tagMatureThe Seduction of Rob Ch. 08

The Seduction of Rob Ch. 08


Author's note: what follows is a work of fiction. Any similarity between any persons living or dead is purely coincidental and pure luck. All characters depicted in sexual situations in this work of fiction are at least 18 years of age.


After the weekend at the beach, it was nearly two full weeks before Rob saw more of Sherry than when she stopped by the house to pick up Kathy right before they went out somewhere. Summer vacation was drawing to a close, with only 3 weeks remaining before school started again, and both of the girls seemed to want to make the best of it. Between their work schedule, their social schedule, and Rob's work schedule, he saw very little of Sherry. The times he did see her, as brief and fleeting as they were, she made sure to give him a wink or a smile to let him know that she was thinking about him. On one occasion right before the girls left the house to head out for the evening, they were all three in the kitchen when the girls went to leave. Kathy went first, and as Sherry went past Rob she reached out and gave his crotch a quick, firm squeeze on her way by. She looked over her shoulder at him as she walked away, giving him what Rob had come to call her "Sherry Smile" - the tip of her tongue slightly protruding between her teeth as she smiled at him.

All Rob knew was that he missed being with her, he was horny as hell for her, and it was getting worse with each passing day.

Just when it was getting to the critical stage, Rob got a phone call from Sherry that changed everything. It was early Friday evening, and both of his kids were away at their jobs, with both of them having told him earlier that they were going out after they got off so it'd be close to their curfew of eleven PM before they got home. Rob didn't have to work that night and immediately thought of what Sherry was going to be doing, so he casually asked his daughter about it without arousing her suspicions. He made sure to do it while his son, who was already suspicious, was out of the room and out of earshot.

"So where are you and Sherry heading after you get off work?" he asked when Kathy told him of her plans.

"I'm not going out with Sherry tonight," she replied, and Rob's heart leaped a bit. "She's out of town and won't be back until tomorrow, so it's just me and some of the girls from work going out after we're finished at the store." Rob's heart sank at this - out of town meant out of reach, and no sex for him tonight. He tried not to show his disappointment as he finished talking to Kathy, telling her to have a good night at work and to be careful when she went out.

Shortly after six PM Rob was sitting on the couch, having just finished eating his dinner and watching a movie on the DVD player when his cell phone rang. He looked at the caller ID and felt his heart skip a beat as he saw Sherry's number showing on the display.

"Hey, Sherry!" he said as he answered his phone.

"Hi, lover!" she replied. "Have you missed me?"

"Hell, yes!" Rob said, a little more "needy" than he intended for it to sound, but it was the truth. "More than you know, babe, more than you could possibly know!"

"Oh, I think I know," she said, and he could almost hear her smiling, "because I've missed you, too! Very, very much!"

"That's good to hear," he said, and he meant it.

"Are you busy tonight, lover?" she asked.

"Nope, just sitting on the couch watching a movie on the DVD player," he replied.

"Good, because I'd really like to see you!" she said.

"Kathy told me you were out of town tonight," he said into the phone, pausing the movie on the player.

"I had to tell her that so I could have tonight free," she explained. "I hated having to lie to her - after all, she is my best friend - but I had to. There was just no other way to pull it off."

"Pull what off?" Rob asked.

"I have a surprise for you, lover," she said, and Rob could hear the excitement in her voice.

"Oh? What?" Rob asked.

"Uh-uh, not over the phone," Sherry said. "I want to see your face when I tell you what the surprise is!"

"Okay, so where are you? Your house?" he asked.

"No, I'm at a girlfriend's house," she replied. "There's no way I'd ever be able to pull this off at my house! Besides, I don't want anyone seeing you going into my house - that would be trouble with a capital "T," don't you think?"

"Agreed," Rob said. "It would get back to your folks in no time at all, and neither of us needs that."

"Right," Sherry agreed, "so I'm over at a girlfriend's house, just waiting for you to get here!"

"And as soon as you tell me the address, I'll be there as fast as I can!" Rob said.

"102 Vincent Lane," Sherry said. "Do you know where that is?"

"Yeah, that was a part of my patrol zone when I first joined the force," Rob replied, remembering the rumor that there was a professional dominatrix who lived the next block up and who would 'entertain' at her house. "I know right where it is."

"Good! So I'll see you in what, half an hour or so?" she asked.

"Sooner, if the lights are in my favor!" Rob said.

"Let's hope they are! See you shortly, lover!" Sherry said, then hung up.

Rob was out of the house as fast as he could get dressed and lock the house up. To say he was excited about seeing his teenaged lover again would be an understatement, and he couldn't help but wonder if he was too excited about it. But over the past few months Rob had come to believe that everything happens for a reason, and that he should just go with his feelings and let them take him to wherever they were going to take him, and be happy about it. Such was the case with Sherry - he wasn't sure where this was going to take him and he knew it couldn't last forever, but he damned sure was going to enjoy it while it lasted.

Twenty-five minutes later he pulled up to the house at 102 Vincent Lane, a neat ranch-style house with an attached garage, and saw Sherry's car parked in the driveway. There was no other car visible so Rob thought that Sherry must be inside alone. And that was good, Rob thought, and had the idea that maybe the surprise she had was that they had the house to themselves all night long.

Rob parked behind Sherry's car, got out, walked up to the door and rang the bell. A few seconds later the door opened and Sherry was standing there, as sexy as ever. She was wearing a short sleeved red checkered button-up shirt that she had tied off just beneath her big tits, and a very tight blue denim mini-skirt that stopped just below the well-rounded cheeks of her ass. The shirt was unbuttoned all the way down to the knot, showing all of her cleavage to him, and it was obvious by the way her big breasts moved inside the shirt and the nubs of her nipples pressing against the shirt that she wasn't wearing a bra. She had her hair done in those sexy pigtails again, and he felt his cock begin to stir as soon as he laid eyes on her.

"Hi, lover!" she said, opening the screen door for him. "C'mon in!"

"Hi, babe," he said, stepping inside the house. Sherry closed the door behind him and as soon as he turned around to face her she threw herself on him, wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him fiercely, molding her body to his as she sucked his tongue into her mouth. Rob wrapped his arms around her and pressed her close to him, reveling in the first kiss he'd shared with her in nearly two weeks. He could feel his cock start to grow, and Sherry felt it too. After several long moments she broke off the kiss, smiling up at him.

"I see you've really missed me!" she said, slipping a hand down his stomach and rubbing his cock through his jeans.

"You know it," Rob replied, smiling back. "And I hope you've missed me, too!"

"You have no idea!" Sherry said, and Rob was sure of that.

"So what's the big surprise?" Rob asked.

"Let's go sit on the couch and I'll tell you," she said, taking him by the hand and leading him over to the couch. Rob couldn't help but notice that the house was neat and tidy, furnished with good quality furniture, and was definitely a female's house. This was evident by the design of the furniture and the general décor of the room. But Rob didn't mind, as long as he was with Sherry he just didn't care what the room or the rest of the house looked like. Sherry led him over to the big couch and sat him down, then sat next to him to face him with a leg tucked under her. Rob got a glimpse as she sat down and saw that he had guessed right about whether or not she was wearing panties under that skirt. She wasn't.

"Remember that Saturday night in the motel room at the beach a couple of weeks ago, when we were lying in bed and talking?" she asked.

"You mean when we weren't screwing our brains out," Rob said, smiling. "Yeah, of course I remember."

"Do you remember what you told me your fantasy was?" she asked. Rob felt his heart begin to race.

"Yes, I do," he said. "I told you that my fantasy was to have sex with two women at the same time."

"And do you remember me telling you that I could arrange that?"

"Yes, I do."

"Well...I did!" she said, grinning from ear to ear.

"You did?" Rob was stunned and excited at the same time.

"Yep, I did!" she said, very proud of herself.

"You're kidding, right?" Rob asked, incredulous. "I mean, this is a joke, right?"

"I'm not kidding and this is no joke, lover," Sherry said, leaning forward and running her hand along his thigh. "Her name is Amy, she's 20 years old, and this is her house."

"Her house?" Rob asked, surprised. "Not her parent's house, but her house?" The last thing he wanted was to be walked in on by an angry parent.

"Her house, yes," Sherry assured him. "She inherited it from her grandfather about a year ago, so yes, it's her house and we won't have to worry about being interrupted!" Rob had almost forgotten about Sherry being "a little bit" psychic at times; he guessed this was one of those times.

"So she's here?" he asked.

"Yes, she's here now," Sherry replied. "She's in the kitchen waiting for me to call her in."

"What does she look like?" Rob asked.

"Why don't you see for yourself, lover?" Sherry replied. Then she turned her head over her left shoulder just a bit towards the kitchen and called out, "Okay, Amy, come on in!"

Rob heard the sound of someone walking across the tile floor in the kitchen, and then Amy stepped out into the living room. Sherry giggled at the expression on Rob's face when he saw her friend and his soon-to-be-lover for the first time. She was short, about 5'1" or so, with blonde hair down to her shoulders that was done up in loose pigtails just like Sherry's, and Rob had a feeling that wasn't just a coincidence. Amy had a cute face with slightly angular features, with slightly almond-shaped blue eyes and soft, full lips that were parted in a big smile as she walked around the couch. She had a stout, firm, and slightly muscular body, her stomach flat and her waistline slightly tapered, with shapely legs and a firm, rounded ass that flexed when she walked. And on top of all that was a large, firm bustline that sat high on her chest. Her tits weren't as big as Sherry's but they were still big, very big, jiggling and bouncing as Amy walked. She was wearing a pink terrycloth tube top and matching shorts that barely covered the bottoms of her ass, and that clung to her like a second skin. When she got in front of the couch and was facing rob she stopped, smiling down at him as he sat on the couch, drinking in the sight of her.

"Hi, Rob," she spoke in a soft, sultry voice, cocking one knee in front of her and putting her hands on her hips. "I'm very pleased to meet you, since Sherry has told me so much about you!"

"I have a feeling that the pleasure is going to be all mine," Rob said, smiling up at her and then looking over at Sherry, who was grinning like a cat who just ate the canary.

"That's the idea," Amy said. Then she took two steps over to Rob and surprised him by climbing onto the couch to straddle his lap, facing him with a knee on the couch on either side of him. She braced herself with a hand on his shoulder as she moved, her big, firm tits brushing against his nose as she moved, settling down onto his lap with her pussy pressed firmly against his crotch. Her eyes were incredibly blue and her smile incredibly big as she leaned forward, slipped her arms around his neck, and kissed him with her soft, full lips. He parted his lips to kiss her back, and she slipped her tongue gently into his mouth as she pressed her firm breasts against his chest. He could feel his cock begin to respond and she felt it too, slowly grinding her mound against his bulge as she sucked his tongue into her mouth. After several long, intense moments of this she broke off this kiss and sat back a bit, still smiling as she spoke.

"You were right, Sherry, he does get hard quick!" she said, looking Rob in the eyes and smiling as she spoke.

"Just wait 'till you see him cum!" Sherry replied, running her hand along the side of Rob's face and smiling her approval at him. Rob still couldn't believe this was all happening!

"Mmmm, I can't wait," Amy said, still looking at Rob and slowly grinding her pussy down onto his lap, "as long as I get to feel him cum, too!"

"Oh, you will," Rob said, looking back into her eyes. "I promise you that!"

"Good!" Amy replied, then leaned forward to kiss him again, just as intensely as before. Then she sat back, her full weight pressing down onto his rock-hard cock, and ran her hands up the sides of her big, firm breasts. "Do you like my tits, Rob?" she asked, pushing her breasts together right in front of his face. He could see her nipples were hard, poking out against the terrycloth of her top.

"Very much," Rob replied, looking down at her mounds and her hard nipples. "Do I get to see them without the top?" he asked.

"Absolutely!" she replied, slipping the top down and uncovering her big breasts for him. Her nipples were big and erect, standing out proudly from her breasts, and they were surrounded by very large, pale areolas that were crinkling just a bit from her excitement. She pushed them together and then leaned forward, pressing them aganst Rob's face. She wrapped her arms around his head and held him between her big breasts, giggling as she smothered his face in tit-flesh. When she finally released him Rob grabbed her big globes in his hands and squeezed, clamping his lips onto one of her nipples and sucking on it hard. Amy squealed in delight, pressing his face against her tit with a hand on the back of his head. Rob repeated the treatment on her other nipple, and Rob could feel her heat all the way through her shorts and his jeans.

"You know what I think, Sherry?" Amy asked as Rob suckled on her nipples.

"What, Amy?" Sherry replied.

"I think we need to suck on Rob's cock, don't you?"

"Yes, I think we do!"

Rob released Amy's nipple from his mouth and sat back as Amy climbed down from his lap and stood in front of him. Sherry slid off of the couch and stood next to her, and Rob got to watch as the both of them stripped out of their clothing, both of them keeping their eyes on him and smiling the whole time, until they were both naked in front of him. No matter how many times Rob saw Sherry naked for the first time when they were together, her body and raw sexuality never ceased to amaze him. Her torpedo-shaped tits were just as big, just as full, and just as exciting as ever, and it thrilled him each time he saw her naked. And with Amy standing next to him, it was twice the treat! He noticed that Amy's pussy was shaved smooth, and he thought he could see the glitter of a piercing from between her pussy lips but he wasn't sure. As soon as the girls were naked they dropped down to their knees and came over to him, both of them quickly working together to unfasten his jeans and slide them down his legs while he kicked out of his shoes. His fully erect cock sprang out as they did so, and Amy was pleasantly surprised that he wasn't wearing shorts and said so.

"Oooh, no underwear! I think that's so sexy!" she said, reaching for his shaft. She slipped her fingers around it and gripped it firmly, pumping it slowly up and down. "And it's so big and thick! Sherry, you are one lucky girl!"

"Thanks, Amy, but right now I think Rob's the lucky one!" she replied, smiling up at him. She stood up on her knees and reached up to kiss Rob, and he leaned forward to receive it. The kiss was short but intense, and Rob recognized it as her way of telling him that she was as excited about what was happening as he was. Then she sat back down on her haunches and moved over to Rob's cock, he spreading his legs wide to let her have room. Amy moved over to let Sherry in, and then slowly licked his cock with her soft, flat tongue from the base to the tip as Sherry put her lips against his smooth-shaven balls and sucked, pulling one of his balls into her mouth. Rob gasped as Amy slipped her lips over the head of his cock and sucked on it while Sherry pulled his ball further into her mouth. Amy pumped his cock with her hand as she sucked on the head, and Rob could feel the precum slipping up his shaft and out of the head of his cock. Amy swirled her tongue around the head and licked it right off, pumping more out of him with her hand.

"Mmm, I just love the taste of precum!" she said, releasing his cock from her mouth. Then she lickd the side of his cock before slipping her lips over the head again, sucking more from him as Sherry slipped one ball from her mouth and immediately sucked the other one in. Then Amy slid her lips down Rob's throbbing shaft, and he moaned as she took all of his cock right into her mouth, deep-throating his shaft in one movement. She swirled her tongue over and around his shaft as she moved her mouth up and down his length, with Sherry sucking on his balls and massaging them in her hands at the same time. Rob let his head fall back against the back of the couch and moaned as the two girls worked on his cock and balls, sucking and licking their way all around him. After a few minutes of this Amy slipped her mouth from Rob's cock and spoke, pumping it slowly in her hand as she did so.

"You ready to suck his cock now, Sherry?" she asked.

"You bet I am!" Sherry replied, releasing his balls from her mouth and sitting up. The two girls then switched, Sherry sucking his cock immediately into her mouth while Amy clamped her full, soft lips on his wet ball sack and sucked, pulling one of his balls into her mouth where she rolled it around on her tongue. Sherry sucked on him as hard and as deep as ever, and Rob moaned again with the sensations running through him.

"Careful, girls," he warned, slightly gasping for breath, "or I'm gonna cum in somebody's mouth!"

"You wanna see him cum, Amy?" Sherry asked, pumping Rob's cock in her hand.

"Mm-hmm!" Amy said, her mouth still full of one of Rob's balls. Sherry slipped her mouth back onto Rob's cock, looking him in the eyes as she did so, and then really went to work on him. Both girls doubled their efforts on his cock and balls, Sherry sucking his cock hard and deep down her throat while Amy pulled and tugged on his balls in her mouth, and Rob knew that he'd be cumming in a matter of moments.

"Okay...girls..." Rob gasped, feeling his balls tighten as his orgasm quickly built. "Here...I...cum!"

Amy released his balls from her mouth and sat up to watch as Sherry slipped his cock from her mouth just as his cock erupted in orgasm. The first blast of cum exploded from the tip of his cock just as Sherry's lips were leaving it, and the spray of hot, thick cum started out in Sherry's mouth but ended up on the side of Sherry's face. She laughed as his cock erupted, pumping it hard with her hand as it throbbed in her fingers, Amy watching with wide, fascinated eyes.

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