tagBDSMThe Service of Paul Purrfect Pt. 02

The Service of Paul Purrfect Pt. 02


My heart is racing, I can't believe I've made such a junior mistake somewhere in France my boss Mr Paul Purrfect, is in a taxi heading for the wrong hotel. After many phone calls I finally get him to the correct place but I know he won't be happy about the time he's wasted travelling and will be tired.

I've sent an email to him apologising profusely and am now starring at his name in my inbox wondering what it might say... taking a deep breath I open the email and read.. "Antonia I am very disappointed and I am sure you realise that I must punish you. I will be back in 2 days you will remain behind in the office and I will let you have the details tomorrow - good night" I send a simple reply of "yes Sir" and head home.

As i got in to bed that night my mind was working overtime with thoughts of what my punishment might be and my fingers strayed to my pussy feeling the dampness building rapidly. My fingers are soon slippery with my juices and push easily inside me two then three fingers stretching me wide as my thumb mashes against my swollen clit bringing my orgasm crashing over me in record time.

Soon the day of your return to London came, dressing carefully that morning silk stockings, knee length skirt spike heels and a crisp blouse, no panties of course.

As I got to the office my breath caught as an email from you appeared on my screen. Opening it I read "Antonia I have a very busy day but will be in the office tonight at 6.30, you are to remain behind. Place a straight backed chair in the middle of my office and ensure your pussy is nice and wet. Stand to the side of the chair with your skirt hitched up around your waist and undo your blouse. Spread your legs and Keep your eyes on the door"

The day dragged by slowly and as the time drew closer to 6.30 I began to follow my instructions. Entering your office I stood to the right of the chair looking directly at the door. Hitching my skirt up to my waist and undoing my blouse. As the cool air hit the bare skin of my bottom I shivered slightly. Running my fingers lightly over my pussy lips I gasped at how wet I had become in anticipation of your arrival.

Suddenly I became aware of your presence behind me, you had entered the room from a connecting door to another office. Jumping a little your voice in my ear "stand perfectly still Antonia or your punishment will increase" with that your hand snakes between my legs and without ceremony your fingers thrust inside making me cry out. Thrusting them hard and fast I struggle to not fidget as you expertly build an orgasm getting me right to the edge before withdrawing completely.

Moving round you stand in front of the chair and position me in front of you. Lifting my chin to look you in the eyes "Take off my trousers and release my cock your punishment is about to begin" doing as I'm told I remove your trousers carefully laying them on the desk, your cock is hard and swollen and my breath catches in my throat.

Turning me to face away from you, you draw my hands together behind my back taking your silk tie to bind my wrists. Standing me to the right of the chair you sit down and as you do pull me tummy down across your lap taking me by surprise.

I can feel your hard cock against my pussy lips as I squirm. Using your left hand to hold me still at the back of my neck you use your right hand to part my legs opening my pussy further to allow you to push your swollen shaft inside me. Filled to the hilt, my bottom pushed up, my toes just touching the floor trying to retain my balance I feel you begin to thrust. The friction of the angle is intense and the head of your cock catches my g spot as you move and I start to moan. Suddenly your right hand comes down hard on my bottom repeatedly alternating between cheeks taking my breath away and I cry out, my body writhing and bucking as each slap sends a jolt to my aching clit and makes my pussy contract around your cock as my writhing rhythm fucks your cock harder and tighter.

Pulling my head to the side facing you, I feel your thumb against my lips prising them open pushing it in to my mouth. I start to suck on your thumb as your spanking intensifies making me writhe and buck on your lap my toes barely on the floor now. Probing and stretching me wide your cock is milked by my tight hot pussy, my bottom cherry red and hot I grunt and groan around your thumb in my mouth as my orgasm builds swiftly in my belly. As I feel your cock begin to jerk and you suck in your breath my orgasm washes over me, my juices running down my thighs and the tops of my stockings. Bucking and writhing as your hot cum explodes inside me and your thumb still thrust in my mouth. I cry out in ecstasy my mascara ruined and running down my cheeks, my hair a mess.

As we recover slowly you untie my hands, gently caressing my red and stinging bottom and stroking my sweat soaked hair.

"Well done Antonia all is forgiven - until next time"

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