tagNovels and NovellasThe Sentinel Ch. 05

The Sentinel Ch. 05


Even more beers later, Linda found her way home and trudged up the stairs, pausing on the second floor as if contemplating something. At last in the sanctuary of her apartment, she'd wandered around dropping clothes and had found another beer in the refrigerator. Then she was off to the shower where she took her time. She had decided she might as well show them all of it. Reaching for the soap, she lathered between her legs and found a razor.

Turning from the mirror over the sink, she decided no makeup would be needed; she wasn't planning on showing her face or head - just her body, albeit every inch of it. She was finally going to see what it felt like after having been a silent watcher so long. From voyeur to center stage, she now planned on seeing if this new level, this new dimension, could be as much of a turn-on as they all seemed to think - as much of a turn-on as it looked like from the outside.

Linda knew Jan would be there, and she planned on using her, on enjoying her body, and focusing completely on loosing herself in Jan's arms and legs, mouth and eyes. Linda found herself wet at the thought of Jan's mouth on hers, the thought of her own fingers exploring Jan's body, pinching her nipples and moving down between her thighs where Linda was sure she would surrender everything as she leaned in for a taste.

Yes, Linda planned on using Jan tonight, more than ever.

* * * * *

Jack sat on the bed, leaning against the headboard, wearing briefs, while Jan sat at her writing table with a glass of white wine, chatting with 'cyber' Lisa. Lisa had seen Jack immediately and was ecstatic. "But why can't I see all of him?" Lisa had asked. "He's shy, Lisa. He's not an old hand at this like you and me," Jan had explained. Typing a cyber-laugh, she'd gone on to explain they were lucky to have this much of him.

Jan continued with how they'd met. His name was 'Fred', and they'd met at the bank Jan dealt with. They'd been dating for a couple of weeks, and Jan had not intended to, well... go public with him except for the insistence of Lisa. He'd been wounded once in a robbery and was a little self-conscious about a couple of scars he had, but - and Jan thought Lisa would agree - he was not at all a bad specimen.

Jack glanced off to the side to confirm his program was running. He could see Jan in her white silk pajamas, and he saw his own legs, stretched out and crossed at the ankles behind her. As Jan and Lisa talked, the chat scrolled across the screen. To the right, a small red icon flashed 'Recording', and Jack could see the hard drive light flash occasionally as information was saved to the hard drive.

Looking back to Jan, he could see her body shift and hear small laughs and sighs as her audible response to the chat mimicked her written response even though Lisa couldn't hear it.

* * * * *

It had taken a minute, but Dave finally had Jan tuned in and was at first, perplexed, then, a little excited as he realized tonight would be different. Tonight there would be another body there to touch Jan, to kiss her body, suck her nipples. He didn't care if it was someone else's cock she slid in slowly; it was a cock and could just as easily be his own. God, he hoped she sucked the guy off; he had to have her lips around his cock.

She wore her white silk pajamas that he'd seen before and always enjoyed because he knew what was underneath. He could faintly make out the shape of her nipples through the fabric as she moved and laughed. Yes, that was his Jan.

Pulling the Kleenex box closer, he knew he would need it tonight. Tonight would be the best. Tonight, he would loose himself in Jan's arms as she used the other idiot as a tool to reach out to him. Tomorrow, he would find the courage to continue to do what he knew was the right thing. It might take a week or two, but he knew she would think differently once it was finished.

* * * * *

John sat in his den. He had his laptop and desktop both turned on. One was tuned into the chat room that he and his 'Buddies' used and the other was waiting for 'her' to come on-line. The lights were off - the wife and kids banished to a movie - so he was alone.

John's drink, bourbon on the rocks, sat beside his ashtray. A cigarette burned, the smoke wafting up, making grey swirls in front of the screens. A box of Kleenex was off to the side; he was sure he'd need them tonight.

Looking at the sheet of paper again, he guessed Linda's audience tonight would be at about 100. He'd spread the word through mails and chat all evening as the time she'd given neared. He'd known she was just another 'Cyber-Slut', willing to drop her panties at the drop of a hat. He knew she was just like the rest - sticky fingers and all. He'd also known that he wanted her - wanted to see her naked, wanted to watch as she dug her fingers in between her thighs and brought them out to lick before returning for more - just like all the rest.

Hell, he thought, what he really wanted was to bend her over her desk and fuck her hard as she squirmed under his hands, her ass pushing against him as she begged him not to stop. Yeah, he could do that; he could do that better than she'd ever had. She was just another bitch, and his father had shown him what bitches were for.

Of course, they were all sluts and idiots; he would never go on cam and jerk off like this bunch of idiots. His wife would run from such a thought - the thought of him putting her on cam so the 'boys' could enjoy her, watch her, and he could watch them with their cocks in their hands 'getting it on'. He was sure he'd shoot her if he caught her doing such things in a chat room, well... if she didn't tell him anyway. No, they weren't like that. They were different. These people were probably the sickest bunch of scum bags on the face of the earth as far as he was concerned. Who gave a shit if the majority of them earned more than he did, had a higher education level than he did, or basically, were well-balanced people that most people enjoyed being around? What gave them the right to come out and show off their bodies, and then to 'do it' to other people while they showed their bodies arched back, fingers sliding along their thighs, cocks in hand, and legs spread so everyone 'got a good look'?

Taking another drink, John reached for a Kleenex and wiped the sweat from his brow. Then he took a drag from his cigarette and a quick scan of his two computer screens while he idly clicked open a couple of cams he knew had some 'real hot stuff' going on. Without thinking, his hand was in his boxers as he slowly stretched and pulled his cock.

No more of that high and mighty bullshit from Linda. No more getting the attention of the Captain, getting the funding, getting the glory. No, he was going to fix her good, he thought as he pulled a little harder and felt the satisfying rush as his cock became hard. Besides, John knew his secret was the best kept of them all.

Bunch of sick fucks, his bourbon-laced mind thought as he leaned back in his chair, watching several cams and noticing that Jan seemed to have brought company with her. Damn, it was going to be a great night, John thought.

* * * * *

They had discussed the plan several times. They decided the killer was turned on somehow or, if not turned on, then excited in a way they couldn't imagine by what he watched on-screen. Hell, they didn't care; they would settle for agitated. Jan and Jack planned on steaming up the screen as much as possible, drawing out the foreplay and watching 'cyber' Lisa's' reaction in chat. When they were sure they had drawn the killer into their drama completely, they were going to stop the show under the pretext that 'Fred' didn't think it was fair. He wanted to see Lisa, too, and wouldn't go any further. The hope was that 'cyber' Lisa would become agitated enough that a mistake would be made - something said in chat to give a clue. They really didn't expect a cam to be turned on.

"No more chat, Lisa. Let's make love - the three of us. Come on Lisa, turn your cam on and join us."

"Jan, you know I can't. I wish I could, but I'm so, well, ugly now. I look awful. But please, Jan, you and Fred. I'll talk to you, let you know I'm here, enjoying."

With that, Jack watched as Jan stood and moved the chair from between the writing table and the bed. Turning towards the bed, she leaned in on her hands, over Jack's feet, and bent down to kiss his knee. Jan spoke to Jack in a soft whisper while her face was out of the camera line and Lisa was enjoying her ass as the fabric of her pajamas stretched tight, "Enjoy, Jack. I want you to. And I want to, also."

With that, Jan stood again, hooking her thumbs in the elastic of her pajama bottom and pushed them down. Glancing at the computer on the floor, Jack saw Jan's ass appear below the edge of her pajama top and saw Lisa's chat appear.

"You're beautiful, Jan. I want you. I want his cock in you so I can feel it."

Leaning on the bed again, this time Jan exposed her bare ass completely, the dark line of her crack centered in the screen as she crawled up to straddle Jack's legs, opening herself more to Lisa. Moving close enough to kiss him, she whispered, "Take my top off, Jack. Enjoy me." Obediently his hands came up and slowly unbuttoned her top, sliding it back and letting it fall on the bed beside them.

Glancing at the computer on the floor again, Jack could see Jan's naked body with her ass over his knees and her thighs making a V as she kissed him. His cock stirred as he saw Lisa's chat come up again.

"God, Jan, I love you. I want you. I want you to enjoy him for me. Please, Jan," 'cyber' Lisa pleaded.

It didn't matter that Jan wasn't watching the chat. 'Cyber' Lisa didn't expect her to. It was for later, for reading back together and enjoying the moment. It was their word images to retrace the experience with.

Scooting up over Jack's hips, Jan sat firmly on the bulge in his briefs and leaned in to kiss him. The kiss was long, starting tender and becoming passionate as she opened his mouth with her tongue and pushed it in deep, probing. Jack had wanted to stay as detached as possible but finally gave up when Jan leaned away a little and looked at him, stern and searching, begging him silently to get involved, to love her back. And he did. He forgot about his laptop, trusting it to record everything for them. He brought his arms up around Jan and pulled her to him, matching her passion before lifting it another notch.

* * * * *

Dave couldn't believe his eyes as he watched Jan's ass spread over the hard bulge of the other idiot's briefs. Pulling languidly on his cock, he only wanted to enjoy the feeling. He wanted to wait - until she went down on the idiot, until his cock disappeared into her mouth, until she labored and made the idiot cum - to join in.

Reaching for the keyboard, he typed frantically with one hand.

* * * * *

John had abandoned his bourbon and left his cigarette to burn down to the filter in the ashtray as he watched her lift off the bulge in the guy's briefs. Then he caught a glimpse of her hand, as it reached between the two of them to pull his cock out. What a bunch of sick fucks, John thought as he squeezed and pulled his own cock, waiting for the right moment.

Turning to Linda's cam, he couldn't believe his eyes. Yes, she was there, sticky fingers and all. Another slut, for sure, as he watched her hand disappear off screen. Probably sucking them clean, you bitch. That's right, do it right.

Damn, she wasn't showing her face. That could be any slut's body. Hell, maybe Linda had some dyke friend come over and do it for her. We'll see, he thought. Once they get started, they eventually ended up showing it all. They couldn't resist.

* * * * *

Linda sat naked in her computer chair, facing her screens. She could see her own naked image on one of the screens, and it was a new experience. Her legs were draped over the chair's arms, her ass forward a little on the seat, exposed completely to the camera and its viewers. Beside her picture on the computer screen was Jan. No chat now. No looking and searching. No following other people's words as they scrolled across the screen.

She could see herself in her own picture as her finger moved delicately across her clit, sliding down one lip and up the other before spreading her lips and sliding in. Looking up a little, she could see her breasts, her nipples flush and hard; her boyfriend had called them a nice hand full. Just above that were her shoulders and then the edge of the screen, cutting off her head, preserving her anonymity. Focusing on Jan as she pulled the man's cock out of the top of his briefs, Linda actually held her breath as Jan sat on it, slowly - first holding it against her crack, then pulling her hand away, and sliding down, oh, so, slowly. Linda could actually feel it inside as it spread Jan. Linda wanted to lick the hard cock, to taste Jan as her own fingers came up to her mouth off screen to lick them clean.

Bringing both hands down and making a V with her fingers, Linda spread her lips, exposing her clit where the first finger of her other hand danced. Her mind wandered to John and his 'crew'. How many were tuned in? How many were sitting in some dark room, jerking on their cocks as they watched? Would she loose her job or would something else happen, something better? Could she gain power? Yes, right now, she had the power as she pulled two fingers out, wet and sticky, and held them out to the camera. She had promised, hadn't she - sticky fingers and all.

She hadn't been this wet for a long time and could feel it as it ran down her crack onto the seat to puddle in a damp spot. Pushing two fingers in, Linda tightened her legs on the chair arms in order to lift her ass and scoot back an inch before she slid off the chair. The tightening around her fingers was exquisite.

Right now, Linda had the power, and she knew it. They were all out there, including John - rapt, glued to their screens with their pants around their ankles, one hand on their cock, and the other holding a Kleenex at the ready. Yes, I have control now, thought Linda as she watched Jan pull up leaving a slick sheen on the guy's cock. Ummmmm…let me help, Jan.

* * * * *

Jan kissed Jack again as she looked into his eyes. Pulling up off his cock, she moved to one side to lie beside him. Her head was on his stomach as she looked past his swollen, wet cock at the camera, wanting 'cyber' Lisa's full attention. Giving an air kiss for Lisa, Jan's hand came up to pull Jack's cock to her mouth. Licking across the end, she stared at the camera as she sucked just the head. Moving her hand toward her mouth, she sucked and was rewarded with a moan from Jack.

Pulling back, she continued working slowly on Jack's cock as she whispered, "Put your hand on my head, Jack. Make me go down the next time." With that, she moved back to Jack's cock and put the head in her mouth, sucking hard as she enjoyed his moan again. Then she could feel his fingers in her hair as he ran them from the nape of her neck to the back of her head and pushed to test the waters. The reward for him was half an inch more of his cock in her mouth and a throaty moan. With that, Jack laced his fingers in her hair and pushed her down until he could feel his cock on the back of her throat. Pulling back, she sucked as she came off his cock. Jack's breathing was heavy, and Jan was smiling at the camera. Jan repeated this several times, and Jack was finding it difficult to control himself. He was relieved when Jan finally stopped, unsure how much more he could stand.

Releasing Jack's cock, Jan stood and walked slowly to her computer. Leaning over the table, her breasts swayed seductively as she typed.

"I'm enjoying it, Lisa, are you?"

She had to wait 15 seconds for a reply, and she guessed that the killer's hands were busy. Then it came.

"No, don't stop, Jan. All of it. It's so good, Jan. Suck him off. I want to see the cum on your tongue - on our tongue, Jan. Give me more."

"He says he won't, Lisa. He wants to see you, too." Jan tried to sound pleading while keeping it light.

There was a hesitation, then, "You know I can't, Jan. Tell him to do it. Doesn't he want you?"

Looking over her shoulder at Jack as he sat there with his cock, wet and swollen, watching her standing at the computer and taking in her body, she turned back with an evil grin and typed, "I think so, Lisa. I think he wants to jump me right here at the table, but he says, no deal unless he can see you."

"Jan, I want you. I need you. Please, Jan." Lisa's typing was quick and seemed frantic.

Walking back to Jack, Jan leaned down and sucked the head of his cock again before swinging her leg over his thighs to sit on his cock. As they had agreed, Jack pushed her off and pulled his knees up so 'Lisa' could no longer see him.

Kneeling beside Jack on the bed, Jan turned toward the camera and exaggerated a pout before sliding off to walk back to the computer. "He says no, Lisa; he wants to see you."

This was the moment. They had created the desire and hopefully, involved the killer enough that he would do anything to have them finish. They hoped that the killer had his cock in his hand and wanted to finish - wanted the rush of cuming with them. Jan turned from the computer and curled up on the bed beside Jack, just low enough so her head was still in the picture. With her knees up covering her body and one heel pressed into her crack to cover that, as well, Jan placed her chin on Jack's knees and stared at the camera, pouting.

* * * * *

Dave moaned when he realized the show was over. He could see them both naked on the bed, but strategic placement of legs and hands had taken away the 'view'. And she had done it; she had been sucking the idiot's cock. He had seen his cock disappear completely in her mouth as the jerk had pushed her head down, making her do it. Yes, he wanted more. He was so close, and she quit.

Reaching for the keyboard with one hand, Dave started to type with his Kleenex balanced precariously on his thigh, and the other hand keeping up a steady rhythm.

* * * * *

John jerked and squeezed hard to keep from cumming when he realized Linda had pulled her hands away and brought her legs down off the chair arms. Looking at the other cam on his screen, he realized they had stopped, too. "What the fuck, bitch?" How the hell could they do this? How could they stop? His thinking was foggy as he moaned a little. "Sick fucks, they're all a bunch of sick fucks."

He'd take care of all of them, he thought as he reached for his bottle to pour another. Downing the drink in one swallow, his fingers hovered over the keyboard as he searched for the right letters.

* * * * *

Jack and Jan watched the screen as Jan's hand moved up and down slowly on his cock, hidden behind his legs. They were sure that Lisa could see the movement and knew what was happening.

What would happen now? Had it all been for nothing? Jan could feel Jack's hand moving up and down her back, his touch gentle and loving as his fingers traced her spine. "Thank you, Jack," she whispered as they continued their Mexican standoff.

Then, it happened. A small grey box appeared on Jan's screen with the word 'connecting….' Jan tensed, her nails digging into Jack's leg as they waited and suddenly, the black backdrop of their own picture was replaced by a picture of a woman. It was a dingy room with the lighting behind the subject and above. The color on the body was faded, more black and white than color due to the lighting. It showed a full, naked body shot with no head, thighs together, and hands resting on the arm of the chair with a flimsy T.V. tray table beside it, holding a keyboard.

Jack glanced to the side to be sure his computer was capturing the picture, and yes, as far as he could tell, it was. In a whisper he said, "You need to kill your monitoring picture so we can see everything".

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