tagInterracial LoveThe Seduction of Jennifer Ch. 02

The Seduction of Jennifer Ch. 02


I remember walking in the front door that night and seeing Jennifer putting the dinner plates on the dinning room table. It just seemed like our life got much more passionate from that night on. I showered her with hugs and kisses while she tried to finish preparing our meal.

I guess I have to admit I had images in my mind of Jennifer getting banged good and hard by Clifton. I often thought about my desire to see my wife screwed silly by a black man. Jealousy would take over for most men and I wondered how I would react when the time actually came.

I laid in bed trying to fall asleep that first night with images of Clifton's enormous black cock in my head. A few days ago while we were showing, I remember starring at the size of his cock without being noticed. I surely didn't want him to think I was a homosexual.

I do remember making comparisons to my wrist and thinking to myself that he was that thick around! I suppose when I dreamed of Jennifer making love to a black guy that he would be as large as Clifton. Clifton surely took the trouble off finding the right guy for my wife, that's for sure! It just feels strange having the man living right next door.

The other thing I worried about was Clifton telling me what was going on. I started to plan things right from the start. I'd check around in Jennifer's drawers and in the closet and try to see if any sexy garments were moved around. I certainly kept an eye on that little black bikini. I examined it closely, even smelling it for any sign that she'd worn it.

I know what your thinking, she isn't that stupid to leave evidence laying around for me to find or would she? I don't mean the stupid part of it, perhaps she would deliberately leave something for me to find.

Three days past already and every time I met Clifton at the club it was the same old think. He either had nothing to say or said he was making progress and just to be a little more patient.

I was seated in my office watching that clock on the wall. It was a little after four in the afternoon when I got a text message from Clifton. I looked at the message and there was only one word written in the window which said, kiss.

He also sent a photo and my heart practically skipped a beat as my figures worked the tiny button to click on the image. OMG! There it was! Clifton had somehow managed to get a picture of a hot kiss! I could feel my heart beat pounding against my shirt. They were standing in our bathroom, Jennifer's arms were stretched out around his neck with her hands hanging down. Their lips locked together!

How in the fuck did he take this shot? I examined the photo and saw the reflection of his phone in the mirror. Jennifer certainly must have seen it in his hand or saw the flash! Maybe he had the flash off? Just look at this picture. Clifton is shirtless wearing only his jeans. Jenn's body is stretched up for the kiss with Clifton's big arms around her waist with one hand on that phone behind my wife's waist. How clever I thought to myself!

She was wearing jeans and a red cotton top. I knew the top very well because it showed a lot of cleavage. Jenn would wear it with a push-up bra that drove me nuts.

I was panting like I'd just run a mile as I sat the phone down on my desk feeling for my cock. I was hard and poking out. I was sure glad I didn't have any other meetings for the day. I started to wonder if that picture was just taken or perhaps he waited to send it. What happen? Did they fuck? Will Clifton tell me everything?

I had another hour to go yet. I needed to know something. I kept starring at the phone on my desk and finally decided to call home. I had to, I was just to nervous not to call home. OMG! What if I catch them in the act? What would I say? Clifton would surely know I got the picture and was checking up on them.

I debated this for several minutes. I finally decided not to call. If Clifton were still there he'd know I was checking up. I had another half hour to go before I could leave. I walked out and visited the coffee station and poured myself a cup of hot black coffee. I paced the floor watching that damn clock. This was certainly going to be interesting when I got to the club tonight.

I was the first one at the club that evening. I changed my clothes and looked at the clock. Clifton was late! I was going insane waiting when I heard the door open. It was Clifton!

He was whistling as he walked over to the bench and flopped down his gym bag. He dug inside the bag as I sat there waiting for him to speak. He finally turned his head and smiled at me.

"How did you like the picture I sent?"

"It was....hot! Are you going to tell me what happen?"

Clifton was taking his shorts out of the bag. "Well, yeah...as you know we kissed. We were baking and I got flour on my face so Jenn asked me to follow her into the bathroom. She wiped off my face and the next thing I knew we were locked in a passionate kiss."

"Didn't she see the phone?"

"Nope! We were locked in this kiss and I was able to pull my phone out of my pants pocket and just clicked it. She saw the flash but I explained that I had hit the button accidentally."

"Did she buy it?"

Clifton chuckled. "I think so."

"What happened next?"

"Well, I told her I was sorry for letting that kiss get away from me. She said I didn't have to apologize and that it was fine."

I carefully waited for Clifton to continue.

"We walked back into the living room and we sat down on the sofa. The next thing I knew, we were kissing again only this time I was able to slip my hand inside her blouse."

Clifton grinned at me. "She started to respond to my kiss and opened her mouth. I really hope you don't mind, Mark. You see, I was extremely horny by now."

"What happened next?"

"Well, I was messaging her breasts inside her bra with my left hand and holding her hand with my right. I slowly moved her hand over to my bulge and allowed her to feel how hard she had gotten me. I carefully moved her hand over my cock and spread her fingers out as we kissed. She knew what to do next."

I don't knew how to describe the way I was feeling at that moment but Clifton sure had me sitting on the edge of that stool waiting to hear more.

"I felt her fingers start to move tracing the outline of my cock through my pants. She finally broke the kiss and looked into my eyes and whispered. "You feel so big!"

I peeked her lips with mine as I replied. "Go ahead and take it out."

I just kept starring at Clifton to hear what happened next.

"Jennifer looked so nervous but she surprised me when she reached for my zipper. I arched my hips up to make it easier for her to slid my pants down to the floor. The look on her face as she starred down at my boxer shorts was just priceless. My cock was poking straight out."

My heart was racing to hear more.

"Jennifer sort of smiled and looked at me. I saw her hands shaking and I reached out and touched her arm gently and told her to keep going and not to be afraid. I arched my hips up off the sofa again allowing her to slid my boxer shorts down. She bent down looking toward my feet as she pulled them down my legs. I really think she was afraid to look up to see what I had been poking at the material seconds ago."

"What did she do when she finally looked at it?"

Clifton chuckled. "I saw her eyes widen once she saw it for the first time. Now I'm not bragging but I know it was the largest cock she had ever seen in her life. I took hold of her hand and moved her hand next to it and helped her wrap her fingers around it. She just said, OMG!"

"Did she start to stroke it right away?"

"Oh, Mark. I have to tell you that your wife's dainty fingers felt so good and soft. She actually reached out with her other hand and held it in both her hands. She couldn't get her fingers around the girth, I know that for a fact! She just sat there in amazement trying to take in the size of it at first. I said to her, go ahead and stroke it and see if it grows some more. "

"You mean you weren't completely hard yet?"

"I grew a little more as she started stroking it, Mark. I just leaned my head back and enjoyed her hands on me. I spread my legs apart and she instinctively reached down and cupped my ball sack. I just let her get acquainted with it on her own and at her own pace mind you."

I gulped than kept listening.

"Mark, your wife was just fascinated by the shear size of my shaft. I kept watching and let her enjoy herself. After a few minutes of watching your gorgeous wife stroke my cock I leaned over and started to unbutton that pretty red blouse. She tried to help me with the buttons but I told her to keep stroking me, I'll get them loose."

I took a deep breath trying to imagine in my mind what this scene must have looked like on my living room sofa.

"Mark, she moved her shoulders helping me slip off the blouse once the buttons were undone. She was kneeling on the floor just wearing that pretty black bra and those tight-ass jeans. Those gorgeous white breasts looked so inviting I reached down and put my hand in between her cleavage and just closed my eyes at the touch of that wonderful softness."

I wanted to poop my nuts right than and there in the locker room as I listened to Clifton explain how he was seducing my wife.

"Jenn was working her tiny hands on my cock now as I messaged her pretty boobs. I finally reached out and around her back and unclasped her bra letting it fall freely onto the floor below. What a sight to behold when I saw those hard pink nipples. I immediately started to rub the back of my fingers against one of those hard little nipples. Mark, I felt her little hands responding to my touch the way she was working my cock."

My cock was pressed tight against my shorts now.

"Mark, before I had a change to work on the other nipple she lowered her head down and took the head of my cock inside her mouth. I just leaned back against that sofa again while she experimented with the head of my cock. I felt her tongue dancing around the head as her little hands worked their magic holding the base of my cock. Mark, you've seen how large my cock is, she could barely get the head inside her mouth."

"Was she able to take it inside her mouth?"

"No, just the head but I'll be working on helping her with her skills. I had a woman take me straight back to her throat once. It takes skill but I think Jenn's got the desire to learn."

"What happen next?"

"Well, I kept looking at her and finally touched her arm until she looked up and I asked her if she wanted to try and ride it. She looked up at me pleadingly and said. Do you think I can take it? I said, yes baby. Clifton would never hurt you."

I almost felt dizzy listening to the way Clifton said it than he told me more.

"Mark, she got up off her knees and unfastened her jeans and wiggled out of them like a stripper would. I gasped when I looked at that little black thong she was wearing and motioned to her to sit on my lap with them on. She climbed right on top of me and pressed her lips onto mine. I put my hands on her ass and squeezed making her moan. My cock was throbbing Mark and I wanted to take her so bad before I shot my load.

"OMG, did she take off the thong next? How about the condom? Who put that on, you or Jenn?"

"Well, Mark. Jenn stood up and wiggled out of that little black thong. Before I had a chance to move she was straddling my legs again kissing my face as she wiggled that little white ass around on my lap. Oh, Mark....there was so much I wanted to do. I wanted to taste that sweet white pussy but she was so anxious to feel me inside her that she lifted herself up and rubbed the head of my cock against her soaking wet pussy."

"You mean you didn't use a condom?'

"It happened so damn fast, Mark. The next thing I knew I was working my cock inside her tight pussy. I mean that little bitch of yours is tight. She labored with me for several minutes until we got half of it inside. I don't think I could have gone any further because I felt her cervix at the head of my cock. Mark, I can't begin to tell you how she rode me. Her body swayed in every direction as she worked her tight pussy around on my cock.."

I thought I was going to faint thinking about my wife riding Clifton's huge thick cock.

"Mark, I don't know how many times she came on me but her thighs quivered each time. Those beautiful boobs just shook like we were having an earthquake.

Mark, I really wanted it to last longer but that tight pussy wanted to milk me dry and I held onto her hips as tight as I could and blasted my load inside her hot little pussy until I was spent."

I almost came in my pants listening to Clifton.

"Mark, I just closed my eyes while I caught my breath. I was still hard and locked inside her tight pussy when she looked at me with a smile saying she'd pull up slowly. I didn't know what she had in mind until she leaned back and picked up her red blouse. She slowly lifted off me and pushed that blouse under her ass to catch the cum."

I felt drained after listening to Clifton and wanted to go home and kiss and hug my beautiful wife. Clifton and I worked out together than showered. I kept starring at his big cock thinking just hours ago it was deep inside my wife's pussy.

I drove home thinking about every little detail Clifton told me. I walked through the front door and smelled the food cooking. There was my wife at the sink wiping her hands. I walked in and laid a big open mouth kiss on her lips. She hugged me back than said.

"Honey, dinner will be ready in a few minutes."

"OK, honey. Let me change my clothes."

I quickly changed and took my dirty laundry out in the laundry room. I looked in the basket and there was the red blouse. Jennifer was in the kitchen so I quickly picked up the garment and started to examine it. It was still wet in areas so I put the material to my nose and took a nice long sniff.

It smelled like cum. Clifton was telling me the truth. This was his cum I was sniffing. There was the black thong in the basket. It was stained, probably from Jennifer's pussy. Oh God this was so awesome! My wife fucked her first black man today!

I wanted her so bad now. I wasn't even hungry for dinner. I just wanted to fuck. I wanted to feel my wife's pussy after she'd been fucked by Clifton. I began to wonder if he stretched her out. She'd be sore for sure. I couldn't force this. I'd play it cool. That's what I'd do. I'll wait for just before we're ready for be and hit her up for sex than!

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