tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Seduction Plan Ch. 10

The Seduction Plan Ch. 10


He pulled on the restraint, and I reflexively glanced up. He wasn't untying me, just feeling whether or not it would give. His eyes were empty as he studied the knot. Then they flicked down to me. His mouth was still, unblemished by smile or frown. My lungs had stopped, my heart had slowed. He was going to send me away!

I tried to tell myself that this was good! That this was what I wanted; for him to be safe and to know what happened. But damn. Damn, damn, damn -- no. This wasn't it. This couldn't be it.

I was startled into a ragged gasp when he let go of the ropes, leaving them tied, and grabbed me by the hair.

He didn't say anything, revealed nothing, closing his eyes and then -- he kissed me. -Hard and desperate and not like any kiss he had given me before. It hurt, but all I wanted was Eric, and that was what I was getting.

My only instinct was to cling to him, grateful and relieved that he wasn't sending me away. But, he had left me tied and I couldn't ditch the feeling that this wasn't it. I wasn't safe, tied and naked. He could disappear and leave me like this, alone.

I felt his clothes begin to melt away from him as he moved on top of me. His mouth moved up my face with kisses, to my eyes, to my forehead.

"I will never untie you," he whispered.

My breath caught in my throat. He would leave me here?

He rubbed his cheek against my face, "You tell me you love me, and then... in practically the same breath, you're going to leave me? Fuck you, Dor."

"Eric, I," I began, but he put his hand over my mouth.

"No." He shook his head. And then, hand still over my mouth, he moved to spread my legs.

It was a strange sensation, to lose so much -- I couldn't move my arms, I couldn't speak, Eric moved my legs how he wished.

And then my sight gave away as he sunk into me and my eyelids dropped in bliss. This was home. This was where I belonged; wrapped tight around Eric.

He began to move, slowly. He kept his hand over my mouth, and I began to realize he looked mad. He shook his head, the movement of his eyes showing the pleasure he took while his lips and shoulders seemed to leak rage. "I asked you to marry me and you ran away to get kidnapped. I came to save you, and you sent me away. A smaller man might have gotten his feelings hurt, Dor. Is that your plan? To play a game of hide and seek with me until I die of sheer frustration?"

I tried to shake my head no, but he held my face firm in his hand. There was no way I could have fought him now anyway, my body was too occupied by the agonizing pleasure growing in me while he took his time, almost seeming more interested in marking his territory than in the reactions of my body. And obviously my hips didn't care about his intentions, as they kept rising to meet him.

"How could you have let yourself be caught by that man?!" he suddenly demanded.

I froze, shocked by his tone and the rise of intensity in his voice.

He continued, still pumping languorously, "I waited at Gravlor's Peak, disguised as Seamus. Everything was in place. I had as good a chance at beating all this as anything..." he paused with a groan, then, "But then I hear Saymar's left to meet Bolthos and hasn't come back. The men there all said he was probably getting to know his wife better. --His wife, Dor. And I knew you were aroused last night, and ashamed, and then scared, and hurt, and then sad and confused..."

He stopped moving and pulled his hand off my mouth.

"Nothing happened. He didn't find me until this morning. --The other stuff, it was nothing," I offered.

"Dartix?" Eric asked.

I lowered my eyebrows in confusion. "What about Dartix?"

"He's the one you... wanted?"

"Eww! Eric! He's just a kid. No! No. Gross." I sighed out my nose. I didn't want to think about it, but I needed to explain. "Bolthos... I didn't want him to touch me. But he did. --Not in a serious way. He just got handsy was all. And I had been thinking about you all day, so..."

Eric curved a finger below my chin and brought my eyes back to his. I hadn't even realized I had looked away to start with. I began to cry, "I'm sorry, Eric."

He kissed my cheeks. "I thought that you had given in to Saymar. I didn't want to think about it. I was hurt. For that foolishness, I'm sorry, Dor. It wasn't until this morning when you were so frightened and then -- then you were out completely, so suddenly. I was worried you were dead. I got here, and the men were all outside talking about having captured you and the boy and then...

"You called my name."

I blushed and tried to laugh it off, "Er, I think I called it a couple times."

"In all my lifetimes I have never been as hurt by a woman as often or as badly as I have been by you, Dor. But God, you could call me from hell with that voice. It was like suddenly knowing where I was supposed to be... I'm sorry I wasn't here sooner." He took my face in both hands. "I will never leave your side nor let you leave mine ever again." He kissed my forehead. "I make that promise to you, as your husband." I felt him growing, still inside me. His words, his body, everything was ecstasy.

We kissed and I was crying full out now. When he pulled away, I said, "Okay, untie me, I want to hold you." Instead, he just smiled,

"Ha! Beans to that, Dor. After everything's that's happened? Er, no. No way. No way, in hell, or out. You say two weeks of sex is just an old tradition; I say it's just a necessity." He began really working at me again -- my head fell back on the pillows and I kept trying to get back to where reason and logic resided in my head, but it was so hard...

There was nothing in the universe except his body working in me.


This, what we had now, perfection. Pleasure thrilled through my body, threatening to break every bone with shattering release.

But this was nothing to pleasure of being held and loved and wanted by Eric. --Nothing to knowing he still wanted me. He knew everything and still wanted me.

He knew everything and still wanted me.

It was in his touch and his need, the lines of his sweat, his gaze so deep into mine that it seemed he was branding my mind with his eyes.

He knew everything and still wanted me.

He honestly needed me... so badly that none of my crimes mattered.

We would be together forever... now.

I wanted to touch him with my hands...

Instinctively I tried to move my arms, further bruising my wrists in the process. It hurt, and the sudden feel of my wrist skinning itself reminded me of falling earlier on my hands...

No, we have to stop. We have to stop, I finally remembered.

There was still a world around us.

-A dangerous one.

"Eric, my arms will fall off if you don't untie me. Also..." he thrust into me harder as if to shut me up, and it would have worked but, "We're in a dirty old abandoned castle, and there are a bunch of Saymar's men outside the door. I'm a little surprised that they haven't caught on yet. And that Saymar isn't back yet... Where did you send him this time?"

"I didn't send him. I sent us. We're in the basement of my palace. We're home."

"What?" I tried to sit up, but yeah -- tied down. "How?"

He slumped, then, slowing down, but still moving, replied, "I had some... tricks up my sleeve for Gravlor's Peak. When I found you screaming under Saymar like that, I knew I had to get us out of there before I killed him right on top of you." He made a face, and rolled his eyes a little. "Thought that might have been a little traumatizing... and we know how you get when you're all traumatized."

"Wait... what about Dartix? He's a good kid, Eric!"

"I know... I know... I freed him long before I even found you. Sent him home."

I cocked my head. Dartix wouldn't have left me there. I knew it. I knew it as surely as I knew I wouldn't have left him. "Eric... when you freed him, you let him know it was you? Or were you still disguised as Seamus?"

He stopped again, groaning in frustration. "Why?" he demanded, clearly wanting to get the conversation out of the way once and for all. He settled down on my body, ready for a talk.

"If it was you, he might have thought you were there to save me. But if it was just Seamus... Eric, he might think Saymar still has me."

Eric blinked, then waved to bring my sister's mirror closer to the bed. I looked around, seeing that he had taken the room's items, but that yes -- those were the walls of his palace around us. --Not the stone of Kedmirl castle.

He drew invisible symbols on the mirror with his finger and it began to shimmer and glow. "Fuck. You're right. Saymar's got him."

"Well? Eric, he's like a brother to me."

Eric sighed, pulling out of me completely now, still very aroused -- though come to think of it, he must have finished at least three times in me already.

Feeling the sudden loss of his body in mine, I groaned in disappointment. He looked down at me, "Oh don't even sound like that; this is your fault."

He reached for the ropes and untied them. My arms flapped to my sides in relief. Eric was watching me. "I should leave you here," he said.

"And break your promise?" I asked.

"Yeah, that was a stupid promise, wasn't it? Never leave your side?" He was suddenly dressed, and I felt clothes crawling up my body as well. "Who says stuff like that?"

"Not anyone I'd associate with," I replied.

He shook his head. "As soon as we're home again..."


"You don't want to know."

I pulled off my socks. He looked like he might strangle me. I shrugged.

"You can't just pop him over here like you did with us?"

"Nope. Saymar's not as dumb as he looks."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"He's already gotten Dartix to Gravlor's Peak."


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