tagGroup SexThe Seduction of Penny

The Seduction of Penny

byRonnie 1946©

My name is Penny and I'd like to tell you how I was seduced into sex outside my marriage.

My husband, Mark, and I had recently moved into a new area, it was a relatively new sub-division in Sydney's Hills District. The street we moved into was very well established, some of the residents had been there for a couple of years, we were lucky enough to purchase one of the last project homes in the street, for a much reduced price.

It was late in November, late spring in Australia, and the weather was unusually very warm, temperatures in the high twenties & early thirties Celsius. We had been there for a couple of months, establishing gardens, lawns etc, occasionally speaking to neighbours, other residents etc but not really getting to know anyone. We had gotten to meet our immediate neighbour on the left, her name was Kim, her husband was Jake and they had two children, Keira and Tim. Kim & Jake we in their mid to late thirties, much the same ages as Mark & myself. They had been in the street since the sub-division was first developed and their home was very well established with gardens, heated swimming pool etc. They were very helpful with planting ideas, landscaping and seemed to be genuinely friendly neighbours.

One warm Saturday I was just putting the car in the garage, after shopping, when Kim walked over to talk to me.

"Hi Penny, how are you going?"

"Fine thanks Kim just finished the grocery shopping. Seemed strange doing it without the kids tagging along."

"Oh why, where are the kids?" she asked innocently.

"They're off at Mark's mums, with him away on business it just seemed a good opportunity for them to spend some time with grandma."

"Well then, my timing is perfect," she went on "I'm having a girl's only pool party this afternoon and I'd love you to come. My kids are at my sisters, they love seeing their cousins, and Jake and his mates are playing golf all day so we've got the pool to ourselves, just us girls!"

Before I could answer Kim continued "It'll give you a good chance to get to know your girl neighbours and meet the ones you haven't met yet, what do you say?"

I hesitated, I'm not an 'out there' person. Mark and I have a select group of friends and usually don't mix outside that group; I guess you'd say I'm very reserved

My hesitation only encouraged Kim to pursue the invite.

"Oh, come on Penny, you'll enjoy it, they're a great bunch of girls."

What the hell, I thought, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

"OK I'd love too, what time and what do you want me to bring?"

"Just bring a bottle of wine, if that's what you like to drink, I've organized platters and nibbles. Oh and around 1 o'clock, OK?"

She sauntered off, hips swaying seductively as I watched her walk back to her place. Kim is quite attractive, about 5'5" tall, shoulder length brown hair, pretty face with a wide mouth, slim but with curves in the right places, nice butt and slender tanned legs. She's actually quite the opposite of me.

I've been described as voluptuous, which is probably pretty accurate. I'm 5'8", long reddish brown hair, fair skin, endowed with a set of 40DD boobs, tapering down to a 29" waist, flaring out to generous hips, strong thighs and long legs. I don't shave but I do keep my pussy neatly trimmed, not that that is anyone's business but Marks and mine.

When it was time to go I slipped into a modest one piece costume, high cut on the legs but didn't show any pubic hair, but it did have a cleavage which didn't do much to conceal my generous boobs. I wrapped a sarong around my waist, grabbed a bottle of chardonnay and wandered over to Kim's.

I was greeted at the front door by an attractive woman, who's age I'd guess to be early forties. She was tallish, about my height, wearing a modest bikini and she obviously worked out at the gym, she had a very athletic build.

"You must be Penny, I'm Grace one of your neighbours, come on in, all the girls are out the back around the pool."

I followed Grace through the house, admiring her firm buttocks ('what am I thinking' I thought) and out to the pool area. It was fantastic, beautifully landscaped with several water features all cascading into the pool, and large sails stretching over the pool area giving a fair amount of shade to those in the water.

There were six other girls/women apart from Grace, three including Kim sitting around a table laden with food, one laying on a sun lounge and two very attractive girls laying on towels in the sun, bare breasted with just skimpy bikini bottoms on. One of them had gold rings through her pierced nipples.

I must have been staring at them when Kim stood up & came over, she was wearing a very brief bikini, displaying a very generous amount of bare flesh, she looked stunning!

She spoke to me smiling, "Excuse Amy and Sarah, they've only got the bottoms on because you were coming, normally they'd be sun baking naked. You're not embarrassed, are you?"

I quickly regained my composure, I told you I was reserved, probably more a prude, it must be from my Greek Catholic upbringing.

"No of course not," I found myself mumbling, "they're very attractive girls."

"It's OK girls," Kim called out to the two sun bakers, "Penny says she doesn't mind."

With that Amy and Sarah stood up, removed their bikini bottoms, revealing two perfectly shaved pubic mounds, and laid back down on their towels, stark naked. It was obvious this was how they always sunned themselves, there weren't any tan lines!

It was also obvious the one with the pierced nipples, I don't know if it was Amy or Sarah, had a piercing through her clit, the gold ring glistening in the sunshine.

I was rescued by another girl, who introduced herself as Megan, handing me a glass of wine.

"Don't take any notice of Amy & Sarah, they think they like to shock people, particularly if they don't know you," she said grinning.

"I guess I must be a bit prudish," I said blushing slightly, "I was a tad shocked."

Megan grinned again, "Well they've achieved what that they set out to do, haven't they?"

I smiled back at her, "Obviously yes."

I looked at Megan, she was late thirties at a guess, average height, short dark hair, well rounded build, generous boobs, flat stomach, quite a pronounced pubic mound which was emphasized by the molded, hi cut, one piece swimsuit she was wearing. The suit was cut very high on the legs and she must have shaved, or at least had a brazilian wax, and it also accentuated her better than average breasts. She was quite attractive, I thought.

I found myself thinking 'why am I looking at these women like this' and tried to dismiss the thoughts from my mind.

I sat down at a table with Megan, Grace & Kim and enjoyed the chatter girls do, plus some delightful finger food and quite a few glasses of wine, not being much of a drinker I was becoming quite lightheaded. As the afternoon wore on Megan suggested we all go for a dip to 'freshen ourselves up' as she put it.

Once in the cool water my senses became more acute and I felt the sensation of being more alive and strangely quite horny, my nipples were standing out like headlights. This is not unusual for me, as I often get a bit horny after a few glasses of wine, but never when Mark's not around.

Swimming back down the length of the pool I noticed the two nubiles, Amy and Sarah, swimming naked but what did cause me to look again was Grace had removed her bikini and was also naked. I looked to the edge of the pool just in time to see Megan dive in, also sans swimsuit, and looking back to where we had been sitting I saw Kim just removing the bottom of her bikini, the top already off, in fact looking around I realized I was the only one still covered!

I swam to the pool edge and Megan swam up to me.

"Are you pleased to see me," she said smiling and looking directly at my extended nipples, "or is it just the cool water."

"I'm not sure," I stammered, then thought 'what the hell prompted me to say that'.

Before Megan could make any retort, Kim slid into the pool beside me.

"You're not uncomfortable with us all being naked, are you?" she smiled.

Before I could reply, she went on.

"We always skinny dip after a few wines, we think it makes us feel liberated when the guys aren't around," she laughed, "why don't you take yours off?"

I hesitated for a moment, I've never been naked in front of anyone before except my husband, but something was telling me I wanted to be naked with these attractive women.

Without answering Kim, I slipped the shoulder straps off and slipped the costume down to my waist, exposing my large breasts.

"My god Penny," Megan exclaimed, "you've got beautiful boobs and sensational nipples, may I touch them?"

I nodded dumbly and Megan reached out and cupped my breast, her fingers rolling my extended stiff nipple. I shuddered at her touch, an electric jolt going straight to my pussy, I felt myself getting wet and it wasn't water from the pool!

To try to regain my composure I put both hands on the bottom half of my costume and bending over pushed it down to my ankles thinking Megan would let go of my breast.

She didn't! She followed my body movements, her hand never leaving my breast, in fact she was squeezing the nipple more firmly.

The electricity was zooming straight to my cunt, my clit was on fire!

I wanted more than nipple squeezing!

Straightening, I turned towards Megan, as I opened my mouth to speak, her other hand went to the back of my head and drew my mouth to hers.

Our open mouths met, her tongue seeking mine in a passionate kiss.

I don't know what got into me, or what boundary I was crossing, but my arms went around her and I returned the kiss with even more passion, my tongue probing seeking, tasting, exploring the passion between us.

The kiss seemed to last forever then I vaguely became aware of Megan's hand leaving my breast and dropping down to my pubic mound, her fingers lightly brushing my pussy lips.

Now my cunt was on fire and without any hesitation I kicked one foot out of the costume at my ankles and immediately spread my thighs.

Megan needed no further invitation and quickly slipped two fingers into my sopping wet pussy, her thumb working over my clit.

I almost orgasmed on the spot!

My boundary crossing went further and I dropped one hand to her curvaceous bottom, cupping her bum cheek and pulling her body against mine, trapping her hand between my legs.

She broke the kiss.

"I don't want to destroy this magic moment," she whispered, "but I want to explore you further and standing chest deep in this pool, whilst it's cool, I want to get hot with you."

My senses were reeling, my head was buzzing, my brain befuddled with the wine and what was happening, but overriding it all was my lust, my wantonness, my desire to have this woman make love to me, and me to her!

Drawing a deep breath I nodded, to afraid to speak, scared my trembling body would affect my speech.

Megan took me by the hand and led me to the steps and we climbed, naked out of the pool. I was oblivious to the looks from the others, I was concentrating on Megan, and her gorgeous body, and where she was taking me. She led me back into the house into a room just inside, off the family room, a room in which the main feature was a huge bed. It was the biggest bed I'd ever seen, it would have accommodated at least 8 -- 10 people, it was gigantic!

Quickly Megan lay down on the bed, pulling me with her, and immediately our mouths locked together, her hands all over my body. It was as if she was trying to draw me into her inner self.

My body was burning, my pussy was on fire, I didn't know what I wanted, all I knew was I didn't want to leave this bed without being sated. Megan's hand found its way between my legs again, and once more I spread my thighs, but this time as wide as I could get them. Three of her fingers went into my sopping honey pot and she began to fuck me with her hand at the same time she lowered her head to my breast, suckling and gently chewing my stiff nipple.

I lay there in a torment, a mixture of guilt and wonderment as the lust took over from passion, my body responding to her ministrations. The core of my body was radiating impulses to my pussy and I felt myself riding on a crest to the wonderful relief of an orgasm!

It came!!

I cried out as my cunt spasmed on Megan's hand, my aching nipples sending more electric jolts to my core, and Megan's whole hand now thrusting furiously in and out of my pussy, my juices flooding and running down the crack of my bum.

"Oh fuck, I'm cummimg! Oh fuck, this is sooo good!"

Whimpering, after the initial orgasmic thrill, I started to come down from my high. Megan slowly withdrew her hand from my cunt and pushed her fingers into my mouth. Like a dirty slut I sucked and licked my juices from her hand. Looking down at me she withdrew her fingers and our mouths locked together once more in a passionate kiss.

I felt the bed moved ever so slightly and sensed a movement between my open thighs. I felt a warm breath on my pussy and a finger began to trace around the lips of my vagina.

Suddenly I realised it wasn't a finger, it was a tongue licking and gently sucking my excess juices from around my pussy.

I drew a sharp intake of breath as the tongue probed at my slit and snaked its way into my wet cunt. I tried to lift my head to see who was eating me but Megan's mouth, locked down on mine, kept my head pressed to the bed, her hand now working on my breasts and nipples again.

The mouth at my pussy turned its attention to my clit, their hands either side of my slit spreading me wide open, giving the mouth and tongue full access my most erogenous zones.

I stopped trying to lift my head and let Megan, and whoever owned the mouth, have full access and use of my body. I didn't care, I was in such a state of sexual arousal I had never ever felt, in my life, before.

Megan's mouth left mine to suck and chew on my engorged nipples and I heard a buzzing sound. Turning my head slightly to the side I saw the two nubiles, Amy & Sarah, also on the bed. One of them, I still didn't know who was who, was inserting a huge black buzzing dildo into the cunt of the one with the piercings.

She was screaming, "Give me that big black cock Amy! Fuck my cunt with that big fucker! Ram it into me! I want to cum on that fucking monster!"

And on and on she went.

This just made me even hornier, if that could be possible, and I felt another orgasm rapidly approaching.

"Oh Christ! I'm cumming again!" I screamed, my hips started bucking against the mouth on my cunt, "Oh fuck, suck me! Suck my juices! Suck my cum! Suck me! Suck meeee!"

I exploded in a ferocious orgasm, my thighs clamping the head of whoever was sucking my cunt. I didn't want it ever to stop, this was heaven!

It didn't stop, the mouth at my pussy was relentless, coupled with Megan's assault on my breasts, it raised me very quickly back to the height of passion again.

The mouth pulled back ever so slightly and, just as I was about to reach down and grab whosever head it was, fingers slipped into my cunt and the mouth clamped down on my clit.

I went straight over the edge again!

"Oh no! Fuck me please! Fuck me with your fist! Jam it into me! I want cock! Oh god, I'm cummimg! I'm cumminggggg!!"

I just about passed out as this orgasm took over, my whole body shaking as I thrilled to the most intense and mysterious of all orgasms. All at the hands of a woman!

When I came down fro my high, I looked down to see Grace smiling up at me from between my thighs, my cum glistening on her lips and chin.

"Was that good?" she asked smiling.

I fell back, my head resting against Megan's thighs.

"It was better than good, it was wonderful," I stammered, almost incoherently.

Grace moved up the bed and lay alongside of me. She lifted her hand, covered in my cum, and looking directly into my eyes she put all four cum covered fingers in her mouth, sucking them clean.

"I didn't want to waste one drop of your juices," she purred, "you taste lovely."

Then she leaned over, and with her mouth still with lingering taste of my cum, kissed me passionately.

I felt Megan's thigh move underneath my head at the same time as she gave a soft, plaintive request.

"Would somebody eat me please?"

I disengaged myself from Grace and rolling over onto my stomach found myself looking straight up between Megan's open thighs, straight at her shaved cunt, the lips glistening with her wetness. She looked at me, her demeanor imploring me to act out her request. Hesitatingly I lowered my mouth to her mons, tentatively sticking my tongue out, touching the wet lips of her pussy. She shuddered as my tongue touched the folds of her cunt, emboldened by her response I pushed my tongue further into the wet folds of her sweet opening, pushing her lips apart, licking and savouring her juices.

Then it hit me! I was eating my first woman...and loving it!!

Megan's moans of delight gave me further encouragement and, putting my hands either side of her pussy I opened her cavity as wide as I could and began to tongue fuck her. Megan's hands went around my head pulling my mouth hard into her slick opening, it was almost like she was trying to pull my head into her opening. My mouth found her stiff little love button, so swollen I could take it between my teeth, I did, and lightly chewed on it. Her hips bucked hard against my mouth as I mercilessly assaulted her clit with my lips and teeth.

She screamed as her orgasm hit, her hands holding my head hard as I licked and sucked her escaping juices, her sweet nectar filling my mouth and running down my chin.

As her orgasm began to subside I felt a hand at my pussy, briefly looking back over my shoulder, I saw Kim with a big black strap on cock tied around her lower waist.

'Why are they always black' I thought to myself sub consciously. Like a wanton slut I raised myself to my knees, and spread my thighs, to give Kim easy access to my waiting, wet pussy. I stayed leaning on my forearms so I could continue my own assault on Megan's luscious womanhood.

I felt Kim's hands on my hips, the strap on cock push at my slick opening, and slide in easily to my waiting cavity. I shuddered as the full length of it hit the depths of my eager pussy and pushed back hard to receive the full benefit of this big black tool. My shudder triggered Megan out of her post orgasmic bliss, and she thrust her cunt up hard against my mouth again, urging me on to the further assault of the centre of her womanhood.

Resting on my forearms, my cunt being forcefully reamed by the big black strap on, I opened Megan's pussy up with one hand and shoved four fingers into her silky depths. Her hips thrust hard against my invading fingers and, encouraged by her reaction, I moved my fingers around and around in her love hole. Coating my hand with her slick juices, I then pulled my fingers back slightly, and pushed my whole hand into her gaping, eager cunt.

Megan screamed, at first with the unexpected pain, then with the force of an even more unexpected orgasm, her cunt muscles clamping hard around my invading hand. After what seemed a few minutes her muscles relaxed, and I recommenced my hand ministrations within her depths, my fingers stroking and diddling her womb. The bucking of her hips gave me full authority to keep up my merciless assault and I bent down and clamped my lips on her swollen clit again.

Unfortunately, for Megan not for me, my own body was responding to the big plastic cock in my cunt and I could feel my own orgasm rapidly approaching. Kim must have sensed I was almost there and thrust forward, her hands gripping my hips, holding the big plastic tool deep inside me.

Megan and I both went over the edge simultaneously!

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