tagIncest/TabooThe Seed

The Seed


The storm raged, blasting through the jungle and stripping leaves and branches from the trees and vines. The whirlwind appeared from nowhere sucking up the debris and also the tiny seed lying on the ground. Round and round, up and up swept the seed before being drawn into the jet stream and taken across the water. In time, the seed was covered in ice and eventually fell to the ground where it laid awaiting germination. Tie was on the seed's side, it would take a full 15 years to reach maturity.

No one noticed the seeds germination, not even the two three year old children who constantly played in the garden. Colin and Collette Green were fraternal twins, born from Susan, their 15 years old mother and an uncaring equally young father. Luckily, their mother had understanding parents who stood by their child and helped in the raising of the children.

The early years saw the children being cared for mainly by their Grandparents who stood in for their daughter whilst she studied and built up a small but successful chain of boutiques. As children, both siblings had suffered from sleepwalking syndrome which had almost left them as they entered their teens. Susan had had her share of Gentleman friends, but none of them stayed for long. For the past five years she had not had any male to distract her from building her business.

The children were now 18 years old and about to start their studies at a university quite some distance from home. But for now, the weather was good and both were at home for the summer holidays.

Collette had grown into a typical English rose, long dark hair with a peaches and cream complexion. Her body was lithe; her waist slim, her breasts were a shapely 32C and her hips had a soft swell that did not disguise her tight shapely bottom. She had had her share of young suitors and although no longer a virgin, her sexual experience was not great.

Her brother Colin was an all round sportsman and even in his sister's view, very, very, handsome. He was 6' 1" tall and slim with great muscle definition and his deep brown eyes with their long lashes broke many a girls' heart.

Both twins were living with their mother in what had been their grandparent's home. Susan had purchased it from them and they had retired to the sea side bungalow they had always wanted.

Life was good. The weather was gloriously hot, the small pool was cool and from Colin's point of view, the scenery was great. Both his sister and mother were stretched out on sun beds, both wearing what to Colin's eyes were the most miniscule of bikinis. No matter that they were his family; Colin knew beauty and sex appeal when he saw it. There were times when it was hard to tell that 33 year old Susan was Collette's mother or sister. Both had stunning bodies, (his Mother's down to her fitness regimen) and he had just had the greatest of pleasures oiling both of their backs and legs. As if that was not enough, his own had been oiled by his sister and mum. He now lay on his stomach hiding a very turgid dick. He felt no shame in being aroused by his family members and often wondered what it would be like to make love to his sister, or for that matter, his mother too. He had no doubt that her breasts and bottom were just as tight as his sister's. Naturally, he was never going to act on his desires. But, that did not mean that their bodies could not be used as 'Jacking' material, and to be honest, he had spilt more than a jug full beating off to visions of both of them. More so recently, since the onset of some very erotic dreams.

Collette was enjoying the sun's rays, her body felt good. Unconsciously she rubbed her hands over her swelling breasts and down across her stomach, feeling the slippery oil and sweat. At the same time, she felt a response, deep in her tummy and a tingling in her vagina. Quickly looking up, she checked to make sure her brother had not seen her. She saw that he was laid on his stomach and although looking her way, seemed to be sleeping. His body shone from the reflection of the sun oil. His shoulders were strong and well defined and d his muscles swept down across his back to a very tight muscular bottom. Her brother was fit, very fit. She was quite surprised to feel a sense of arousal in her pussy at the sight of him. She had always acknowledged that her brother was handsome and had a good body. He was intelligent with a good sense of humour and a caring personality. There was no doubt that had he been someone other than her sibling, she would have been more than willing to date him, even more. Still, this sense of arousal was new; she had never felt that before. She suddenly found herself wondering what sex would be like with him. She knew he had more that a good package, since he was not too good at hiding every occasion when he had had an erection. The idea of having his penis slide into her warm pussy and his mouth on her breasts sent shudders through her body. "Jesus Collette, get a grip of yourself" she thought, "He's your brother!" Nevertheless, a warm erotic feeling swept through her body, matching the quite erotic dreams she had been having of late.

Susan too felt good. Her life was a success, and she had raised two wonderful children. Glancing across at them she wondered how their lives would go. Both children were very attractive and she had no doubt they would find wonderful partners. She was sure they had already found sexual partners, since Collette was on the pill and it surely was not for managing period problems. And, whilst tidying her son's room she had found more than one loose condom (thankfully unused) lying around. Then she began to think of her own sex life. Barren for the past five years, but just lately, she had been having a series of erotic dreams. A clear indicator that she needed to find herself a man for some sexual relief.

It was at this point she noticed the strange ivy type plant growing up against the house wall. Not large, but it now looked as though it was about to flower. Rising from her lounger, she crossed to the plant and inspected it. Yes, it was clearly about to flower and there was a very thin sweet scent around it. Reminding herself to keep an eye on it, she returned to her lounger. No sooner had her head rested on the lounger than a highly erotic surge swept through her body. Her nipples quickly engorged and her pussy flooded with her juices, creating a wet stain on her suit at the juncture of her thighs. Her low sexual moans attracted the attention of both her children.

"Anything you would like to share with us Mum?" asked Colin.

Glancing across to his mother, it was easy for Colin to see that she was having a....moment.... From where he lay, he could see the large wet stain at the juncture of her thighs, which was quickly covered by his mother's hand as she realised the results of her arousal.

"Oh, nothing." mumbled Susan. "Just a bit of a day dream. Anyway, I must get tea ready." Swiftly rising from the lounger, she wrapped her towel around her and quickly made her way to the house and then her room. Once there, she swiftly divested herself of her bikini and threw herself on the bed, her left hand caressing her breasts and the fingers of her right hand rove into her pussy, her thumb frantically rubbing her engorged clit. Within seconds, Susan's body was assailed by the most overwhelming orgasm she had ever experienced. Her body jerked violently, twisting on the bed as she buried her face in the pillow in order to mask her groans and screams whilst a flood of vaginal fluids washed over her hand, soaking the sheet below. Hardly able to stand, Susan made her way to the shower, letting the pressured water pound her body into some sort of order whilst her mind recalled her vision as her climax exploded. Susan expelled a small sob as she remembered that her body had orgasmed in response to the clearest mental picture of her son, Colin, driving his thick meaty rod deep into her weeping pussy as his mouth devoured her breasts.

"Christ." Susan whispered to herself. "I need to find myself a man before I go crazy.

"Did I just see what I thought I saw?" Collette said to Colin.

"If you mean were Mother's bikini bottoms soaked? Or was she having a wet dream? Yes to both I think."

"Lucky her," said Collette. "If I don't get some man action soon, I'll be just a bad as Mum.

"Are you telling me that you have been celibate for the past three months? Colin said looking over to his sister and immediately spotting the twin rods rising from her naked breasts. "Judging by the size of your nipples, you could do with a good servicing right now."

"I haven't exactly seen a stream of girls passing through here of late, are you having a dry spell yourself?"

"Nothing since Jeanie. What, nearly three months now. I could play baseball with this thing sometimes."

"Bloody hell, look at us both. Here we are in the prime of our lives and we are both without any action. I NEED A MAN." She groaned.

"Well," said Colin. "If neither of us gets any action soon, maybe we should solve each other's problems."

"You fucking pervert!" Collette laughed. "You are like a dog on heat, any leg will do." Lying back, she shook her head and smiled.

Colin continued to look at his sister, taking in her firm breasts and the hard stubby nipples which if anything, appeared to be getting longer and stiffer. He could see her mound standing full and proud and just the faintest hint of a labial divide down the centre. He had a swift mental picture of him sliding between her thighs and driving his swollen dick deep into her slippery depths. The mental picture was shattered by his sister's voice.

"You wouldn't would you?"

"Wouldn't what?" he replied.

"Fuck me; you wouldn't fuck me would you? I mean, your own sister. That would be gross."

"The way I feel now Sis, I would fuck anything with two legs, including half a chair and that statement includes you I'm afraid."

"But I'm your sister for Fuck's sake; you can't fuck your own sister."

"Collette. You are female, young and fit. You have a stunning body, gorgeous breasts and what looks like a very nice pussy. Yes I would fuck you and to hell with all the religious mumbo jumbo and petty laws. Me Tarzan, you Jane."

"Colin," said Collette. "You are one sick bastard."

"Well nothing will convince me you have not thought about it. We live too close together not to have thought of being fucked by each other."

"Dick." Collette said and lay back on her lounger. The trouble is, she thought. Colin is right. She had had dreams of being made love to by her brother and very erotic dreams they had been too. In fact, she suddenly realised her body was now responding to the images in her mind, her dampness beginning to stain her bikini bottoms. Just like her mother, Collette got up wrapping her towel around her and made her way into the house and her bedroom. Throwing herself onto her bed, she ripped off her bikini bottoms and attacked her pussy with a vengeance, rolling and pulling her nipples whilst three of her fingers disappeared deep into her pussy. It was not long before she was overtaken by the mother of all orgasms accompanied by the mental picture of her brother pounding his meat deep into her pussy.

Colin rolled off his lounger and made his way to his bedroom. Lying back on his bed, he thought about what he had said to his sister. True, he had beaten off to images of fucking his sister, but he had never shared that with her before. He remembered seeing her nipples grow as they talked and wondered if perhaps she was contemplating them fucking too. His penis twitched and began to grow at that thought and taking a firm grip, he slowly began to stroke his way to orgasm whilst picturing himself thrusting into his sister's pussy. As the tremors started to pulse through his body, the face of his sister changed to that of his Mother and then changed between the two as great jets of cum shot over his chest and stomach.

"Oh Christ," he muttered. "I need to get some action soon."

Pretty soon, all three of the Green family were afternoon napping whilst their dreams were erotically focused on their own family members.

Dinner saw the family sitting down to a salad. Each was dressed in the minimum of clothing with no underwear and still their bodies glowed with sheen of sweat. Not even the old a/c could keep up with the hot humid weather. Conversation at the table was minimal but the glances between the family members were frequent. Mother and daughter could not help but steal furtive glances at Colin, each recalling the taught fit body hidden by his Tee shirt and wondering what lay between his thighs under his loose shorts. For his part, Colin was trying to imagine what it would be like to have both his Mom and sister servicing his cock. He had seen his sister's tits on numerous occasions when she had been laying around their pool but never his Mother's. It was clear to him that neither of them were wearing bras and both sets of breasts appeared to be similar in size, if anything, his mother's were marginally larger though slightly lower on her chest. What was really drawing his attention was the fact that both women's nipples were standing proud from the crown of their breasts. Collette's were standing out a good inch and their mother's not far behind, but whereas Collette's were quite thin, his mother's were thick and round.

His mother was wearing a cream singlet top which in places, was sticking to her skin due to perspiration. Unfortunately, not all of it, since she could feel the slight weave of the material abrading her nipples, causing them to engorge and grow larger. Not only that, her nipples were sending delightful shocks down to her tummy and loins, making her pussy damp and tingling.

His sister was wearing an old washed out Tee shirt through which the darker area of her aureoles' could be seen as well as a large damp patch between her breasts. But that was not the only damp patch Collette had. She found herself squeezing her thighs together in response to the thrilling pulses she was receiving from her nipples as they too were abraded by the material of her tee shirt.

The two bottles of chilled white wine had quickly been consumed by the family and a third stood almost empty. It was fair to say that all three family members were feeling the effects of the alcohol, which when coupled with their horny bodies was a recipe heading for disaster. By the time the family had decided to call it an early night, a fourth bottle stood empty.

Each member of the family lay lightly sleeping totally naked on their beds, windows wide open to seek the benefit of any slight breeze.

Slowly, the Moon began to rise above the horizon and as it did so, the strange flowers began to open, spreading their petals wide and the Anthers and Stigma reached out. Each flower released its scent hoping to attract passing insects in order to have them pollinate them. The scent was heavy and sweet and drifted up the side of the house and into the open windows of Colin and Collette's bedrooms, filling them with the thick, cloying perfume which was inhaled by both siblings.

Both Collette and Colin began to toss and turn as their dreams began to fill with erotic visions of copulating couples and their minds began to fill with an overwhelming need to find a mate and procreate.

It was a dog howling at the moon that set everything in motion. It triggered both siblings to rise from their beds, even though both were still asleep. Slowly, each walked to their bedroom doors and opening them, stepped out onto the landing. Each saw the other, but no recognition took place. Slowly the twins walked towards each other, stopping a short distance apart. Two sets of nostrils flared as they sucked in each others' pheromones, drawing them up to the hypothalamus which immediately began to fill their brains with messages. Their bodies were instructed to prepare for imminent mating, blood sent pulsing down to breasts and genitalia flooding the tissue and causing nipples of harden, labia to engorge and a penis t harden and grow even more.

Collette was not aware of the several strands of mucus which were now hanging down in strings from her wet pussy. Nor was she aware of her distending labia and dilating vaginal entrance, or of the thick, silver string of pre cum oozing from the head of Colin's tool.

Colin groaned as he felt the deep throbbing of his penis, unaware that it had swollen to a size he could never have imagined.

His mind was now full of the need to mate with the receptive female stood in front of him, just as his sister's was filled with the need to have her mate fill her with his seed. Unconsciously reaching out, Colin took both of Collette's breasts in his hands as hers reached out and held his swollen lance.

Collette's body was flooded with shocks as she felt her orbs being kneaded and her turgid nipples rolled between her mate's fingers. Waves of erotic pulses charged through her body, flooding her stomach and loins. Taking a more firm hold on Colin's tool, she began to draw it towards her weeping pussy as her hips hunched forward as though already mating.

Collette's pheromones were driving Colin crazy, her hand pulling his rod emphasising her need to mate now. His own hips also began to hunch, bouncing his lance off her sweat soaked tummy. All he was able to do was moan as Collette lowered herself to the floor, pulling him with her. He watched as she lay back, opening her legs wide and bending her knees as she pulled him towards her. Both siblings gasped at the first touch of the head of his dick as it slipped between her hot slippery lips to rest at the dilated entrance to her pussy.

The tableau froze for a moment before Collette's hands slipped around to his buttocks, dug her fingers into the muscle and pulled his hips towards her whilst driving her own up to meet them. Her scream was almost drowned by Colin's feral roar as his insanely swollen prick drove deep into Collette's convulsing pussy, seemingly stretching her walls to breaking point. She screamed again as the head of his rod collided with the mouth of her cervix, sending a shock to all of her nerve ends. The pain was quickly subsumed by the flood of erotic waves as the head of his dick dragged against the walls of her sensitive passage as he began to withdraw.

Within seconds, Collette's legs were wrapped around Colin's thighs, her heels locked in behind his knees and her arms wrapped around his body, fingers digging into the flesh. Colin's hands found their way beneath his sister, his fingers wrapping over her shoulders and his hands gripped tightly as he flexed his arm muscles pulling his sisters body into his own as he drove his loins into hers.

The twins clearly lost all control as their sucking; thrusting genitalia sent bursts of shock waves through their bodies. Within a matter of moments, the twins were in a full animal rut, fed by the cloying perfume and their own excited pheromones. Screams, grunts and roars filled the air as their bodies collided and raced towards an overwhelming orgasm, the burning in their loins the electric storms spreading throughout their bodies. Each knew that this orgasm was going to be the most explosive, earth shattering cum of their lives, whilst his rigid tool flooded her craving pussy with a flood of his seed.

On and on went the feral copulation. The shrieks and grunts grew louder as they were joined by the echoing slap, slap, and slap of wet skin on skin. Both of the siblings bodies were awash with sweat which poured from their pores, their bodies giving off a sibilant hiss as their sweat soaked bodies parted before loudly slapping together as their flesh met with each thrust.

The twin's efforts increased as the imminent orgasm continued to build inside them both, each was desperate to push themselves over the edge into the chasm of carnal bliss.

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