tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Seduction of Scott Ch. 02

The Seduction of Scott Ch. 02


We have several large (16"x 24") prints of Mary wearing lingerie in our bedroom. In one of the photos her legs are spread and her inner pussy lips are open, as if she's waiting to be penetrated. She has a look of lust on her face that's saying "take me". It's one of my favorite erotic pictures of Mary and I consider it to be one of the 5 best pictures that I've ever taken.

When we decided to remodel the master bathroom I had Scott come over and look to see what it was going to cost. After he took a bunch of notes, and asked some questions about specific materials he said he'd work up a quote and have it for me the next week.

As we were walking through the bedroom, Scott stopped to look at the 4 pics of Mary. Spending a lot of time on the one where her pussy was on display.

He said that the pictures were really hot and asked me who'd taken them. I said that I had been taken pictures of Mary for years and these were among my best work.

He asked how I'd taken them and I explained I bit about how the lighting was done in the different shots then asked if he'd like to come over and see us do a photo shoot. He immediately jumped at the chance and I told him I'd set it up with Mary and we'd do a shoot once the bathroom was finished.

That night I told Mary that Scott had seen, and really liked, the pictures in our bedroom, and that I had invited him to a photo shoot, AFTER the bathroom was finished. I figured a little incentive was a good thing. Mary laughed and said that sounded OK to her, what with the date "out there in time, somewhere".

Now, I don't know if you've ever been involved in a remodeling project, but if you have, you KNOW that things never go exactly to plan. We had several problems and setbacks. Scott had 3 different helpers and all of them got to see the pics of Mary that were on the bedroom walls.

Finally, the job was done. The next week Scott came over and I gave him the final check and we sat and had a beer.

I asked Scott if he was still interested in watching us do a photo shoot and said he was really looking forward to it. We finished our beers and I said I'd discuss it with Mary and text him a time and date.

That night, it was date night, I asked Mary when she'd like to do a photoshoot and that Scott was really looking forward to watching.

She had finally gotten her head wrapped around the idea that he thought she looked hot and that he liked to see her nude.

We talked about it and decided on a Saturday in 2 weeks' time. Mary asked me what sort of pictures I had in mind and I said I said we'd start with her clothed, then strip to lingerie and see how it all worked out.

I texted Scott the time and date and he immediately texted back that he'd be there. The outfit Mary picked was a nice light blue skirt and jacket with some very sexy lingerie underneath.

When Scott arrived, Mary was upstairs getting ready so I had him help me set up the lights and gave him a quick walk through on the operation of my cameras.

Mary came down and we told her she looked fantastic. I could see Scoot mentally undressing her as we as we got ready to start shooting. We took a few test shots, to fine tune the exposure and then started shooting.

We started with Mary dressed and then she removed her jacket and skirt, while I kept up a running commentary of lighting, exposure and posing adjustments. Scott appeared to be fascinated by the whole process.

Mary had just unbuttoned her very sheer blouse when her phone rang so we took a break. I asked Scott if he was enjoying himself and he said that it was really cool and thanked me for letting him watch. I asked him if he would like to shoot some pics of Mary and said he'd love to, if it was OK with her. I went in the other room and when Mary was off the phone I told her Scott was going to shoot her, with my supervision.

When Mary came back into the studio I showed Scott how the camera worked again and he started shooting with me telling Mary what pose to do and when to take off the next item. Before long she was wearing just the stockings, garter belt and heels.

Most of the poses were standing or sitting with Mary keeping her legs closed. Scott got plenty of standing shots of her shaved pussy but none with her legs spread. It was getting on towards dinner time and Mary asked Scott if he'd like to stay for dinner and he said "sure, he'd love to".

While Mary was upstairs and the pics were downloading, I asked Scott if he was having fun and he said he was having a blast and asked if we would be shooting more, after dinner? I said we'd have to ask Mary and see what she wanted to do.

I went upstairs and told Mary how happy I was with the pics we had taken, so far. She asked what Scott thought of all this and I told her that he was having a great time and wanted to keep shooting after dinner, if she was up for it.

She asked what I had in mind and I told her I wanted to get some shots of her with her legs spread and her pussy open and of her playing with a toy. She was certain that Scott wouldn't want to see her like that and I asked her if she'd do it if he was interested. She said she'd think about it and tell us after dinner.

For dinner Mary put on a short sheer robe over her stockings and garter belt. She was covered, but the way the robe fell left her gorgeous tits mostly exposed, along with her pussy. Dinner was good and we discussed the many things.

After dinner Mary asked Scott if he really wanted to keep shooting and to make sure he wouldn't be uncomfortable seeing her in more explicit poses. He assured her that he was having a great time and was looking forward to taking some more pics.

Mary said OK and went upstairs to touch up her makeup. I followed her upstairs and told her how hot she looked and how proud I was of her for doing this for us. We picked out a toy and wrapped it in a towel with the lube and went back downstairs.

We started with me shooting Mary sitting in the chair and things went along smoothly. Mary was getting into it and soon she had her legs spread while I took close up pics of her pussy. After a while she allowed me to take pics of her holding her pussy open and she was even sliding her finger into her dripping cunt. She was really getting into it and was also very turned on; her nipples were very erect and her pussy was swollen and glistening with her juices.

I asked Scott if he'd like to shoot some pics, and of course he jumped at the chance! After Scott had shot a bunch of pics, including some close ups of Mary's gorgeous shaved pussy, I got the toy and gave it to her.

Mary lubed it up and started by rubbing it along the lips of her vagina. When she first inserted the head into her cunt Scott and I both took a deep breath...the sight was just breathtaking.

Here was my mature voluptuous wife with a dildo in her cunt as this young man stared at her unabashedly. It was simply amazing. She started off slowly but soon had it buried deep in her pussy. Scott was really enjoying the show and we took turns taking pics.

I showed Scott how to pose the model with her pussy lips wide open after the toy was removed and he was hanging on every word and staring at my wife's beautiful wide open cunt. After shooting for an hour, or so, we decided to take a break and Mary went upstairs while Scott and I stayed downstairs and had another beer.

I asked Scott what he thought about all this and he said he'd never seen anything like it and was having the time of his life. He said that he thought Mary had a smoking hot body! I asked him how he would feel about taking pictures of Mary and I having sex. He got very quiet, took a deep breath and said "are you serious? You want me to take pictures of you actually having sex"? I said that if he was willing I thought I could talk Mary into it. At this point my cock was hard as a rock thinking about him shooting us having sex. He thought about it a bit, and finished his beer, and said he was game if we were.

I went upstairs and told Mary that Scott has having the time of his life and was in seventh heaven. Then I told her that since things were going so well I wanted to have him take some pics of us having sex. She was obviously excited and didn't even try to weasel out of it. I took off my clothes and put on a robe and we went back downstairs.

When we got back downstairs Mary asked Scott if he was sure he was OK with this. He said he'd never done anything like this before but was looking forward to it. I could tell Mary was a little buzzed and horny.

Mary and I removed our robes and she had me sit down in the chair and started to give me a lap dance. She was all over me rubbing her ass on my cock and her tits in my face.

My cock was hard as a rock and she immediately dropped to her knees and started sucking it. I had to remind Scott that he could start taking pics!!

Then I stood up so Scott could take some pics of Mary on her knees, sucking my cock. It was a very different, erotic, experience being in front of the camera, as well as choreographing the action.

Mary had me sit back down and climbed up onto my lap and slowly impaled herself on my cock, facing Scott. I told Scott to shoot quickly as I was too horny to last very long. Mary fucked me slowly, while Scot took pics, before she lost all control ad started to fuck me for real. Before long I could feel my balls tighten up and shot a huge load of sperm into Mary's pussy. We sat like that for a few minutes and Scott said that was the most amazing thing he'd ever seen.

I told Scott to get ready as I wanted him to get some close-up pics of my cum running out of Mary's pussy. Mary climbed off me and sat down with her legs spread wide. Scott was shooting some close-up pics of her pussy and he asked Mary if he could touch her to get her lips posed just right. She said that would be OK so he knelt on the floor so he was at eye level to "adjust" her pussy lips. It was very erotic watching him touching my wife's freshly fucked cunt with my cum still running out of her. Scott took a few more close ups of Mary's pussy and then Mary put on her robe and went back upstairs while I started downloading the pics.

After I cleaned up and got dressed Scott and I looked at the pics that we had downloaded. As I expected many of the pics we had shot were not "keepers". I explained what was wrong with the pics that didn't make the cut and how they could have been better. He apologized profusely and said he'd do better next time!

As we were sorting them Mary came in. She had changed and taken off the stockings and garter belt and was wearing a satin robe, tied at the waist but open below her navel. Her still erect pierced nipples were very prominently displayed by the clinging satin. As she looked at the pics with us to decide which ones would be saved and which ones would be flushed.

Mary asked Scott if he'd had a good time. He assured her that he'd had the time of his life and couldn't believe we'd let him participate. Mary then asked him if he'd like to come over the following night for dinner and to see the final pictures and he said he'd love to. Mary said great, we'd see him at 6:00 and left to take a bath.

After Scott left I went in and sat on the edge of our big soak tub so we could talk about the evening activities. Mary said it was a little uncomfortable, at first, but towards the end she was good with it and had had a good time. I asked her if she would be willing to let Scott touch her some more when he came over the next evening. She asked what I had in mind and I gave her a rough outline. She thought about it and said it sounded like fun.

The next day Scott arrived right on time and we sat down to have a drink and look that the slide show I'd make out of the best of the pics we'd taken the night before.

Mary was wearing a tight white dress, with a very low cut neckline that left most of her big tits exposed.

As we looked through the pics Scott commented on several of them and was really impressed on how well they came out. He said that he'd never dated a girl that had worn stockings and a garter belt and commented several times how hot Mary looked wearing the lingerie.

After the table was cleared we were having a drink and discussing the photo shoot. Scott reiterated what a wonderful time he'd had and that it really had been a dream come true.

We chatted some more and Scott mentioned that he'd thought the lap dance Mary had done for me had been hot. Mary asked us if we'd like to have a couple of lap dances and we went into the living room while Mary went upstairs to change. Scott and I set up the 2 overstuffed chairs in the living room facing each other about 10 feet apart with a large overstuffed foot stool in the middle.

When Mary came back downstairs she was wearing the satin robe she'd been wearing the night before, tied at the waist but open so that when she walked we got great views of her magnificent breasts. She put in a CD and when the music started she went over and started to dance for Scott.

She kept the robe on but was rubbing her body all over him. When the next song started, she came over and gave me a full body lap dance. Both Scott and I had kept our hands to ourselves. When the song was over Mary announced that she needed a drink so we all retired to the kitchen.

Over drinks Scott told her that had been awesome and Mary thanked him and we chatted more about lap dances and the photo shoot. When Mary finished her drink, she asked if we'd like her to dance for us some more and we lost no time getting back into the living room!!

When the song started, Mary loosened the belt on the robe and let it hang open. She went over to start dancing for Scott and, as before, this was full contact and then she upped the ante by telling him that if the music was playing he could touch her while she danced. He got a big grin and said, really? She said yes, if he was polite. She sat on his lap facing me and he put his hands on her waist and was running them up and down her waist and over the luscious swell of her full hips. As his hands brushed the sides of her boobs he pulled back but when she didn't stop him he got bolder and reached around to cup her big, heavy tits. She let him play with them for a while when got up and turned around facing him and leaned into him putting her boobs in his face. He had both hands on them squeezing them against his face.

When the song ended, Mary came over and gave me more of the same treatment. When she was sitting on my lap facing Scott she spread her legs wide so Scott could get a good look at her smooth pussy.

When the next song started, she removed the robe completely and was standing before us wearing nothing but high heels! She went over to Scott and laid down on the footstool facing him and spread her legs wide and started running her hands up and down her inner thighs. Then she held her pussy open and stuck her middle finger in and then licked it clean!! When the next song started, I moved over to Scott's side so she could continue the floorshow. When the last song ended, Mary said she needed a break and went upstairs.

She made no move to pick up the robe and just stayed nude as she went upstairs with her big tits swaying side to side. I asked Scott if he was having a good time and he said he was fulfilling even more fantasies!! He said he couldn't believe that we were letting him touch her and that this was probably the hottest thing he'd ever done! I excused myself and went upstairs to talk to Mary. She was touching up her makeup and I could tell she was very excited. I asked her how she felt and she said once she was past her "issues" it felt good having our hands on her.

Mary came back downstairs and we watched a movie and then Scott left about 11:00, thanking us profusely for the dinner and dancing! As he was leaving Mary asked him if he'd like to come over the next Saturday for dinner but he said he would be out of town but that he'd see us in 2 weeks.

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