tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Seduction of Ms. Brown Ch. 01

The Seduction of Ms. Brown Ch. 01


I forced myself to slow my breathing and waited by Ms. Brown's desk after the rest of the class left. Unsurprisingly, I was nervous.

"Something for you to look at, Miss," I said as I dropped the folder on her desk.

She gave me a typically good-natured smile and opened the package. Her breath caught as she flicked through the photographs one by one.

As a member of the photographic club I'd been on duty taking pictures at an evening school function. Bored, I'd wandered through the administrative area of the school, deserted at that time of night. That's where I'd heard the groaning from the headmaster's study. That's where I'd surreptitiously taken four pictures of Ms. Brown kneeling between the headmaster's legs. That's where I'd captured a perfect image of her upturned semen-covered face. And that's what she was staring at right now, wide-eyed.

Abruptly she strode to the door, locked it and pulled down the blind. She turned.

"What do you want, Jake?" she asked.

"All I want is a kiss," I replied. And who wouldn't? She was lovely: twenty-three (just five years older than me), full-busted yet tall, long-legged and slim, sparkling green eyes and long blonde hair. She was wearing a dark blouse, dark skirt, stockings (or so I fantasised) and high-heeled shoes. As ever, she looked stunning.

She licked her lips and swallowed, unconsciously smoothing her skirt over her thighs as she slowly walked back to the desk. I wasn't sure whether I imagined the subtle bump of her suspender straps pushing through her skirt.

"And the pictures?"

"You can have them back if you do as I say."

She hesitated. At that moment, I didn't think she'd submit, that she'd slap me and walk out, but suddenly she leant her head towards me and pecked me on the mouth. It felt much drier than I had expected: her lips had always looked so moist.

"Now properly," I said gruffly as I caught her by the back of her head and pulled her to me. She seemed to resist momentarily before opening her mouth and letting me push my tongue into hers. Now I'd never kissed a girl before, so I didn't really know what to expect but she seemed to be at least feigning enthusiasm, maybe thinking that she could extricate herself by pleasing me quickly. The kiss was long and intense; her tongue was nimble as she licked my teeth and rolled it around mine. I pressed myself against her: her body felt wonderfully firm yet her breasts were soft against my chest. My hands wandered down to her perfect arse which I squeezed and fondled. She tensed against me; I couldn't tell whether it was because of me touching her bottom or because of my erection pressing against her.

She pushed me away.

"That's enough, Jake. I've done what you asked for and more. Now give me the pictures and that'll be the end of it." Her tone was now more like the one she used when chastising unruly pupils.

"Let me feel your breasts first," I ordered.

"What! No. Never!" she replied indignantly and crossed her arms defensively across her magnificent bosom.

"Or I could leave these pictures in the boys' cloakroom, Miss. I do have other copies you know."

Her dejected face and disconsolate sigh almost made me guilty enough to relent. But then I glanced down at those big breasts, the ultimate objects of fantasy for every boy in school, and kept hopefully silent.

She took a deep breath, uncrossed her arms and stepped towards me once more.

"Well, come on then," she said petulantly. I was astounded. I hadn't really thought it would work. But I barely hesitated before reaching out to squeeze her breasts through the blouse. They were firm yet wonderfully soft and too big for my hands. I pinched her slightly hard nipples and lifted them up. My cock felt harder than I could ever remember it being.

I couldn't help moaning, "Oh, god, they're amazing."

"I'm glad you like them." I looked up at her face. She was smiling with perhaps a hint of pride although I think my appalling enthusiasm probably contributed to her amusement. "Slow down, Jake. I'm not going anywhere; you can feel them for as long as you'd like."

My surprise at her change of approach must have been obvious from my expression.

"In fact," she added as she positively pushed her chest against my hands, "we can have a little arrangement and make it a more regular occurrence. As long as, of course, you give me all the pictures and negatives."

It was difficult to think. I had to hold myself back from doing whatever she wanted. Her voice was extraordinarily seductive. I hadn't noticed until then but she smelt faintly of something flowery and light.

"OK. But you have to take your top off. I want to see them better. They're just the most glorious things...." I stumbled to an inarticulate halt.

She bit the side of her lip delightfully as she thought. "All right. But that's as far I'll go." She turned briskly around, unbuttoned her blouse and dropped it onto the desk with a flourish. She slowly turned back.

"What do you think, Jake. Do you like them?" Her bra was black, lacy and very pretty. Her bosom was smooth, creamy and expansive.

I was speechless. "Here, feel them more." She reached out and brought my hands to her breasts while watching me carefully. I think she was making the experience as erotic as possible for me so I'd come in my pants and then leave her alone. It was a struggle not to do so.

I squeezed and fondled them again. This time her nipples were hard and I could glimpse their redness through the lace. Excitedly I tried to pull her bra down but she stopped me. "Wait," she said and reached behind her and unclipped it. "Enjoy it, Jake. This won't be the last time if you're kind to me."

And there they were. I don't think she needed a bra at all. They hardly sagged at all. The nipples were reddish-brown, quite large and very erect. My hands wandered all over her glorious bosom, glorying in its fullness. I tweaked and pinched her nipples repeatedly. I bent my head down so that I could take them in my mouth.

"Jake, No!" she tried to push me away.

I held her firmly, "You've got to let me. The pictures...."

She looked at me for a few seconds, sighed, nodded briefly and closed her eyes. She wasn't smiling anymore. I think she'd realised that she wasn't as in control of the situation as she'd hoped.

The feeling of those hard nipples in my mouth was indescribable. As I flicked my tongue around them and sucked hard, she gasped.

"What should I do?" I paused from my nibbling.

"What?" she opened her eyes with a start.

"Tell me what to do. I've never done this before. How do I make it good for you?"

"This isn't a class, you know! Oh, OK. I can't believe this. OK. You can be a bit gentler. Yes that's good. And move your tongue around and around. Hmmm. Yes. Oh and bite just a little. Oh yes. That IS good." She moaned musically and closed her eyes again as I continued for a few more minutes.

By this time, my erection was hurting. I undid myself and pulled it out without stopping licking her tits. She hadn't yet opened her eyes. I grabbed her left hand and put it onto my cock. Without thought, her hand clasped my shaft and she stroked me firmly up and down twice.

Suddenly, realising what she was doing, her eyes flew open, she gasped and pushed me away, falling back into her chair. "Oh my god no. No, Jake. Put it away." Her terrified eyes didn't leave the head of my cock which was swaying a foot away from her face as I stood in front of her.

"Please don't stop, Miss. Your hand feels so good. It won't take any time. I'm ready to burst."

"No, Jake. That's going too far. I won't," she replied.

"For fuck's sake, you sucked off the headmaster. He's old and ugly. I saw you there, smiling at him with come all over your face. Now touch me again or I'm going to send the pictures to the governors. Or even better I'll publish them on the web," I said, feigning anger.

Her eyes were full of tears but her right hand slowly rose to my cock and tentatively grasped it for a moment or two. She must have made up her mind fairly abruptly as she suddenly said, "Right," brought her other hand up to fondle and squeeze my balls and started masturbating me furiously.

It was difficult but I managed to warn, "Slow down. If I come too soon...." She did slow down and then I was lost in pleasure as I groped her fabulous breasts. I'd never thought I'd get this far but there I was being wanked by a topless Ms. Brown, the most beautiful and desirable woman I'd ever seen.

Because my cock was only inches from her face now, she can't have helped but know what I'd want next. I took a hand from her breast and grabbed the back of her neck and pulled her head insistently towards me.

She resisted initially but said, "I can't believe I'm saying this but ... Jake, I'll do it; I'll suck you off; but only if you give me all of the pictures and negatives." She looked up at me expectantly her beautiful mouth parted slightly.

"Yes, anything you want. Just suck me. Please." And of course, right then, I meant it.

She stared into my eyes as if gauging my sincerity and nodded. I took my hand away from her head and put it back onto her breast. With one hand she cupped my balls while the other grasped my shaft again. She wetted her lips and moved her mouth slowly down over my cock, licking all around its head. After just a small pause, she started to suck hard and bob her head quickly and deeply up and down me. The combination of warmth, softness and heat was exquisite. I'd never imagined anything could be so pleasurable. She was obviously trying to make me come quickly and I was powerless to resist. After no more than a dozen bobs of her pretty blonde head, I let myself go and came copiously in her mouth. She kept bobbing gently as she swallowed all of my spunk. Finally she pulled her head back, licked the knob and kissed it twice affectionately before sitting back.

"How was that, Jake?" she enquired insouciantly, still holding me in both hands.

"Amazing. Thanks." I didn't know what else to say.

She laughed as she let go of me. "Well, that wasn't too bad after all. You've got a lovely cock and you taste good. Now the pictures...." She took the folder from the desk. "What about the negatives?"

"I'll bring them in tomorrow." She looked at me and smiled.

"If you give them to me tomorrow, maybe I'll give you another blowjob, Jake," she added teasingly.

Distracted by her amazing body, I'd never really noticed how beautiful her smile was. I nodded eagerly, "Yes, please."

She picked up her bra from her the desk.

"Just one thing, Ms. Jones."

She was instantly wary. "Yes?"

"Please can you do me a favour?" I started hesitantly.

"What, Jake?"

"Well, it's just that. I've... I've never even kissed a girl before today. And well, this could be my only chance. I mean, can I see your, well, your pussy?" I blurted out finally.

"Jake! No! You can't!" she exclaimed.

"But, well, with respect, Miss, you have just sucked me off and I'm really grateful but I just want to see it and I will bring all the negatives tomorrow. Please, Miss."

I think it was reminding her of the pictures that settled the matter. She sighed heavily, "I can't believe I'm going to do this." She unfastened her skirt at the side to reveal black stockings, suspenders and a tiny pair of black lacy pants. So we had been right about the glimpses of stockings we'd seen.

"Oh, wow, Miss. You're gorgeous."

She gave me a sarcastic look before hooking her thumbs into her knickers and pausing before pulling them down. "Let's make this quick."

"Lie back on the desk, Miss," I ordered. She did as I asked before allowing her legs to fall open to reveal a well-kept tuft of blonde hair above long wet pink lips, just like the magazine centrefolds over whom I'd masturbated so many times. "A natural blonde; we did wonder." She grunted in response. I bent my head down to look at her closely. I tentatively moved a finger up and down her lips.

"I knew you'd want to touch me," she said angrily but, apart from an initial flinch, she didn't move away.

"Of course," I assented. I spent the next few minutes playing with her pussy: sliding a finger in and out of her, despite her protests; pulling her lips apart; rubbing her clit. It seemed she particularly liked the latter, judging from her throaty moaning and rapidly moistening pussy-lips.

Eventually I move my mouth to her and licked up and down. "Oh god, I really shouldn't let you do this," she groaned. The taste was unexpected but far from unpleasant. I stuck my tongue right into her and wiggled it before eventually settling on alternately flicking her clit with my tongue and licking up and down her lips repeatedly. She seemed to love it, judging from the noise she was making.

I was rock hard again by now so it only seemed natural to lie myself down onto the desk next to her and push my cock against her mouth. She started to give me head without any more urging: it felt as good as it had before but this time I was able to enjoy it without risk of imminent ejaculation. I bent back to my task of licking her and she was moaning loudly around my penis again in seconds. A few minutes later, she screamed, "I'm coming," and her thighs convulsed around me and she pushed herself hard into my face. She lay there, panting, while I pulled my cock out of her mouth, heaved myself up and knelt between her open legs.

She struggled half-heartedly as I murmured, "Remember the pictures." She sighed resignedly and let her legs fall open. And then I pushed myself deep into her, thus losing my virginity by blackmailing my gorgeous English teacher into letting me fuck her on her very own desk. It was difficult to feel guilty.

All thought of control fled me. I couldn't stop myself pumping furiously in and out of her: it just felt so good.

"Slow down, Jake," she managed to convey between her groaning. She stroked my shoulders through my shirt. I was able to hold myself back a little. One part of my mind was amazed that she seemed to enjoying it so much. Her eyes were closed, her mouth was parted and she was moaning endearments and obscenities in equal number as she pulled me urgently into her. However most of my attention was on the quite extraordinary feelings of pleasure I was getting from the tightness of her pussy.

After a few blissful minutes of more controlled thrusting, I asked, "Can we try a different position?"

"Hmmm. Yes. OK," she replied, pulled me down onto the desk and climbed on top of me. This felt even better: she controlled the pace and the fact that it was she who was driving our coupling and not I made it that much more enjoyable. We both got louder as we got closer and closer to climax until, with a final mutual cry, we came together. I looked into her eyes as I spurted over and over again deep into her pussy and she smiled down at me, almost lovingly.

She took a few moments to recover her composure as her breathing subsided. "Well. I think that was worth a bit more than just a few pictures, Jake," she added teasingly. She kissed my face and rolled off me.

"That was amazing, Miss." I reached out and idly stroked her breasts. "You really do have the most amazing body."

"Thanks, Jake. The negatives?"

"They're yours."

"Good. If you don't mind I'm going to get dressed."

"Miss, just one more thing...."

"What now, Jake? I'm exhausted and I've done everything you've asked."

"Miss, the pictures are yours whether you agree or not. But, well, I've just got one more fantasy you can fulfil and considering what we've done already it wouldn't be too much more to ask. It's that, well, I've always dreamt about watching your arse wobble while I take you from behind. Please, Miss, can I,?"

"Jake! I can't believe how cheeky you are! Anyway," she added, taking hold of my limp cock, "you're in no state to do anything else."!

"Well, I would be if you didn't mind sucking me a little more."

"So what you're saying is that now that you've blackmailed me into having sex, you want me to give you another blowjob so you can fuck me doggy-style!" she said indignantly, my cock still in her hand.

"Um, well, yes, I suppose I am."

She studied me with, I think, an amused look. "Oh, I don't know why but come on then." She sat on a chair in front of me and brought her head down to my crotch. Once again it didn't take long for me to respond. The combination of licking, sucking, nibbling and bobbing from her mouth, tongue and lips made it impossible for me not to become fully erect within just a few minutes.

"Very impressive," she said with more than touch of satisfaction in her voice at her own ability to arouse me.

She stood up and leant over the desk. "Right come on then, Jake; fuck me from behind," she ordered.

I slipped in easily as she was already wet. It didn't take me long to find a good rhythm, slipping my whole length in and out of her in particularly pleasing way. And, as predicted, her arse did wobble delightfully as I slapped hard against her while thrusting in.

"Oh yes, Jake. Yes. Yes. Fuck me hard, Jake. Use me. Oh, yes. Use me."

Although I was profoundly enjoying her pussy, I couldn't help staring at her pretty pinky-brown puckered arsehole, the object of a fantasy about which I hadn't told her. A somewhat wicked thought entered my mind.

We fucked for over quarter of an hour before Ms. Brown's cries indicated an impending orgasm. Just as she screamed out her climax, I pulled out of her pussy and pushed with all my strength into her arse which was well lubricated with our combined oozings.

Her scream became one of surprise and undoubtedly some pain. "No! You bastard. Not up there. No." After a while her protests subsided to a cute grunt with every thrust, each of which took me further and further up her bum.

"Sorry, Miss," I managed to say between thrusts, "I couldn't help myself. You've got such a beautiful arse."

My rhythm was slower this time, possibly because her bottom was so tight and resistant. However, after some initial uncertainty, my tempo became more confident and I lost myself in the ecstasy of her bumhole. I think the whole situation of taking my stunning English teacher up the arse without consent was just too much for me because, after very little time, I came vigorously up her tightest little hole.

After I'd pulled out of her, she winced and slowly stood up to say, "I can't believe you've just done that. I've never been fucked up my bum before."

I was surprised; for some reason I had thought she would be anally experienced. "I'm sorry but it was just too inviting. Your arse is perfect. Your whole body is perfect."

"Oh god," she moaned as she started to dress, "Can I have the pictures and negatives now?"

I thought I'd be honest for the first time. "Miss, how can I give them back to you? You, the most beautiful woman I've ever seen, the most beautiful woman I can even imagine, have just had sex with me. If I give them back to you, you'll never do it again."

Dejected she said, "But I've done everything you wanted. I've sucked your cock. I've fucked you in different positions. I've even taken it up the arse for you." I thought she was going to cry,

"But you enjoyed it didn't you? Would it be so bad to do it again every now and again?"

She sighed. "I... I enjoyed most of it. There's something about being made to do things that I wouldn't normally do that does turn me on deep inside."

"Well then let's do it again tomorrow."

She thought carefully. "Oh shit, I suppose this is all my own fault. OK,... but not up my bum, please. I'll give you the best blowjob imaginable instead. Any time, any place. You won't want take me up there. I promise. And as long as no-one sees the pictures," she added significantly.

I smiled broadly. It looked like I'd managed to get myself a source of free, willing and accomplished sex. I nodded noncommittally in response to her request. After all how could I possibly forego that delightful arse?

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