tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Seduction of Ms. Brown Ch. 02

The Seduction of Ms. Brown Ch. 02


Ms. Brown squealed quietly as I pushed a pencil up her cunt.

We were standing outside the closed doorway of the staffroom door in a normally busy corridor. She had protested but hadn't dare to refuse me as I'd spontaneously taken the pencil I happened to have in my pocket and slowly inch by inch thrust it, under her skirt, into her bare wet pussy.

"Oh, please Jake. Someone might see. Oh, please stop," she begged.

Now perhaps I was being gratuitously cruel but I couldn't help humiliating my lovely sex slave at almost every opportunity. It had been two weeks now since I had shown my gorgeous English teacher a set of photographs showing the excesses of her career management strategy, i.e. pictures of her sucking the headmaster's cock.

It had just been luck that I'd been passing at the opportune moment but the threat of leaving the photos in the boys' changing rooms at school had certainly focused her mind on earning them back.

Since that first evening when she had gradually performed more and more intimate sexual acts with me to win back the photos, she'd come to realise that she was never going to gain her freedom from my erotic needs. I mean who could possibly blame me, a lusty young eighteen year old boy, for wanting my very own sex goddess on tap? She was in her early twenties and had blond hair, green eyes and a slender full-breasted leggy figure after which every boy at school, and I'm sure every male teacher, lusted.

I had lost my virginity to her that first evening and since then we had fucked almost every day. She had sucked me off in the school stationery room and ridden me in her car after school. I had been to her flat where I'd used her in every way imaginable; I'd even twice stayed with her overnight when her boyfriend had been away and had the pleasure of being sucked awake in the morning.

And although she was generally initially reluctant, she always seemed to enjoy the sex, usually coming more than once when we fucked. She even seemed really keen to give me head as well as having her pussy licked but she did everything she could to avoid anal because she said my cock was too big for her bum. Not that this stopped the occasional vigorous buggering, when I was feeling particularly mischievous.

And maybe that was why I like to push the boundaries somewhat at school. I'd insisted pretty soon after our relationship started that she stop wearing knickers or tights at school -- only stockings, although I was generous on the point of hold-ups versus a suspender belt. I didn't mind either.

I also made sure she gave me a flash of her pussy in her lessons. Luckily for her I sat in the back corner of her classroom so no-one had noticed my running my hand up her skirt and fingering her while she bent over my desk ostensibly to discuss an essay.

And that was I why I was pushing a wooden pencil in and out of her cunt with the distinct possibility of someone chancing upon us.

"Jake, please. I'll be so good for you tonight. Please stop," she gasped as I pushed the pencil all the way in and flicked her clit under her skirt.

"Why what are you going to do for me, Ms. Brown?" I asked, giving her substantial breasts a robust squeeze with my other hand.

"Oh Jake! I'll suck you off so well and swallow all your come," she promised.

"Go on," I urged, continuing to play with her clit.

"And you said you wanted to try something new. I've got some whipped cream. We can lick it off each other. Please Jake, stop before someone sees."

I saw the handle of the staffroom door turn a split second before it opened so I was able to remove my hand from under her skirt and step back before Ms. Taylor, the PE teacher came out clutching a pile of reports and a netball.

"Oh, sorry Sally," she said as she almost bumped into Ms. Brown in the doorway.

Ms. Taylor was the other main object of fantasy for the school's male population. She was tall, black and extremely fit, having represented the nation on several occasions at hockey. Her legs were endless yet she still had enough curves to make me dizzy with desire.

"Oh, hi Jake," she said seeing me and giving me a characteristically warm and sunny smile. Her hair was straight, shoulder length and pulled back in a pony tail.

"Hello, Ms. Taylor. How are you?" I asked her, slightly flustered by her big brown eyes and the fresh lemony scent that seemed to follow her everywhere.

"Fine thanks," she said.

There was an awkward silence as the three of us looked at each other.

Finally I broke it. "Er, sorry, I need to go now, Ms. Brown, can I have my pencil back?"

Ms. Brown's eyes widened in warning. Ms. Taylor looked at her quizzically.

"Jake, I haven't got it right now," eventually she said in a patronising tone. "I'll give it back to you in class later this afternoon," she dismissed.

As I walked away I decided that I'd take her up her arse after school, just to remind her who was in charge. I looked back over my shoulder as I turned the corner to see the two of them in a hushed and seemingly somewhat intimate conversation. My cock gave a twitch.

At the end of the day, Ms. Brown picked me up in a supermarket car park five minutes walk from school. She insisted that no-one see the two us together and I was more than happy to comply -- losing access to that fabulous body was not an option I wanted to contemplate, despite my earlier risky jape.

With a self-conscious smirk, she handed me back my pencil, infused with her delectable pussy juices. I smelt it headily and slipped it into my bag, thanking my luck that the opportunity she represented had fallen into my lap so easily.

Luckily for me her boyfriend's job involved staying away once or twice a week and tonight I was going to spend the night with her once more.

However just to start things off on the right foot for the evening, I decided I wanted her to satisfy me there and then.

"Ms. Brown, I feel so horny. Here you are. Suck me off," I ordered unzipping my stiffening cock.

"Jake! Not here. Someone might see." The late summer evening was bright and beautiful but there were only a few cars in the car park.

"Sorry, Ms. Brown. Ever since Ms. Taylor smiled at me this afternoon, I've been turned on. I can't wait until we get back to your flat. Just suck it. I won't take long to come."

"Jake, at least let me drive somewhere a little quieter," she begged deliciously, although even before she'd finished her sentence she had unclipped her belt, resigned to pleasuring me.

I held my cock out with my left hand and gently pulled her head down with the other. As her moist red lips slipped over the head of my cock, I let out a long sigh of pleasure. I'd never had sex with anyone else but I couldn't imagine that anything could be better than Ms. Brown's hot mouth as she swirled her tongue around me and made wet slurping sounds sucking hard on my dick.

"Oh, yes, Ms. Brown. You are such a good cocksucker," I complimented her. "I wonder if Ms. Taylor gives head as well as you."

She moaned indignantly around my cock but I held her head down to stop her complaining.

As predicted, it didn't take long to fill her mouth with my cum. She swallowed without any hesitation although I noticed a certain huffiness in her manner as she drove me back.

"Sorry, Ms. Brown," I said somewhat insincerely after we'd parked outside her flat. "I didn't mean to make you jealous," I teased.

Her eyes flashed in anger. "I'm not jealous! Anyway you really aren't Ms. Taylor's type," she added.

"What do you mean?" I asked intrigued.

She was blushing now. "Oh, nothing. I didn't mean anything. Let's get inside and get the whipped cream out," she replied trying to change the subject. But I could tell that she had meant something.

"Are you saying that Ms. Taylor is gay?" I asked. "And, Ms. Brown, please don't insult my intelligence by lying."

"Oh, shit," she swore prettily. "Erm. Yes, she does, I mean she..."

"Wow! She's so hot though." I shook my head in disbelief. "Has she got a girlfriend?"

Her face was now scarlet with embarrassment. Quite funny considering she'd swallowed my spunk without a thought just fifteen minutes earlier.

"No, she hasn't." Something in the way she answered made me even more curious.

"Ms. Brown, has she ever tried in on with you?"

"No!" she denied too hotly. "Look, you mustn't tell anyone about this. Please, Jake."

I smiled at her. "Let's talk about this inside."

We went up to the bedroom, picking up the can of cream from the kitchen on the way up. Ms. Brown gave me a rich smile as she pulled off her skirt, blouse and bra, leaving herself resplendent in black stockings, suspenders and stilettos.

Despite having come so recently, my cock jerked in anticipation. I sat down on the bed she shared with her boyfriend and pulled her towards me. I pulled the lid off the can and squeezed two generous squirts onto her glorious red-brown nipples.

Her breasts never failed to amaze me. They were too big for my hands to grasp and felt pliant and soft to the touch yet were firm enough to stick out from her chest so that, in reality, she didn't need to wear a bra.

The cream tasted slightly artificial and sweet but within a few seconds I was left sucking and licking her bare stiff nipples as she groaned in obvious pleasure.

"Oh, Jake. Yes. Oooh, that's so nice," she sighed as I bit them gently.

I pulled her onto her back on the bed and made a trail of tiny cream blobs down her taut stomach to the moist hotness between her long smooth thighs. As I kissed each one away, slowly getting closer to her pussy, she bucked her hips eagerly,

"Please, Jake. Oh please..."

Surprisingly, the taste and texture of the cream complemented well the aromatic earthy saltiness of her cunt. I licked down and then up her wet pink lips before sucking her clit to rigidity. I had learnt over the last two weeks exactly how Ms. Brown liked to have her pussy licked. I personally couldn't get enough of it; she had made a few veiled comments that maybe her boyfriend didn't do it enough for her but then all the more fool him.

She came rapidly, grinding her sweet pussy against my face and swearing obscenely as she climaxed.

"Oh fuck, that was good, Your turn, now," she said as she took the cream from me.

She was obviously a lot keener on the cream than me as she managed to lick what seemed like vast quantities off my genitals. The feeling off her hot tongue contrasted delightfully with the cool smooth cream and my erection grew to its full size.

She slowly swallowed as much of my dick as she could get into her mouth before gradually bringing the tight ring of her mouth up to gently kiss the sensitive tip of my cock and then swallowing it again. I could only stand so much before I pulled her onto her hands and knees on the edge of the bed and stood up behind her.

I paused for a second to admire the shape of her stunning arse and the glorious pubic bulge of her pussy lips before squirting more cream onto her cunt and sliding my cock in. As I pumped her from behind she pushed her arse back, matching my thrusts rhythmically.

She came two or three times before I sprayed another substantial spurt of cream dead centre on the pink bulls-eye of her arsehole. She tensed immediately.

"Jake? Please not my bum," she begged.

"But, Ms. Brown. It's so tight," I countered, continuing to fuck her cunt from the rear, teasing her bumhole with my right index finger.

"Please, Jake. I'll do anything else you want. Anything. Just not my arsehole. It gets so sore when you put your big fat dick up it."

She grunted as I slid my finger all the way in but didn't stop grinding her butt back on me as she got closer to yet another orgasm.

"OK, tell me about Ms. Taylor. And I want the truth," slowing myself down to keep her on the edge of climax.

She moaned a while longer before looking over her shoulder. "It was at the last Christmas party. I've always got on really well with her. Ugh. Ugh. We're about the same age and we both like to keep fit so I'd been to the gym with her a few times. Oh. Ooh. Oh, fuck. Anyway, she'd just split up with her long-term girlfriend and we were both very pissed. I shared a taxi home with her and for whatever reason, I ended up in her house. Oh shit, yes!"

Unconsciously I had increased my pace as her story unfolded, the delightful possibilities unfolding in my mind, and I hadn't noticed her getting closer and closer until she shuddered and jerked in another glorious orgasm.

After a few slower breaths, she continued. "Anyway, she was crying about her girlfriend and I hugged her and then she tried to kiss me."

"Wow! Did you let her?" I asked excitedly.

"No. Well a bit. But then she slid her tongue into my mouth and I stopped her. I just don't find women attractive in that way. Obviously she's lovely but she just doesn't do it for me."

"What happened next?" I asked, sliding another finger up her bum.

"Ooh! Please, Jake. Be gentle. Nothing much. We were both a bit embarrassed but we still enjoy each other's company so we've remained friends."

I pulled my fingers out of her arse before replacing them with my aching cock, giving a solid thrust to make sure I entered fully in one go.

"Nooo! Jake!" Her breathing was rapid and shallow as I slowly yet relentlessly butt-fucked her until I had filled her lovely snug arse with another liberal load of jism.

"You bastard," she whispered as she snuggled into my arms after she'd gingerly pulled herself off me.

"Sorry, Ms. Brown. I just couldn't resist. You really shouldn't have such a perfect arse. It makes me want to do unspeakable things to you."

After we'd cleaned up, I sat on her living room sofa and sipped one of her boyfriend's beers while she cooked us a quick meal (she was a confident and creative cook). Although I was idly watching some banal reality TV programme, my mind was racing as I thought about my ultimate fantasy and how to make it happen.

I decided to bring up my idea during supper.

"Ms. Brown?" I asked.

She paused while she finished a mouthful of risotto. "Yes, Jake?"

"You know I really fancy you don't you?"

She smiled. "Yes, I think that's become very apparent," she said wryly.

"But, and don't get defensive now, there is one thing I'd change about you if I could," I said with outrageous arrogance.

She raised an eyebrow and crossed her arms across her substantial bosom (she had put on a low-cut apron but beyond that was still naked). "Oh, really?"

I grinned at her. "I just wish there were two of you!"

She laughed and leant across the corner of the dining table to give me an affectionate kiss. I squeezed her arse in return.

"You know sometimes, Jake, I forget the fact you've blackmailed me into whoredom and actually quite like you," she joked warmly as she sat back down.

"Thanks, Ms, Brown. I'm really fond of you too. You've made almost all my fantasies come true. You really are a dream woman."

Charmingly, she blushed slightly. "Jake! You'll embarrass me. I'm really pleased that you like me so much though."

"It's not so bad having sex with me is it?" I asked.

"No, not at all. In fact, Jake, you really are rather good in bed," she answered still flushed.

"Really, am I better than your boyfriend? Or the headmaster?"

"Jake! Please don't be horrible to me. You can be so nice and then you make some hurtful comment. You seem to go out of your way to humiliate me."

She had a point. I thought about it before answering. "I'm sorry, Ms. Brown. I just can't help it. I keep wanting to make sure you know you're mine. I know you can't be my girlfriend so I want to keep reminding you that I'm in charge so that you don't leave me."

She licked her lips thoughtfully before answering. "You know, Jake. That's actually quite touching. I know it sounds bizarre but I suppose I do really want to please you. Honestly though I would be much more creative about pleasuring you if you didn't debase me so much, And particularly if you left my arse alone. I don't understand why you want to hurt me."

"Oh, I don't want to hurt you. It's just that it feels amazing Your bum is so tight and hot. And maybe a bit because you don't want me to," I admitted.

"Oh, Jake," she sighed. "I could do lots of other really interesting things for you instead that would be just as nice. Different positions. Maybe using sex toys or porn..."

I put my fork down before taking her hand. "Well there is one thing. My ultimate fantasy," I offered.

"Oh. What's that?" she asked tentatively.

"Two women. If you could make that happen for me, I promise I wouldn't pester you for anal anymore."

"Jake! Do you mean two women with each other or with you?" she asked looking slightly worried.

"Well, mostly with me but I'm not adverse to some lesbian action..."

"No way, Jake! I've already told you I don't fancy women."

I decided to be a little more forceful. "Ms. Brown, I still have those pictures, you know. As I've said I really like you and I don't want to hurt but please don't push me."

She looked up at me with those lovely green eyes, her hurt expression not marring her beauty in any way.

"I know where you're going with this but there's no way Emma is going to have a threesome with us."

"Emma?" I asked disingenuously.

"Ms. Taylor! I know what you want and with whom!" she said crossly.

"|What a great idea! The thought of having you and Ms. Taylor at the same time..."

"Jake! There's no way you'll be able to persuade her to have sex with you!" she protested.

"No. I'm sure she could be persuaded to have sex with you," I suggested.

She stayed silent for another two mouthfuls of risotto before saying anything else. "Jake," she started in a patient over-reasonable tone.

I cut her off, "Ms. Brown, I want you bring Ms. Taylor back here and seduce her. I'll make sure I'm here with a camera to film your exploits. After which I'm sure she'll do whatever I want."

"Oh you fucking bastard," she said with passion. "No way, it won't work. I won't be able to entice her anyway."

"Why not? We've already established she fancies you. Does she have a girlfriend?"

"Um, no, but..."

"Ms. Brown. Let's get something very clear. If you don't get her into bed with you, you'll find some interesting pictures of yourself plastered over the school notice-boards before you can say 'I'm a cock-sucking whore'," I threatened rather cruelly.

"Oh, Jake," she sobbed somewhat theatrically.

I moved around the table and put an arm around her to give her a hug. "Shhh," I comforted her and kissed the back of her neck. "Come on, Ms. Brown. I know you'll be able to do it. Think of the relief your poor sore bottom will get..."


Three weeks after I'd demanded a threesome I found myself sitting in the guest bedroom of Ms. Brown's flat avidly watching the pictures on my laptop from a webcam discreetly placed in the living room.

Her boyfriend had been away with work a lot so we'd spent virtually every spare minute available fucking in a range of positions and holes. I'd ensured that I made thorough use of her arse, just so she didn't forget what would be in store for her if she didn't manage to seduce Ms. Taylor.

And to give her credit she'd delivered at the first opportunity. It was a Friday night and her boyfriend was on an extended stag weekend in Riga. A big group of teachers from school had gone out to celebrate the retirement of the Head of English and Ms. Brown had promised that she would persuade Ms. Taylor to come back her place.

I could hear them giggling as they came in through the front door. They sounded drunk.

I gasped as Ms. Taylor collapsed onto the sofa in full view of the camera. The picture was excellent and the microphone worked perfectly.

"What do you want to drink?" Ms. Brown asked.

"A G and T for me!" Ms. Taylor replied with a laugh. She was wearing a patterned black and white dress that ended mid-thigh and showed off her leggy figure perfectly. Her long black straightened hair was loose and her smile flashed in delightful contrast to her smooth chocolate skin.

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