tagNonHumanThe Serpent's Embrace

The Serpent's Embrace


I'd walked a long way from my village, climbing the mountain trail into the next valley looking for the herbs and roots I needed for my spells and cures. When I saw the narrow waterfall spilling down the cliff into the sun-warmed pool below I couldn't resist; I was hot and dirty from the climb, and the water was too enticing to pass by. I stopped and listened, but heard nothing but the reassuring sound of the falling water and the far-away calls of the forest animals; I was alone.

Stripping off my clothing I left it piled at the pool's edge along with my knife and gathering bag, walking slowing into the clear blue water. It was deliciously warm against my skin, refreshing and clean. I spent more time that I'd intended swimming, washing, and just floating on my back with the sun shining down on my face. Finally I pulled myself out of the water onto a warm, moss-covered rock that slanted up out of the water at the deeper end of the pool, the muted roar of the waterfall raining down lulling me to sleep as I lay back, the air and sun drying my skin.

Something roused me sometime later; an odd gurgle in the water, the silence of the many sweetly calling birds that had accompanied my frolics in the pool with their songs. As I struggled up from sleep I felt it; the cool wet sliding of scales against my leg. My eyes flew open, wide and horrified as I saw the largest snake I'd ever see slithering out of the water onto the mossy rock where I'd been sleeping. Its head was easily the size of a large man's, teeth like daggers and flat black eyes that -- did I only imagine it? -- seemed to be filled with a terrible knowledge and cruel delight. Quicker than a thought it struck as I screamed - unable to help myself so overcome with terror I was -- its teeth biting into my shoulder as it flexed its muscular body and began winding me in its thick coils. The snake was both long and heavy, the coils tightening around me until I could barely breath, pinning my arms to my sides as it wrapped around my torso. I kicked and screamed until my lungs burned and my limbs grew weak, but the snakes smooth cool scales continued to slide over my skin, enmeshing me further in their embrace.

Finally the serpent seemed satisfied that I was helpless, retracting its teeth from my aching shoulder as its head reared back, black tongue flickering over my face as I cried out again and turned my head away. Another powerful contraction of the snakes body rippled around me as it shifted, wrapping my torso from just below my breasts to my hips. I was on my back, completely ensnared, looking up at the snake's flat black eyes -- just waiting for it to start to devour me. But, it seemed, the strangely intelligent seeming creature had other plans for me.

The serpent's mouth gapped open as it hissed threateningly, then dipping its head and letting its forked black tongue trace over my heaving breasts. I shuddered, revolted, but it seemed to excite the snake as its tongue flickered over my nipple, wrapping around the fear-hardened bud. I gasped at the shock of sensation, then screamed -- and screamed again as I felt the coils shift around me, the lower half of the snake's long body sliding between my thighs, against the secret folds of my sex. I shuddered in horror as its tail slowly wrapped around my thigh, the ripples of muscular contractions sliding the cool, slick, slightly rough scales of the snake's underside over and over the folds of my cunt while its tongue continued to flick and tug on my hardened nipples. To my horror and shame I could feel myself becoming aroused from the stimulation, the smell of my juices scenting the air.

The snake shuddered as its tongue tasted the smell of me, my arousal, those cruel black eyes reflecting impossible knowledge as it reared back and hissed down at me. As I shuddered in fear I could feel something else rubbing against my nether lips, something rougher -- almost as though covered in soft spines -- that grew firmer and larger moment to moment. Hissing at me again the snake's coils loosened -- though not enough for me to be able to wriggle loose from its embrace -- pulling away from my sex, its tail wrapped only loosely, as though an anchor, around my leg. I couldn't help but look down my body to see what was happening, why it had stopped squeezing and sliding against me. I dearly wished that I had not, in that moment, as I saw the thick protrusions that jutted from a slit in its -- no HIS -- scales. Though not overly long, the dual hemipenes were frighteningly broad, with the red, swollen heads covered with what seemed to be soft spines or hooks. Even as I looked down at them in wide-eyed disbelief they twitched and flexed as the snake rotated the loop of his lower body to -- as I then realized with dawning fear and revulsion -- line up with the moist warm slit of my pussy.

I drew a breath and screamed, arching my back and throwing my body from side to side in the snake's coils; desperately trying to kick and press my thighs together to protect myself from the serpent's intended violation of my tender sex. The great snake hissed explosively in my face, warning me, his coils tightening again until it became difficult for me to breathe. As my struggles grew weaker he shifted his body against me again, sliding the slightly rough belly scales over my tender nether lips until I can again feel the swollen heads of his dual cocks pressing against my opening. I whimpered, but with no further warning the serpent's thick body convulsed around me as one of the thick, spiny cocks sank into my pussy. I cried out as bulbous head scraped the inside of my sex, forcing it open, splitting me around it. With another rolling twitch of his body the serpent plunged his cock into me again, and again.

As if this horrifying violation were not enough, with each twitch and thrust of the snake's long body I could feel the second engorged head sliding along the slick track between my plundered cunt and my ass, nudging at the untried opening between my firm rounded cheeks. My breath caught each time I felt it press against the tightly clenched bud of my ass, my fear spiraling higher and higher as the undulating convulsions of the snake's body became stronger and more vicious. Finally he pulled his swollen cock almost all of the way out of my abused pussy, and for a moment I thought it might be over. But the thought had barely had the time to flicker through my brain before I felt his thick, scaled body shift between my legs again, the engorged spiny head of his second cock pressing firmly against the tight bud of my ass. For the first time I spoke coherently, a single sobbing denial forced from my lips as the serpent thrust his body against me, between my legs, impaling me with both of his thick, bulbous cocks, "NO!"

The snake's head whipped around to look into my face as I screamed the denial, his mouth opening wide to expose the dagger-like fangs as he hissed explosively and reared back. The cruel black eyes looked down at me as the shudders of his undulations rippled down his body, pulling and plunging his cocks in and out of my cunt and ass, stretching them to accommodate his girth as they swelled even more. The soft-seeming spines scraped the tender walls of both my orifices as he thrust and plunged into me, the slightly rough scales of his belly sliding back and forth over the bud of my clitoris, over and over again, enflaming it unbearably until I shuddered in the tight embrace of his coils as each undulation filled me.

Suddenly the serpent shuddered again, the powerful undulation tightening his body around my torso as it plunged his cocks deep and hard into my openings. Rearing back, fangs bared, he struck; sinking his teeth deep into my exposed breast so that it seemed the entire soft, fleshy mound was pulled inside his mouth. I screamed again in pain and crippling fear as his teeth pierced me, feeling the twitching and shuddering of his cocks as he spurted his seed into me, the panicked twitching of my body milking his thick lengths.

I don't know for how long we remained locked together after he filled me with his cum; the shock and pain and terror finally overwhelmed my senses and I lost consciousness. I awoke in a dry cool cave, the light filtered through a fall of thick green vines and sweetly scented flowers. The punctures in my shoulder and breast were raw and sore, but seemed to have been cleaned and tended. A whimper escaped from my lips as I moved my legs, the tenderness and pain between my thighs and inside my body more than enough evidence that I had, indeed, been used thoroughly. From behind me I head a rustling, like scales slithering over dry sand -- the creature alerted by my pained sound that I was awake. I turned my head fearfully, a shudder running over my body as I anticipated seeing yet again the cruel serpent which had violated me.

And indeed, those same flat black eyes met mine as I gazed up, still filled with cruelty and impossible knowledge, but now also alight with sadistic pleasure and amusement as I gazed upon him. Upon something I could never have dreamed of, even in my darkest nightmares. Something impossible....

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