tagNovels and NovellasThe Servant Ch. 05

The Servant Ch. 05


Chapter 05 -- Eve's house

Eve's next concern was to get her new servant back to her house and give her something to eat. She knew that Trish had not yet eaten that day and would be famished, but there was nothing she could do about that for the time being. Collared servants had a lot of restrictions placed on them; one of those being that they could not be seen eating in a public location in the capitol.

Eve stopped an island taxi, which was a strange-looking contraption for anyone who had not been to the Caribbean. It was a small open vehicle that barely fit two passengers, with the driver sitting up front. Instead of four wheels, it only had three. It was called a "rickshaw" and had been made in India.

The driver's eyes roamed over the servant's naked body before her mistress ordered her to get in. Eve joined Trish and told the man to drive towards the airport.

The trip was the first opportunity Trish had to see any of Santa Eduviges Island. The rickshaw made its way through the market district and went past blocks of single-story residences. Most of the buildings were made from cinderblocks and had laminated roofs. Mixed in with the houses were small stores and an occasional school.

The majority of the people running around were dressed in loose-fitting white shirts and cargo shorts. Many of the younger women were wearing short dresses made of very light fabric. It was apparent that the only concern of the people on the street was comfort. There was not much worry about modesty, even for the Caribbean. Trish noticed something else; that a lot of the women were wearing gold jewelry. The jewelry, and the lack of bars on the windows of the houses, indicated there must not be much crime on Santa Eduviges.

The rickshaw crossed a small river, passed through several kilometers of palm plantations and banana groves, and finally came up to the airport. Eve ordered the driver to turn left and take the road towards the beach. The rickshaw passed through a small town and crossed a large grove of papaya plants. On the other side of the papaya farm there was a small group of cement houses that were within sight of the ocean. One of those houses belonged to Eve Bousquet.

The house was typical for the houses of Santa Eduviges; a single-story white cinderblock structure with a re-enforced laminated roof, designed to withstand both heat and hurricanes. The property was large enough to support several fruit trees in the back. In the front there was a huge mango tree that shaded part of the house and was shared with a neighbor. In the following weeks Trish would learn to hate that mango tree. One of her duties would be to harvest ripe mangos and make sure all the mangos that had fallen were picked up, cleaned, and bagged for a vendor who came by every couple of days to take fruit to the market.


Eve struggled to control her excitement. She now had, in her possession, a woman with whom she could do whatever she wanted. She wanted to run her hands all over her servant's body...to kiss her...to make her follow command after command...to have her face buried between her legs. Yes, her dream had finally been realized, with a woman that she truly wanted. Just looking at Trish excited her, and now she had the American all to herself.

However, Eve forced herself to remember that Trish was more than just a toy. She was a person who was scared, bruised, exhausted, and above everything else, hungry and in need of a bath. It was only fair that her physical needs had to be addressed first. She ordered Trish to wash her hands, then to go into the refrigerator and cut herself some melon. There was a pot of rice with chicken that Eve had prepared in the morning, in anticipation of having a second person in her household to feed that afternoon. Eve ordered Trish to take some, and also a glass of orange juice. Trying to maintain a façade of severity, she ordered her servant to sit on the back porch and have her meal.

Trish devoured her food with trembling hands. It was the first decent meal she had eaten in a week. Once she had finished, she cleaned her plate in the kitchen, and then, not knowing what else to do, knelt in front of her Mistress. The next priority was getting cleaned up. Eve ordered Trish to go into the bathroom, brush her teeth, and start a bath. Trish did as she was told.

As the water was running, she looked at herself in the mirror, for the first time seeing herself as a slave instead of an heiress. Her hair was tangled and her face was gaunt, reflecting four days spent in a dark cell and not having enough to eat. Her eyes were both tired and frightened. Her chest had been written on with a large "#4", the last name "Bousquet", "sold", and her sale price "3,500 Fl", with a large black marker. She cringed with humiliation at the thought that several hundred people had seen her walking around, not just cuffed and naked, but with her auction information scrawled all over her chest, as though she were a walking receipt. No wonder everyone was staring at her. She had become nothing more than recently purchased property, and that was how an entire city saw her.

Above everything else was the collar. It was made from hardened steel and had a ring in the front. She ran her fingers along the groves and the latch. She took a deep breath. That thing really was permanent. There was no way she'd be able to get it off. It would be part her identity for the rest of her life.

The servant tried to be thorough getting cleaned up, especially in her effort to get all that writing scrubbed off her chest. However, she knew better than to dawdle too long in the bathroom. Her Mistress was waiting.

Eve's next priority was limiting the possibility Trish might try to escape. She had to go to work five days out of the week, which meant that her servant would be alone for hours at a time; plenty of opportunity for her to do something stupid and get in trouble. The way to handle that was very simple; introduce Trish around the neighborhood, make sure everyone knew to whom she belonged, and ask the neighbors to keep an eye on her when her owner was at work.

Trish was totally exhausted, but felt much better after having eaten and getting cleaned up. She dutifully followed her owner around the cluster of houses. Trish learned that her Mistress was on very good terms with most of the neighbors. At some of her friends' houses Eve did not even bother to knock, but instead walked around the house to the back of the property and called out the neighbor's name. At each stop Trish had to go to her knees and remain silent while her Mistress casually bragged about her new purchase. All of the neighbors congratulated her, in the same way they would have congratulated her on getting a good deal on a fancy car.

Almost all of Eve's female neighbors were doing chores on their back porches. On Santa Eduviges the back porch of a house was actually a work area for both laundry and cooking. Ovens and stoves were almost always kept outdoors to prevent them from heating the inside of the house. Washing machines were not yet common on the island, so most clothing had to be washed in a large specially designed sink. Therefore, between cooking and laundry, women spent their days on their porches instead of inside their houses.

Trish was surprised that most of the women working on their porches were topless, wearing nothing but an apron, or completely naked. Since gaining independence, the citizens of Santa Eduviges always had been more accepting of nudity than most other islands. The recent flood of tourists visiting from the European country of Danubia and their demand for nude beaches reinforced the island's relaxed ideas about modesty and wearing only what was necessary. Seeing the female neighbors in various states of undress on their back porches helped put Trish at ease about her own situation, slightly.

The most difficult stop was at a house where a group of teenaged boys were drinking beer and half-heartedly attempting to fix an outboard motor for a family fishing boat. Upon seeing Officer Bousquet, they hid their beer and played innocent. However, Eve was not worried about their drinking at the moment: she simply was passing through to introduce her new servant. There were nine teenagers, and nine sets of eyes were glued to the servant's body the entire time Eve conversed with them to give them plenty of time to look over Trish. With all those teenagers leering at her, it was very hard for the American to keep her hands at her sides and not try to cover herself. Then, against her wishes, she began to feel a hint of sexual excitement, being totally exposed in front of all those boys. The excitement embarrassed her further.

It was late afternoon by the time Eve and Trish had made their rounds through the neighborhood. The purpose of taking Trish around and introducing her to everyone was very clear: "this is my new servant. Please help me by keeping an eye on her when I'm not around, and if she does anything that she's not supposed to do, let me know right away." Trish understood, with all of the neighbors knowing who she was and watching her, there was not a chance she could leave the area without someone noticing. She might as well have been locked up in a high-security prison.

At sunset they returned to Eve's house. The policewoman ordered Trish to cut herself another piece of melon and finish off the rice. Once again, Trish had to eat sitting on the steps of Eve's back porch. That would be where she would have to eat all of her meals, since servants were not allowed to eat sitting normally at a table.

Following dinner, Eve ordered Trish to follow her to the house next door. The neighbors were an older couple whose children had graduated and moved out. They invited the policewoman and her servant inside and told Eve to take a seat in an armchair. Eve ordered her servant to kneel next to her, facing forward.

The neighbors offered a glass of rum to their guest. Trish had to settle for a glass of water. She looked longingly at the rum, having been a heavy drinker in her party scene up to the week before. She suspected, quite correctly, that as a servant she'd never be allowed to touch alcohol again.

Eve and the neighbors spent a long time conversing about the neighborhood's problems, politics in the capitol, and a local girl who had recently married a Danubian contractor and emigrated from the Island. Finally the conversation shifted to Trish. Eve talked about the arrest, her decision to buy the prisoner, and the government discounts she got from the judge. (She did not mention the extra 1,000 Florins he lent her.) Like everyone else, the neighbors congratulated Eve on her purchase and outsmarting her rival at the auction. Eve then got to the point of her visit. She would make Trish available to pick mangos on the neighbor's side of the property in exchange for her being taught how to perform household chores. As Eve put it:

"This girl hasn't done a lick of work in her entire life. I'd imagine she doesn't know one end of a mop from the other or what laundry detergent looks like."

Trish knelt silently, embarrassed by her owner's accurate assessment. She looked longingly at the bottle of rum, badly wishing she could have a glass...just one glass. She dreaded the prospect of having to spend her days picking mangos and doing household chores.

However, there was something else that made her uneasy as she remained on her knees and tried to stay on her best behavior. Eve was running her fingers through her hair and caressing her shoulder, in an absent-minded manner similar to the way a person would touch a large dog lying next to their chair. As Trish felt her Mistress's fingers exploring her scalp and stroking her skin, she suspected the real reason Eve had wanted to buy her. . The visit to the neighbor's house concluded with the wife saying:

"Don't worry about a thing, Eve. I'll keep your girl plenty busy and teach her what she needs to know. She'll be such a good housekeeper; she'll put the hotels to shame."

"Thanks. And if she gives you any trouble, just let me know and I'll deal with her when I get home."


Eve ordered Trish to accompany her back to her house. The servant was very worried, wondering what was going to happen next. However, Eve was not sure how to proceed with her plan to turn Trish into her submissive lover. She simply could have ordered Trish to do whatever she wanted, in the same way that she would be ordering her to do housework and pick fruit. However, when it came to sex, Eve wanted more than just to boss Trish around. She wanted to dominate Trish by seducing her. She wanted to control not only the actions of her servant, but also her body and her emotions. Trish would not be truly under her control if she were angry or resentful at having to be Eve's sexual slave. The hope what that, at some point, Trish would want to be Eve's sexual slave; that she would willingly submit to whatever Eve wanted from her. That was Eve's ultimate ambition.

Since Trish was dead tired and Eve was not sure how to proceed with her ambitions, she simply decided to put her servant to bed. Anyhow, Trish had been through a hellish day, following four nights with almost no sleep. More than anything else she needed to rest.

The custom on the Island was that a collared servant was not allowed to sleep in a normal bed. However, Eve did not want her sleeping on the floor either. The compromise was a military army cot with a foam mattress and a sheet over the top. Trish would sleep on the cot, but would not be allowed to cover herself.

Eve ordered Trish to unfold the cot and told her how to set it up. For several minutes the servant struggled with her task, but finally figured it out. It was the first time in her life that she had set something up on her own. When she finished, she got on her knees and Eve caressed her face. Once again, she worried about what that meant, but being caressed was a lot better than being whipped.

A few minutes later Trish was asleep. The cot was not something she would have thought about sleeping on a week ago, but after four days spent lying on a dirty cement floor, it felt wonderful.

Eve undressed for the night. She returned to the living room to make sure her servant had gone to sleep and would not try to escape. Trish was totally out. Good thing Eve had decided to wait on sex, because it was not likely the American would have been very responsive given how tired she was. When the moment came to seduce her, she would have to be rested.

The living room where her servant was sleeping was dimly lit, but there was enough light for her to have a good look at the American's uncovered body. Eve's eyes captured every detail...thinking how pretty and sexy Trish really was. She refrained from running her hands over the girl's smooth skin.

She is so lovely...and so tempting. Seeing her naked servant made Eve give up on her plans for a slow seduction. She knew that she wouldn't have the patience. No.

Tomorrow's the day. I'm not going to wait any longer. I've waited all my life for this, and I'm not waiting any longer. Tomorrow's when I'll make her truly mine.

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