tagChain StoriesThe Set: Best Two Out of Three

The Set: Best Two Out of Three


This story was created as part of a chain story writing challenge. The goal was to write a story with the title "The Set" using the following ten words: Charity, Harmony, Lavender, Painting, Remote, Ribbon, Skulk, Sky, Solace, Transform.


You know, if I wasn't a former tennis player, I might be distracted when anyone mentioned "the set" around an attractive woman. On the other hand when the word lavender is mentioned my thoughts drift immediately to those lace lavender panties the women used to wear under their tennis dresses. Of course I guess both statements date me.

I never had a tennis romance, all those years I played I watched mixed doubles partners walk hand in hand off the court after a match, while I would shake hands with my mixed doubles partner and then head off in a different direction. There was a little solace in the fact we typically crushed the love birds on the court. Oddly, regardless of what the score was, the losing couple simply seemed to float in a mindless harmony that confused me.

It's not that I didn't want to hook up with my mixed doubles partner, but it seemed whenever I thought I had a chance I'd find my girlfriend skulking around ready to screw up any plans I might have had towards my partner. Yeah, funny thing, I transformed this uncomfortable situation into a permanent one when I married my girlfriend.

Well, call it charity, call it what you want but when I decided to try to take up some tennis after thirty five years my wife recommended I get set up with a pro at the local tennis club. Of course my wife pictured the well known forty-something male head pro working with me, but instead I got stuck with his assistant, a twenty-something just out of college. I'm sure you'll understand there wasn't even a remote chance I was going to tell my wife of the developments at the tennis club.

Now, in a way, tennis is a lot like riding a bicycle, of course in a lot of ways it's not. So while I still had some of the same basic swings down and my form was acceptable, the fact I was carrying more than a hundred extra pounds this time around did limit my abilities. Seeing my form, Carrie, the assistant pro, realized I had played when I was younger, so she simply helped me work on my timing while I learned to handle the extra bulk I was carrying.

Over the summer Carrie and I had made some progress, as I slowly got into a little better shape and she helped me sharpen up my game. I knew I had done well, but when she asked me to be her mixed doubles partner in the upcoming club tournament I was flattered. Quickly agreeing to play together, the two of us doubled up our workout schedule, concentrating on our doubles play.

By the time the tournament came around we were very competitive and while we weren't expected to do well at all, we ended up in the semifinals giving the head pro and his young partner a tough match before losing 6-4, 3-6, 7-5. We did win the consolation match so we had the distinct honor of receiving a third place ribbon after watching the trophies go to two other teams. I thought it was nice to get the ribbon, but Carrie was ecstatic.

It wasn't until a couple of weeks later, when the sky clouded over and it had started raining just before one of our sessions, that she showed me just how ecstatic she was. I peeked into her office at the back of the pro shop, "Hey, Carrie, looks like we'll need to reschedule."

"No, no, I've got a workout just for you." She grabbed a key off her desk and said, "Follow me."

As she unlocked a door an led me into a small locker room I asked, "What is this."

"Oh this is the locker room for the club pros. They've had to put a little divider in for me."

"What are we going to do in here," I asked as she locked the door behind her.

"Well, we can't work on your game any because of the rain, but we can still work on your conditioning."

"Okay," I said, not entirely sure what she meant until she pulled off her top and unfastened her bra.

Kicking off her shoes and unfastening her shorts she said, "Well, come on, I'm not doing this workout alone. Don't worry, the other pros went home for the day"

"I just... I'm not sure..."

By then she was naked. Reaching down between her legs she said, "Don't make me do this alone."

I quickly kicked off my shoes, pulled off my shorts and underwear. Reaching out I grabbed her and drew her to my, kissing her on the mouth. I moved her back onto the bench by the lockers and had her sit down. Kneeling down between her legs, I quickly dove in, pushing my tongue between her lips and deep into her pussy, tasting the tart flavor of her juices.

Working up her lips, I found her clit and ran my tongue in small circles over it. She draped her legs over my shoulders and began moving her hips, pushing against me as I continued caressing her clit. After some time, I began sucking it in between my lips as my tongue slid over it, up and down.

She moaned loudly and reached down, grabbing my head. Grinding hard against my face she came, crying out, "Oh yes, yes."

Immediately pulling me up, she leaned back and guided my cock into her pussy. I pushed and felt it slide easily into her. As I began withdrawing she whispered, "Just don't come inside me." I nodded and then thrust deep into her, feeling her wet, warm softness unfurl around me.

It had been a long time since I had, had any sex, and it had been decades since I had sex with anyone so young and nubile so before long I was feeling the pressure building in my balls. Savoring the sensation, the feel of this beautiful young woman, I moaned loudly, gritted my teeth and then pulled my cock out of her.

She immediately reached down and pressed my cock onto her pubic mound and rubbed it as I came, painting her body with my white cum. It splashed up on her breasts and stomach, finally oozing out into her pubic hair. I turned and sat down on the bench between her outspread legs and just looked at her.

Smiling, she reached down and ran her fingers through the cum, spreading it over her breasts and stomach. I reached over and gently spread the rest of it over her pubic hair.

"You know, I always wanted to make it with a tennis player," I said, "ever since I was in high school."

"Well, you got your wish, but I hope we aren't finished now. I mean you still need a lot of work on your tennis and I think I might learn a few things from you in the locker room."

"Okay, so this is our first set then?" I asked.

"Yes, this was our first set."

"Now how about next time we try for best two out of three?"

"Okay, or even better, best three out of five."

"Four out of seven?"

She nodded, "Perhaps. Now you better get dressed while I take a shower and clean all this off."

I waited until she took her shower and came out. Even though it was still raining, she walked me out to my car, holding my hand all the way. I guess I finally made it in tennis.

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