The Sessions


Grace returned a few moments later, she pulled the curtain back and the smile she wore nearly floored him right there. He couldn't help it, he smiled back. It hit her, he was at least a little comfortable in her presence, the nervous energy was still there but falling away by degrees. That smile had a real charm to it. One she found very seductive.

"Okay, let's get to work, show me the exercises I taught you..."

Grace ran him through the battery of exercises she had laid out the previous week, correcting the technique as she went and introducing modifiers to increase the strain and the benefit it would bring. She made it clear that if he encountered difficulty he should revert to the basic exercise. As the session progressed she had Jack lie back while she worked on the knee joint with further manipulation techniques and a device that she explained but he did not quite follow, it was an electrotherapy tool of some nature that was supposed to help break down any debris in the joint.

It appeared to Grace that Jack was relaxing. His body language suggested the nervous tension was easing. His eyes were closed and he seemed to be at peace. It felt rather nice to think she had made some contribution to that.

"Jack?" She asked.


"Our talk last week didn't upset you did it?"

"No, it was fine, I'm okay,"

"I know, you said that last week too, but I pushed quite hard and I shouldn't have. It was unprofessional."

"You really didn't upset me, I'm okay talking about it. I'm not at my best but I'm not at my worst either. Other than my Doctor you're the only one I've actually said anything about it to."

"Is that true?"


"Do you mind if I ask a few other things?"

"Feel free,"

"You started to hurt yourself before the crash right?"

"Nice easy start huh? Well the answer is yes, I did?"

"What pushed you to it?"

"You know, I wouldn't say there was ever a conscious thought behind it. I got to the point where it was like I was screaming in my head and I couldn't stop it, I couldn't sleep or function properly. I started scratching at my arm and the physical pain was almost a relief for me. It started from that with no more rhyme or reason. It's not something I'm proud of,"

"I'm sorry?"

"Why, it wasn't your fault?"

"No, but I'm sorry you felt that way. Maybe I could have helped you"

Jacks eyes opened, Grace was aware but tried to keep her eyes fixed on what she was doing. She could feel herself becoming attracted to him. There was something playing at the back of her mind, something familiar. That familiar feeling was powerful, It felt like something good, something she wanted to explore. She met his eyes for a moment. The way he looked at her, it was like nothing else. No one ever looked at her that way, like all the desire in the world was locked away inside him and burning him alive As it fought to be free. With just a look he made her feel wanted, needed even. That intensity forced its way into her core and pulled on her.

"Do you have a girlfriend?" She asked abandonIng subtlety.

"What do you think?"

Grace frowned and then asked, "have you ever?"

"What do you think?" Was his maddening reply.

"So you've never?"

"No on all counts Miss Miller,"

His response should not have been surprising but it was. Then another thought seared her mind, A thought about being his first. He had been through a rough time, but he was a handsome man it seemed in feasible that he had never been with anyone and she realised how much trust it must have taken for him to tell her. That felt odd for people who had just met, especially in someone who seemed so guarded otherwise. Grace had to stop herself now. She was still a professional and she was acting in a way that was firmly at odds with that.

"Okay," said Grace, "That should do for your knee today, how about we work on the arm And shoulder for a bit."

Grace was ready to throw professionalism out of the window, she almost asked if Jack would remove his t-shirt but held herself In check. Instead she encouraged Jack and focused on her job.

The allotted time was all but over now, the hour had flown by and Grace had wanted to use up every last minute. She gave Jack time to change again and sat at her desk mulling things over.

That itch at the back of her mind needed scratching and despite what he had said last week she still felt something familiar in him. She knew that she had to figure it out before it drove her insane, she needed to understand how he could be so open with her.

"Where did you go to school?" She called out.

No answer, that was odd. She was about to ask again when the curtain opened.

"Is the appointment the same time next week?" He asked, acting as though he never heard the question at all.

"Umm yes it is," Grace noted, "I shouted another question at you,"

"Sorry, must have been miles away, I didn't hear, maybe it could wait to next time?"


"Okay I best make tracks, see you next week."

"See you next week Jack,"

He shuffled to the door. He was on his way out when he called back, "Oh yeah, I went to Easton Manor,"

That hit Grace like a thunderbolt and it was all she needed to piece everything back together.

"Oh my god I remember," she whispered Before rising to a call, "Jack I remember you,"

She followed out of the door but a moment or two too late. She could already hear the front door clicking shut. He was surprisingly sprightly for someone carrying an injury. Rather than chase she returned to her room and watched out of the window. There he was, the boy, now a man. She remembered him and it made her smile. She knew this man after all, she remembered him as the boy who blushed every time she waved to him as she passed on the school bus while he walked home. She remembered the secret smiles they exchanged across class rooms. She remembered those same eyes that burned her every time they locked, however brief and the intensity that only grew as he grew older. She remembered how sad she was on that final day as she watched him disappear alone having never found his courage. She regretted her part in that, she had never found her own strength nor found the courage to speak to him either. Aside from passing comments and the occasional word in class they had never really spoken. They were classmates for years and never said more than a handful of sentences at a time. Her heart was full and pounding like it would burst. It was all there and she cursed herself for ever forgetting him. She sat back in her chair and felt a warmth flood her body. She thought back to that last day. Sixteen years had passed. She had found love, or so she had thought and been engaged in that time. She had been alone for two years now, after the cheating bastard was found out. In all that time Jack had fallen from her memory. Grace felt an enormous degree of shame. How could she have forgotten? There was more, the memories flowing back to her now, she remembered an unsigned passage in her yearbook, it was the only one like it and it was well hidden, she hadn't registered until she read it back at home. She knew it was him, she could remember the words;

I never found the courage to speak to you properly and now my chance is lost. The future is Ahead of you now and I'm sure you will do something amazing. If fate is on my side maybe we will meet again and maybe I will be brave enough to talk to you. How do you tell the most beautiful woman you have ever seen that you like her? How could anyone get past that. Maybe just getting to write this in Your yearbook and running for cover Is the best it can be and it's enough for me.

Grace smiled. She knew him.

The Third Session - Confrontation

Jack approached the door feeling apprehensive. He told himself that it was better that she knew. He was sure that the only thing that had thrown her off was his denial that they had ever met. Now it was out there and he wasn't sure how she might react to that. She seemed to be interested in him, he felt like she was but he knew that a lonely mind would reach out and take hold of even the faintest sliver of hope. Hope had abandoned him so often in the past that he actively sought to suppress it. Hope could be a very damaging thing If one was so far down the road to despair. It was a seductive thing that played tricks with the mind, conjuring dreams that would never come true. For Jack he had all but given up on hoping for that very reason. Better to live without such hopes then be tortured by want. The things he did were often geared towards stifling any sense that such hope might fill him again.

The Intercom buzzed and the door unlocked before he ever pressed a button. He entered the reception area expecting the stern faced administrator but instead finding Grace already waiting for him. She was smiling, the same beautiful smile as always, but her eyes bore a hole right through him.

"Jack," she said, "let's get started,"

She said it in the way a parent might when about to scold a naughty child. Jack felt his heart sink.

When she closed the door to the treatment room she turned to him and moved closer almost squaring up to him like a fighter.

"You lied to me," she said, "Let me be clear, I have no more appointments this morning. We are going to work and when we are done we are going to have a long conversation."


"This is not a negotiation, Get changed and when you're ready meet me in the room next door. Any questions?"


"Good, be quick," she said in a clipped manner.

She left the room at that, leaving him dumbfounded. He changed quickly into his shorts and t-shirt ensemble and found his way to the room next door.

When he entered she was waiting, with her arms folded Tight across her body. Grace did not look as she had a moment or two ago. She had changed too.

Jack said, "oh..."

Grace looked stern, She was barefoot with indecently tight black leggings that cut off at the calf. Her midriff was bared, she wore only a crop top, there was no hint of anything else beneath. Her toenails were painted a deep blue. Jack realised he was ogling and tried to stop himself. He turned to shut the door and hoped to break the spell. In doing so he missed the private smile that snaked across Grace's lips. She had no reason to change. She wanted to tease him. She wanted to feel his desire for her again, she knew it was there. Perhaps she needed to see if it still burned as strong as it once had.

When Jack turned back to her he took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

"We're going to push things a bit today Jack," Grace declared.

Jack opened his eyes and scanned the room. The space was surprisingly large and contained a modest range of gym equipment. He wondered what she had in store for him.

"Come over here," Grace commanded.

He obeyed. She took stock of him as he moved and as he stopped in front of her she dropped to her knees to inspect his injured knee. He felt her warm hands on his skin and when he looked down he could see an astounding display of cleavage. He shook his head, trying to stop his body stirring. His knee felt tender as she pressed.

"Hmm, the knee is still quite lumpy so I won't get you to do too much on that here. We can focus on arm strength for now."

The next thirty minutes were demanding. Jack followed instruction and pushed himself as hard as he could. The resistance training methods Grace used pushed against his limits but he was determined to succeed. At every opportunity he watched her. The way she moved, she was sublime. Her outfit was like a second skin. He could see every contour of her body. Her beauty to his eyes was beyond compare. By the time he finished the agonising gauntlet of exercises his arm and shoulder ached. He was coated in sweat from his exertion.

"Very good," Grace commented, "come over here and sit down."

Jack sat himself down on the bench as directed. Grace teased her fingers over his left shoulder as she moved around to stand behind him. He shuddered as she began to knead and massage the tired muscles. The touch of another person still felt very alien and wrong to him. He never really let anyone touch him or get so close, he knew this was part of a treatment but it still felt different. It was clear that it was because of her, her touch was special. Her touch brought those feelings forward that he fought hard to suppress. It felt so good, so soothing that he could not bring himself to stop her.

"Jack?" asked Grace softly, "would it be okay if you removed your shirt? You don't have to,"

Before she could speak he did it. Jack shocked himself by responding so quickly but even in that glimmer of a moment he knew if he thought about it he would never do it. Grace felt her breathing deepen. When she was younger, she had been attracted to Jack. he had an indefinable quality that held her attention. He had a hard time, shy and quit he was an easy target. Even so he never rose to the goading directed to him. He was a gentle soul unlike any other. Now he had stumbled back into her life Grace felt her attraction to him deepen. Just seeing his naked back made her pulse quicken.

Grace could feel the bumps and lines of his scars as she resumed her work. The marks did not bother her however noticeable they may have been. They were a part of him, part of what made him who he was and that was fine. She adored the way he twitched at her touch, he was enjoying it, enjoying her she hoped.

Grace could feel her nipples harden beneath the thin fabric of her top, She wanted to do more but knew it wasn't the time.

"Feel better?"

"Uh huh," he groaned.

"Okay," she giggled, "we best get you on the table,"

His eyes widened but then she added, "I still need to work on that knee a bit more."

She let him go and watched him awkwardly drag his sweaty shirt back on, making hard work of its long sleeves before leading him back to her treatment room.

"Okay," said Grace as she started to manipulate the knee joint with her fingers, "I guess we need to have that talk now huh?"

His expression suggested not.

"You lied to me Jack, I just want to know why?"

"It's not easy to explain. Most people I have known either don't remember me now or they don't want to. I don't go out of my way to remind people, I guess I just got used to it that way. It makes it easier to hide I suppose,"

"Is that what you want, for it to be easier?"

"It's hard, when you get used to keeping people away. Harder still to change. I'm not at my best. I guess I worried about the reaction, especially if it was bad,"

"Did I react badly?"

"No, no you didn't,"

"I can understand what you meant though, it's not unreasonable. I'm sorry I didn't realise who you were sooner."

"I look a bit different from then, I hardly remember me anymore."

"I do remember you though," she said with an earnest smile.

Grace moved over to her seat and sat down. She motioned to the visitor chair and Jack hopped from the treatment table to take it.

"You know, I always hoped you would eventually talk to me," she said, "I wish I had."

"You do?"

"Yeah I do, no one ever looked at me the way you did, I always wondered why, do you remember what you wrote in my yearbook."

"Umm, yeah I remember, I also remember not signing it."

"Well everyone else did so, process of elimination you know? Did you mean it? What you said?"

Jack went bright red, it was just like before when she waved or smiled at him. It was oddly adorable.

"I meant it," he said.

"And now?"

"I still think that,"

"Would you say it, just tell me, just this once?"

He paused and took a deep breath, "Grace, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life,"

It was her turn to blush now, her heart was pounding in her chest.

"Although I don't get it much so take it for what it's worth."

"You had to ruin it..."

They laughed together, the humour lightening the weight of the moment.

"So where does that leave things?" asked Grace.

"I never wanted to make things awkward, You have a life to live and..."

"I'm not seeing anyone, if that makes a difference?"


"I'm not going to force you into anything. If you want to see where things go, I'll be right here, but it's your choice."

"I," he choked, otherwise unable to talk. The words he wanted to say were like daggers in his throat. He had never felt more lost and it hurt all the more for being so close to her. For her to say those things it was impossible to process. The silence dragged on far too long.

"I'll see you next week then, same time," Grace sighed.

Even now he seemed bound by the chains of pain he carried with him. She stood and headed to the door, ready to show him out, ready to end the pain she was now feeling.

She reached the door and he was behind her. She turned back to him. His eyes locked with hers, filled with so much pent up desire that he all but shook. She stepped back and found herself stopped by the door. His hand touched her cheek, he pulled her forward.

The kiss consumed her. It was borne of decades of longing, of need all bottled up and reserved just for her. Her mouth opened, her tongue met his and danced. Grace felt herself floating away, she felt so light. For all that burning lust he was ever so gentle. She could feel him fighting back the need to consume her, to take her there and then. She would have let him. She would have welcomed it. It was her desire as much as his now.

She blinked and it was over. Grace felt her feet giving out under her. She swayed in a happy daze.

"Until next week then," he said.

By the time Grace had collected herself he was gone. The man was like a ghost at times. She could feel how much he wanted. She would have let him do anything he wished in that moment. She would have shown him every pleasure and yet, he walked away. He left her wanting more and her week would be consumed by that thought. She wanted to see him again, she wanted to be with him.

The Fourth Session - Escalation

As Jack entered the reception area he could feel his heart pounding in his chest. He could not remember ever feeling so alive and nothing could fight back the sense of hope and anticipation that had been building in him. He found the stern woman in her usual spot glued to the screen and feigning obliviousness. She pretended not to notice him as he approached the counter but this time Jack felt a sense of confidence that was most unlike him.

"Excuse me," he called.

Before he could ask anything else he received a prompt reply, "Miss Miller said you could just go straight up when you got here,"

Deciding that further conversation was pointless he made his way up the stairs. His knee felt stronger, he felt better in himself. Physically he may have been a little way off being back to normal but there was progress. Emotionally, he felt good, more at peace than he had been in many years. His guard was still up as he felt like all these things could crash around him at a moments notice. He feared that and so maintained a sense of caution as best he could.

He knocked and heard Grace call out, "Come in,"

She was dressed demurely in her work uniform of polo shirt and tracksuit bottoms. It did not make any difference. She was staggeringly beautiful regardless.

Grace leapt from her chair as he entered the room moving with purpose as he closed the door behind him. Jack was pushed back against the door. Her lips pressed to his and the flood of powerful emotion overtook him. He returned the kiss with equal passion and if anything it felt even more perfect than the first. He felt her hands on his chest and he moved with her into a natural embrace. Her body pressed against him. Her breasts crushed against his chest. He could feel himself hardening and knew she could notice. His manhood pressed painfully against his jeans, almost begging to be freed at long last. He could feel Grace moan as much as he could hear it. The vibration passed into him and rattled his soul. His mind felt free, he was floating and tranquil.

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