tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Seven Sisters of Hidden Hollow

The Seven Sisters of Hidden Hollow


Deep in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains, summer means three things to young men in Pembroke County; muddin', beer, and girls in short shorts. It's been a rite of passage for the high school seniors in this region of Tennessee to go swimming in The Blue Hole located in Hidden Hollow and Mike, Jordan and Shane were no different. Newly eighteen and accepted to various universities, they were spending their last summer of simple red neck fun before they fly from their little Podunk town to fulfill their destinies. The promise of summer fun laid in Mike's dad's five year old pick-up truck his father gifted him as a graduation present. The three young men were charged like live wires with a sense of freedom and the promise of naked titty as they sped down the highway on their way to The Blue Hole swimming springs. There is a legend of sorts about these skinny dipping girls that appear on hot days like today.

Shane asked, "So how come we've never heard of these girls?"

Mike said, "Cuz, they're probably like inbred hillbilly girls who don't go to school."

Jordan said, "My brother saw them last year swimming naked in the hole."

"Did he blow his load?" asked Mike.

"Probably. Horny skeez."

Shane pointed and said, "Hey, there's the exit."

Mike took the off ramp onto a rural road. He turned at the stop sign to drive along the road between the highway and the length of woods.

Jordan said, "You want to look for a dirt road with a rusted out car on the lot."

They drove for five minutes and just when Mike convinced himself that this was a senior prank and was about to turn around, they spotted at rusted out Chevy truck abandoned on the corner lot beside a dirt road. Mike turned onto the dirt road rutted from years of teens trespassing to get to the springs. They drove past the rusting NO TRESPASS sign as they continued to the hidden hollow beyond the forest secured with a barb wire fence. Mike backed his truck off the road to hide it in the grove of thin beech trees. They were the only car there.

"Time to crack this bad boy," Shane said, twisting the cap off a half-filled bottle of Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey he stole from his daddy's bar-b-que.

They each took a swig of the golden liquor and shivered, swallowing the liquid courage before they piled out of the truck.

Jordan said, "The trail to the Hole is marked with tin cans nailed to trees."

They walked to the barb wife fence before carefully climbing through it and wandered inside the grove, fanning out into the green scrub and ferns under a canopy of leafy boughs. Mike kept his friends in sight as they prowled through the trees and he was beginning to think this was a prank played by Jordan's asshole brother.

"Over here!" yelled Shane.

Mike and Jordan joined Shane a couple of yards away. He stood before a rusty Coke can nailed to the tree. They looked further into the forest to see the second marker nailed on a tree fifty feet ahead. The three grinned and pushed each other before trudging towards the second marker. They walked along, their shoes crunching over dead leaves and rusted beer cans to the marker. They scanned the grove and saw the third marker. They walked towards it, swigging from the bottle. Mike waved away the third shot given that he was the one driving. They're going to see the girls, take a dip in the cold, blue springs, pick up some fast food, go home, sleep and do it all again tomorrow. At the fifth marker, they could see the outcropping of granite boulders and mountains as they broke through the forest line to come upon the edge of The Blue Hole, a deep swimming hole of crystal clear blue water fed by underground springs.

Shane said, "I don't see any girls."

"Jason said we have to climb that hill," Jordan said pointed to the wooded hill on the far side of springs. "There are more springs back there. If the girls are out, that's where they'll be."

They walked around The Blue Hole to climb up the steep tree filled hill. They were near the hill's crest when Mike heard the titter of giggling women. He stopped. So did the others, hearing the laughter as well. They went quiet, into stealth mode, staying low to the ground as they edged up to the hill's crest. When they topped the summit, Mike's eyes widened. The sight was worth the hike.

In the hidden hollow below, six naked girls with creamy skin frolicked in and around the bluest water Mike had ever seen bubbling up from an unseen aquifer. They were all slim, their long straight hair ranged from straight blonde to light brown hair and they all looked to range in age from eighteen to twenty four. They all had the same facial features of straight noses and big eyes and all had pink tipped nipples though some breasts were larger than others. They had to be sisters or cousins at the very least. One with long brown hair laid on a towel sunning on a large boulder while two others treaded water as they splashed each other in clear blue springs. The slimmest, youngest looking one, with straight dirty blonde hair, jumped off the rock into the water to emerge with her long hair dripping down her back. Mike stared at a ginger haired woman with the biggest breasts. Her little triangle of light brown pubic hair dripped with water. He's seen so much shaven pussy in porn, he'd never seen one with hair. She turned to step into a shallow turquoise part of the hole to wade into the deeper water. Mike stared at her bubble butt as it disappeared under the surface. Then it reared up and disappeared as she dove into the deep part.

Mike's eyes darted to the two women sitting on a towel on a huge granite slab. They sat there cross legged, one behind the other, as one braided the other one's hair into one long braid.

"How big was he?" asked the braiding girl.

The girl with the long blonde hair widened her hands until the wider than the width of her shoulders. The girls laughed. When she finished, the two rose and together. They took a running start to jump off the rock to the water ten feet below. A hard on bulged in Mike's pants. He and his friends were so enraptured by the sight of these women that none of them heard the movement behind them.

A woman's voice said, "You know you're trespassing on private property."

The three guys jumped. They turned to see a young woman, in her early twenties, holding a plastic bag of dark berries. She was dressed in a sleeveless thin white cotton nightdress with a ribbon on the bodice that skimmed the top of her knee. Her long light brown hair hung behind her. Her beautiful hazel eyes had a serene look about them and her mouth was wryly set.

"Sorry," replied Shane. "We just came down to The Blue Hole to cool off. It sure is hot, isn't it?"

"It sure is," she replied. "Can I have a sip of that?"

Shane held up the bottle. "This? Yeah. Sure," he said, as he handed it to her.

She swigged from the bottle. Mike couldn't help but notice her pink tipped nipples pointing his way under the flimsy cotton.

She read the bottle's label and said, "This is good."

Jordan asked, "What's your name?"


"I'm Jordan. This is Mike and Shane."

"Hey," said Mike.

Annabelle handed the bottle back to Shane and said, "Hey, why don't you guys come and cool off with my sisters? Our springs are much nicer than The Blue Hole."

Without hesitation, Shane said, "Okay."

He followed her over the hill to climb down the rocks. Mike looked at Jordan who followed. Mike did the same, scrambling down steps of granite slabs leading to the deep blue pools.

When the girls saw the approaching men, they stopped frolicking to watch. The girls swam to the edge of the pools where they climbed out. They didn't try to cover up. They just stood there nude, not trying to cover their breasts or pussies with their hands. Water dripped from their hair and lips and pointed rose tipped breasts. The six young women looked like sexy water nymphs. And although their eye colors varied in greys and blues, they all had the same set hooded big eyes like Annabelle's.

Annabelle said, "This is Jordan, Shane and Mike. Guys, these are my sisters Bonnie, Crystal, Desiree, Eden, Faith and Gillian."

They all gave shy waves as they looked at the boys with cautious but curious eyes.

The youngest and slimmest looking girl, Gillian asked, "You guys want to go swimming?"

"That's what we came for," answered Jordan.

Jordan stripped off his shirt before unbuttoning his cargo shorts. Shane was next and then Mike. The boys stripped off to their underwear, ready to go into the water.

"Nuh uh," said Crystal. "If you want to swim with us, you gotta get naked."

"It's only fair," chimed Faith, her long blonde hair skimming the tops of her nipples.

Mike couldn't stop staring at the slim blonde with the long braided hair. Shane dropped his tidy whities with no problem and ran into the hole. He dove under the water before popping up a few feet away.

"Come on in," he said, his voice echoing from the surrounding rocks. "Wooo! The water is fine!"

Mike and Jordan looked at each other, as if to say I will if you will. They dropped their underwear. The girls' eyes gravitated to their slightly chubbed dicks. Pretty brown haired Crystal grabbed Jordan's hand while Gillian grabbed Mike's and they romped into the water to dive into the cool spring water. Mike couldn't believe how clear and blue the water was. He could see glimpses of the fair skin of kicking legs, jiggling asses and gravity defying breast in the clear blue water before he broke the surface to see everyone laughing and splashing. He decided that, no matter what else happens in the rest of his entire life, this will be the best summer ever.

Gillian dog paddled up to him. She wrapped her legs around his waist and smashed her titties to his chest as she put her arms around him. He easily held her and put his arms around her. His hand drifted to her ass and when she didn't object, he squeezed her derriere cheeks.

"You're my favorite one," she said.

He marveled at her blue speckled eyes as the water sucked and lapped between their bodies. He smiled at her as her titties bobbed in and out of the water. He looked up to see Annabelle, now naked, walk into the water to dive in. Two of the girls splashed Jordan who was enjoying himself, splashing the girls with great handfuls of water. Two other girls were with Shane, bobbing in front of him as he treaded water. Bonnie came up behind him to throw her arms around his broad shoulders and kiss his cheek. He was smiling from ear to ear.

Mike asked Gillian, "Where do you guys go to school?"

"We don't."

"So what do you do?"

"We help our daddy. He needs help since mama died."

"Sorry about your mama."

"It's okay. She died a long time ago. But enough about that," she said, hugging him.

He hugged her back and then let his legs give to dunk them both underwater. With her long hair floating in the water and the whiteness of her skin in the clear blue water, she looked like a mermaid. They broke the surface. She gasped for breath and then laughed, clearing her wet hair plastered to her face. He brushed her hair aside to kiss her. She closed her eyes and kissed him back. The water swirled over his genitals as her open slit bumped and rubbed against it. They swam around the hole for an hour before they all got out to dry out naked under the afternoon sun.

Annabelle picked up Shane's bottle of liquor.

She said, "They brought this. It's good."

She handed the bottle to Bonnie who took a drink before she passed it down the line.

Crystal said, "It's not as strong as what dad makes."

Annabelle turned to the boys and asked, "You guys want to try some of our dad's stuff?"

"Yeah," replied Shane.

The guys waded to where they laid their clothes and dressed to walk around the springs to the far side where the girls dressed in cotton nightshirts. Not one of them put on panties. They simply didn't have them. Gillian slipped a pink football jersey inspired sleepshirt with double 00s on it. They proceeded to file up a fern hidden trail.

The three boys followed the girls up a dirt trail, staring at their bare asses in front of them. They dipped their hands in the bag that Annabelle carried, reaching for handfuls of blueberries to pop into their greedy mouths. Occasionally a girl would look back and giggle at the slack jawed boys.

"Blueberries?" offered Annabelle. "Just picked. That's what I was doing when I found you."

The boys gave a collective, 'No. Thanks.'

Gillian hooked arms with Mike.

With a wide smile, she said, "You're my guy, okay?"

"Sure," he said, without a clue of what she meant.

It didn't matter. In his opinion, she was the cutest girl of the bunch with her cute nose, big speckled blue eyes, genuine smile and titties with rose pink tips. He couldn't get over the down honey blonde fuzz on the split of her pussy lips.

The trail ended at a clap board house. They rounded it to see an illegal moonshine still in the back. They walked to a barn where Annabelle unlocked the door.

Jordan nervously looked around and asked, "Where's your dad?"

"Out hunting snakes," replied Faith.

"Or gathering mushrooms," said Desiree.

Bonnie added, "Sometimes he's gone two or three days at a time."

Shane asked, "What, do you all eat snakes or something?"

"No," answered Desiree. "Daddy sells the snakes to Pastor Reynolds."

"That snake handling church in Johnsville?"

"Uh huh. And he milks them for venom that he sells to a man in Florida."

Faith explained, "To make antivenin."

The ten of them entered the barn where Annabelle turned on single light hanging over a scarred linoleum table. Mike looked around at the shelves lined with jars of moonshine and dried mushrooms. Plastic bins with small holes on the lids lined the wall beneath them. Old farm equipment was piled in the corners while the table took up the center of the floor. Faith turned on a CD player. Classic rock, Van Halen, music that Mike's dad listens to when driving blared from the player. She swayed and tossed her hair to the whines of the power guitar riffs. Desiree pulled a jar of the dried fungus from the shelf and opened it.

She said, "Daddy sells the mushrooms for medicine."

Jordan replied, "I don't think they're medicine, sweetheart."

"Sure it is," she said. "Its powerful medicine. These make you see all kinds of things like demons and fairies and rainbows. Want some? Not too much. It'll make you sick."

Jordan took a little pinch as did Shane. They popped the fungi in their mouths. Their faces screwed up from their bitterness. Mike waved it off still mindful that he had to drive home and that his father would kill him if he crashes or gets a DUI. Desiree put a pinch in her mouth before closing the jar and returning it to the shelf. Annabelle grabbed a jar of clear liquid. She cracked it open.

"This is what my dad brews. It's much stronger than the stuff you got there. Wanna try some?"

Mike took a shot. He sputtered from the caustic alcohol and imagined this is what race car fuel tastes like.

Shane played air guitar as Faith unbound her braid to free her wavy hair and shook it as she danced towards him. She picked up his bottle of Tennessee Honey from the table and drank lustily as she swayed from side to side. Bonnie drank from the jar of moonshine and began to sing. She passed the jar to Jordan who drank from it before passing it to Eden. The willowy girl with long brown hair swigged from the jar before dancing. Jordan stared at her pussy peeking from the bottom of her shirt. None of them felt any shame as cavorted bottomless with strange men in their barn.

Lynyrd Skynyrd came blaring on.

Gillian said, "I love this song," as she cozied up to Mike, shimmying her body to his.

She turned around to press her little pert butt against his crotch. His hands went for her waist to lazily drift down over her soft bare behind. She looked over her shoulder with those big speckled blue eyes. He couldn't resist and kissed her. She reached back to his head where she pressed harder to him. His cock began to rise and settle into her butt crack that kept rubbing against him. It was a teasing torture when she broke away from him. She went to an old handmade wooden ladder leading up to the loft. She started climbing it. He looked up her sweet little blonde vagina until she turned to look over her shoulder and smiled.

"What are you waiting for?" she asked. "Come on."

He followed her into the loft where old quilts were strewn over mats of scattered straw. She scooted back over a quilt and opened her arms and legs. Mike needed no more of an invitation. He flew on top of her, kissing her sweet lips as she moaned. The ladder squeaked with the weight of others and Mike looked up to see that they were being joined by Desiree, Bonnie and Jordan.

The two women cozied up on either side of Jordan as they settled upon a quilt. He held one in either arm and turned his head to alternate kisses between the two. Bonnie reached for his crotch to stroke his hard-on in his khaki shorts.

Bonnie said, "You know I taught Desiree how to give a blow job."

Desiree countered, "I'm sure I'm better."

Jordan jokingly said, "Why don't you try it out on me and I'll tell you who's better."

His smile went slack and eyes became wide when Bonnie unbuttoned then unzipped his shorts. Desiree reached in to pull out his soft dick. She began to suck it, taking it all the way in her mouth as Bonnie stroked Jordan's chest and watched. When her sister finally came up for air, Bonnie took her place, swirling her tongue over his head before eagerly taking it into her mouth.

The two worked on his dick as he held it up for them. They moaned as they licked him with their tongue still stained purple with blueberries. Jordan leaned back and just enjoyed it. Mike watched the three until Gillian grasped him by the hair and forced him to return her gaze. He returned to kiss her pillowy soft lips. Her hands went down to his shorts to pull them down. She grasped his rock hard cock and moaned, guiding it to her moist slit. He was in a bit of a shock, this being his second time having sex with a girl. He eagerly pushed his hard dick into her gushy pussy before she changed her mind. His dick pushed all the way into her tight wet hole. Gillian sighed in happiness. He steadied himself on top of her and started to fuck. Her pretty face looked orgasmic as his dick slid in and out of her. Her little titties jiggled with his ramming and he picked up speed, still reeling from the sensation of her tight little pussy around his meat. An orgasm built quickly and he stopped moving, hoping to stave it off. Gillian, the tease, squirmed beneath him and planted a long open mouth kiss, shoving her tongue into his mouth to spur him on. He groaned and started fucking her again until he felt his balls tighten.

"Fuck, I'm going to cum," he groaned.

"Umm, mmm, yeah," slipped from her pretty lips. "Oh, yeah, baby."

Her voice made him lose it. He howled as his jizz blasted from him into her accommodating hole. He rammed it up inside her as her knees clenched his hips and he shook and shuddered as it spurted over and over again. She clung to him until he disengaged and withdrew to flop beside her. He felt a bit selfish that she didn't cum but damn, that felt so good. It was then that a man's deep voice boomed above the music.

"What the fuck is going on here?!"

Mike blood froze. He peered through the wooden slats to the floor below to see Eden push Shane behind a barrel. Then Mike saw an imposing hulk of a man. His overalls hung on his mountainous 6'5" frame. Mike's heart sunk when he saw the shot gun in the big man's hand. He shoved his sticky spent dick into his shorts. Bonnie and Desiree had broken away from Jordan to peek over the loft's edge. Gillian joined them as Jordan crawled beside Mike. Mike turned to him and put a shushing finger to his mouth.

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