tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Seeding of Sara Ch. 01

The Seeding of Sara Ch. 01


I decided it was time for me to find a good babymaker. There were so many females I could have taken but I'm very picky. So, I waited until I could afford one or two of them. I was now 35 years old. I had money set aside to breed two females. I had been walking around college campuses, looking for a nice young cum holder.

After some time I found just what I wanted. Her name was Sara. She was 20 years old. She had shoulder length white blond hair and blue eyes. She was about 5"5' and 100 pounds with small firm breasts and a perfect round ass. Oh, did I mention she was a cheerleader?

That was how I noticed her. She walked past me on campus in her uniform. When she passed me she gave me a big smile. That's all it took. I followed her around, without her noticing so I could see her life routine through the week. Once I got her routine down, I made plans for her capture.

It was Friday night and Sara was coming out of her last class. She always walked alone after class to her dorm on Friday nights. I guess it was just faster for her to be alone so she could get ready to go out with her friends. Faster for her to look pretty so she could go out to bars and see if she could entice a male to mate with her. Fortunately for me, she walked past a college parking lot. I was acting like I had car trouble. My hood and trunk were both open.

Once Sara got close I screamed, "Damn it!"

Then I looked around the hood of my car at her. I started to walk up to her but stopped about ten feet from her. I didn't want to scare her off.

I said, "Excuse me, miss, but would you happen to have a cell phone on you that I could use?" I acted all frustrated and said, "My fucking piece of shit car won't start and I've been out here for an hour."

She smiled and replied, "Don't you just hate that?"

I laughed and said, 'Yeah, and it had to be on a Friday night too."

She laughed and walked over to me, handing me her cell phone.

As I reached for her phone, I grabbed her arm instead and pulled her close to me. With my other hand I got her with my hypodermic needle. She quickly fell to the ground, unconcious.

I scooped her up in my arms and put her in the trunk of my car. I closed the trunk and hood and got into my car. I started my car and laughed and said, "What do you know, it started. It's a miracle!"

I looked at Sara's purse and cell phone that were next to me. I turned off Sara's cell phone and said, "Sara will not be taking phone calls at this time."

I laughed and pulled out of the parking lot to take my new babymaker home.

Once I got home, I took Sara down to the basement. I whispered to her, "This is your new home, sweetie."

She was still out cold so I went ahead and stripped her down to her panties and bra. I chained her to the wall with a neck clamp. It was a little too tight around the neck but it would be okay. She had about 25 feet of chain connected to her neck clamp so she could walk around a little bit. She had a bed which I had bought from an old hospital. It had hand rails and stirrups for her legs. The bottom half of the mattress could fold down so when her legs were locked into the stirrups, her pussy would be right on the edge of the bed. Perfect for seeding her cunt. She also had a portable toilet within her reach. I didn't trust her to use the basement bathroom because there was a window in there and she could scream for help or possibly get out.

The only other thing in the room within her reach was the night stand next to her bed. Everyday I would put a plastic pitcher of cold water on the night stand with a plastic cup so she wouldn't get dehydrated.

Sara was sound asleep in her yellow panties and white bra on the bed. I went upstairs to get ready for her first seeding lesson.

I knew when Sara was awake, I could hear her muffled screams and cries from where she was in the basement. I put on my black robe, then proceeded to go downstairs.

There she was, standing there all mad acting like she wanted to kick my ass. Sara yelled, "Where the fuck am I? Where the fuck are my clothes? You sick fuck! You better let me go!" She laughed and said, "Once the police find you, you're going to get it!"

I walked right up to her , Sara backed up a little. I got right in her face. I gave a little laugh then slapped her across the face. I slapped her so hard she fell to the floor.

I towered above her and said, "Rule number one, never call your male owner names."

She looked shocked and began to cry while she touched her face where I had slapped her.

I said, "Rule number two, never disobey your male owner."

Sara began to back away from me.

I continued, "Rule number three, never try to hurt your male owner physically or emotionally. If you break any of these rules you will be punished. You are now my property and I expect you to be a good girl. Oh, and before I forget, rule number four, if you ever mate with another male, you won't get punished, you get dead." I yelled, "Do you understand me?"

Sara cried, "Please let me go! I'll never tell! I promise! Please!"

I shook my head, grabbed her face in my hands, and pulled her to her feet. I got back in her face and yelled, "Do you understand me , cunt?"

She hysterically cried, "Yes, yes, yes!"

I let go of her face and asked, "What are you?"

Sara looked confused. I raised my voice and said, "What are you?"

She yelled, "A college student."

I said, "No, try again."

She said, "A future psychologist."

I said, "Wrong again." I laughed and said, "You're a babymaker. That's it. Nothing more. You were born to please a male and have his babies. I don't know when females got the impression they were more then that, but it stops here. I will breed you over and over. You will have all of my babies, cunt. You will do what you were born to do."

Sara looked scared and started to look away from me.

I said, "Take off your bra."

Sara cried, "No, don't do this. Please don't do this to me."

The tears ran down her face as I said, "Do as you're told or you'll be punished."

I started to walk up to her and she cried, "Please don't hurt me!"

I said, "I'm not here to hurt you. I'm here to breed you. Now for the last time, take off your bra, Sara!"

I raised my hand to slap her and she cried, "Okay, okay, I'll do it! Don't hurt me!"

She unfasted her bra and with one hand I pulled it off of her. She covered her breasts with her hands.

I got in her face and whispered, "Show me."

She looked me in the eyes and I said, "Please, Sara, show me."

She moved her hands to her sides.

I cupped her soft white breasts in my hands. I ran my thumbs over erect pink nipples. I squeezed her breasts. Sara gave off a soft moan.

I looked into her pretty blue eyes and said, "They're perfect, Sara."

She looked like she wanted to smile but instead looked away.

I began to suckle her left nipple and kissed her breast gently. I went over to her right breast and squeezed it so that the nipple pointed right at my face. I gently bit Sara's nipple. She moaned with pleasure. My tongue played with her nipple. My hand went down to Sara's legs. I gently pushed her leg open and rubbed her pussy through her yellow panties.

Sara moaned, "Oh, God."

I stopped sucking on her breast and began to kiss her on the neck. My finger traced the lining of her pussy, up and down through her panties. I stopped kissing her and brought my finger up to my nose and took a deep breath.

I then growled to Sara, "I smell your scent, little girl."

Sara sighed and began kissing my neck.

I thought to myself, 'Wow, her training is going great. She already wants me.'

Then I felt a sharp pain in my right shoulder. I screamed in pain. Sara had sank her teeth into me and was now biting as hard as she could into my shoulder. I couldn't get her off of me. Finally I rammed her into the brick wall and she let go.

I looked at my shoulder and where her teeth marks were, blood was coming out. I shouldn't have looked at my shoulder because once I looked back at Sara she punched me in the face.

I went down on one knee and she tried to kick me. I flew into a rage. When she tried to kick me I punched her in the pussy. When she bent over, I scooped her up and threw her down on the cold concrete floor.

Sara lost her wind and had trouble getting her breath back.

I pulled off her panties and held them to her face, then threw them across the room. I stood above her and pulled off my robe. I was totally naked, my cock was hard and ready for rape.

I stroked it and yelled, "So you like it rough, Sara? Okay, let's play rough, cunt!"

I rolled her over on all fours and rubbed my rape tool against her pussy lips. Her wetness was all around her pussy.

I said, "Let's play, rapedoll!"

I rammed my cock way up into her cunt. Sara cried out a little but she was still trying to catch her breath.

I said, "You see, Sara, this is how cavemen did it. They picked out a female for breeding and raped them. The best part is that your pussy wants to be raped and filled with cum. You were born for having babies and your pussy needs sperm. So no matter how it is done, by rape or by making love your body will get you ready for a baby, like it or not. So let's make a rapebaby, bitch!"

I grabbed her hips and rammed it in and out of Sara's babymaking cunt. I pumped into her like I was a crazed animal.

Sara got her breath back and screamed, "No, don't do this! Please, stop! You're hurting my pussy!"

I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. I said, "You liar! Your pussy is just getting ready for my sperm! It doesn't hurt! I bet you're just getting ready to cum!"

Sara knew he was right. She had never had an orgasm before but she could feel something within her building with intensity. Her pussy was so hot and wet. Sara's body did want him. Sara's pussy wanted every drop of him. Sara's body wanted every hot thick spurt of his babymaking cream pumped into her. Rape or not, Sara was making herself ready for my seed.

She could feel me so deep inside her little girl area. My hard throbbing cock ramming its way home. Sara would cry out with pleasure every time my balls would bang against her clit. My hands went to her hips so I could really punish her pussy hard. I was getting close to giving her my seed.

I said, "Sara, tell me you want to have my rapebaby!"

She cried out, "No, I won't! I won't say that!"

I yelled back, "If you don't say it, I'll pull out and your poor pussy won't get one drop of me! I'll just cum on your white ass cheeks!" I moaned, "Oh, God, I can't wait anymore, Sara! I'll guess I'll have to pull out!"

Quickly she replied, "Don't pull out!"

She knew she was close to having her first orgasm and her body needed sperm. Demanded it! Sara screamed at the top of her lungs, "Rape me! Use me! I need to have a rapebaby! Make me have a rapebaby, please!"

I shot the first wave of my sperm deep within Sara's cunt, up into her cervix. The next wave, coated the hot, tight walls of her pink pussy. Then the rest I just kept pumping within her. Once the first shot of my seed hit Sara's pussy, she came hard.

She screamed, "Oh, God!" as she arched her ass and pussy up so I could coat her deep inside. She trembled and shook as her first orgasm took hold of her.

She cried, "It's like fire! " When the second wave of cum coated her she looked back at me and her eyes rolled into the back of her head. Her body was covered in sweat. Sara looked like she was glowing.

When the last of my seed filled her pussy, she sighed, "That's it, fill me good!" She then collapsed.

I pulled out of her and could see some of my white, thick sperm drip out of her slit.

My rage had subsided. I got my robe back on and started to go upstairs.

Sara asked me, "Why me? Why did you pick me?"

I said, "Because you are beautiful, smart, and sexy. Plus, I think you will make perfect babies."

I was almost to the top of the stairs when Sara asked, "Are there any rules for the males?"

I laughed and said, "We'll talk tomorrow. Oh, and Sara, you had better be a good girl tomorrow. I hate to punish you but if it has to be done, I'll do it."

I closed the door and went to the bathroom to take care of my shoulder.

Sara was lying on her bed thinking about everything that had happened to her. She thought about when she was a little girl and wanted a big family and wanted to have lots of babies. Then she thought about what her mother and father wanted her to be when she grew up. They didn't care what, as long as she got a college degree. Then in high school, it seemed uncool to just want to be a mommy so she just stopped thinking about babies and decided to be a psychologist.

Now Sara rubbed her belly. She could still feel the hot sticky cum inside of her. Sara smiled then quickly frowned and said aloud, "No, this isn't right! I have to get away from him! He raped me, he has to pay!" She rolled over onto her side to fall asleep but before she did, her smile came back and she whispered, "His female. His babymaker."

The End of Chapter One


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