tagNovels and NovellasThe Servant Ch. 14

The Servant Ch. 14


Chapter 14 -- New Dixie

The next morning Eve had another surprise for her servant. They would not hike back to Paradise Pass, but instead hike directly west. They would spend the entire morning descending a back trail and emerge on the western side of the Island to visit Eve's hometown of New Dixie.

As she followed her Mistress down the trail, Trish could see that the west side of the Island was very different from the east side. Instead of flat plantations and wide beaches, the western district was rugged, hilly, and separated from the ocean by steep cliffs.

After six hours of hiking through forested, hilly terrain, Eve and her servant crossed through a banana plantation and several fruit farms. Finally they reached their destination, the small town where Eve spent the earlier part of her childhood.

New Dixie was distinct from every other town in Santa Eduviges. The entire population was black instead of mixed-race Creole. The oldest houses and shopping area reminded Trish of the historical districts she had seen in Southern towns in the US. There was a reason for both the architecture and the ethnic make-up of New Dixie: the settlement was founded during the Civil War by former US slaves. From 1865 until the end of Reconstruction, several additional families from Louisiana immigrated to Santa Eduviges and settled in New Dixie. From the beginning, one of the most important family names in the town had been the Bousquets, originally from a plantation in Baton Rouge.

Eve's parents no longer lived in New Dixie. When she was 10, her father got a job in the government and decided to move the family to the capitol. However, Eve's older brother had returned to New Dixie and was living with his wife in the house that used to be owned by Eve's grandparents. Eve called him on her cell phone and let him know she was in town. Trish overheard:

"My servant? Oh yes, she's with me. So...you're curious to see her, yes?"

Eve knew a lot of the older residents in the town and on the way to her brother's house stopped to chat with various family friends. Of course, an important purpose of her trip was to show off her servant and brag about her. The story of how she bought Trish at auction and outwitted a man with considerably more money entered into most of her conversations.

Had Trish possessed any intelligence at all, Eve would have suspected she was playing dumb about not understanding the importance of New Dixie and history of Eve's ancestors. However, the girl was a total ignoramus. She honestly had no clue about the history of her family or their connection with Eve's family. Perhaps she was vaguely curious about the Southern appearance of New Dixie, but she was not putting all those clues together or making the connections.

Fortunately, Trish was not too dim-witted to understand that if she was with her Mistress in her hometown, she needed to be on her best behavior. Her relationship with Eve was improving and she wanted to keep it that way. So, the servant knelt humbly and quietly, stood up when ordered, smiled for pictures, and did not flinch when curious fingers touched and explored her hairless pussy.

Before going to her sibling's place, Eve wanted to make sure her servant was presentable. Obviously, after a half-day of exhaustive hiking, she was not. It would not do to have a servant use her brother's shower, but she did not want Trish standing in the yard trying to clean herself with a garden hose either. Fortunately, the fire station had an outdoor shower. When Eve explained the situation, the fire-fighters were more than happy to oblige. The policewoman handed her servant some soap and shampoo, while the fire-fighters brought cameras and a video recorder. Eve made her servant wait while the men brought out chairs. As soon as everyone was seated and had their cameras ready, Eve gave her servant the go-ahead to get cleaned up.

Trish was so hot and so much anticipating having the chance to wash off that she was able to ignore her audience. Showering in front of spectators was not nearly as bad as peeing in front of spectators, nor as bad as being spanked on the street. Anyhow, she reminded herself that everything in her life revolved around keeping her Mistress happy. She faced her viewers while she shampooed her hair, and turned her back when she had to bend over to soap her feet and legs. After she was clean and had toweled-off, Eve told her to kneel so she could comb her hair. Finally, the show ended and the firefighters thanked their visitor for the photo session. Trish's naked body was documented by several hundred additional photos, most of which would be on the Internet within 24 hours.

Trish followed her Mistress two blocks and arrived at a Victorian-style house. Eve's brother, sister-in-law, and a couple of kids were waiting. She introduced her brother as Master Jules, and her sister-in-law as Mistress Annette.

When Eve introduced her servant, the entire family's eyes scanned her exposed body. Trish knelt as usual, but then her Mistress told her to stand up and put her hands behind her head. She complied, assuming the display posture so Eve's relatives could have a proper look at her. She had to give the usual explanation about her depilation treatments. She noticed that Eve's brother wanted to touch her, but with his wife standing next to him, he decided against it.

Eve and her brother sat in the living room to get caught up on each other's news. Annette went into the kitchen, but Eve called out to her.

"Annette! Don't forget about my servant. You can just relax. Have her take care of dinner."

So...in spite of being exhausted from the walk, Servant Trish had to go into the kitchen and set up for dinner. Annette stayed with her, making sure she set the table properly and had the meal dished out. When Trish was finished and the food was on the table, Annette took the servant to the back porch and ordered her to kneel:

"So... little Bourbon princess...how does this make you feel? Kinda sucks when the shoe's on the other foot, doesn't it?"

"I...I don't know Mistress...I...feel happy serving Mistress Bousquet."

"You'd better feel happy, serving her. You'd better realize how lucky you are. She's letting you off way too easy."

Trish was terrified and taken aback by the Islander's hostility. She didn't understand what she possibly could have done wrong. Considering the relatively trivial crime she had committed, she didn't think she was being let off easy at all. Annette tightened her lips and continued:

"...and you'd better hope I never get my hands on you. If I do, you'll learn that payback really is a bitch. Now get up, little slave wench, and serve your superiors."

"Yes, Mistress Annette."

Trish was terrified, especially at the thought of ever being alone with Eve's evil sister-in-law. What on earth could have angered her so much?

During the dinner conversation Trish picked up more clues. As she served food and refilled drinks she overheard Jules and Eve:

"...so you're serious, your servant doesn't have a clue who we are?"

"No...no clue at all. I've tried dropping a few hints: nothing. She honestly doesn't know a thing. She doesn't even know about the Civil War, and I'm serious about that. So, she certainly doesn't know where her fortune came from. Not a clue."

"And you're not planning to tell her?"

"I've thought about it, but I guess I won't. What would be the point? That's not why I bought her."

Annette interjected:

"The point would be to let that little bitch know that she deserves everything that's happening to her. To let her know that we don't forget. To let her know that her family needs to pay for what they did to us."

"Annette...please. What difference does it make now? You're talking about stuff that happened 150 years ago. She had nothing to do with it. The only reason the Bousquet plantation matters at all is that it allows me to not feel guilty about keeping her. If anyone ever tries to tell me that keeping her is morally wrong, I can argue that her people did the exact same thing to us."

Annette opened her mouth to speak, but Eve held up her hand and cut her off.

"But you have to understand, that's not the reason I bought her. It makes the situation more interesting, yes. But in my household, our family history is irrelevant. I bought the American because I wanted her. I didn't buy her to avenge anyone. I bought her because of my own needs."

"...and those needs are the same reason you got divorced, I'd imagine..."


"So...that's why you're spoiling her so much. You don't want to hurt your little love-pet. I'll tell you...If I ever get my hands on her, the whole west side of the Island would hear her screaming, day and night."

"Why? Why would you do that? What did she ever to do you?"

"Her family did a lot to us!"

"Yes, they did...150 years ago. Why is that important now? What did Trish Bousquet do to you?"

Annette threw her napkin down in disgust, angry that her sister-in-law did not see history in the same way she saw it.

Trish was very frightened by what she had just overheard. All those clues that Eve had dropped over the last several weeks fell into place now that she had heard the story more clearly from her owner's sister-in-law. Finally, her limited intellect was able to grasp why she and Eve Bousquet had the same last name.

Her more immediate problem was Annette. As she cringed under the hostile stares of the vengeful Islander, Trish was very happy whenever she got the chance to kneel next to her owner. She knew that Eve would protect her...

Fortunately, the unpleasantness in Jules Bousquet's house was short-lived. Eve wanted to go out and tour the town. Jules accompanied his sister and her servant. Annette declined to go with them, much to Trish's relief. The residents stared at the naked American, partly because she was pleasant to look at and partly because New Dixie did not see many foreigners. There were stray Danubian hikers who came down the wrong trail and were too tired to go back up, but that was about it. In spite of the stares, Trish was not worried. As long as she stayed close to her Mistress, she knew nothing would happen to her.

Eve wanted pictures of herself with her servant in front of various town landmarks: including the mayor's office, the shopping district, two churches, the local cemetery, the town dance hall, her elementary school, and a couple of old houses. Jules took several pictures in front of each landmark. He even got permission to take his sister and her servant inside the mayor's office and photograph the two women there.

The pictures in New Dixie were important for Eve. Jules took shots of his sister and her servant in every spot Eve remembered when she was a little kid. She had been a lonely child and "queer" by the standards of an intolerant town. It was not until much later that she understood what was wrong with her. Now, she had returned and for the first time, was back in town with a companion. She wanted to transform her memories of all those places to something more pleasant and attempt to bring closure to portions of her unhappy youth.

Eve made sure Jules took a multitude of high-quality pictures at each spot. From each location Eve would choose the best images and post them to her blog and the photo-sharing sites.


That night Eve and her servant endured a long rickshaw ride to policewoman's house, which was on totally the opposite side of the Island from New Dixie. Because it was nighttime, the rickshaw driver was not about to risk climbing the unlit curvy road to Paradise Pass. The detour meant going all the way around to the north end of the Island, passing through the capitol, and then taking the main road south to the airport. In the darkness Trish felt her Mistress's hand caressing her thigh and her fingers teasing her between her legs. As best she could in the cramped vehicle, she spread her thighs so her owner could have better access. Eve spent the entire trip fondling her servant while casually chatting with the driver about road conditions and possible hurricanes.

By the time they got home, Trish was aroused and desperate for sex. Eve ordered her to put her hands against the wall and remain in that position, no matter what. Trish would get her orgasm, but she'd have to remain in that submissive posture for her Mistress to oblige her. Eve ran her fingers over her servant's body, concentrating on her bottom and inner thighs. Trish gasped with delight. She felt her owner's strong hands on her breasts and her lips on her shoulders. Finally, just as Trish felt she couldn't take any more, her owner's hand slipped down her stomach and over her bare vulva. And then...at last, Eve's finger gently brushed up against her clit. Eve slipped her other hand down Trish's bottom and fondled her from front and back. Trish moaned with delight as she climaxed and sweat poured down her body. It was so good that she had a hard time remaining standing.

Eve took Trish in her arms and held her.

"You are such a naughty little sex-pot, aren't you?"

"Yes, Mistress Bousquet."

That night, Trish was very happy to bathe her Mistress and massage her shoulders and breasts. She was tired and totally satisfied for the night, but now Eve was ready for a good round of sex. When she got out of the bathtub, Eve decided that she wanted to experiment with some foreplay before having the servant bring her to orgasm. She stacked some pillows on her bed and lay over them to expose her bottom. She ordered Trish to kiss her backside and work her way towards her bottom-hole.

Trish did as she was instructed, kissing and caressing Eve's bottom. The policewoman had an attractive backside: with large full buns that were firm from exercise and training. Trish found her Mistress's bottom very sexy. She gently placed her tongue against her owner's anus and was rewarded with a groan of pleasure. She then kissed the area around Eve's bottom-hole before putting her tongue against the opening a second time. Eve spread her legs and pushed her backside up to allow her servant to move her tongue over the entire area between her legs. Trish continued to kiss and lick her owner's bottom, but she also moved one of her hands under her vulva. She moved a finger in and out of Eve's very wet pussy. She teased her clit. Eve pushed up again, getting on her elbows and knees and spreading herself very wide. The sight of her in that submissive position fascinated her servant, but Trish decided it was time to bring her to orgasm. She gently rubbed the woman's clit and continued to lick her bottom-hole. Eve groaned and started to climax. She wanted the moment to last and held back as long as she could. However, Trish continued working her from both the front and the back. Eve couldn't wait any longer. The orgasm was a very strong one, accompanied with a series and moans and gasps.

After she finished, Eve was completely satisfied and relaxed. Above all, she was very pleased with her servant. As much as her Mistress tried to hide it, Trish could tell that she had done very well that evening. As Eve held her servant in her arms and caressed her body, Trish realized something important: that at times she had the power to determine when her Mistress would have an orgasm. Eve needed her for sexual fulfillment, and was becoming increasingly dependent on the servant for her physical needs and happiness. It meant that Trish was not completely helpless after-all; that at times she could have a small amount of control in the relationship with her owner.

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