The Sessions


When she pulled away he surged for her trying to snatch another kiss from her lips but she stopped him with a finger for now.

"I'm sorry," she said with a devilish smile, "I just wanted see if it would feel the same as last time,"

"A... And?" He stammered.

"It was better," teased Grace, "come on, we still have work to do."

Grace felt the powerful tingle of excitement. She had to maintain some level of professionalism but every fibre of her being screamed against that. She realised that Jack had been right to let the feelings simmer. The first kiss had left her craving more and it had fuelled her fantasies ever since. When she touched herself she imagined him now, imagined being with him, being his first. The thought made her body ache.

She looked at him as he sat down. She could almost see his restraint failing him and that excited her. The thought of him being so overcome that he lost all control was making her blood boil with lustful intent.

"Work before play," teased Grace, "I am supposed to be working after all and we need you fit and strong."

He almost groaned. Almost. However unprofessional it might be she was enjoying herself. If he wanted her, and she believed with all her heart that he did, then she was ready to be his.

"Time to get changed and get to work Jack," she said, her voice became a soft hiss as she continued, "I thought, if you wanted, we could get ready together today,"

He had always been under her spell, there had been others he had feelings for in the time since he first met her but none like her. Grace was his first infatuation, she was the one that mattered.

Grace realised she needed to take the lead today, Jack looked to be stunned into a stupor at this stage and so she rose to her feet, kicking off her trainers and encouraging him to stand. He looked down at her dainty feet, her toenails coated in black nail polish this time.

She had a gleam in her eye that completely enchanted him. Jack stood and kicked off his trainers. Grace reached down to the hem of her polo shirt and nodded to Jack to follow her lead. He took the meaning and In unison they pulled their shirts away.

Jack was bare chested, The scars that marked his left arm and shoulder did not intrude elsewhere. He was broad, in good shape without being heavily muscled.

Grace remained clad in a sports bra. Nothing too extravagant she thought but the look he gave her as he feasted his eyes upon her made her feel as though she wore the finest exotic lingerie. Grace focused her attention on Jack's jeans. He took the cue and began to slowly pull at the buttons. Each one popped loose and gave her a glimpse of his manhood covered by but fighting to be free from the confines of his boxer shorts. She could see his hardness twitch and it made her hungry to explore.

Dropping his jeans to the floor Jack now stood in only his underwear. As Grace paused he seemed painfully self conscious, shuffling in place in an awkward sway. Grace locked her eyes to his and slowly peeled her tracksuit bottoms down. Her tight lycra shorts clung to her curves. She could feel her wetness seeping into the panties beneath. She wanted so much more now and it was agony to wait any longer even though she knew she had to.

With a sigh Grace said, "You better put your workout gear on, it would be awkward if anyone spotted you strutting next door like that,"

Jack grinned and nodded his agreement. As soon as he was ready, Grace motioned for him to head next door. She had decided to stay as she was, all the better to tease Jack. Letting him take the lead meant he could alert her to any interlopers. She darted quickly into the room behind him, closing the door and flushed with the excitement that the little dare had brought.

True to her word she put her carnal desire to one side and made Jack work. Of course, she took every opportunity to bend and contort in front of him.

Jack was struggling to maintain focus but he knew that this had to be done. There were still other people around and it was best not to arouse too much suspicion. He had waited so long and he would wait forever if needs had been. He wanted to take this slowly and make sure he really understood that she wanted things the same as he did. He watched her prowl around him and felt his cock harden again. He was agonisingly aware of Grace and how her sports bra left surprisingly little to the imagination. Her nipples seemed to be set on tearing free for him.

Grace was satisfied that his knee could take extra strain now and so she pushed him as hard as she felt he could manage. He excelled and even through her burgeoning desires she was proud of the effort he was making.

By the time he had finished his shirt was soaked through with sweat. She offered him a bottle of water and let him cool down before leading him back to her consultation room. She moved quicker than he could keep up with. The hour was almost up, it was odd how far things had come in such short time but the feelings Jack had were already strong. He had spent a life letting the world move on ahead of him. In his mind it was okay to go a little faster this time. He did not want to have regrets, not this time.

"You did really well," she said, "We have just two more sessions ahead before the end of the treatment course."

"Will I..."

"Oh, you will see me again, that's for sure, as long as you want that."

"I do,"

"Can I tell you something?"


"I'm finding it hard to be professional, I've already crossed quite a few lines."

Jack thought on it and said, "there's no rush from me,"

"You never ask anything of anyone do you?"

"Not if I can help it,"

"Don't you ever just want something so much that you have to do something?"

"I do, but it's figuring out what to do that I find hard,"

"Don't you ever just go on instinct?"

"That's not easy for me, what if my instincts are wrong?"

"What if you told me what you wanted?"

"Then I wouldn't be following instinct right now. Besides I think I need to keep my instincts in check, for the moment."

"You're too patient, you can have anything you want from me you know? We can do everything you ever wanted,"

"I am of the mind that I need to earn that sort of trust, You said work first right? you may not feel the same when the work ends."

"I, I will, I know what I want, there are things I want to do too, but I'm holding back, just barely."

"I may not be worth it,"

"Stop that, right now," she said, her voice rising, "You don't need to talk like that."

"I don't want to get you in trouble, I can wait until we finish the course. If you still feel the same at the end..."

"I will, I do..."

"So until then, we keep working, no risks?"

"Would a hug be okay?" asked Grace.

He opened his arms for her and she stepped into him. He wrapped his arms around her and she rested her head on his shoulder.

Grace could feel him, his cock throbbing to hardness again. She wanted more, restraint be damned. She turned in his arms until her back was to him. She could feel the girth of his manhood pushing between her cheeks. His hands now rested upon her exposed tummy.

"I want you to know me," Grace whispered.

She took his hands and with gentle persuasion encouraged him to explore. She drew his hands to her breasts, letting him feel the soft swells of flesh, the hardened nipples that pushed against her bra. She felt him squeeze, so delicate and restrained that at first she could hardly feel the shift in pressure. Grace whimpered when his fingers grazed her engorged nipple. She closed her hands over his, encouraging him to squeeze just a little more. His response was so smooth it was like he was an extension of her, the force of his grip increasing just as she wanted. Grace bit at her bottom lip trying to stop herself calling out. Grace had her hair pinned up for work. Jack nuzzled against the nape of her neck and she felt his lips rove over her skin until he found the most sensitive spot. She felt the increased pressure of his lips sealing and kissing her. Grace wanted him, wanted to fuck him and scream for him when she came. She pushed her ass back into him, he moaned and the deep timbre of his voice rolled into her.

Grace knew he would not allow more, he had promised but she needed something. She locked her fingers into his right hand and traced downwards. Forcing him lower, down and down until he could touch her mound.

"Can you feel that?" She whispered, "can you feel what you're doing to me?"

Jack could feel her juices seeping through her shorts. His fingers traced up and down her mound. Grace knew she was getting carried away but couldn't stop herself. She unlaced her other hand from Jacks and pulled at the waistband of her shorts. The scent of her feminine nectar filled the air.

"Please," she pleaded.

She willed his hand into her shorts and panties until he touched the curls of hair crowning her pussy. When he took control, it was subtle, he held in place for so long before he allowed himself the indulgence. It made the experience so much more intense. His hand rested upon her mound. The heat captured in his palm building, building. She had never felt such heat but then it was released, his hand moved, fingers snaking free of her grasp, he reached down, further and further. Jack adjusted his position to reach ever lower while still holding Grace in place. She felt his fingers course through her lips, her juices coating him.

Grace turned to him. His reaching hand fell away from the molten heat of her pussy and returned to hold her hips. She needed his kiss and as soon as she turned and saw his eyes she knew this was as far as things would go today. She was coming to accept the power that anticipation could bring. The yearning of her body cried out for more and the wait only made those thoughts and feelings stronger.

His lips were soft, his kiss as tender as might be. For a man who had never known the touch of a woman like this his restraint and resolve were impossible things to quantify. Part of her admired that, she knew in part that he was giving her time to decide if he was worth the effort. It made him different. It meant he cared and that it was not about simply indulging himself. She also knew that the other side of him was about the fear of being hurt and that on some level Jack was protecting himself. That was fine too. She could wait, but she still needed assurance herself, she needed to know she was not making a fool of herself.

"Will you promise me something?" Grace asked.


"If I agree that we should wait to the end of therapy before we take things further, will you promise to be with me? I already know what I want. You don't have to worry about that but I want to know what you think."

"I agree."

The surge of adrenaline that pumped through Grace in that moment almost caused her to jump him there and then. She felt reassured and now she felt free to focus on the building anticipation of what was to come.

They stood and held on to one another, they moved and swayed as one enjoying a silent dance to music that they could only feel.

The Fifth Session - Anticipation

Aside from a passionate kiss as they met both Jack and Grace continued the course of treatment in a more professional manner than before. Instead they used the time to talk a great deal about anything and everything.

Jack seemed very much at ease to Grace's mind as though a great weight has been lifted. His shy smile was infectious and his self deprecating sense of humour had her laughing. He was charming, kind and considerate. Grace felt happy to think she had, in some way contributed to his mood. The person he truly was had been there all along trying to fight it's way free of a darkness that had held him down for a very long time. She knew those dark thoughts were still there, he was open about that with her, but the shift in tone over the last few weeks was notable, he was finding his way.

Grace could see his physical health improving too. Her attraction to him encompassed his entire being. Grace realised that she had fallen for him, she was not ready to say it but she wanted their relationship to continue and grow.

At the end of another demanding session of treatment Grace watched as Jack stripped out of his sweat soaked shirt. She felt that longing again and cursed herself for agreeing to wait. Work before play was a reasonable maxim most of the time but in this situation, over the time they had agreed on it was agonising.

Nonetheless she was looking forward to the evening ahead. Before the session she had made a discreet call to Jack and put his appointment to the end of the day. They had made a date, a meal together at a cozy little restaurant far off the beaten path. She moved to the window and noticed the last of her colleagues was leaving for the day already. Time seemed to fly when she was with him and they were alone now. Her thoughts turned to him again.

"Grace?" Jack asked.

He looked nervous, apprehensive again, "Are you alright?"

"I've been thinking about things and there is one thing that really worries me,"

"What? Tell me," Grace demanded, fearful of what he might say.

"I'm worried I won't be able to, you know, satisfy you,"

"Oh god," she said with relief, "you had me worried,"


"It's okay. I don't think you need to worry though. We can take things slowly, I'll let you know what I like."

Jack scrunched his face up, took a deep breath and then said, "There's something I want to try,"


"Is anyone else still here?"

"No we're alone," said Grace as she felt her heartbeat quicken.

"I know we agreed a work before play policy, but, do you think we could bend the rules a little bit before we head off?"

"What do you want to do?" Grace asked trying to resist the urge to demand he claim her body right there and then.


"You can tell me, I'm certain I'll say yes whatever it is,"

Her smile melted him. He had never made a real sexual advance before. It froze him but she moved to him, held him and waited for him to find the words.

"Would you mind if I tried something, umm I wondered if you would let me, Oh god this is hard,"

"Just say it," Grace laughed, "be brave,"

"I've never said anything like this out loud. It's easier in my head. I make more sense there."

"Ha ha, come on, you can do it,"

"Frame yourself man," huffed Jack, "okay, here goes, maybe if I ask it as a question? Yeah that might work."

"You're saying all this out loud Jack," Grace giggled.

"I know, okay," Jack said gathering himself, "do you like oral sex?"

She pushed back and looked at him narrowing her eyes, "are you asking me to..."

"No I'm asking if you'll let me try... On you,"

Grace felt her mouth open but speaking was not a possibility for the moment. Her heart pounded in her chest. She flushed red, filled with genuine excitement. He was serious.

Grace kicked her trainers off and dragged her tracksuit bottoms down. Kicking everything away from her she stopped and looked at him. She beckoned him to her with a gesture of her finger. Jack felt himself harden in an instant. Grace was clad in just a polo shirt and a pair of Bikini style briefs. They were plain, a simple purple colour. She was sure he would see the wetness darkening the fabric. She wanted him to see it.

"I think you should help with these," she teased.

He dropped to one knee before her, taking the weight on his stronger leg. He winced a little as he took the strain but the pain passed.

Grace felt a pang of guilt at forgetting the toll it might take on him just now. He looked up and nodded, reassuring her that he was fine.

Jack gazed at the marvel of womanhood before him. Some might argue that there is no such thing as perfection. To Jack's mind that was wrong, she was his perfection. Grace had told him before that she wanted him to know her and so he would take his time to learn.

His fingers trembled as he made contact. His hands pressed first against her ankle and calf. Pushing upwards he let his fingers feel every flowing contour of her smooth skin. He was attentive, noting every subtle shift in Grace as he explored. When his hand reached her inner thigh she gasped. Jack leaned in and placed a soft kiss on the precise spot that had triggered the reaction. Grace squeezed the muscles of her thighs as he tormented her, inching slowly upward. His lips grazed and nipped at every sensitive spot.

As Jack reached the top of her thigh one hand moved to her right hip. The other brushed across her pelvis, touching her now soaking panties while fingertips probed at her tummy. When his moving hand found its way to her hip he leaned forward. She could feel his warm breath on her skin. He kissed the front of her panties and nuzzled into her until his nose was nestled against her mound. He breathed in taking a lungful of her sweet and powerful scent.

Grace almost begged him to hurry, she needed him to understand just what he was doing to her. She squirmed and pushed her hips forward. He pulled away and her frustration grew. But then, she felt his grip tighten on either side. She felt the soft material tighten against her skin and then the thrill as he tore her panties down her legs.

Jack stared at the divine treasure he saw before him. That was the only way he knew how to describe what he saw. Every facet of Grace that he explored revealed ever more beautiful sights. Her pussy was crowned with a groomed thatch of tight curls. Her inner lips protruded out from her outer labia. He was never more sure that she was his ideal of perfection.

"Wait," said Grace, "Let's not hurt your knee over this,"

Grace backed out of his grasp, the hunger in his eyes threatened to consume her. She sat herself on the edge of her massage table. Positioned in the middle she placed her hands to the far edge behind her and used her arms for support. Like this he could take the strain off his joints. She opened her legs wide. Her inner lips parted, Jack could see her glistening pussy opening for him.

Jack awkwardly found his way to his feet and moved towards Grace. He bowed his head and again focused his attention on her inner thighs. She felt his tongue lick at her skin.

"Please," Grace pleaded.

She could swear he had a smile on his face when she almost begged him. Before she could think he was upon her. He kissed at her moist pussy lips. The pressure building until his lips parted and his tongue snaked out to probe at her slit.

"Is this okay?" He asked

"Fuck yes," she rasped and shuffled her hips out to encourage him.

Jack used his fingers to spread her pussy lips apart. He wanted to taste her, his taste buds flaring with the anticipation. He placed his mouth against her sex and allowed his tongue to trace a long and lascivious lick upward that cleaved between her inner lips. His tongue pushed inward and then as he moved upward it flicked at her swollen clit. Grace growled and moaned. He flicked at her clit again and she squealed. Lash after lash sent thrilling ripples of pleasure through Grace's whole body.

"Mmmm," she moaned as another lash teased her throbbing nub.

Jack let his tongue circle and spiral. The rolling motion was driving Grace to the very brink of ecstasy. She felt his lips seal around her clit and he suckled her into his hungry mouth.

"Oh God, oh fuck, yes there, right there," she urged.

He did not relent. Grace could feel it building. It was so strong. It felt like she was being taken to the top of the world. Her toes tightened and curled as her climax started to build and build. Somehow he was keeping her at the brink, like time had stopped at just the wrong moment. She needed to cum, needed to feel that eruption of pure joy.

When it happened it was as though she were falling, falling through the sky as her tummy fluttered and every inch of her body was coursing with electric jolts. She felt her pussy spasm and a flood of gushing juices sprayed against Jack's face. He did not relent for one second. He was insatiable, refusing to stop even as he could feel her thigh's tighter against his head. Grace bucked and writhed, screaming her lungs out and still the feeling did not subside. Instead it seemed the well of pressure inside her was building to another peak.

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