tagNovels and NovellasThe Sentinel Ch. 07

The Sentinel Ch. 07


Dave Little had spent a lifetime trying to live down his name, and it had not been one of his stellar performances. He was the son of a south Miami stripper, and was certain that one of mom's frequent male visitors was his father. He had learned young that the only thing a father figure had to offer was a slap on the side of the head and a liquor-soaked bark, telling him to 'get outta here kid, can't ya' see I'm busy with your mommy?'

By the age of eight, he'd taken their word for it and found the streets a much safer place to find comfort and a feeling of being wanted.

At 10 he'd rallied a band of ragtag kids, all at least two years younger than himself, because he'd learned what it felt like to have someone look up to you - need you. They had spent their days roaming the neighborhood, finding bottles to return and cans to recycle so they could put together enough money to buy firecrackers to torment the neighborhood pets.

On his 14th birthday, his mother had taken enough notice to find something special to give him from the dwindling tips she continued to earn at the 'club' as she called it. His crew of followers had remained faithful over the years, and they all watched wide-eyed as Dave turned on his first computer.

Sixteen became a red letter year for Dave and his mother. It was the year he'd learned how to pirate the high school internet connection and get on-line time whenever he wanted which brought him the World Wide Web of porn. For his mother, she learned that she just didn't have the body for dancing anymore - something she'd known for the last four years as tips dwindled at the same rate as 'date' offers from the clientele. This had led to a waitress position as she was 'put out to pasture'. At the age of 35, she looked like a hardened, angry woman pushing 50.

The internet had fascinated Dave and his friends as he sat at the keyboard, mouse in hand, explaining how difficult and technical it all was. He took his band of followers places they would never have gone otherwise. It didn't take long for him to learn that his band of buddies would actually pay for him to show them what they wanted to see. Thus, Dave's bedroom became the local 'cyber-café', and he became the proud owner of a second, faster, and better machine.

It was halfway through that year that Dave learned a very important life lesson. He had become quite the 'chatter' and spent as much time as possible talking to his 'chat buddies' - one of which actually became the father figure he'd always hoped for. What really appealed to him was how his special friend took an interest in all he did, like what sites he visited, and even taught him how to get into the 'special sites' that required an adult ID. His friend wasn't judgmental or accusing; he understood that Dave was much more mature than his years - a young man capable of making his own decisions and taking care of himself.

Then, one week in August, his special friend had listened to him go on about his mother - about the lack of food in the refrigerator, the dirty dishes in the sink, and the garbage piled on the back porch - and he'd made an offer that was hard to refuse.

Dave had looked at the occasional electronic photos his friend had sent of his beachfront house, his Mercedes, and a 24-foot speedboat. He'd seen pictures of his special friend with other 'nice young men' that he had met on the internet and who came to his house on a regular basis to visit. Now, it was Dave's turn - the offer of a lifetime - an opportunity to come and hang out with his special friend and a few of the other 'nice young men' that would be staying for the weekend. There would be food in the fridge and access to the latest in computer technology.

He'd spent the better part of the week, bragging to his friends and showing off the pictures, explaining that this weekend he'd be riding around in the speedboat with his special friend. He said he'd be sure to bring them pictures; his special friend had promised to take plenty and give him copies.

His special friend needn't have bothered with careful instructions on not letting his mother know what he was doing; she spent most her time with her own 'special friends' or at the club. He'd left a note on the refrigerator door saying he was staying over at Tommy's this weekend and swore Tommy to secrecy or 'no more computer access'.

Throwing shorts, swimsuit and some t-shirts into his backpack, he'd followed his special friend's instructions to the letter. Taking a city bus to the bus station, he entered one end and went out the other to the pick-up area where people arriving, caught a cab or met a relative who was coming by car to whisk them away. And there he was - his special friend in his silver Mercedes, waiting as promised.

His special friend was older - much older actually - than he looked in his pictures. Dave guessed he was somewhere over 40, tanned and healthy-looking. He'd explained that he owned a construction company that built all the public schools in the state.


All of Dave's buddies had thought it odd that he didn't want to talk about his trip or that he wouldn't share any of the details with them. They'd thought it odder still that he no longer let them 'buy' internet time at his house, and eventually, they stopped hanging around - nothing to do. Besides, Mark had a computer by then, and it was even better and faster.

He stopped surfing and gave up chatting completely. Most of his time was spent shut up in his room, working out, because he knew being strong - building up his body would let him fight it off next time. He knew the next man that laid a hand on him would also have to pay.

By the time Dave was 18 and a senior in high school, the anger and uncertainty had built, grown and festered to the point that proving his manhood had become something more than the normal teenage quest - it had become a mission.

Then there was Becky. Becky was a cheerleader. She was also the 'friendliest' girl in school. Dave could tell because all the guys smiled at her, stopped at her locker, and offered to carry her books around. Then one day in the hall, she'd stopped him to see if he would like to come by after school; her parents wouldn't be there and she hated to be alone at the house. What could he say, but yes.

When she'd met him at the front door in a robe, Dave began to sweat a little, and when she invited him for a swim in their pool, he began to get nervous. When she dropped her robe at the edge of the pool and stood naked long enough for him to get a good look, he thought he would faint or pass out on the spot.

Diving in with a giggle, she floated at the edge of the pool and looked up to say, "It's your body. You have a great body. Get it out where I can see it."

Stripping down to his underwear, he'd hesitated under the scrutiny of Becky's gaze before turning to push them down around his ankles and jumping in so she couldn't get a good look.

"Come on, I want to see it all. Here, I'll let you see all of me," and with that, Becky hooked a foot on the edge of the pool and climbed out to pose for him. Yes, she showed him all, from head to foot - nothing shy at all about Becky. "Now, it's your turn. Come on; show it to me."

Dave treaded water and looked at her naked body as it dripped on the concrete apron of the pool. He could feel his cock hard, sticking out in the water, and she looked so inviting. Yes, he could finally do it, he thought; he would get to prove his manhood. Choosing to climb out on the ladder, he swam slowly, never taking his eyes off Becky's body, the small tuft of dark hair at the top of her thighs moving up and down with each step as she followed him along the side of the pool.

She stood at the top of the ladder, blocking any escape and finally scolding with "Hey, come on, get out here; you owe me."

She had no way of knowing; she couldn't have guessed that one thing Dave would never do the rest of his life was 'pay back' for something he owed.

His reaction was slight, a narrowing of his gaze, a subtle tensing of his body as he climbed up the ladder and Becky said, "That's more like it."

Standing in front of her, his body dripping, her gaze moved down his broad chest to his flat stomach and stopped at his now limp cock. She didn't stifle the laugh, and when he shoved her, she got mad. When he stepped closer, being physically much bigger than she was, it scared her, and she lashed out. "That's it? That's as big as it is?" Her derisive laughter was stifled by a blow to her stomach, and she doubled over on the pool apron in pain.

Scooting away on the concrete as best she could, she made the mistake of ridiculing him again. "Hell, you can't even get it up; I bet you like boys, you faggot."

It was midnight before the police showed up at his house. His mother was gone - at the club, and Dave sat alone in his room with a tense, determined look on his face - not hiding, just waiting.

They'd been surprised to find him so submissive after Becky's description of the monster that beat her up, leaving her unconscious and naked by the pool.

Even though it was a lie, he hadn't disputed her description of the events. He'd asked her to help him with his homework, and once he'd seen the pool, he'd insisted they go swimming even though her parents didn't allow her to swim with boys at the house when they weren't there. He'd threatened her when she wouldn't swim naked with him, and then, he'd wanted more, but she wouldn't give in. She'd fought him off as best she could and left the scratch marks on his face to prove it.

And there he was, sitting in his bedroom, scratch marks and all. They'd checked thoroughly, determining there had been no penetration or ejaculation, thanks to Becky's hard won fight. So, it had been put down as a case of assault and battery, and he'd been remanded to the state reformatory for a small visit where he'd learned another life lesson - sometimes, it's worth paying to get protection no matter what the price.

On his release, having finished high school or at least gotten his GED, Dave found his mother had moved and left a couple of boxes of things with the neighbor - clothes that no longer fit and two computers that were completely outdated. He left them and said 'thanks' before setting out with less than a hundred dollars in his pocket, looking for a job.

Stopping in at the club his mother had worked at; he discovered she'd moved on six months ago. The owner sized him up and offered a job cleaning the bar glasses during the day and as a bouncer at night. It was in that same club two years later he'd run into Hank who was out for a night on the town with some investors who were financing a company he was starting. Dave had learned it wasn't only the females in the place that could get a tip. By picking out the high rollers and just dropping in to check on them to see if any of the women interested them, he could usually get a handshake stuffed with a fifty at the end of the night. So he made sure the high rollers at table five were taken care of personally.

Hank had noticed and stuffed a hundred in Dave's palm, followed by more of the same on a few return visits over the course of the next year. Then one night, while in the club with the same group of investors he'd first come in with, he made an offer Dave liked. "I'm starting a company and need security. I can't pay much right now; but if it pays off, you could be rich inside a couple of years. If it doesn't pay off, the company will close, and everyone will go their own way."

He'd heard about these things, these dot-com companies, and he knew that not many made it, but the ones that did paid off nicely. Sure, he would do it and was surprised when Hank made him the head of security, giving him a laptop to do scheduling and small office that used to be a coatroom.

It was on that same laptop that he had found them late one night, chatting in a public room. He didn't recognize the names or understand who they were from what was said, but he recognized Jan immediately when he opened her cam. He couldn't believe it and opening the cam of the person she was talking to, he recognized Hank. They seemed to be chatting in one of the tamer rooms, actually making mention of the company, and in a way, promoting its use. But, what stuck with Dave was how beautiful Jan was, fully dressed, sitting at some desk, somewhere, probably upstairs. Her presence on cam and his private office started his infatuation with his boss's girlfriend.

Since then, he'd seen much more of Jan on cam and enjoyed her smiles and greetings when she came in, after one of her 'special' nights, always feeling as if she were sharing a special secret with him - one that it was time to end. Resolve set in, and he decided it was time to take action, to close the circle, and get the cam out of the way.

Sure, he thought to himself, he could fly to New York, invite her out to dinner or something, and lay it all out. Hell, he had money, and besides, he'd helped build this place; he was entitled. Opening his laptop, he checked the schedule and moved a few people around to cover his vacation time. A few phone calls later, he was all set.

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