, bellowing like an animal as he unloaded in her mouth, before collapsing next to both women who continued their frantic strap on fucking, reaching a moaning, screaming simultaneous orgasm that left them exhausted.

"When are you joining us?" Anay asked, panting, catching her breath.

"After you wash up." I answered "I will penetrate your ass."

"Looking forward to it," she said with a wink and a smile.

More showering, lathering and fondling later, Leo and Marie sat on chairs facing their marital bed as Anay placed herself face down on the mattress in a kneeling position, her white round ass inviting to be fucked, her legs slightly open to give me better angle of entry.

I was well lubricated and as I entered her I felt the walls of her ass close in on my cock. I entered fast, my hands grabbing her hips, my cock pushing open the cheeks of flesh, pushing into the rosebud hole as she stiffened, then relaxed and pushed back, ass rubbing against my belly. The warmth of her ass overwhelmed my cock, all warm flesh around my dick, naked moons rubbing against my lower belly as I rammed into her behind, my hips pumping while pulling on her waist and her pony tail.

She loved it. The multi orgasmic Anay liked it -loved it- and she pushed back, her ass bouncing against my stomach, her hips opening more to take me in deeper before she contracted her muscles and her rosebud hole gripped my shaft tighter. Anay knows how to fuck without shame and words poured from her as I impaled her delicious rear.

"Fuck me deep and hard with that thick, fat cock....oh...I like it bad boy I like it up the ass... And I just realized that I like people to watch me getting fucked..... Your cock... feels so good in my ass... yes, fuck my ass hard... hard... you are so thick... yes, that's it... that's yes, that's it... that's perfect... I love your cock... Oh... Oh..Your cock... feels good.. fuck my ass hard... hard... you are so thick... yes,... I love your cock... "

I fucked her hard and fast and she responded equally hard. I would pull my shaft almost completely out before slamming it back in, pistoning in and out, pulling all but the head of my cock out of her before driving it back in deep with every stroke

"Cum in my ass! Fuck me and cum in me!" Anay yelled as she bucked back, ramming my dick into her self as deeply as it could go, moaning as she grabbed her own ass cheeks and spread them wide for me.

"Oh... Oh.. Oh...Oh...I'm almost... ..there....oh, yes, just like that...I am close...yes.....fuck me deep bad boy... fuck my ass hard... hard... yes, that's it... I like it up the ass...Yess!! I am coming!!!"

I sped up, jack hammering my cock into her ass while she slammed back impaling herself more as her orgasm built and took over sending her into a screaming, jolting climax.

I was pulling on her pony tail as I ass fucked her and with her head tilted back she opened her mouth and let out a long, wailing moan as we climaxed together, her hips and pressed against me while her entire body convulsed and shook with a tremendous orgasm, making her scream loudly in joy and passion before collapsing under me on the bed, totally spent and exhausted from hours of fucking and climaxing.

As I fell asleep I could hear Marie say "it's barely midnight. Anay and I will wake you with a surprise in a couple of hours."

They did. My two cougars double sucked my cock with great enthusiasm in that wonderful weekend. Two cougars are better than one.

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