tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Seminal Work of Doug Priaps

The Seminal Work of Doug Priaps


Carolyn perched by the window, phone in hand. The show was about to begin again.

The show had been going on now for about two weeks, ever since the building superintendent, Joe, had asked her to keep an eye on his nephew, who would be looking after the complex while Joe was away on vacation in Greece. Carolyn hadn't seen hide nor hair of the young man since Joe had apparently left, but things seemed to be going okay, nothing unusual or different from the usual lazy place of life at the Kensington Arms.

Then one morning Carolyn happened to glance down across the courtyard between the two buildings. From his kitchen window on the second floor, she had a perfect view of Joe's basement apartment living room, a view shared only by her older neighbor Margot, who was usually home during the day.

While washing the dishes, Carolyn's briefly looked over across the way at Joe's apartment living room, and was surprised to see a figure standing in the window. She hadn't seen anyone in the place since Joe had left. Because of the angle of the blinds, though, she could only see the figure from the torso down. It was obviously a male. He was shirtless, with a chiseled physique, and seemed to be flexing at a mirror that was out of view. Carolyn smiled and laughed to herself. These vain men, she thought, always showing off their muscles.

Just as she was about to turn away from the scene, however, the show became even more spectacular.

The figure in the window suddenly popped open the buttonfly jeans he'd been wearing and let them fall to the floor. Carolyn's jaw dropped open in amazement. One of the most massive penises she had ever seen tumbled into full view.

"What the..." Carolyn said aloud to nobody in particular. She stared at the thing in awe. Her years of work as a nurse had gotten her used to the seeing the bare anatomy of men and women alike, but staring at this giant thing reawakened a sense of wonder in her that had not existed since she was a much younger woman. For a moment she thought it was a prosthesis, but it couldn't be...the man was moving back and forth, as if admiring it in the unseen mirror, and it jiggled with the naturalness of a real organ.

Still, the thing was absolutely huge. She stared down at it some more, baffled. Was anyone else watching this? She wondered. But there was no one in the courtyard--most people worked during the day. The only other person who might be watching was Margot. Carolyn wondered if the old maid staring in awe at this humongous device just like she was. It hung down nearly to the man's knees.

From her vantage point of about 50 feet away, she tried to measure the jangling, flaccid cock with something nearby, to try and estimate its size. She held one of her dainty fingers up to the window, lining it up with the dancing flesh across the way. The dick hung down slightly past the knuckle of her thumb. It was difficult to judge from that far away, but still she was thunderstruck. She reckoned it must be nearly a foot long.

Suddenly the figure in the window stopped its arrhythmic jig and stood still. The giant dong lurched to the left as if it had been struck by some invisible hand. Carolyn stared in disbelief. He's getting an erection, she thought.

Slowly, laboriously, the cock stretched out into space. At full mast it jutted out like some horrible military salute. It seemed to bob slightly before the man. Its bulbous head glowed red. The man grasped it tightly with both hands, and the cockhead seemed to turn purple for a moment. Carolyn was astonished: he could have fit at least four of his hands along the length of the shaft.

Then the man began to massage it with long, languid strokes. After a few minutes of this, he turned his attention to its head, with seemed almost to glower angrily like some wicked, fantastic eye. The stroking and rubbing became more and more frenzied, until at last the prick erupted. The man moved his come-covered hands away as it fired again and again. Long streams of jism floated through the air. It was only when Carolyn began to start thinking about counting them that it finally subsided, but it must have been nearly a half minute.

"Amazing," Carolyn said to herself, laughing.

The figure turned abruptly and exited the scene to the right. He didn't reappear for the rest of the day.

Carolyn had been privy to a one-person erotica show. But there was still no telling for sure whom the person she'd been looking at was. His face and upper body had been hidden the entire time.

After that, the show continued on almost every day, and at almost the same time. Carolyn witnessed the man's entire act on at least 10 other occasions. She had never been so simultaneously amused and aroused by the sight of the male figure. It seemed like a private performance that was being put on solely for her benefit, but the figure couldn't really know for sure that someone in the building opposite was watching him while he masturbated. In all likelihood it was Joe's daring nephew, but Carolyn wanted proof. She hatched a plan.

At about 11 o'clock, around the same usual time, the man reappeared in the window of Joe's apartment. He did his customary salute to the mirror, flexing before it. Carolyn waited until he had doffed his pants and the giant prick was fully erect before she dialed the number old Joe had given her. As she listened to the phone ring, she turned back to the window. The figure frantically dashed out of view.

A second later someone picked up. "Hello?" A groggy voice said hoarsely.

"Joe?" Carolyn said, playing dumb.

"Sorry," the young man on the other line said. "This is his nephew, Doug. He's away on vacation. What can I do for you?"

"Oh," Carolyn said. "Well, I was calling because my kitchen sink is clogged up."

The young man sighed. "All right. I'm taking care of things here while Joe's away. Which apartment? I'll be there in about five minutes."

Carolyn gave him the information then hung up. She leaned back against the cupboards and stretched. She caught a glimpse of herself in her dining room mirror and smiled. She was getting to be close to her mid-40s now, but constant running and tennis kept her in solid shape. Truth be told, she could probably pass for her early 30s. Yet the sight of that massive penis had stirred up a strange furious lust in her that she hadn't experienced in decades.

Carolyn put on a pot of instant coffee then headed to the bedroom. She appraised herself in the full length mirror, then changed into an almost see-through white blouse that subtly revealed the black bra she wore underneath. She discarded her panties and put on a black skirt that might have been too revealing for a woman of her age if she didn't have Carolyn's perfectly toned legs. She tied her flowing red hair up in a bun on her head, and pushed her black-rimmed spectacles back on her nose. She looked not unlike one of those "naughty teachers" that seemed to be so in vogue in the music videos these days.

The kettle began to whistle in the kitchen even as there was a knocking on the door. Carolyn opened it and found a nervous looking-young man in a white undershirt and blue jeans and bearing a tool box. He introduced himself as Doug and she moved aside to let him in. Studying him as he moved across the room, she was certain there were hints of the chiseled physique and monstrous member she'd see on display so many times in Joe's apartment window.

The young man set his toolbox on the counter and gestured at the sink. She nodded, then absently offered him some coffee. He declined, but she insisted. Resigned, the young man leaned back against the kitchen cabinets as Carolyn poured a cup that was almost brimming over and handed it to him. She poured herself one and hopped up on the kitchen counter, deftly crossing her legs and sipping the coffee.

Doug was in his early-20s, she supposed, but he had the face of a somewhat older man. His square jaw was held tight, his gaze unflinching. His hair was greased back on his head like some kind of biker, giving an edge to his Mediterranean features. He looked alternately arrogant and unsure of himself in only the way a young man can look. As he drank the coffee, his eyes drifted off out her window down to the windows of Joe's apartments.

Carolyn let her eyes drop down quickly to his crotch, then glanced away. There could be no mistake: Doug's left thigh looked almost 1/4 thicker than his right. The flaccid form of his huge schlong showed distinctly along the pantsleg like some serpent trying to hide underneath a rug.

She crossed and uncrossed her legs, then smiled at him and inquired about the time he'd been having at the apartments. He shrugged and drank more coffee. "It's okay," he told her. "Kind of quiet."

Carolyn put down her mug and demonstrated how the water wasn't draining from the sink. Doug looking dumbly over her shoulder at the stopped up, murky water. She stepped closed to him and said, "Do you know what's wrong?" He took a nervous half-step back from her and shrugged again, downing the last of his coffee. "Let me see."

Doug opened the cabinets beneath the sink and set the toolbox on the floor, then crawled under it as one would underneath a car, laying on his back with his legs jutting out. This afforded Carolyn the perfect opportunity to examine the bulge in his pants more closely. She was struck by the enormity of it: literally it seemed to be almost four-inches thick in some portions, and it snaked down his thigh almost to the kneecap. Again she thought that it couldn't possibly be for real, he had stuffed it...but no, she had seen it in action for herself. At least, from afar.

After a minute of scrutinizing his prick, Carolyn declared that she was going to get some work done in the living room. She told Doug if he needed the bathroom it was right next to the kitchen area, to which Doug grunted his assent. Then she left, with one final backward glance at the vast member straining against his jeans.

Carolyn strolled into the living room and plopped down on her leather sofa. She allowed herself the pleasure of sneaking one hand underneath her skirt and began tweaking her clit and rubbing and tapping her labia nonchalantly.

In about 10 minutes, she heard Doug mutter and get to his feet. The bathroom door clicked open and creaked closed. She hadn't heard him lock it, which was just what she had hoped for.

She paused, listening, until she heard the sound of a massive stream of urine cascading into the toilet water. The coffee had done the job. Now it was up to her. She waited until the pissing sounds began to diminish, then picked up the walkman laying on the coffee table and placed the headphones over her ears, then strode to the bathroom and flung open the door.

Doug turned to look at her, aghast. He was standing in profile, holding his penis with both hands. It was enormous, arching out and down from a mass of thick black pubic hair. Carolyn estimated that it was at least a foot long. It was dark brown, a shade darker than Doug's own bronze skin, and, fat at is was, corded with veins. It was nearly as wide as a wine bottle. The exposed glans, bulbous like some gnarled, hideous apple, sprouted from a thick wottle of flesh that Doug had peeled back away from it. A tiny drop of urine plopped into the toilet.

Carolyn's mouth hung open. It was bigger than she'd ever expected. She pulled the earphones off her head and stared at it, agape. Doug gulped and followed her gaze down to his gargantuan cock. His hands trembled as he shook the last drops off it and made to put it away.

"Wow," Carolyn said in astonishment. "Sorry...I was listening to the music and..." Her pretense crumbled.

Doug looked at her with a pained expression. "It's okay," he said, holding the limp prick in his hand. He still hadn't tucked it back into his pants.

Carolyn dropped her gaze, then looked at it again, then up at Doug. "Sorry again, but...wow, that thing is HUGE."

Doug struggled to smile. He tried shaking it some more. "...Is it?" he asked hesitantly.

Carolyn looked at him in wonder. "I mean, you must get that all the time."

"No, not really," Doug said ashamedly. He lifted the prick, which seemed to almost double over like a slab of kielbasa. He stuck the massive head into his left pantsleg and began to force the rest of it down after it. It was not fitting, so he pulled the entire cock out and began again. Carolyn noted that he wore no underwear.

She thought for a moment, then said, "It's okay, you don't have to bother. You can leave it out."

Doug looked at her, his eyes wide. "What do you mean..."

"I mean," Carolyn said with a grin, "If it's a problem for you to put that giant cock away, then just let it hang out."

Doug's chin visibly quivered. He turned to face her, letting his prick spill out. Seeing it from the front, Carolyn was again shocked by its obscene size. In all her years of nursing, she'd seen some very well-endowed men, a few of whose dongs she could remember vividly, but they were nothing compared to this. It looked like a separate organism unto itself.

Suddenly, Doug's cock twitched, then stood straight up, pointing straight at Carolyn. The already dark head turned a raging crimson as the foreskin receded from it. It shook up and down like a dog that had just run for its life.

They both stared at it, then looked at each other. Carolyn gestured to the living room. Doug looked at her, sweating. Carolyn noticed that his shirt soaked through. He let his jeans fall to the floor then stepped out them, his fully erect cock bouncing giddily.

Carolyn led the way and Doug followed her, meekly. She sat on the couch and leaned back, staring once again at Doug's towering tumescence. He just stood there in the middle of the room, clad only in his undershirt, socks and shoes, not sure of what to do.

Carolyn let out a breath. "I have seen some dicks in my life, young man," she said, "but never anything like this."

Doug looked around the room as if was trying to flee her gaze.

"Take off the rest of your clothes," she commanded him. Doug obeyed, piling them in a heap.

Carolyn patted the seat next to her on the sofa, and Doug paddled over, his dick swaying back and forth dangerously. The leather squealed as he sat down.

She reached out and stroked Doug's bare knee. The young man's lower lip trembled. His engorged cock seemed to throb anew at her touch.

"I've been watching you," she said. "Through your uncle's window."

Doug tried to speak, but only a murmur came out. He looked at her helplessly.

"Oh come on," Carolyn said, "Don't play dumb with me. You can't honestly tell me you thought nobody could see you working it down there."

Doug gulped again. It was then that Carolyn noticed the size of his testicles, which seemed almost to be inhaling and exhaling of their own accord in time with Doug's own agitated breathing. They each the size of a large apple, and matted with the same thick, dark hair that enveloped his pubis. She reached down and began to massage his balls, causing his cock to jump spastically.

Doug cleared his throat. "I...I never been with a woman."

Carolyn winked at him, moving her hands slowly up to his gigantic shaft. "That's okay, darling," she said, grasping it firmly. One of her hands couldn't fit around it entirely. "Just promise me one thing."

Doug nodded. He was almost wheezing.

"Never keep this incredible dick of yours a secret from anybody," she told him softly. "It's a gift. You've got to share it with the world."

With that, she bent over his lap and, stretching her jaws as far as they could go, slid her lips around his expansive, knotty knob. She pushed back his already receding foreskin with one hand as she stroked the base of the cock with the other. Doug groaned. Pre-ejaculate dribbled into her mouth and ran out down around his cockhead, which pulsated with excitement. His body remained tense and rigid as she worked the phallus with her hands and mouth. She reached down and diddled herself as she worked.

Carolyn nimbly swung herself down on the floor, her head bobbing up and down as she tried to take the cock as deep into her throat as possible, though it wasn't much--she could only fit maybe a quarter of the huge shaft. She lifted her lips off with a wet smack and looked up at Doug. His eyes were glossy and he stared straight ahead, as if he wasn't even there.

"How you doing?" She asked the young man. He nodded slightly. "It's...wonderful."

She returned to sucking him with renewed vigor. Her glasses tumbled from her face and landed on Doug's rising and falling lower abdomen. Adjusting her grip, she began to caress his enormous balls.

Suddenly a shudder ran up the length of Doug's prick. Then he came. The force of the blast literally pushed Carolyn's mouth from off his dick, which exploded in her face, sending come coursing down her forehead and cheeks. She laughed and cringed back and the tremendous organ fired off ropes of semen that covered her hair and shoulders, spattering all over the floor.

When it was over, Doug's cock sagged back into repose. The expression on his face didn't change.

Her eyes on him, Carolyn rolled onto her back on the floor and spread her huge thighs, exposing her bare pussy under her skirt. Doug's eyes lit up. Suddenly his staff was once again hard and surging, its head glistening with come. From where she was on the floor, the prick looked like some strange, ugly eel that was about to leap out of Doug's lap. Sitting there like that, it extended up to about his solar plexus.

"That a boy," Carolyn said. "I knew that would do the trick."

Doug moved as if he were about to get up, but Carolyn shook her head. "Not so fast, big boy. Right now it's look but don't touch. If you want the honey, you're gonna have to work for it...and that means we're gonna play a little game with that horse dick of yours."


Margot answered the door on the second knock, wearing a bathrobe and with her hair wrapped up in a towel above her head. She beamed at Carolyn, then at the seemingly shirtless young man standing in the hallway behind her.

Carolyn stepped in aside. "Margot, this is Doug, He'll be taking care of the building while Joe's away."

In the space of five seconds, Margot's face ran through a range of emotions as she sized him up: first concern, then bewilderment, then wonder, and finally hilarity. The young man stood in the corridor outside her apartment, his hands clasped behind his back. He was stark naked, and his gigantic phallus draped down between his legs like a third thigh.

Margot laughed and looked at Carolyn. Then she peered out in the hallway and looked in both directions. "Carr, is this a joke?"

Carolyn feigned a look of puzzlement. "A joke? No, why? Doug here was just up doing some work in my apartment, so I thought I'd introduce you to him."

Margot's gaze lingered on the young man's stunningly large appendage. "Huh," she said. "Well, you'd better come inside before somebody else sees him..."

"Oh, you mean THAT," Carolyn said, gesturing flippantly at Doug's massive member. "Well, I'm not too worried about it, and I don't think Doug is either. In fact, I think Doug actually enjoys people looking at him nude. Isn't that right, Doug?"

Doug's expression remained impassive, but now a slight smirk seemed to light up the edges of his mouth. He took a slight step back, and his prick swayed mightily like an elephant waving its trunk. Yes, Ma'am."

"Well then," Margot said with a giggle. "At least come inside before you catch cold. That hallway gets drafty--something you might want to tell your uncle when he gets back."

Carolyn sauntered in and plopped down on Margot's sofa. Doug followed, his huge cock waving back and forth with each step. Margot couldn't help but smile and she watched the young man walked, admiring his immense penis and strong buttocks. Doug walked to the center of the room then paused, as if unsure what to do next.

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