tagNovels and NovellasThe Servant Ch. 16

The Servant Ch. 16


Chapter 16 – Birthday Girl

The following weekend, Eve decided to take her servant to the beach. It was late afternoon and viciously hot, so the policewoman decided to leave her clothes at home. Like Trish, she would enjoy the late afternoon heat in the nude.

The two women walked along the isolated path to get to the shore. Eve told Trish to walk ahead of her so she could take a series of pictures of her naked body. The Mistress also wanted pictures of herself, so every so often she handed the camera to her ward and posed.

Finally the Mistress and her servant made it to the beach. They walked away from the village and found a spot that was totally isolated. They dropped their towels and food under a tree and headed towards the water. For a long time they swam, enjoying the delicious feel of the warm Caribbean.

When they got out, Eve surprised Trish by taking her in her arms. She passionately kissed her servant.

"Do you know, Servant Trish, what day it is today?"

Trish honestly did not know what day it was. She had stopped keeping track of time, because her life of servitude did not demand paying attention to the calendar.

"No, Mistress Bousquet. I...I'm not really sure..."

"It's your birthday, you naughty little sex-pot. You're 25. This is the first birthday you've spent with me."

"Yes, Mistress Bousquet."

Eve lowered her hands and began rubbing her servant's bottom. She kissed Trish again. Without saying anything more, she grabbed the American's hand and led her to the tree.

She sat down on a towel and ordered the servant to lie across her lap. She spent a very long time caressing Trish's "bum" and gently running her fingertips between her bottom-cheeks.

"So today my naughty girl is 25."

"Yes, Mistress Bousquet."

Eve gently patted the girl's vulnerable bottom. Trish knew what was about to happen. 25 hard swats would hurt, but it was the only appropriate way to celebrate her birthday. Anyhow, she wanted the spanking. She wanted to surrender herself and know that her Mistress was in control. She wanted to feel the hot slaps on her naughty backside.

"Tell me, Servant Trish, what do naughty girls deserve on their birthday?"

"We need to be spanked, Mistress Bousquet. We need to be spanked on the bare ass."

"Yes...on the bare ass...a special spanking to celebrate the birthday of a special girl. I'm going to give you 25 hard slaps on each side. A double dose...because you are such a naughty sex-pot. That's what you really need. Don't you agree, Servant Trish?"

"Yes, Mistress Bousquet."

Trish properly repositioned herself over her Mistress's thighs for her punishment. She turned her bottom up and spread her legs slightly. Eve gently rubbed her ward's bottom in a circular motion, enjoying the feel of her shapely bum and soft skin. Every so often Eve ran her fingertips past the tender skin surrounding her servant's lovely bottom-hole.

Trish sighed with anticipation, partly because she was very nervous. She had not enjoyed the punishments she had endured at the airport from Eve's whip or in the yard from Flora's switch, but that was because those punishments were so vicious. She hoped a birthday spanking would be different. Maybe it would bring the servant and her Mistress closer together.

Eve did not bother to tell her servant to keep count of the slaps. She would slap hard on each side, take time to caress the girl's reddening bottom, and slap again.

The slaps were mercilessly given by a woman who had spent her life exercising. In spite of the increasing pain, Trish remained peacefully draped over Eve's lap. She kept her bottom tilted upwards and her legs spread. As best she could, she tried keep her bottom relaxed and not to flinch. After each set of slaps, Eve rewarded her servant by slipping her fingers between her legs.

The final part of the spanking was intense. Eve was slapping very hard, and her servant was torn between becoming aroused and starting to cry. The mounting pain scared her, but the feeling of being over her owner's lap and being under her control and protection filled her sexual being with complete satisfaction. The experience was intense and frightening, but she was where she wanted to be, her body and soul surrendered to the control of her Mistress.

Finally, Eve reached the 25th double-slap. She kept her servant over her lap and spent several minutes caressing the American's swollen bottom and admiring her red skin. She grabbed her servant's wrists and rolled her on her back, but then ordered her to get on her stomach. Eve settled next to her, covering her warm "bum" with kisses. She ordered Trish to get on her elbows and knees and position herself so she was spread and lewdly exposed. As her Mistress stimulated her bottom-hole and teased her clitoris, Trish groaned with delight. She experienced the best orgasm of her life. Her orgasm was total and overwhelming, almost scary in its intensity. She felt true happiness.

She realized that Eve was right about her. I really am a little sex-pot. I'm my Mistress's little sex-pot. She understands me. She knew all along what I need...

Eve took her servant in her arms and cuddled her. Both women knew that night something significant had happened: that their relationship had changed.

For the first time since coming to the Island, Trish was actually happy. No longer did she want to escape. She wanted to stay right where she was...forever. It was her destiny to wear Eve's collar and spend the rest of her life serving her. It was her destiny to worry about the happiness of her owner and to always put her needs above her own. Above all, her purpose was to be humble and obedient.

She knew that her life would be difficult. There would be endless days of hard work. She knew there also would be times she would not live up to her obligations and she would have to endure harsh punishment on her naked bottom. Her Mistress would spank her, or perhaps even have to whip her. That was fine with Trish. Pain would be a natural part of her life. The right combination of love, pleasure, pain, and obedience would keep her focused on what really mattered.

Trish was not a reflective person, but that afternoon she saw herself clearly. For six years she had lived only for her various whims and vices. There was no greater purpose for her existence and in those six years she had accomplished absolutely nothing.

She now understood why. She understood that she was never meant to be free. She was not capable of exercising free will with any responsibility at all. She was rash, wasteful, stupid, self-destructive, and always acted on impulse. She couldn't help it; that's just the way she was. Eve had forced her see that part of herself, understand it, and come to terms with it. She would always be grateful to her Mistress for that insight into her own character.

"I belong to Mistress Bousquet."

Yes, Trish belonged to another person. So, her existence did indeed have a purpose. In an isolated spot on a forgotten island in the middle of the Caribbean, she had found her place in the world, a spot where she truly belonged. She belonged with her Mistress, spending her days serving her and doing everything she could to make her life more pleasant.

Trish wanted to show her owner that she was happy with her position in life and to demonstrate her submission. Finally, she thought of a way to express her feelings.

"Mistress Bousquet, I request permission to speak."

"Yes, Servant Trish?

"Mistress Bousquet, I want to thank you...you know...for buying me."

"Yes, my love. I had to buy you. I knew that you were created for me, yes?"

"Yes, Mistress Bousquet. I was created for you."

Eve kissed her servant and caressed her chest for a few minutes. Then it was time to go home.

Trish followed her Mistress across the salt marsh in the gathering twilight. Her bottom still felt sore from the spanking as she walked. She was glad about that: she felt that it was only proper that her 25th birthday, the first birthday of many she would spend on the Island, should be celebrated with a nice spanking from her loving owner.

Trish Bousquet was nothing more than her Mistress's prized possession, and for the rest of her life that was all she would ever be. However, at the cost of her freedom, she had found a person who loved her and would always take care of her.

At that moment, she was the happiest woman on Santa Eduviges.

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