tagNovels and NovellasThe Servant Ch. 12

The Servant Ch. 12


Chapter 12 -- The medical subject

Trish spent the following four days helping Flora. She hoped that Pierre junior might be around, but unfortunately he lived in Gannet Cove and only visited his parents on occasion. Just as well...because Trish would have gotten herself in trouble had he been in the house.

Flora could tell that Eve's servant was becoming more cooperative and that her attitude had improved. She still walked around with her switch, but had no reason to use it. When she told Trish to do something, the servant complied. Even peeing in the street was not a much of an issue. Each time Flora took Trish to the street to relieve herself, she managed to empty her bladder with no problem. She tried to time her potty breaks to avoid going out when the neighborhood kids were around: that was the only effort at modesty she dared attempt. Anyhow, she needed to be ready for her next trip into the capitol. She knew that she'd have to demonstrate she had gotten over her reluctance to piss in public, which meant peeing into storm drains with people watching. If she proved to her Mistress that she could pee on command, she'd probably get her bathroom privileges back.

Trish had her first menstruation on the Island on Monday, the day after the boat trip. The period was yet another humbling experience, because she found out that female servants normally were not issued tampons or pads. She had to wear shower shoes instead of her normal tennis shoes and simply bleed-out while working in Flora's yard. Every so often she rinsed between her legs with the hose.

On Wednesday, Flora wanted to buy some fish, which entailed a trip to the fishing village on the beach. Trish followed the retiree across the salt marsh and quietly knelt while Flora haggled and eventually bought several large sea bass. Of course it was Trish's responsibility to carry them back; and also her responsibility to learn how to prepare raw fish for cooking. Forcing the servant to do a particularly disgusting and difficult task was actually a test Flora had set up for her, a test she passed with no problem. Flora was impressed. Eve's girl really was working out.

Throughout the week Trish perfected her ability to massage her Mistress. She also spent time massaging Flora and Pierre for practice. Perhaps it was strange having to touch the uncovered bodies of the older couple, but whatever reservation Trish might have had about that was irrelevant. She needed to practice and the older couple wanted massages and she was a servant. It was not her place to question: it was her place to obey.


Eve received a phone call from her friend from the university Wednesday night. With everything else that had happened to her over the past few days, she had forgotten about her Mistress's promise to lend her to the medical instructor as a demonstration prop for his classes.

The next day Eve ordered her servant to accompany her to the airport. During the trip Eve explained what was going to happen that day: that Eve's friend would pick her up at the airport and take her to the university.

"As for what you'll be doing there, you know as much as I do. They like to use live subjects in class to teach med students how to conduct medical exams and to allow for real-life practices. It won't be anything difficult. In fact, you'll be spending most of your day just sitting around, so look at it as a break. And don't even think about letting me hear that you weren't cooperative."

A break. Yeah, right. Some break...

Eve's friend was waiting for her. Accompanying him were three medical students.

Trish felt intimidated and very embarrassed. She was glad to get on her knees. Oddly enough, she felt safer when kneeling, partly because she could conceal herself a bit and partly because kneeling separated her from everyone who was standing above her. However, because she was to spend the entire day on display, Eve's friend had a request:

"I'd like to change her slave-rest position, if that's OK with you. My students are going to want to see her, so it'd be easier for her to always stand with her feet spread and her hands behind her head, if she's not doing anything else. Otherwise we'll have to keep ordering her to stand up."

"Did you hear that, Servant Trish? Stand up and do as he says."

"Yes, Mistress Bousquet."

Trish stood in the correct position, with her legs spread and her hands behind her head.

"Today, instead of kneeling, this will be your position of deference to your superiors. You will address my friend as 'Master Charles'. Until he returns you to the airport, you will follow his orders and his orders only."

Eve turned to Charles: "If she is disobedient in any way, or reluctant to do something, I want a full account of the incident so I can deal with her tonight. One thing I don't want - is anyone else punishing her. She shouldn't cause you any trouble, but if she does, just let me know."

With that, Eve handed off her servant. Charles stopped an Island taxi and took Trish to the university. The campus was much more crowded than it had been on Sunday. Charles and the servant walked passed hundreds of young adults as they made their way to the School of Medicine. Several students wanted to take pictures of Trish, either by herself or with other people. Charles always granted permission; thus Trish's body was fully documented on yet more cameras and cell phones.

Charles stopped to chat with several students and co-workers. Each time her temporary Master quit walking, Trish had to assume her new slave position; standing straight with her legs spread and her hands behind her head. She had to endure being the subject of several conversations and being introduced as the new model for the introductory medical examination course.

The instructor and his subject entered the School of Medicine. They walked past several doors before arriving at their destination, an auditorium-style classroom capable of seating 200 students. There was a small stage with a standard medical exam table and a gynecological examination chair. Trish noticed that the exam table had stirrups, and the leg and arm rests of the chair were equipped with restraining straps made from thick leather and sturdy metal buckles. If a subject were uncooperative, she could be immobilized. There were two cameras on the stage: a video camera and a still camera, both of which were mounted on tripods.

Charles ordered Trish to stand in front of a light blue background that had lines to measure a subject's height. He positioned the still camera and its tripod to take a series of professional medical portraits of his model. He ordered Trish to pose for eight photos with her hands at her sides: from the front, from the back, from each side, and from 45-degree angles. He ordered the servant to raise her hands above her head and took eight more pictures. He ordered her to stand with her left arm at her side and her right arm sticking straight out and took an additional eight pictures from the different angles. He repeated the eight-picture series with Trish squatting, sitting on a stool, and then sitting on the floor. Finally, he ordered the subject to stand in front of the examination table and put her hands behind her head.

Students started coming into the class as Charles was finishing with his photos. He took his place at a lectern and looked through his presentation while the classroom filled. About two-thirds of the students were male and one-third female. Because of the heat in the room, the doors remained open and anyone passing by could look inside. Once the seats were filled, the instructor greeted the group.

"Today we will begin our series on the female human body. We will start with the general check-up. Our course will continue with a live demonstration of the female reproductive system and a look at the female's genitalia."

Charles ordered Trish to get on the exam table and sit, facing the audience.

"We'll start out by doing a general check-up. We'll be taking the patient's temperature, collect specimens, and finally will look her over more thoroughly. We'll check her head to toe: her vitals, her physical fitness, blood pressure, and heartbeat. We'll check her reflexes, eyes, hearing, and then finally look for any lesions, cysts, signs of breast cancer, vaginal infections, polyps, hemorrhoids, yeast...the works."

With that the examination began. An assistant turned on the video camera and started filming, careful not to block anyone's view of the examination table. The video was projected onto a screen that had been lowered with Trish had been facing forward.

Charles started with a typical medical exam. He ordered the subject to cough, took her pulse and blood pressure, looked down her throat, shined lights into her ears and eyes, and checked her reflexes. He noted the faint scars from her various piercings asked her at length about her medical history. She responded as honestly as she could remember, knowing that she'd face Eve's whip that night if she refused. Charles then told her to lie on her back and checked her digestive system by pressing their fingers into her intestines. He pressed her uterus and commented about her depilation as the camera focused on her bare vulva.

Charles moved to checking Trish's breasts and looked for lumps. He moved his fingers in circles around Trish's breasts and lymph nodes, in a serious effort to find any problems. He continued by telling her to get on her knees and elbows on the table. She complied, turning her bottom towards the students and assuming the required position. The instructor ordered her to spread her knees, and arch her back, forcing her to lewdly expose herself to everyone in the room. She felt a gloved hand touch her bottom and a fingertip gently spread Vaseline over her sphincter. Her examiner let her wait a moment before inserting the thermometer. He wanted to allow his patient's anticipation to build before the glass rod made its way inside her.

The students were given time to make additional notes in their charts while Trish remained on her elbows and knees and the thermometer stayed in place inside her backside. Everyone was looking at her. Charles, who was having fun embarrassing his friend's slave, decided to prolong her ordeal.

"I don't think we got a good reading. Let me shake it down and we'll try again."

Again the fingertip gently massaged her sphincter, and again the thermometer made its way inside. She held her position for several minutes before the thermometer slid back out.

"Alright, that reading was good. Your temperature's normal, but your heart rate seems a bit high."

Trish thought to herself: yeah...my heart rate is high. I wonder why that would be, you perverted fuck.

The instructor changed gloves and again lubricated the fingertip.

"Next we'll do a rectal exam, and then we'll move the patient to the chair."

Charles slid his finger deep inside Trish's bottom and began exploring her insides. The instructor pulled out his finger, but instructed her to stay in position so he could wipe her clean. The gentle touches of the cool wipe cleared away the remnants of her temperature taking and exam.

Trish moved to the gynecological chair. She placed her legs in the stirrups and found her body even more exposed than before. Charles buckled the straps to make sure she stayed in place during the demonstration. As she felt the fans blowing warm air against her vagina, Trish looked around and noticed everyone in the room continuing to stare at her.

She now had a problem. The extreme exposure and humiliation had aroused her. Her breathing shuddered and was irregular and her entire private area became very wet.

"You will notice this subject is sexually aroused. It is more common than people realize and is perfectly natural. We'll take care of it before we continue."

Take care of it?

Charles ordered Trish to close her eyes. Then he blindfolded her. She heard the footsteps of several people coming close to her. Then, all over her skin she felt the light touches of several sets of fingertips. The touches explored her entire body, seeking her most vulnerable and sensitive areas. She felt the light caresses on her face, her lips, her nipples, her stomach, her legs, and finally her exposed pelvis. The touches were tentative and teasing, leaving her desperate for more. It was obvious that whoever was touching her knew what they were doing and that an orgasm was not far off. Soon she was moaning in desperation as a series of light touches centered on massaging the juices of her arousal. As she came close to climaxing the smell of her orgasm permeated the entire room.

A fingertip expertly teased her clitoris and forced her to climax. Perspiration covered her body as she shuddered and moaned from the delicious feeling of all those hands on her body, and especially that one expert hand between her legs that was guiding her through such exquisite joy. There was not a hint of pride or self-control in her as she spread herself desperately wanting that orgasm to continue. The physical sensations she was enjoying filled every thought in her head and momentarily took over her entire world.

Finally the spell broke and the orgasm came to an end. Trish remained in her chair, her legs spread wide and her body on display to the camera and everyone in the room. She was exhausted and reeked from sweat and sexual arousal. She felt like she had just had a bizarre dream. For the moment her brain was unable to accept the reality that she had been forced to have an orgasm in front of 200 medical students.

Trish's examiner took off her blindfold and went back to work.

"OK, everyone, here's where any mystery about what's between the woman's legs stops."

Charles changed medical gloves and took his position next to Trish. After measuring her pulse and heartbeat, he began by inspecting the subject's lower abdomen. He noted the scar from her piercing and discussed the strange custom that recently had become popular in the US. The students, especially the women, cringed at the thought of doing something like that to a clitoris. The instructor made another comment about the depilation, but added that the subject did not have any other abnormalities. The final comment that he made was that, from the general appearance of the patient's genitalia, she had been sexually active.

Trish's examiner moved to a visual inspection of the soft folds of her vulva and the opening of her vagina, carefully examining for any problems. He calmly separated Trish's labia minora and labia majora to examine the hymen, urethral opening, and opening to her vagina. He noted the size of her clitoris and the development of her labia minora and majora. He made a final comment:

"Over-all condition of Servant Trish Bousquet's external vaginal region indicates a previous high level of sexual activity. The patient acknowledges daily sexual contact with multiple male partners, as well as less frequent episodes of self-stimulation via contact between her fingers and her clitoris."

"So far, so good. So now you know what I'd be expecting from the external pelvic exam. Now for the internal pelvic exam."

Charles snapped his fingers at an intern and pointed at a bowl of warm water containing a speculum. The intern passed the bowl and its scary-looking contents to the instructor, who reached in and took the device. He gently inserted it into Trish and opened it to expose her cervix. He shined a light to illuminate that intimate part of the patient, and instructed the assistant with the video camera to move close for a good shot.

Charles continued: "The area is examined for ulcerations, cysts, bleeding, enlargements, or menstrual discharge. The positioning of the cervix is also noted. Now, if we were in a doctor's office, the next step would be to scrape some sample cells with a swab."

Charles slowly pulled out the speculum. He checked for any inflammation or other problems and handed the speculum back to his assistant. He took off his gloves and made some notes about the condition of Trish's cervix and further evidence of the subject's frequent sexual activity. Charles put on a new pair of medical gloves and lubricated his fingertips. He inserted two fingers into Trish's vagina and with his other hand palpated and pressed down on her lower abdomen. Trish felt some uncomfortable pressure as Charles searched for her various organs.

"OK, now for the fun part."

Charles changed gloves yet again, lubricated the fingertips of his right hand, and inserted a finger up Trish's bottom and another into her vagina. Leaving his fingers in place, he turned to his audience:

"You will complete the bimanual exam by checking the condition of muscles that separate the vagina and rectum. With the index finger in the vagina and the middle finger in the rectum, you can more accurately feel the posterior surface of the uterus, cervical ligaments, the ovaries, and the side walls of the pelvis. You will note the shape of the rectum as you remove your finger."

Charles pulled out his fingers and held up the one that had been in Trish's bottom. He continued: "Feces that adhere to the gloves are examined for mucous or blood, because you're also looking for rectal disorders."

Charles finished by casually cleaning his subject's vulva and anus and making some final notes. He unbuckled the straps and ordered her to stand facing the class, her hands behind her head and her feet spread. The operator of the video camera focused on Trish's face and projected her dazed expression onto the screen.

"I want to thank my friend, Officer Eve Bousquet, for lending us this servant so we could have today's live demonstration. That's it for today, but remember you'll be tested on this material next Monday. After 4:00 the video and photos from this class will be available on the Department of Medicine website. Make sure you download them for study. Also, if you're interested, there are demonstrations and photos from previous classes uploaded in the archive section. Make sure you study chapters 14 and 18. Most of Monday's exam will be out of those two chapters."

Trish remained standing with her hands behind her head and her feet spread apart as the students left the room. Some of the students approached the stage to talk to their professor or to have a closer look at the servant. Several male students took pictures of her with digital cameras and cell phones. A couple of the photographers even went behind to get pictures of her backside. There were conversations, including a couple of comments comparing the American with the demonstration subject for the previous semester's class, who was an Islander.

As the professor chatted with his students, Trish mulled over what he had said at the end of his presentation. The entire medical examination was going to be posted on the Internet: both the photos and the video. Not only were 200 students going to download all those pictures, but apparently the university maintained pictures from all medical demonstrations in a permanent archive section. So...the humiliating experience was about to become public domain and remain permanently available for download. Trish suspected that, because the university medical department was a public institution, access to its website and archives was open to anyone, not just university students.

The pictures from the medical examination were only a small fraction of the photos that had been taken of Trish's naked body over the past month. She knew that many of those photos already were posted on the Internet. Most certainly Eve's photographer friend in Gannet Cove would have posted high-resolution copies of the figure study series on his professional website. Many other photos taken by passers-by would enter the public domain via blogs and social networks, and from there pass on to the broader web.

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