tagHumor & SatireThe Seven Sexy Sins

The Seven Sexy Sins


.::Most of the parts of this work of fiction are true...mostly the sexual scenes::.

It was in that moment, where I stood eying him in his towel, that I knew I would be a slut. Which is exactly why I'd like to nominate myself for the sin, 'Lust'.

Sure, I was a scared little virgin then, but that doesn't mean I didn't have the instincts of a raging ho-bag. I mean, it's just so easy to be a whore. Hmmm...I guess that's why it's a sin.

"If you want to have sex, come over now."

Groaning, I squinted from the blinding light of my phone to check the time.


I had an hour before I actually needed to wake up for school.'Come over now,' He'd said.

"Ugh," I groaned again throwing off the tangle of blankets reluctantly. "Fine." Slowly moving fingers worked across the keypad to tell him I still needed a shower, but I'd be there. After lusting after this guy's dong for so long, I might as well.

I took a shower, sleeping through most of it. It eventually helped wake me up enough to groom myself in all the right places, and think about how nervous I was. It threatened to overwhelm me. I mean, seriously, what am I thinking? First off, everyone always tells me that I need to lose my virginity to someone with experience. Second, why should I do this before school? I always imagined losing it at night...in the dark...where I can hide my face in shame.

I sighed, probably for the millionth time while walking to his house. The morning's cold nipped at my nose and at the back of my neck where my hair still dripped. I could still bail if I wanted to. Did I really want to? No, I wanted to fuck. Well, in actuality, I just wanted to know how it was done. I just grew tired of being scared of the unknown world of sex. I was 18, for crying out loud, a rarity, I believed, in my school.

I walked slower when his house came into view. Walking along the side of the house, I let myself through the back gate, then quietly through the sliding glass door. A warm empty house greeted me with silence. Sighing as the chill let go of my rigid body, I took my shoes off before crossing the cold white tile to the carpet. He wasn't in here. It actually sounded like he wasn't home at all.

My phone's vibrations caught my attention, and I looked down to find his name above the text.

"When will you be here?"

I rolled my eyes at the text before returning my phone back to my pocket. He couldn't have said, "When will you be here? I want you so bad," Or "I can't wait to bend you over my couch, are you here yet?" or "I want to come in your mouth." Anything, as long as it made this easier!

A door clicked open behind me, and my stomach dropped.

"Oh. You're here."

I turned to find him dripping in his towel. A fantasy of mine come true. My brown eyes locked with his blue ones and I watched a smile form on his beautiful lips. Normally, that condescending smirk boiled my blood, but the only thing it made hot now, was my pussy.

I walked over to him, watching him watch me as I did so. Smiling sheepishly, I moved up on my toes to lick a bead of water off his neck. One hand wrapped around my lower back and the other lifted my face with two fingers under my chin, making me look up at him.

He kissed me, pulling me against him. I felt uncomfortable, and stiff against him. What do I do? What do I do!

After a moment, I just gave up. Sighing into his mouth, I tangled my fingers into his damp black hair and pulled his lip between my teeth. He rewarded me with a satisfying moan, grinding against me.


Sobering, I pulled a way, giving him a confused expression. "Eric?"

"You never answered my texts."

Oh yeah. He kept asking, "How should we do this," Naturally, I kept ignoring him; it just made things awkward. Bringing it up in person made it that much more uncomfortable.

"What texts?"

"Do you want to do it in my room? Or the shower?"

I don't care! Take me on the floor right now, even, just stop asking me questions!

"Hmmm," I dodged, running my fingers along the edge of the towel by his hipbones. I pulled him toward me, and he struggled to keep the towel wrapped around him. I moved to bite his neck to distract him from his questions.

He chuckled darkly, "Well?"

"Right here."

He moved away from me and gave me a strange look,

"In front of the dog?"

Turning to find his dog looking up at us, I finally scoffed.

"Fine." I pushed him back by his chest towards his bathroom.

"Bathroom it is then."

"Shut up." Pushing him through the door by his chest, I backed him up against the wall.

Eric's hand found my bound hair and used the mass of it to pull my head back, exposing me to his mouth. He kissed down my throat, then nibbled at my collarbone.

I kept fidgeting. Everywhere he kissed tingled. I couldn't help but dig my nails into his shoulder to suppress the sensations. His teeth sunk in, hard but sharp, and I held my breath. I knew what he wanted. He wanted me to moan for him; wanted the satisfaction of knowing that he turned me on.

Eric's warm breath caressed my ear, making me want to move away. His teeth held me in place. He moaned deep and low.

"Oh, veronica." His smooth voice raised the hairs on the back of my neck, and slid down my spine to tighten things low in my body. I sucked in my breath.

He moved away from me, once again, chuckling. I glared at him, watching as he moved to turn on the shower.

Cocky ass hole! He looked so careless standing there! There he stood, five minutes away from losing his virginity and taking mine, But no big deal, cause he's cool, and confident. What the fuck ever.

"What?" He gave me strange look.

"...What?" I said back. My face must have given something away.

"Your clothes are still on."

Apparently getting some foreplay is impossible. I raised my eyebrows and shifted my weight.

"That's supposed to be your job."

Ducking his head, he smiled before walking over to me. I became instantly uncomfortable, but buzzed with anticipation. His fingers slid against my sides, lifting the hem of my shirt. My stomach tensed when I realized he knelt in front of me to kiss a trail up the center of my body, all the while lifting my shirt.

My eyes rolled up to the ceiling. I didn't know where else to look and I fought not to sigh to relieve my discomfort. This was not going well...

Eric lifted my shirt over my head, leaving me standing there in my blue floral bra and jean shorts. His hands ran up my stomach to give my boobs a squeeze through my bra.

"Oh my god, I can not take this anymore." And I reached up my back to unhook my bra. Eric stood back to watch my hands move across my shoulders then smooth down my arms to push off my bra straps and drop it to the floor. My fingers went to the button on my jeans, but his hand covered mine. I guessed he wanted to do it himself. Instead, he pulled me over to the shower I now realized was steaming.

My stomach dropped, twice.

'Oh God, I don't want to do this, I don't want to do this! What am I doing?'

"Are you nervous?"

I gave him the look he deserved, which I suppose could have been taken either way.

"Well, the hot water should relax you."


Why am I being such a prude!

I felt him trying to slip my shorts down, though, my butt got in the way. What can I say? I have a great ass. I smiled, hooking my thumbs under the waistline to shimmy out of them, sliding down my underwear with them.

He smiled back at me a moment before bringing his hand swiftly around to slap my ass. I let out a surprised screech before we both broke into laughter.

"Okay, come on." He dropped his towel. I made great eye contact.

I stepped away from my bottoms pooled around my ankles and stepped in the shower with him.

Typical shower, of course, nothing fancy. Small, and even smaller with two people. It was practically claustrophobic. God, I was nervous.

I stood close to the faucet wall, watching him bow his head under the spray, while I reached out to let some of it tickle my palm. Water streamed down his back and over his shoulders, through his hair and down his face and neck.

He looked so damn good.

Eric looked up at me through his eyelashes, staring intently at me through the assault of water, giving me a look that was all male. My lips parted. I bit my lip so not to make any noise that would betray how I felt. But I did. He smirked and stood, allowing the water to fall from his hair. Gliding down his neck, the water made it's way down his chest, passed the plane of his toned stomach, and left me to stare at sex lines and his...excitement.

I looked back up at his face as he reached forward to take my hand. He pulled me forward so the water could spill over me. His hands slid in to my hair at my temples as the water took a moment to spill through my hair. I sighed, relaxing into the feeling of the water's warmth, taking the stiffness out of my shoulders. I barely even noticed his hands swiftly leaving my hair.

I moved so I could have the water cover all of me, and I leaned my head back so the water would spray onto my neck and fall down the front of my body.

Hands wandered my body from behind, and I jumped at the slick coldness that covered Eric's hands that smelled like a shampoo or body wash.

"That's cold," I mumbled, "That's..." His hand glided between my breasts and down my stomach, while the other moved up over my thighs. I quietly gasped as his hand came up to slide across my chest, his thumb stroking my nipples as he did so.

I didn't know what to focus on, his hand stroking my thighs or the hand massaging my breasts.

"Oh my God." I moaned.

His lips grazed my neck below my ear lobe, which he later replaced with teeth. I rolled my neck to the side to give him better access and he bit my ear in response. I sucked in a sharp breath and his hand slipped between my soapy thighs.

"Oh—" I rolled my hips, grinding my ass against him.

When his fingers lightly passed over my clit, my hand came up to grab the back of his head. My chest rose and fell a little faster as his fingers teased me, sliding ever so slowly up and down my slit. My fingers moved through his hair, and I pressed my in my nails anytime his fingers brought a new wave of wetness from inside me. I tried grinding against his fingers but instead of giving in to what I wanted, he pulled completely away from me. I gasped at the sudden absence and turned to see him smirking at me as he stroked his length.

I huffed and then gave him one of my own smirks. His smile widened, before I pushed him against the shower wall, pinning him with my hips. I trapped his face between my hands and pulled him down to my level, turning his head so I could lightly kiss the side of his neck.

I nibbled my way up to his jaw then lightly kissed along his jawbone, slowing as I neared his lips. Smiling, I pulled away when he moved forward to kiss me. Oh, how I loved doing that to him. He gave a noise of frustration as I passed over his lips to kiss my way along the other side of his jaw. Finally, moved back to his mouth and moved as if to kiss him, but as soon as he moved to meet me, I pulled away again, chuckling darkly.

"oh, you bitch."

Suddenly and violently he grabbed me by my hair, and spun me around to slam me against the wall where I previously pinned him. I gasped from lost air, and he used that moment to push his tongue into my mouth.

I fought him at first, but he used his strength and weight to keep me where he wanted me. Attempting to turn my head away from him, but he tightened his grip in my hair in response. I managed to move enough to gasp out a mixed moan of pain and pleasure, before he moved to kiss me again, a deep and violent kiss.

He spread my legs with his and my toes curled when his fingers dipped inside me causing any pain I once felt to evaporate.

"Oh my GOD." I groaned to the ceiling. He left me gasping as he slowly moved his fingers in then out of me. Pressing his face against mine, Eric brought his mouth over my ear.

"Tell me what you want Veronica," Low and sultry.

I moaned deeply in response. His voice always did that to me. Once he felt me clenching against his fingers, I knew my secret would be out. When he moaned in my ear it made my pussy clench and coil in electric waves.

"You want me to fuck you?"

"Oh, fuck, Eric..." I pleaded.

"Tell me. What. You. Want."

"I—oh God—" I gasped as his thumb moved to stroke circles around my clit. I licked my lips. "I—I want." He ran his teeth down the edge of my ear.

"Damn it!" I pushed his hand away from me. Still panting, I glared into the eyes that looked intently back. Frustrated, I pushed the loose wet strands of my hair out of my face.

Before he could say anything, I ran my hand down my, still, soapy stomach, then reached down to stroke him with the leftover slickness.

"Oh shit." He sighed.

"mmm, yeah." I moaned, moving my lips against his collarbone, tightening my hand around him as I stroked him into a more submissive manner.

He groaned, eyes closing as he let his head roll back. My thumb came up, slowly, to stroke his tip. I squeezed him, tightly wrapping my fingers around him to get his attention.

He gasped and looked at me.

"Come here." I moved him so the water could wash the soap off.

My hands moved around so I could drag my nails down his back, while I slid down the front of his body to kiss his stomach, then bite the soft flesh just on the inside of his hip bones.

This was what I wanted.

I moved down to my knees and his hands went instantly to my hair when I moved forward to lightly kiss the crown.


I exhaled around him, and he pushed his hips forward slightly.

After putting my hands on his ass to keep him steady, I sucked him into my mouth.

He moaned deeply like his cock was meant to always be sucked, and tangled his fingers in my hair. I quickly took him down to the base, and slowly moved up him, rolling my tongue as I kept my lips and mouth tight around him.

"Oh fuck Yeah." He sighed.

'Oh fuck yeah,' was right. I loved to make him moan. Loved. Not much got me wetter.

I loosened my lips to flick my tongue from under his head, then engulfed him again to stroke and circle him.

"Veronica...fuck..." Eric's grip tightened at the base of my neck, enough to make me protest. Then I realized he was trying to pull me up.

"Oh God, I want to fuck you so hard right now." He pulled me away and bent down to kiss me. His tongue taking over my mouth, I moaned and caressed his tongue with my own.

He pulled me up and pressed me against the wall again, his fingers moving to stroke me. Suddenly, he reached down and grabbed my calf, nearly making me fall over, but he held me steady and wrapped my leg around him.

He gace an exasperated sigh and pressed his cock against my pussy. I gasped.

"Umm. I don't think this is going to—ah!" He tried pushing himself inside me, which caused me to dig my nails into his arms.

"Oh God, stop."

"Am I hurting you?" He didn't seem worried.

"No, it's just...I don't think this angle is going to work."

"Oh, okay. Well...okay, turn around and bend over."

"Are you kidding?"

He just stared at me.

"I'm not doing that."

"Well then...?"

"Uhhh...missionary?" I suggested starting to feel nervous again. "Isn't that how you're supposed to do it the first time?"

He laughed, "Veronica, I don't know."

"Well...let's just try that then."

"Okay." He started stroking himself as I moved to lie down on my back, getting sprayed in the face as I did so.

He knelt in between my spread legs, and centered himself at my entrance.

We tried and failed 4 times before we switched to me straddling him, nearly impossible in a tub.

That failed too.

Reluctantly, I changed to his suggested position, where I bent over for him. Not only did we try and fail but he missed a couple of times.


We were both getting frustrated at this point, so I suggested we try me on top again. It didn't work; I was just too tight.

I growled toward the ceiling, "Why is this so fucking difficult!"

My thighs were starting to hurt with the strain of holding myself above him. I pressed my entrance against him, concentrating as I did so, and rolled my hips down against him, while doing this, he thrust to meet me. Simultaneously, we cried out as we forced him inside of me.

"Oh my fucking God above me," I practically wept. I thought I might die from ecstasy.

"That feels so fucking good." He agreed.

We didn't move for a moment, but it didn't take long for him to start thrusting in and out of me, and for me to start rolling my hips in sync with him.

Eventually, Eric rolled me on to my back, so he could pound into me as hard as I let him. When the water started to turn cold, he turned it off and we tried banging on his bathroom counter, which then moved to the bathroom floor mat.

Where has sex been all my life? I must have looked like a mewling, crazed animal crying out beneath him in the middle of that floor. When I wasn't satisfied with winding my fingers in his hair, digging my nails into his back seemed to suffice.

"Moan for me Veronica. Yeah, I want to hear you scream my name."

I did, over and over until it felt strange on my lips.

Suddenly, he began to slow down, and my breathing began to slow with my confusion, and I looked up at him to see him look around. For a moment I panicked. Was someone here?! Did he just—did he just fucking--?

"What time is it?"

At first, I was confused as to what he was talking about. He pulled out of me and stood up to look at the clock.

"Oh shit...we need to go. It's third period."

"Oh my god!" I sat up and looked around for my clothes.

As I quickly got dressed he cleaned up the bathroom, and the sex hair I gave him. Then ran out of the bathroom naked to go get dressed. I followed him out to get my stuff, just in time to see him nearly break his neck, sliding on the white tile.

"Oh shhh--!"

"You idiot!" Howling with laughter.

"Shut up." He retorted playfully, trying to recover from the embarrassment of almost falling on his naked ass.

I could not stop laughing. Even while he got dressed in the other room while I waited, I kept laughing.

"Oh my God." I giggled.

"Are you ready?"

"uhm..." I fought another spurt of laughter.

"Yeah, even though my thighs are shaking hella bad."

As he got his stuff together I started thinking.

I frowned, starting to feel nervous again. "Uhm...Eric?"


"Did you...did you come?"

"Nah, why?"

What...the fuck. I don't think that's how most stories go.

Self-doubt swelled inside me. Is he not attracted to me? Did he just fuck me because he knew I was attracted him and it'd be an easy way to lose his virginity? Was he regretting that the entire time because he doesn't think I'm hot enough?

Though, as I stood there by the sliding glass door, fixing my hair, I thought:

I bet he's gay.

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